Afterlife Exists

but it is Rather Different from Common Assumptions

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  • Many people have great fears that they might not make it into Heaven after they physically die. Everyone can be reassured regarding this, that there is no question that they will experience an Afterlife, and it WILL continue through Eternity. But the environment in that AfterLife will be rather different from what religious people have speculated about, as well as different from what religious skeptics feel might be true.

  • Initially, my thoughts regarding the contents of this presentation were skeptical, as I did not think there was any chance of any validity or confirmation of subjects of this sort, as I was educated as a Theoretical Physicist, someone who necessarily always has strict logic and facts. I had first assumed that this subject was INTERESTING but probably beyond solid logic and therefore irrelevant as there was no chance that brutally strict logic might apply. Over about a five-year period of learning these sorts of ideas, I eventually came to realize that I was being provided many scie3ntifically and logically confirming details which established the reality of many of these ideas.

    Much of this has personally impressed ME as credible and logical, where I had initially just smiled at the apparent silliness of some of it. Unfortunately, I do not feel capable of presenting some of this in any form which might convince anyone else. So you are free to accept or deny any of this, as I cannot provide for anyone else the 'rigid logical proof' which I feel has been provided to me. I wish I would be able to do that!

    All I can really tell you is that it took more than two years before I felt access to the critically logical arguments which I personally insist on (regarding virtually all subjects!)

  • Interestingly, whether or not their Afterlife will be in a place that they consider Heaven is greatly dependent on how they lived their mortal lives on Earth. That sounds CLOSE to what is usually assumed, and is essentially the basis for all major religions, but it is actually rather different. Whether a person recites ten thousand Hail Marys is not nearly as important as the state of mind and focus while reciting even one. Extreme repetition, as required by virtually all religions, might eventually develop some focus, akin to when you learned the letters of the alphabet. Each person WILL spend Eternity in an " uniquely appropriate" environment FOR HIM OR HER. All major religions encourage followers to be Caring, Compassionate, Humble, Honest, Tolerant, Patient, Generous, etc. This is NOT a coincidence, as learning and developing such life characteristics ensures a Wonderful environment for Eternity. Most people might call that Heaven or Paradise. When people learn and develop bad characteristics instead, like Greed, Lust, Anger, Revenge, Pride, Envy, Covetousness, they then destine themselves to spend their Eternity in an appropriate environment for them. Most people might call that Hell.

  • Churches and all other religious houses therefore have always been absolutely correct in trying to teach positive thoughts and behaviors, and in trying to teach avoiding negative thoughts and behaviors. They have not always been precisely correct regarding WHY these Lessons should be learned, but the core has been absolutely correct (for even better consequences than just having one's neighbors like them!) Do you now see the profound merits in "loving one's enemies"? It actually has virtually nothing to do with the enemies themselves, but in enabling the person to personally Grow and to possibly merit an even better Eternity!

  • Therefore, if you have tried to learn and apply the positive thoughts and behaviors which Christianity or any of the other major religions tried to Teach, you can feel absolute confidence that you ARE destined to spend Eternity in what you consider to be Heaven or Paradise.

  • In contrast, if you attend Church just due to social pressures or expectations, where you barely listen, you may be destining yourself to a less desirable Eternity. Something to consider!

  • Some Churches try to claim that only THEIR Members could enter Heaven, but they are totally incorrect regarding that. In fact, the fact that their Ministers sometimes KNOWINGLY deceive their own Members regarding such things, is nearly certain to have disappointing surprises ahead for those Ministers!

  • Most of modern organized Christianity has slightly distorted one part of this understanding. There is an over-emphasis on reciting a simple sentence which describes a dependence on Jesus as Savior, which is often treated as though reciting it represents an absolute guarantee of Salvation and entry into Heaven. That understanding is an unfortunate distortion of what early Christianity better understood, but it still IS a useful goal. Regarding that specific issue, it IS important that a person COMMITS to a constant and continuous lifestyle which is compatible with the texts of the Bible, but the actual value is not in trying to impress Jesus on what a person might CLAIM, but instead of impressing the Lord by the QUALITY of person that GROWS due to strong Faith. The effect is pretty close to the same, but the accuracy of the attempt can be quite different. Noting that the Christian and Hebrew Bibles discourage Arrogance and Pride, it should be clear that people who go around bragging about having become Saved is NOT a good idea! Feeling an inner comfort regarding having met the perceived expectations of the Lord is excellent, but early Christians knew that this was meant to be a very private matter. A truly Devout Believer will turn out to be a person who will impress the Lord, without question, by either of these understandings, but for people who choose not to put much effort into their Faith, the results can be quite different. Simply reciting a simple sentence might impress some Minister or Priest, even if there is little depth behind the words, but the Lord instantly and easily Knows whether a person is truly a Devout believer or simply someone who is trying to play a game in finding the easiest course to get a desired goal. These comments are stating that it is very important to ASPIRE to thorough and deep Devotion, at all times and not just during an hour each Sunday morning.

  • The Bible, in its Original text (ancient Hebrew and Greek) is an excellent source for learning everything you need to learn and know. (Human) Ministers may or may not be of as great a quality, as we humans sometimes can misunderstand things or make wrong assumptions. The Bible does not have such limitations.

  • Another important insight to be assured about is that the Transition from "here" to "there" is remarkably smooth and easy. In fact, nearly everyone experiences such a smooth Transition that they do not even immediately realize that they have died! Even when a person has died as a result of serious physical trauma, or due to a painful illness, all sensations of physical pain and suffering instantly and completely end, forever. But the individual continues to have a clear and complete knowledge and memory of who they had been, and their entire life's experiences. Again, a remarkably "smooth" Transition, no matter what might have happened in mortal life prior to that moment, even if the end of mortal life might have included pain or suffering.

  • There are countless consequences of all of this. For example, on 9/11/01 when nearly three thousand people were murdered, every one of them had their Transitions to the wonderful and painfree environment in which they are now enjoying Eternity. They are destined to experience happiness and comfort, forever, sharing their experiences with other people who have very similar personalities which each of them have, in other words, exactly what each of them might have dreamed of! There are many references to Martyrs being the very best way to die, and you can see here why that is true. The VICTIMS of murder are assured a wonderful Eternity. In contrast, the nineteen terrorists of that day are spending their Eternity around people that shared many characteristics with them, such as a willingness to kill and discard virtually everyone who does not exactly agree with them, and essentially an attitude where life and existence has no real meaning. They are now not merely in an environment of nineteen others, but among countless thousands of such neighbors, where everyone always realizes that it is never safe to turn your back on anyone! None of them can or will ever experience even a moment of peace, security or happiness.

