Guns in Schools is a Very Bad Idea

or Churches

As a Christian Minister, I try to imagine giving a Sermon with six large men behind me, standing along the wall holding Assault Weapons. Would anyone in the Church even notice ME or hear a word I said in my Sermon? The same would certainly be true for sensitive children in a school if they were constantly fearful of large men with guns nearby. No learning could occur!

Would it be any better if the men with guns stood BEHIND them, along the back wall of the Church or the schoolroom? No, because the Members or the children would STILL constantly and continuously be AWARE of the men with the guns. I am tempted to believe that, rather than listening to the Teacher's Lesson, many of the children might be wondering just how safe and calm those men with guns actually were. The children probably realize that SOME adult men with guns are safe, like maybe a John Wayne. But they probably would also be aware that there are many other adult men who consider holding a gun as being some sort of status symbol, where they would have a sense of personal power. If the man was a soldier who had PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) or someone who was not Vetted sufficiently, how could children really feel totally comfortable with STRANGERS with guns? They couldn't.

Many States have a thousand High Schools and roughly as many Elementary Schools. Altogether, there are at least 80,000 public schools in the U.S. Trying to hire a dozen men to carry guns in each of those schools is crazy. Allegedly, Police Departments vette all their Officers who carry guns, but every day in the news we see stories where a Cop shot 16 bullets into a teenage kid who was already lying dead on the street (Chicago 2014) or opened fire within two seconds on a 12-year old kid who was playing with a toy gun, etc, etc, etc. How many of those million men in schools who were given weapons would be drunk or just had a fight with a girl friend or otherwise just felt in the mood to kill someone?

The idea of hiring a million men to carry impressive Assault Weapons around schools is simply total insanity. It might sell a lot of Assult Weapons for the NRA, and it might be seen as HIRING a lot of men who would otherwise be unemployed, but it clearly would just be an invitation for many more school tragedies. Keep in mind that we have seen highly respected Army Officers go berserk and gun down a dozen fellow soldiers. And we know that approximately 11% of the Surgeons and Cops and Airline Pilots in the U.S. are alcoholics. Doesn't that suggest that 11% of that million men who were given assault weapons would also likely be alcoholics? Or Drug users or psychotics or suicide threats?

The few schools that have already installed armed guards inside their schools are simply ensuring that they students would learn even less than now, and they would also potentially be making a place on a future front page of a "security guard who went berserk" in killing future school children.

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I am personally very glad that I have no children of school age who might be subjected to such a bizarre situation of always being moments away from a Security Guard suddenly firing his weapon. We are all aware that many of the men who brandish weapons really want to fire them to demonstrate their male egos. Wow!

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