Dogs Are Being Exterminated in the United States

Bureaucrats certainly do some disastrous things when they decide that THEY KNOW BEST regarding applying absolute universal laws to an enormous country of over 300 million people. One happens to be regarding dogs, which I happen to personally love.

During my life, I have shared quarters with around forty different dogs. Many were strays that I found in need. But about half of them have been carefully PLANNED puppies from those strays, which enabled me to be able to maintain a sense of presence of earlier dogs. THAT is no longer possible, and I have been threatened with jail for simply considering such ideas!

The Original Problem

Dogs have been popular companions for a long time, and there certainly started to be large numbers of stray dogs in cities in the US. Dog catchers seemed to do pretty well at controlling that issue.

But some (idiot) bureaucrat decided that he had a more comprehensive approach, of REQUIRING all dogs to be spayed or neutered, with the single exception of legally Registered Dog Breeders, who apparently were determined to have sufficient common sense to not create too many dogs!

I happened to have had remarkably wonderful times with a number of dogs I shared houses with, which all started out with two small puppies that my parents had encountered on a vacation trip around 1970. They were Coonhounds, but neither was a purebred so they were actually mutts. They were Phobos (male) and Deimos (female).

They were NOT altered!

I wound up owning a very large three-story farmhouse soon after, and DECIDED that they should have a litter of puppies. We kept three of the puppies, as the two parents had impressed so many visitors that there was great demand to adopt the six other puppies. We actually kept those three because they each had what might have been considered birth defects, and they did not have as much of a fan club as the other puppies had. Titan was born with a broken tail, so he lived his life with a kink in it. Enceladus was born with long hair, where Coonhounds and all her eight siblings all had the proper short hair. And Mimas was the runt of the litter, much smaller than any of the others and very hyper-active.

By current laws, I would never have been able to spend my life with those three WONDERFUL dogs. Later, there was one more, Triton, and then later, one more yet from that family, Nereid.

Current laws would have forced me to only have the first two, which now would have been required to have been spayed and neutered, and none of the others would have ever have been born.

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The last of them passed on around 1992.

In recent years, I have an empty large house which would certainly benefit from the companionship of a couple mixed-breed Coonhounds. But I had INSISTED that my dogs be fully functional, where I might SOME DAY have them create a new generation of their family for me to live with. But every Breeder has insisted that ONLY PUREBREDS can now be sold, and even they must be spayed or neutered. Animal Shelters all immediately spay and neuter every dog they encounter. So I am not ALLOWED to be able to select the dogs I want to spend my life with!

This is terrible for me individually, but even worse for the country.

No one has thought about the long-term consequences of that very foolish Law.

If ONLY Dog Breeders are in the position to DECIDE which dogs might be allowed to breed, they have a profit motive, and they necessarily choose purebred dogs which have high prices. But those dogs never have the capability of ever breeding again, by that Law.

The result is that EVERY DOG is the end of a genetic line of succession. Any gentle or sweet dog cannot be propagated, by anyone! Only Dog Breeders get to make that decision, and they ONLY make it based on cash flow.

Why is this bad?

Natural selection had resulted in MILLIONS of lines of dog succession, each with unique DNA. The modern Law is forcing nearly all of those to die out, where possibly only TWENTY or THIRTY DNA patterns will soon be all that there is regarding dogs. The dogs are already nearly like cookie-cutter animals, where no one owns a Lab that does not have EXACTLY the color pattern defined by the AKC. Any Labs which were born which did not have that correct pattern were considered to be financially less valuable, and so, less worth the time to raise, and they were generally exterminated. So all Dog Breeders are already selling essentially identical dogs, which might even already be like racehorses, where DNA from animals which are defined as desirable become the only animals that get sold.

So EVERYBODY gets PERFECT dogs! None have any uniquenesses in appearance or in character. They are essentially cattle.

Why is THIS bad?

By having exterminated millions of genetic lines of dog DNA, and gotten it down to a future twenty or thirty existing lines, those lines become extremely susceptible to some disease rapidly going through all the (identical) dogs of a line, and possibly killing them all rapidly. With no other dog DNA lines still available, that would be it for that breed of dog!

There is actually a similar situation which exists in plant crops, which has about a ten-year head-start over the dog situation. Around 1990, Vice President Quayle announced that genetically modified foods would immediately be made and sold in the US, and that they would not have any labelling on them to identify them as GM. A Reporter asked Quayle who no labelling, and Quayle had a big smile as he responded that if they were labelled, no one would buy them! The result is that we have been millions of guinea pigs for the chemical companies to try out any GM ideas they have regarding fruits and vegetables.

By about 1995, with no way to tell the difference between GM tomatoes and actual real ones, AND with the fact that virtually all tomatoes are grown by mega farms owned by Agri-Biz corporations, the very EXISTENCE of any actual tomatoes virtually ceased. There are terrifyingly wild genetic experiments done every day regarding GM of tomatoes and all of our other foods (all in pursuit of greater profits for those giant corporations). Speculate for a moment that someone dies, and it is medically shown to have been due to DNA changes in the victim's body exactly identical to some DNA patterns in millions of tomatoes.

First, that seems likely to be followed by thousands or even millions of other deaths from the same cause, but without any labeling on any of the tomatoes, no one will be able to track where a dangerous tomato had come from, and it would likely be months or years before the actual problem was identified. How many millions of Americans might die by that time?

But since no un-modified tomatoes would then exist, those giant growers would have no way to solve the issue! They would be in a position of HAVING TO keep manufacturing GM tomatoes by the billions, without having any idea whether any of them were safe to eat!

This resembles the dog situation in that IF some error arose in the DNA of any dog or in any tomato, the only logical safe thing to then do would be to immediately terminate all further creation of those dogs (by Breeders) or tomatoes (by the mega farms). But those two industries now receive billions of dollars of profits, and it is inconceivable that any of them would ever electively choose to end their cash cow.

I personally happen to LIKE mutts! They often seem to be friendlier and more easy-going than the manufactured dogs that Breeders now mass produce.

There certainly will NOT be any mutts anywhere in the US, probably very shortly, and then soon be no dogs at all which are not ones that qualify as purebreds, where the Breeders could then get top dollar for them.

Can you imagine any Dog Breeder spending the time to raise any non-purebred dog? When he knows that he could spend the same amount of time in raising a purebred that he could sell for $1000 or more? Not a chance! And since those Dog Breeders hold ALL the cards regarding whatever might be allowed to endure, well?

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