  • Similarly, the six million Jews that the Nazis murdered during World War II have enjoyed happiness and joy ever since their Transitions, and they are destined to enjoy peace, joy, happiness and security forever. You should already have realized where the Nazis now spent Eternity, in an environment where joy and happiness is impossible.

  • The millions of people who die of starvation each week? Their mortal suffering and struggling are over, and they now smile and run and play, with countless others who are much like they are, Forever.

  • Whether it is an individual or a group, after their Transitions, each individual ALWAYS winds up in the most appropriate and ideal environment for where they will spend Eternity. This is quite similar in effect to the reasoning of Christianity, regarding being Judged to get into either Heaven or Hell. But an interesting fact is that each person essentially SELF-JUDGES or PRE-SELECTS that environment for him- or herself, by the contents of their mortal life! Gates of Heaven are actually not required. But each individual does have considerable freedom regarding the type of Afterlife community to try to remain in. In a wonderful feature, each person's previous mortal life and behavior and thoughts gradually self-selects the appropriate environment. Each person's mortal mind accumulates ALL of the life experiences of their having been a mortal, and this collection represents the individual's Soul in religious perspectives. Even though the physical body no longer exists, this lifetime library of mortal experiences persists and endures forever. One consequence of this is that if you spent many hundreds of pleasant afternoons quietly fishing, your Afterlife will have the capability of being very fishing-centered. Your personal Eternity might include countless warm sunny days shared with others who also had spent much of their mortal lives fishing.

  • Say that an Adolf Hitler decided to try to be in a community of sweet and gentle Souls. Who would ever want to talk to Hitler? Who would ever have anything in common with him to talk about? What would he ever say or do that comforted or pleased anyone else? How could Hitler ever build any friendships in such a community? He couldn't, clearly. Could he ever be able to get those sweet and gentle Souls to give him the importance and authority which was always so important to Hitler? The Afterlife Hitler would need to move to a different community which shared the self-centered attitudes which Hitler had (and still has in his Afterlife) where he would not seem so much like a square peg in that specific community. Gangsters, murderers, Catholic Priests who damaged small children, self-centered businessmen, politicians and dictators; they will each find the appropriate Afterlife community and environment where they will spend Eternity.

  • It seems appropriate to point out here that Jesus Experienced the same sort of pleasant Transition on the day of His Crucifixion. Jesus had/has greater skills than most, and He was able to 'appear' before dozens of people AFTER He had Died, and He was certainly able to Hear every Prayer. That situation remains true for Jesus to this day, where He Hears every Prayer, and occasionally, He or Mary 'appear' before people, such as the Lady of Guadalupe or other similar sightings of either or both of them. In fact, there are others who have limited capability like that, where someone can HEAR a mysterious Spirit or SEE a ghost. These phenomena are much more easily explainable as has been assumed.

  • I see some humor in communities of politicians and bureaucrats! We have watched the Republican Congress each having chosen to pay themselves $170,000 each year, while actually stating that they intentionally do nothing, such that the President would never be able to receive any credit for any accomplishments. In other words, they insist on being paid massive amounts, for intentionally never actually doing anything! I can envision millions of such people who have lived through human history, in the Afterlife, spending all day every day bickering over irrelevant details and never actually DOING anything! None of them will ever, for Eternity, achieve any sense of accomplishment, which suggests that they all realize that everything they do, Forever, is pointless and meaningless, but yet they are destined to spend thousands of years in repeating the same arguing and bickering! That certainly does NOT seem much like Heaven to me, but I concede that it might also not normally be described as Hell. Where Christianity and other religions seem insistent on describing only two possible destinations, Heaven and Hell, the reality is much more complex than that, but also more elegantly simple and obvious. Such people are functionally trapped to repeat their same claims and arguments. It is an example of a type of community which we might consider to be somewhere between the two extremes that we are familiar with. Maybe to a Politician, such an environment might seem like Heaven, at least for a while, I am tempted to think that they might eventually consider it to be Hell.

  • We mortals do not have any good way to understand the environment in the Afterlife. The closest we can comprehend is in our dreams, where events and people seem to be absolutely real. But we later wake up and realize that it had just been a dream (or nightmare). All Afterlife experiences include vibrant colors and precise sounds and tastes which are indistinguisable with what we currently experience in our mortal existence, but there is a resemblence to a dream environment where we mortals could not comprehend the reality of all that occurs. The distinction between being mortally alive and being in the Afterlife is probably more of a communication issue! In YOUR Afterlife, you are likely to experience a day which might seem indistinguishable with a wonderful day which you had actually experienced and which is therefore vividly in your memory. When you experience that wonderful Afterlife day, you will not have any clue that it is any less real than the day you had experienced as a mortal. Part of the reason for this situation is that your wonderful Afterlife day will be constructed from your own mortal memories, but instead of seeming like just a memory, presented to you in perfect 3-D and technicolor!

  • There is one resulting complication regarding the Afterlife which we mortals want to imagine. The concept of linear time as we know it does not exactly apply in the Afterlife, much as it does not exactly apply in our dreams. Experiences are generally sequential, as they sometimes seem to be in our dreams, but there can be seeming time-jumps to our mortal comprehensions. There are not specific "days" or "years" as we know them, although I sometimes refer to those descriptions to try to enable our grasping of the environment. Again, much like can happen in dreams, we might experience a series of events as an adult, or as a young child, or as a teenager or as an elderly person. (This last rarely seems to happen in our dreams, for logical and practical reasons where our collected life-experience-memories tend not to include memories as an elderly person, except for having observed a loved grandparent.)

  • The complication referred to here is that we mortals want to feel that relatives who have passed to the Afterlife are "always watching over" our continuing daily lives. That is factually true, to a substantial extent, but only sometimes. During an Afterlife adventure where the Soul experiences a day as an adult, he or she would certainly KNOW that he or she had had children, and would remember every detail about them, and they WOULD then be in a situation of being capable of "watching over" a still-living child who is experiencing some great joy or some serious adversity. But during an Afterlife adventure where the Soul exists as a young child, it does not seem logical that such a young child would or could even be aware that marriage and children and grand-children would be in later mortal-life-memories. Those memories MUST actually still exist in the child Soul, but it just seems hard to understand how or why a young child Soul would or should decide to dedicate great care or attention to an adult mortal's life events.

  • My personal guess regarding this matter is that IF the specific living person expresses a specific Prayer regarding the importance of having closeness to someone who has already passed, then that request would somehow cause the Afterlife Soul to then appear as an adult of an appropriate age, where both understanding and love and caring regarding the events then occurring in the mortal's life would become paramount. I am tempted to think that THIS might represent the greatest value in the process of Prayer, something which is similar to but different from the conventional understandings regarding Prayer.

