The Universe is NOT Accelerating Outward Faster and Faster

A LOT of the public statements made by people who claim to have Physics Degrees make me wonder whether the standards to receive such a Degree have been relaxed in recent decades! It used to be that one had to understand LOGIC and strictly apply it in any Physics matter. Now, it seems that anyone who dreams up some exciting new idea immediately becomes the darling of the Physics community, and NO ONE ever even considers trying to see if logic is involved!

A recent matter, which ACTUALLY has a rather mundane explanation, has resulted in incredibly bizarre claims by people who claim to be Physicists! This presentation is intended to BOTH present the LOGICAL explanation for the experimental observations which have recently been detected, but more importantly, it is meant as a 2x4 to be applied to the skulls of those Physicists who COME UP WITH bizarre ideas and the other Physicists who then immediately accept and adopt those strange ideas without question.

In any case, recently, in order to try to explain a situation where no one seemed able to grasp, someone came up with a very strange idea (I personally suspect that heavy drugs must have been involved in dreaming up such a ridiculous idea!) where the Universe is allegedly FILLED with a material which he called Dark Energy. He even admitted that the proposed new material can never be detected and it would never be scientifically confirmable. And as sad as it is to say, virtually all of the Physics community immediately accepted that as the alleged correct explanation.

Earlier, others in the Physics community had come up with equally bizarre ideas, such as Dark Matter to try to explain why our Galaxy can rotate as it does (where, again, that bizarre explanation is NOT correct and an absolutely mundane explanation which is based purely on Newtonian gravitation is all that is required.). Or the dreaming up of an entirely WRONG idea called the Twins Paradox, which also became accepted where any decent Physicist should have seen the failure of their logic. Or dreaming up things like Wormholes, or Strings, or Super Strings, or Branes, or a dozen other (dumb) ideas which all totally ignored logic and facts.

In any case, this recent experimental finding is that at the extremely distant parts of the Universe, there MIGHT BE evidence of objects receding from us at faster velocities than we might otherwise have expected to see. (The Jury is still out regarding whether those experimental findings are actually credible, but we will accept that they are here.)

This presentation was first placed on the Internet in December 2011.

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