  • There are many other aspects of life which make a lot more sense with this approach. Housepets WILL also be in the Eternity environment, and they will each be as sweet or as nasty as the human owner trained them to be. Communications in the Afterlife is not as we are familiar with, and you might envision it as mind-to-mind communication. People sometimes notice that many animals seem to have amazing awareness, including awareness of nearby anger or love, and we will share that ability with them once we each get to our Afterlife. In fact, this type of communication extends to many types of plants as well, and we sometimes recognize individuals as having Green Thumbs when they seem able to grow impressive plants. What I am describing as communication here is NOT anything like what science is aware of, it is NOT any electrical or electromagnetic process or radiation. It is something quite different from what humanity has ever quantified.

Throughout human history, nearly every person has feared death. Loving relatives and friends have nearly always grieved for those who have died. Both of these views are actually inappropriate!

There is actually NO reason to actually fear mortal death, as it is a peaceful and pain-free transition. Yes, there are sometimes situations which occur PRIOR to mortal death which are painful or unpleasant, but those effects vanish instantly and forever at the instant of actual death. It is somewhat amusing that many people struggle to extend their mortal existence through extraordinary Medical efforts, no matter what cost. Whether the person persists as a mortal for additional days, there is also the consequent delay of Transitioning to a FAR better place! The destination, at least for all NICE people, IS essentially the concept of Heaven as is popularly imagined. Obviously, no human has ever lived in that environment and then returned to tell us about it, so no one is aware of how Heavenly it all actually is. There is a dark aspect regarding people not knowing this, as the occurrence of suicide might become darkly popular, if people realized that the life of suffering and hardship here might be replaced with peace and joy and fulfillment in an Afterlife.

When each person physically dies, the person experiences something very different than what we have always expected. Our emotions and our vivid imaginations have created endless varieties of fictional stories regarding what authors think MIGHT happen to the dying.

It is essentially a nearly instantaneous Transition from what we know of as physically living to an environment something like what we have always experienced in dreams. People generally do not remember the dreams they have, unless they happen to wake up while a specific dream is still in progress. But a universal sensation which everyone agrees to is that dreams "seemed so real". The dream environment is so perfectly realistic, being in three-dimensions where experiences and conversations and thoughts were indistinguishable from waking experiences, that people often wake up wondering if it had actually been "real".

Physical death is NOT just a dream! And there are some major distinctions in the environment of the two. This analogy is only mentioned here because it is the only experience that living people are familiar with which gives clues to what the environment for those who have died is like.

Most scientists seem to assume that all these processes are electrical or electromagnetic events. They are nearly certainly wrong about most of that, although activities of the nervous system and therefore brain, certainly DO include electrical processes. The reality of all this is something entirely different, which science cannot yet comprehend.

Medical Doctors have determined the physical aspects of what is the end of mortal life, but people have speculated over many other possible aspects of what happens and what ensues. This presentation is meant to provide as much scientific fact and validity to the subject, and which generally confirms many previous assumptions and conclusions but which presents some differences as well.

No one has ever been truly dead and then returned to explain what the process was like, but there have been many thousands of people who have technically been medically dead and then revived or otherwise have had near-death experiences. This discussion includes some commonalities among those experiences (but dismisses others of such claims).

The situation for the person involved and for all the others around him/her are very different, but a very logical description arises which explains not only these matters but many other events which have occurred many times during history. Specifically, a TRUE Martyr may actually be one of the most ideal ways to die; communicating with God through Prayers and having them Answered; and even how and why we seem to know a lot when we are born (how to begin to breathe, for one); and hundreds of other subjects now seem to be a lot clearer and more logical. Science and others generally argue whether some abilities are due to Nurture or Nature. That approach is probably entirely incorrect.

The event of physical death can sometimes exactly coincide with the moment of medical death, but it can also be delayed for some minutes or even hours. A catastrophic accident generally causes both to be essentially simultaneous. But a physical death which occurs in a calm environment such as on a Hospital bed, can be somewhat earlier than this actual transition occurs. This situation actually explains most of the alleged Near-Death Experiences. Doctors might have concluded that medical death had occurred, but this Transition had not yet occurred. Sometimes, Doctors continue with resuscitation procedures, and those procedures sometimes are effective. When that patient then later wakes up, it is commonly described that "he or she was medically dead". That might be medically true, but since the Transition had not yet occurred, the reality is that the situation was not (yet) irreversible. The patient then is described as having had a Near-Death Experience. That description is certainly true, but its significance is a little different than has been usually assumed.

Once this Transition has occurred, the situation is irreversible, and the person could no longer be "brought back".

For these reasons, I strongly recommend that NO Medical Autopsy be done for at least 12 hours after Medical death has been observed.

There are some consequences of all of this that are quite different than what is generally assumed. The experience of this Transition to the person involved is NOT a traumatic experience as is nearly universally assumed. It is nearly always a SMOOTH TRANSITION, as though going from mortal life into a pleasant dream. In fact, the person who has just done that Transition might commonly not even realized that he or she has died. Not a lot will be different from then on, except for two clear effects. Any ongoing physical pain will seem to have instantly vanished, and the sense of the passage of time will become rather different than we are familiar with. Other than those two obvious changes, the person might not even realize that he or she has actually died!

Three rather different descriptions of a mortal death:

The physical body is no longer part of the actual experiences that occur after that instant. It is somewhat similar to some dreams which SEEM so real that they are hard to consider dreams, which most everyone has experienced at least once. Dreams are entirely different, though, and the reference to them here is just to try to suggest how absolutely REAL everything still seems after the instant of Transition.

The implications of all of this are very broad-reaching.

You might note that loving friends and relatives generally experience extreme grief for someone who has just passed on, but the object of that grief is actually happier and more physically comfortable than they could imagine! Experiencing grief over having LOST a mortal companion is certainly valid, but the interesting point is that most grieving people seem to feel grief FOR the person who has just passed on, while it would be more appropriate to feel grief ABOUT the "personal loss" of not having that person around any more.

By the way, all this is equally true for children who have lost a dear pet, whether it was a dog or cat or parakeet or fish or frog. The lost dear pet is now wonderfully active after the Transition, and without any pain or suffering from any medical or physical ailments or injuries. The child and the pet then can spend a wonderful Eternity with each other!

Note that the situation described here is mighty close to what religious people have traditionally called Heaven! During the grief experienced by loving friends and relatives, there are sometimes references made regarding WHETHER the person had made it into Heaven. This description should reassure those grieving friends and relatives that they HAVE gotten to an environment that is Wonderful in every possible sense!

One situation which exists is that each and every person who has gone through this Transition is able to (forever) be very aware of the words and actions of anyone who remains in our mortal environment. So the HOPES that people often have that their father or mother or grandfather might "be aware of" a Graduation or a Marriage, as it is often described "watching down from Heaven", they can all be reassured that there ARE a lot of smiling faces watching our daily lives. In fact, in some cases, especially between long-married spouses, that attentiveness and awareness includes tiny details of daily life! So when a surviving wife decides to dress up in his favorite dress? He KNOWS and SMILES!

It is NOT easy for those who have passed on to actually interact with our human existence, expecially regarding those who have hectic daily lives. Actually "becoming momentarily and transparently visible" is apparently difficult and rare. In general, the most common method of interacting with a surviving loved one is by introducing THOUGHTS into the mind. The surviving person is rarely aware of the source of such thoughts, but simply feels that they "suddenly remembered" something important that must be done. Or to suddenly stop the car, only to then watch a semi-truck barrel through a red light which could have been a terrible accident. When people say that they wonder if they have a Guardian Angel watching over then, they are actually a lot more correct than they realize!

So there IS continuing communications, IN BOTH DIRECTIONS, even after someone has passed on. However, there is a caveat. The person who has passed on is now in a Wonderful environment, and they are able to catch up with grandfathers and great-grandfathers and friends and other relatives who have also passed on, along with wonderful strangers whom they get to learn about and know. So, the fraction of time they invest in being attentive to surviving friends and relatives remaining on Earth, is generally significantly related to how deep the love had been (and still is) between the two. This is actually why the connection between a surviving spouse of a 50-year marriage is aware of such an intimate closeness with the spouse who has passed on, because it IS still true!

Friends or relatives who were more distant in mortal life, tend to receive less attention from those who have passed on. I guess that makes good sense to be true!

There is a peculiar situation regarding the passage of time for those who have Transitioned. They seem to experience any given day in the way we are familiar with, in a sort of sequential series of experiences of that day. But when they wake up on the following day, they might wake up as a six-year-old child, or as a College student, or as a long-married person. It is not clear how or why this happens, but it does. It is also not clear whether when waking up the next day as a small child, he or she would be aware of a surviving spouse of fifty years (but my suspicion is that somehow that connection still exists). It is clear that there tends to be "happy days" which occur most commonly. This again contributes toward the impression of "Heaven" where experiences are happy and fulfilling and satisfying, with little or no dark experiences.

An interesting aspect exists regarding religious Prayer. If a response to a Prayer is EXPECTED, it is not very likely to be answered or fulfilled! However, if a SINCERITY and HONESTY exists in BOTH the Prayer request itself and in the personal attitude of the person doing the Praying, nearly every Prayer can be answered! Interestingly, the fulfillment of religious Prayers is commonly accomplished BY dearly loved individuals who have passed on. It IS possible for an absolute stranger to fulfill anyone's Prayer, but the practical matter of whether they were paying attention when the Prayer request was made generally makes this less likely.

Certain aspects of the concepts of Heaven and of God are slightly different than the assumptions which are commonly held. That statement also applies to what is called Salvation. The Christian concept of Salvation is nearly completely true and accurate, but there are some slight differences which exist.

The situation is somewhat similar to the Protestant Christian concept of Divine Grace. In that concept, NO ONE ever DESERVES to be Saved or accepted into Heaven, but if God is sufficiently impressed by the person's thoughts and actions and behaviors, God unilaterally presents His Divine Grace to complete the desire.

The same God considers a willingness to provide Divine Grace as Who Answers Prayers! He essentially uses the same standards to either fulfill Prayers or to neglect them.

A more correct description is that DEAR DEPARTED ONES generally carry most of the responsibility for attentiveness to those of us in mortal life, and in either fulfilling or neglecting specific Prayers. Notice that most fulfillment of Prayers is accomplished by THOUGHTS which are placed in the mind of either the Prayer requester or in the mind of some other specific person. Whether an added thought in the mind of a teenage jilting boyfriend would renew love or not might be problematical, so certain types of Prayers might be difficult to fulfill.

There are many other aspects of human existence which are related to this. Millions of people buy Lottery tickets or otherwise gamble, who have the EXPECTATION of winning. Such people certainly get minimal aid from Heaven! But similar people have NO expectations regarding such gambling, and they can SOMETIMES suddenly decide to buy a SINGLE Lottery ticket and win and get into the news, possibly due to a tiny bit of assistance from Heaven. Notice that this example is NOT something where anything in the physical world had to be altered, but instead, a new thought was injected into the mind of that one person to decide to buy that one Lottery ticket.

It is fairly certain that Heaven does NOT condone such gambling, and this specific example is mentioned here as being at the other end of the spectrum from heart-felt Prayers. The ONLY point being made here is that Heaven IS AWARE of all (or most all) such events, and always has the freedom to provide some aspects of benefit for individuals and situations as is felt is worthy.

Every religion believes in God or gods. We mortals find it rather comforting to believe that there is "something larger" which might provide assistance at times of stress or need. The precise DEFINITION of what God is, has always been rather unclear. Christian Theologians have spent 2,000 years trying to figure out the details. Certain things are generally agreed to, that God is Good, for example. To believe that god is evil, would not exactly represent a religion!

But even within Christian Theology, there are arguments. Is God forever Fair and Calm? Or is He sometimes Angry and Vengeful and Irrational in Smoting entire armies of men just because a single person somehow offended Him (as the Old Testament of the Bible often relates)? The description presented here provides an explanation for such matters. If the term "One True God" is simply a way of perceiving and describing the COLLECTIVE actions of an immense multitude of those who have already passed on, it IS a valid and accurate term. But it DOES make it possible where individual incidents might seem to contradict any univeral description of the characteristics of God. However, it DOES eliminate one detail which certain Christian Churches consider important. God therefore does NOT "know the future". He (or collectively, they) might make very accurate educated guesses as to what will happen in the future, but He does NOT know every detail of what is yet to occur. Referring back to the Bible OT, IF God absolutely knew every detail of what is in the future, then how could He have been surprised (and therefore Angered) when some person behaved or reacted in some way other than He desired? In other words, since a God who Knows the future would KNOW that the person was ABOUT TO fail Him, how or why would God possibly experience Anger at that person (to then smite an entire army of potentially innocent men)? A God Who knows every detail of the future COULD NOT ever be surprised at any event! This description explains how and why the events of the Bible OT could have occurred, while not questioning or challenging or doubting God at all.

There IS a method of communication which is absolutely different than any method that science or technology understands. It IS the actual basis of all religions, including Christianity. It IS also the basis for hundreds of other sorts of unusual or unexpected experiences which millions of people are aware of but have never been able to confirm or explain. These include things like ESP, Clairvoyance, Telepathy, Precognition and assorted other subjects which science necessarily ignores and neglects since it has no way to even gather any data. Just like regarding any religion!

I note here that until around 1870, it was believed that energy could only be transferred from one location to another by either of two processes, called Conduction and Convection. They were both known to be mechanical processes. Scientists argued over how energy from the Sun even got to the Earth! But around then, it was discovered there there is Electromagnetic Radiation, and such Radiation quickly became a third process for transferring energy. In the thousands of years of human history, we were simply ignorant that there even WAS such Radiation! I am simply referring to a yet-undiscovered phenomenon regarding transferring something that resembles energy, in order to enable this unique form of communication.

This process is NOT any electrodynamic process which science might be able to detect or monitor or try to understand. It seems unlikely that scientific research will ever learn the process of any of these events, as they do not and cannot occur with the reliability that scientific experiments require. So these experiences are likely to SOMETIMES seem to occur and sometimes not.

An interesting detail is that both Science and Medicine ASSUMES that such things can only occur inside the head. That is NOT the case!

These "functional assumptions" are sometimes related to the basic reason why Christians are confused that Prayers SOMETIMES seem to be answered and sometimes not. That people who lie, cheat and steal SEEM to sometimes prosper, although they actually do not and can not do so. Such people DO encounter what is commonly called Divine Judgment, which cancels out all the superficial and temporary apparent advantages they seem to have accomplished. That people who make great efforts to do the right things sometimes SEEM to suffer, but, again, Divine Judgment will eventually apply (FOREVER) and they actually will prosper wonderfully.

Many experiences such as Precognition and ESP and Telekinesis seem to SOMETIMES occur to many people, but never consistently.

This method of what I am referring to as communication even explains the mystery of how and why young babies and young animals seem to have certain innate abilities, where they actually do not. A newborn calf generally stands up within minutes of being born, and begins slowly walking around. Science has tried to explore many such subjects as being due to either NATURE or NURTURE. Neither of those is probably actually the case. Science is also amazed that Monarch Butterflies can do a migration of thousands of miles across Canada, the United States and Mexico, to always arrive at the same destinations, even though this migration pattern requires SEVERAL GENERATIONS of butterflies! There seems no LOGICAL way they could do that! It appears that it is actually an example of this yet-unknown method of communication acting between butterflies which have already passed on, and the leaders of the swarms.

More specifically, there IS communication between living people and those who have died, and with those referred to as Angels, and even He Who is referred to as God Himself. The Transition which occurs at death is not remotely like what anyone has speculated, and it is actually a rather smooth transition. The individual often is not even immediately aware that death has occurred, except for the sudden ending of experiences of pain. A sense of continuation persists, as well as an awareness of most of what is around him or her. This confirms the impression that many people have had that dead relatives would watch over them, which IS the case.

However, any individual Angels cannot and do not watch over any person 24/7. We must remember that they are in an environment that they call Heaven, where many wondrous things are constantly and forever available to them. So it IS possible that a specific Prayer you might make, although certainly being Heard by SOME Angels, might not have been able to get the attention of a specific Angel you desire to help you. Repeating some Prayers makes sense.

ALL of the major religions of the world have been essentially correct and valid. Each has included a few aspects which have been technically incorrect even though they have been functionally essentially correct.

You HAVE experienced dreams. Science knows from REM (rapid eye movement) that we each experience around five dreams every night of sleeping. We rarely remember any of them as they are only remembered if we happen to wake up DURING the dream. The early dreams of a night are generally only a couple minutes long, which results in us NOT remembering them EXCEPT if a dream contained some terrifying events which wake us up. This actually explains why people tend to be aware of more nightmares than pleasant dreams. If is generally only the fifth and last dream of a night which people tend to be able to remember, as it can be hours long.

The specific importance here is that dreams (and nightmares) are so REAL that the person often wakes up not knowing whether they had actually lived what they just experienced or whether it was just a dream.

THAT fact, the exquisite completeness and reality of dreams, which we all have experienced, is important here (as an analogy).

Once a person experiences physical death, the capability of awareness of absolutely REAL events continues. There are two distinct differences from dreams. One is that the experiences are essentially limited to re-experiencing previously lived incidents, but with flexibility, such as having the experiences with different people than originally lived, or in different locations or with different outcomes. An example might be someone who loved to play cards, who now could experience absolutely REAL card games with different people and with outcomes which are unknown and unique. The second distinct difference from dreams is even more important in that the other people ever encountered are necessarily SIMILAR IN LIFE EXPERIENCE to the specific person. We might easuky choose to call all of them either Spirits or Angels.

The implications of these two differences are immense.

One: Heaven / Hell

You might have been concerned that the description above seemed to suggest that EVERYONE was therefore able to enter "Heaven". Technically, that is true! But the environment ONLY seems like Heaven to people who actually belong there!

Say that we consider the spirit of a Rockefeller or a Donald Trump, someone who spent mortal lives which were absolutely self-centered, totally materialistic, and arrogant. After mortal life is over, the (dream-like) experiences they would have available to be "re-played" will FOREVER be essentially limited to only those involving others who were similar in those self-centered and materialistic matters. Each of them would forever be destined to FAIL at conniving to get material advantages over the others they would feel they were "competing with" regarding amassing material possessions, which they would certainly consider to be Hell.

Say, instead, that the spirit was of a Mahatma Gandhi or a Pope John Paul II or a Florence Nightingale, where each had lived mortal lives of great generosity and giving and compassion. They would forever be destined to share (dream-like) experiences with others who would always behave as kindly and generously and compassionately as they are. NO ONE they would ever encounter would ever even think about cheating anyone else or ever taking anything, but rather GIVING as often as was possible. They would forever have such encounters, which they would consider to be Heaven.

These two types of spirits would not necessarily be physically separated from each other, but they would be FUNCTIONALLY extremely separated, into sensations of Heaven and Hell.

An idea has been suggested to me that each such Spirit might exist as a ball of colored strings, where anyone they ever encountered could and would immediately "see their entire life story" upon meeting. If this is the case (which I do not know), then it would make sense that various communities of "kindred Spirits" would develop, which might then clearly separate the various sorts of personalities which exist. The mortals who developed the habit of inserting swear words in every sentence would quickly discover that no one else wanted to interact with them, and that they would forever be restricted to a community of others who also constantly used foul words. Would that be Heaven or Hell? I do not know. There might even be different communities of such people, some of whom are gentle souls and some of whom immediately expected to punch out anyone they felt deserved it. So there might be some sort of spectrum among the sort of people who seemed to have limited self-control (regarding swearing).

Other spirits could experience infinite numbers of days going fishing, either alone or with others who shared their passion for fishing, or of playing cards, or going dancing, or playing volleyball, or bowling, and they could spend those days with others who shared similar previous mortal lives which were compatible. These might be people whom they had interacted with as mortals or it might be with total strangers.

In other words, the companions might be nearly always quiet and peaceful, or others might have companions who are always talkative.

An important fact to remember is that EVERY ONE of these experiences, of spirit entities which no longer have any physical bodies, would SEEM to be absolutely real experiences like in previous mortal life.

Each such experience would be a SHARED dream-like experience. You would NOT always throw ringers in horseshoes or even win every game! But you would EXPERIENCE a sense of competition as in what we call horseshoes, and so would the others who participated in that shared dream-like interlude.

Notice that NO material motivations would need to exist! Again, the sensation of Heaven.

But people who spent mortal lives in always pursuing financial and material wealth, would exist in a community of people like them, and they would share those sorts of competitive experiences with other spirits which had similar mortal lives. How could any such people ever actually achieve happiness or success? Religions often contain things like Matthew 19:24, regarding it being easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man entering Heaven, which now make complete sense. Such people would constantly and continuously experience the stresses of business competition, but never actually achieve the materialistic goals they aspire to.

What about Psalms 37:11, about the meek inheriting the Earth? If the spirits who had led aggressive lives in pursuit of fame and power, now only had others who were just like themselves to ever be around, how could any of them ever actually ACCOMPLISH any of the achievements which made them famous as mortals? They cannot. In fact, they each would always be aware that EVERY other person they would ever encounter (through Eternity) would intend to take whatever he now considered his own! And was likely capable of doing it! How could any such Spirits ever be happy or feel successful, when they constantly KNOW that the next door neighbor might be able to take it all away tomorrow? Again, the effect is of a forever Hell for each and all of them.

However, others who had led meek and kind and generous lives would all FEEL as though they HAD EVERYTHING, essentially what Psalms indicated. What a Wonderfully Heavenly experience for all of them!

Note that trying to make rigid distinctions between Heaven and Hell is very difficult. But, whatever environment that any PERSON faces, after the Transition, is to being within a community of people who will all be very much like they are. Depending on how each person CHOOSES to live a mortal life, they can look forward to an Eternity which THEY essentially select for themselves! I personally find that VERY interesting, and exactly the sort of thing that the Christian Bible often seems to suggest.

As another example, say that the Spirit being considered was a gangster who murdered many people during his life. Whether he was eventually caught or imprisoned or executed, Christian always insist that such a person faces Final Judgment from God. See how that would work? That person would be immediately shunned by virtually everyone in Heaven, and he would wind up in the one community that would tolerate his presence there, a community that was entirely populated by gangsters and murderers. Would he EVER experience any feeling of success for having sold drugs? No. But he WOULD need to constantly and continuously be aware that there were at least ten different neighbors who might invade his house that day or night, and gun down his wife and children. It would be an existence which had NO fulfillment whatever, but constant dread and mistrust of every neighbor. Would he even ever TALK to any neighbor, knowing that he was such an adversary? Not likely. This has to be perceived as a truly horrible Hell, even for such a tough person. And for Eternity.

Along that same line, lets consider both the VICTIMS of recent Islamic terrorists, and then the terrorists themselves.

The victims (assuming they were innocent civilians) would certainly be welcomed in communities of Spirits much like themselves. They would therefore likely enjoy their Eternity in happiness and joy. That is, Heaven.

The terrorists would wind up in communities of Spirits much like themselves. That is, always undependable and dangerous. EVERY neighbor would forever also be dangerous and undependable. That is, Hell.

So, the concepts of Heaven and Hell are somewhat different than what modern people imagine. The Bible and other religious books do NOT ever include many details about what Heaven and Hell might actually be like. In Christianity, Revelation is an exception, where there are references of streets of gold and jewels everywhere, but Revelation with those references was composed around three generations after Jesus Died (around 95 AD) at a location far away, and so some of those comments are considered to be symbolic. In fact, in Heaven, where money and wealth would be meaningless and unnecessary, WHY would anyone even want streets of gold anyway? (Rev 21:18,21). They would be hard and slippery and not very well suited to being pavement!

But the vast majority of the subjects in the Bible ARE quite accurately described by applications of this method of communication. That situation is NOT necessarily true of the later Scribes and then Translators who have provided the Bibles we can read today. There ARE known to be a number of "sloppy translations" and even of some minor mis-copyings by Scribes. But the Original Bible text seems VERY SOLIDLY ACCURATE.

Two: Inspiration

How did the sixty-some Bible writers get all that text to be so accurate? It might already be clear to you now! The immense number of spirits which were ALREADY in Heaven (and Hell) have the capability of using this same method of communication. Unfortunately, we mortal humans are generally not very good at recognizing such attempts at communication! In fact, modern people who live hectic lives, probably have virtually no chance of ever even recognizing the very subtle nature of such communications. But people like Monks and Friars, who live lives of quiet and contemplation, and occasionally, others, CAN sense some parts of such communications. THIS has resulted in EVERY major religion including insistance on caring about others, about giving to the poor, and about many other similar concepts. THIS suggests that the concept of God is actually a generalized image, for a COLLECTION OF BILLIONS OF SPIRITS. So throughout history, there have been MANY spirits which have attempted to communicate concepts such as closeness to parents, and cumulatively, the effect has been that all major religions including statements which express that lesson.

Moses was clearly extremely alert to receiving such communication, and the result is the First Five Books of the Christian Bible. Were they composed by Moses? Essentially, yes. But did Moses actually RECEIVE all that information DIRECTLY FROM HEAVEN? You betcha! The accuracy and value of the words of Moses have been recognized for more than three thousand years, and rightly so!

When there are billions of spirits of previously living mortals which all provide communication regarding some concept like Atonement or Baptism or the Eucharist, and a billion mortal Christians spend QUIET time inside of Churches, then some of those communications get sensed by some of the mortal Christians.

For the Record, THIS presentation was composed due to such Inspiration. It is actually NOT something that I would have composed on my own! But I recognize my responsibility to pass along these subjects. I am confident that I fully understand the matters as they have been provided to me, so I feel this presentation is honest and accurate and as complete as I am capable of.

For those who doubt such a statement, I would note the hundreds of web-pages which I also provide, which have what many seem to see as great breadth and depth, where NO human could possibly have come up with so many different insights. I might be relatively smart, but I am nowhere near smart enough to have come up with all those presentations. You now know WHY my pages cover so much ground, and HOW they came to exist. It was not actually ME at all, except as an Instrument in transcribing information which I have been provided. If you consider such a statement to be flaky, I understand how and why that could happen. I am merely describing how those many pages came to be.

The METHOD of communication is nearly always exquisitely subtle. Some Christians seem to EXPECT to get crystal clear answers to Prayers, but they very rarely ever actually see that. Instead, they generally must be extremely attentive to the most subtle of sensations, mostly within their own minds, to detect any answer to such Prayers. However, when Prayers are about SOMEONE ELSE who has a severe illness or has been severely injured, yes, a group of spirits might focus their attention on aiding such situations. And so people sometimes see MIRACULOUS RECOVERIES. Such things are never the sort of gross instantaneous actions that we want to imagine, but many very subtle effects which collectively accomplish the desired goal.

This description provides wonderful clarity of explanation for hundreds of religious beliefs. Many Verses of the Christian Bible have slightly different interpretations with this insight. Phrases such as "on Earth as it is in Heaven" has a new obviousness! The great importance, in ALL major religions, of concepts like almsgiving, of daily Prayer, of Fasting, of honoring parents, and of respecting neighbors, seem to now take on much greater validity, and importance, but for a far more wonderful reason than had previously been assumed. And this seems to all confirm that NO religion has any justifiable claim to being the ONLY course. Whether a person chooses to be a Roman Catholic or a Protestant or an Eastern Orthodox or a Jew or a Muslim, there is no actual deep distinction regarding any of the above. Even for people who are Buddhist or Hindu or Zoroastrian or Shinto, these things still equally apply.

There are also now new insights into many sorts of experiences which have always mystified people. Ghosts, precognition, telekinesis, and even possibly subjects such as UFOs and Ouija Boards and Deja vu, might now have potential explanations. Most specifically, the fact that such experiences are rare and seldom repeated, has always frustrated scientific investigation, where this approach might explain WHY there is such inconsistency of performance. Specifically, IF a person decided to try to show special talents, in an Arrogant effort, it is easy to see how and why the sources of the information or abilities might choose to become silent! This might even apply to religious leaders. Many religious leaders clearly seem to have sources of wonderful insights, but when some of them choose to start trying to publicize themselves for having such special talents, it commonly occurs that their abilities fade. This might explain WHY that might happen.

Throughout human history, there have been some people who have made poor decisions and choices. There have been others who have made brilliant decisions and choices. During more modern human existence, it seems that far more people have been making consistently poor decisions and choices. This presentation is meant to aid in clarifying these matters and also aid in individuals making better choices and decisions. The advantages are wonderful beyond imagination.

I believe this approach also potentially explains unusual amounts of surprising insights in some people. In my own personal case, there are people who attribute to me some amazing level of intelligence. I tend to think they are wrong. I AM very observant, and I AM very logic-oriented, but I am tempted to believe that many of my scientific insights are actually not mine at all! I choose to believe that some Spirits, possibly such as Leonardo da Vinci, Nikola Tesla, Aristotle, etc, have chosen to actively "provide me" with scientific or logical thoughts and ideas, which I have then tried to apply my logic and Physics education into understanding and developing. So it might LOOK like I am really smart, but I am not so sure! I may have been CHOSEN to receive insights, from Spirits of people who were far smarter than I am!

THIS specific presentation is also an example of something which has been "provided to me" where I feel I have had the responsibility to present it here.

A number of people have told me that their understanding of many of the Verses of the Bible is now more comprehensive than otherwise. That confirms what I had also felt, that I feel I see many new insights from the Bible texts, but also that many previous understandings had been based on some assumptions by Christian scholars or Ministers, where now I see beautiful logic in many additional Verses and themes. Specifically, virtually all Bible Commentary that refers to future events have always been immensely based on assumptions made by specific Church Fathers or Theologians (since they cannot know what the future will be). But with the perspective presented here, YOUR existence in the Afterlife can usually be 'predicted' in many details! Your 'daily existence' in Heaven; your interaction with the enormous variety of others you will meet there (during Eternity!) and much more, now seems totally logical, where speculation and assumption seems usually unnecessary!

There are also many, many experiences of humans which have always remained puzzling, since they seemed so illogical. A prominent example is the story of Shanti Devi. This girl was born in Delhi, India in 1926, and she became world famous due to knowledge that she had but that it was logically impossible for her to have.

Her mother was troubled by the little girl constantly seeming to be confused and bewildered. When she was seven years old, she told her mother that she had lived before, in a distant town called Muttra, and she also described the house she had lived in and the people in that life. Her parents were very concerned about such strange comments and so they took the little girl to a Physician. The Doctor had no answers and his primary recommendation was for the father to write down her various statements. She never changed her story and her parents finally sadly concluded that the girl was mentally defective.

When she was nine, in 1935, the little girl told her parents that she had been married in that earlier life, that she had three children, whom she named and described, and she said that her name in that life was Ludgi.

One evening, during meal preparation, there was a knock at the door, and little Shanti went to answer it. Her mother soon found her staring at the man at the door, whom she claimed was the cousin of her previous husband! The man DID live in Muttra, but he had merely come to talk business with Shanti's father. The man did not recognize the little girl Shanti, but he said that he DID have a cousin, whose wife Ludgi, had died in childbirth about ten years earlier.

You may have read any of the very popular books that got written about Shanti's experiences, as Public Libraries still have many of them today.

The man and Shanti's father secretly plotted to have the cousin to later come to the door, and when that happened, the little girl Shanti ran to him and hugged him and cried! The man was VERY confused! The government of India soon arranged a trip for Shanti to the distant village of Muttra, along with a group of scientists to observe. Once there, little Shanti pointed out many buildings and people, and she even spoke in the dialect that was specific to Muttra, which Shanti could never have learned in Delhi. The books on Shanti Devi include far more documentation of precise memories. It is nearly universally concluded today that Shanti Devi actually WAS REINCARNATED from an earlier life, especially since she was born nearly simultaneously with when the earlier Ludgi had died in childbirth. But this presentations provides a much more logical explanation. As Shanti was being born, she was somehow exposed to the 'ball of yarn' of the earlier Ludgi, where she 'instantly' became aware of many of the memories of Ludgi. See the distinction? She did NOT experience the LIFE of Ludgi, but instead came to have access to many of the MEMORIES of Ludgi. From Shanti's perspective, there was no difference!

In fact, that specific process seems to occur very broadly in the animal kingdom. When a baby deer is born, within minutes it can stand up and soon after it can run away with its mother. It (somehow) understands how to suckle and where to go for nutrition. Psychologists argue over how that could be possible, as it seems so totally illogical. The scientists fall into either the NATURE or NURTURE camp regarding the source of such knowledge. But the contents of this presentation suggest that there is a far more logical explanation, where every baby deer is somehow exposed to the ball of yarn of the mother, where 'instantly' some critically important abilities are known. They do not have to be LEARNED, and they are NOT obtained by DNA carrying such knowledge, so actually, BOTH NATURE and NURTURE arguments are probably wrong!

Many animals seem to have awareness of these balls of yarn, whether either momentarily as in the birth of a fawn, or more continuously as in the existence of animals that have many predators. We humans seem to rarely be awareness of this mass of life-experience information, which we refer to as a ball of yarn. We DO seem to occasionally have some surprising insight or revelation, but that seems to be very transitory in most people. But those rare events are now even nicely explained logically! The famous Charles Dickens began to write a mystery story in 1869, called The Mystery of Edwin Drood. He arranged to have it published in twelve monthly installments in a popular magazine of the time. But Dickens died on June 9, 1870, of a stroke, after only six of the installments had been published.

There was public uproar from the huge audience which had been buying the magazines to follow that mystery story, both in America and in England and Europe. But, obviously, the completion of the story was impossible after the death of Dickens.

But a year later, a young man, Thomaas James, showed up in Brattleboro, Virginia, a man who had NO experience as a writer, but who instead worked as a printer. But another year later, on October 3, 1872, he announced to his landlady that he had been in contact with the Spirit of Charles Dickens! He claimed that the Spirit of the famous author had given him Power of Attorney to complete the unfinished mystery story! Many witnesses later watched the young man settle into a chair and apparently go into a trance, sometimes for hours, after which he would write furiously. He always explained to everyone that he was not creating anything, that all he was doing was transcribing the words of Charles Dickens. On October 31, 1873, the completed (new) text arrived in bookstores. Experts and scholars universally agreed that the text contained all the subtle details of actually being the work of Charles Dickens! No one could explain how it could have come into existence!

More than fifty years later, the famous Sir Arthur Conan Doyle investigated the case, and he found that the young James had never shown the slightest literary talent or ability, either before or after this single manuscript. James quickly disappeared from public view and he later died in obscurity. Some Libraries today have what is called the James Version of The Mystery of Edwin Drood.

Note that conventional thinking has never had any adequate way of explaining how such a peculiar thing could have happened. But the presentation here provides a wonderfully logical explanation, wherein the young Thomas James (somehow) came to have access to a small portion of the ball of yarn of the earlier Charles Dickens. In that way, with careful observation, he was able to 'transcribe' the very sophisticated Dickens text, even though the young man had never had more than a Fifth Grade education, where he would likely have never had any way to learn the vast vocabulary and sophisticated style of Dickens.

There seem to be countless thousands of such oddities that have always remained unexplained, many of which now seem to have very simple and obvious explanations.

An Eternity with a Loving Spouse

You may have realized a wonderful side effect of the Afterlife existence described above. Say that you and your loving spouse shared forty or fifty years of happiness in your married life. A significant result of that is that your two 'balls of yarn' would certainly have MANY component threads which were essentially identical. You two would have been 'individuals' and you would have experienced unique experiences, but in general, you would certainly have added many threads to your individual balls of yarn at the same time and which were nearly identical. So, now, in the Afterlife, as you each wander around (having died at different moments, you arrived there under different circumstances), you each immediately are aware of each other person's 'ball of yarn'. You each see many which are very different from your own, in other words, people with whom you likely might have little in common. You occasionally see someone with a 'ball of yarn' which seems somewhat similar to your own, and both of you probably would realize that you would likely be able to become good friends. But imagine one day when you happen upon someone who appears to have a 'ball of yarn' which is nearly identical to your own! People sometimes use the term 'soul mate' to describe how totally compatible the two of you might be! The two of you would likely often know what each other are thinking, or be able to finish each other's sentences, etc.

This would NOT apply to just every married couple, as many couples seem to sometimes 'tolerate' each other here on Earth! But SOME married couples have experienced such wonderful married lives here on Earth that WHEN they happen to encounter each other in the Afterlife, it seems pretty obvious that they will then experience an Eternity of total Bliss!

In other words, this is the actual mechanism for the dreamy speculation which authors for a thousand years have hoped for! YES, it IS possible!

But there is also virtually an identical future available for all 'good' people in the Afterlife. The 'ball of yarn' that you are now accumulating daily in your worldly life, is always immediately visible and obvious to everyone else you encounter. Even if you had not been so lucky to have had a long and blissful marriage on Earth, sooner or later, you WILL encounter someone who clearly has amassed a 'ball of yarn' which is extremely identical to your own. You and that person seem certain to have a coming Eternity of wondrous happiness!

Notice that this possibility is enhanced by your making a consistent effort at amassing as many pretty threads in your 'ball of yarn' and trying to minimize the number of dark and ugly threads in it. The characteristics of your 'ball of yarn' will be so totally obvious, and immediately, that the many people you encounter in the Afterlife will certainly be able to evaluate you regarding future friendship nearly immediately. If your 'ball of yarn' happens to contain a lot of dark or ugly threads in it, many of the others who happen to have bright and pretty 'balls of yarn' seem likely to pass you by without a second look. However, you WILL encounter so many others in the Afterlife that some of them will have 'balls of yarn' which have about the same proportions of pretty and ugly threads as your 'ball of yarn' has. You may not have an Eternity of absolute Bliss ahead, but you will 'know what to expect of the other person' since they clearly spent a human life which was much like yours, and the two of you will likely be able to tolerate each other.

If your human life was as a gangster or a street thug, you will likely have more dark and ugly threads than pretty ones, but sooner or later, you will encounter someone with whom you can relate, as he/she had also lived that sort of life on Earth. In any case, where virtually everyone else would shun you for having such an unattractive ball of yarn, you may find it necessary to share an existence with someone else who happens to have a 'ball of yarn' much like your own. Would this result in joy and happiness? Probably not. The two of you had become so accustomed to stabbing others in the back or cheating or stealing, that each of you know that you must constantly be alert regarding the other one doing bad things to you.

Notice that the immediate visibility of everyone's 'balls of yarn' provides a wonderful self-selectivity regarding the Eternity of each individual. For people who had made an effort at living ethically and morally on Earth, this figures to result in an Eternity which we might here refer to as Heaven. For people who had spent a mortal life in greed, lust, avarice, they seem absolutely destined to have a future Eternity which we might refer to as Hell. But in many ways, there is not that much that is materially different between those two environments, or to the multitude of environments in the continuum between them where most of us figure to end up. We figure to self-select our community to be people much like ourselves, so most of us will probably never even encounter anyone like Hitler, as he would have found himself to be unwelcome around most others, where he and people who had lived lives like his would have formed their own community somewhere else.

And of course, there IS a community which contains Jesus and some Monks and others with virtually flawless 'balls of yarn'. There will not actually be any 'Gates of Heaven' surrounding that community, so you will be welcome to enter as you wish. But your less-than-perfect ball of yarn will certainly be visible to everyone there, and you may quickly begin to feel uncomfortable in being somewhere that you don't really belong! But that community will certainly be surrounded by countless communities of 'nearly-perfect' people, and you WILL certainly find one of those communities in which you will fit right in, and in which you will feel extremely welcomed. To you, THAT community will likely seem like the Heaven you have always dreamed of!

This presentation was first placed on the Internet in April 2011.

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