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Self-Sufficiency - Many Suggestions. Heating or cooling your house, making your own electricity, even natural food refrigeration and freezing, along with many other ways to do things like extracting pure water from humidity and enabling a small greenhouse to produce five times as much food.

Electricity - Unlimited Source of Solar by an Artificial Tornado! We do not really need coal, natural gas or petroleum to power our society. Nature has provided us with an ideal technology! It's actually just simple Physics! The Sun WARMS a small, calm pond up to around 85°F or 30°C. That warm water EVAPORATES, which removes around 1000 Btu of energy per pound (a lot) up out of the water, but then the rising air immediately cools so some of the water condenses out as tiny fog droplets. This now RELEASES a lot of that energy which had started out as Solar heat. Most of that energy now becomes Kinetic Energy of the air above the pond SPINNING. This is actually how tornadoes form. (I made more than 90 small artificial tornadoes in 2006, 2009 and 2010). Then, Ultraviolet lights are used to IONIZE that spinning air which electrically charges it. Many coils of wire are suspended surrounding the spinning charged air, which detect the ALTERNATING MAGNETIC FIELDS which pass through the coils of wire. This generates an EMF, or electricity! The device resembles a farm silo. (2006, 2009)

Extremely Urgent News for Americans. If Congress removes $4 trillion from the Federal Budget, that essentially means ending 4,000 billion dollars of EXISTING contracts with hundreds of thousands of American companies, which will destroy many businesses and employers. Millions of employees will be terminated or laid off by those hundreds of thousands of companies that lose those contracts. (Link uploaded September 2011)

Logic, Truth, Honesty, Ethics, Principles. Where did good behavior go? Why are nearly all ads and promotions so intentionally misleading?

Honest Advertising. A method we suggest to ensure honesty.

Guns in Schools or Churches? As a Christian Minister, I try to imagine giving a Sermon with six large men behind me, standing along the wall holding Assault Weapons. Would anyone in the Church even notice ME or hear a word I said in my Sermon? The same would certainly be true for sensitive children in a school if they were constantly fearful of large men with guns nearby. No learning could occur!

Safer School Children. In October 2002, I suggested adding tanks of Dentist's 'laughing gas' (nitrous oxide) into the air ducts of a large auditorium in Moscow where terrorists held many hostages. The idea was for EVERYONE to simply doze off and sleep, so Authorities might then enter the building to be able to sort out the good people from the bad. At the time, I asked my good friend Peter Jennings of ABC News to suggest this idea to the Russian government. I feel the same basic idea of unnoticed sleeping gas might be valuable for schools (maybe in entryways or hallways) (and even in Churches and movie theaters).

Safe Guns and the Second Amendment. Unlimited Guns But Perfectly Safe!

We should modify every gun so it becomes COMPUTERIZED and DIGITAL so it could only be fired while an embedded COMPUTER PASSWORD was in effect. That password process could require a biometric thumbprint match. (January 2013)

A gun owner could have as many weapons as desired (per the Second Amendment) but no one could ever fire any of them except for after the Biometric thumbprint-matched Owner activated them (a few seconds), and even that owner would need to 're-new' the password after 12 hours. Therefore, no child could ever find a loaded gun in a closet and kill a sister. No young man could find his mother's guns and take them to Sandy Hook to kill twenty beautiful little children. No one could kill people in a movie theater, or even out at a Congresswoman's visit to a Mall. In fact, ONLY the Thumbprint-matched Owner could EVER activate that gun to be fired.

Are you aware that EVERY YEAR, around 19,000 of the people who commit suicide in the United States use a gun to do it? Think about that. The Thumbprint identified owner is rarely that person! This suggests that this idea might eliminate nearly 19,000 deaths by suicide in the US each year. Just that seems worth doing this! Also, Guns would probably no longer be stolen from homes as they could never be fired by the thieves! Street Gangs might have great trouble in constantly getting the passwords updated for all their weapons, INCLUDING their Assault Weapons.

We believe that EVERY existing gun could be quickly, easily and inexpensively altered or replaced to only be functional for a period of 12-hours by a thumbprint embedded password. Gun owners would have the best of all worlds, in having access to unlimited supplies of the weapons they love, while ensuring that the public will never be injured by any of those weapons. Their only slight inconvenience would be a two-second process of having their thumbprint recognized!

From a different perspective, it seems to me that there are at least two entirely different interpretations of the United States Constitution Second Amendment. I don't see that anywhere in its text is there any reference to being allowed to carry weapons absolutely anywhere. It seems to me that the Second Amendment text instead makes very clear that any American has a right to have and use weapons on one's own property. In other words, as per the stated "right of the people to keep and bear Arms" to defend one's own property. NOT to be capable of winning street fights or flaunting one's ego!

Good deeds - Other Attempts of mine.

You can be confident that
your vehicle and your license
plate are being videotaped
each time you roar through
this stop sign. If and when a
child is struck, you can be
assured that the Police will be
given a record of all the times
you ran this stop sign.

Have a nice day, and drive
carefully around these kids!

During 2003, I watched as hundreds of cars roared along the 20 mph residential street I live on. Many were going 50 mph or faster and almost none of the vehicles ever slowed to even 30 mph when running through the Stop Sign. Even Village Police Cars ran the Stop Sign at high speed! It seemed obvious that it was just a matter of time until one of those zooming cars would hit a small child who chased a ball into the street. So I made a sign!

Good Deeds - An Example of one of mine.

Reducing Cash in Government activities. Of, by, and for the people. (Abraham Lincoln) Fixing the U.S. Congress. If even one Political Candidate announces a 'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington' attitude, specifically of announcing a Campaign Decision to NEVER accept more than $50,000 per year (as compared to the current $174,000 that the Senators and Congressmen pay themselves), the News Media will certainly ensure that Candidate gets massive free publicity and has a decent chance of Winning an Election! Imagine the attitude of voters about the decision between an existing self-centered, money-centered Incumbent and someone who clearly defines that wealth is not the center of the universe! Even massive Party and Corporate Lobbyist Campaign financing for the Incumbent probably could not overcome such an advantage in the minds of the voters! (2013)

The NSA, Modern National Security, and Snowden. Recent Hearings in Congress have told us that the NSA DOES monitor ALL our phone calls (Section 215), more than a billion phone calls every day or 200,000,000,000 phone calls in each six months where the NSA has learned about ONE potential terrorist plot. In casual conversations, Americans talk about their spouses and bosses where words like 'kill' or 'murder' are mentioned. Out of a BILLION messages every day, certainly ONE PERCENT (TENS OF MILLIONS) of those messages include such words. 'Does the NSA have humans read and monitor every one of those tens of millions of such messages every day?' They pay 850,000 Contractors to do that work! Why could they possibly NEED that many people if they do not need to examine tens of millions of messages (between Americans) every day? Even if they only read 1% American people's phone calls, that is millions every day. (2013)

New Orleans Saints bad Football Behavior. How many High School Football Coaches teach players how to destroy other players knees and careers? I know of at least one! There is apparently an even larger problem than the New Orleans Saints Coaches which exists. In 1998, I spent my usual weeks around Christmas centered on playing Beach Volleyball around Ft. Lauderdale Florida. We strong players would play from around 10 am to noon, when the College tourist players would start showing up and we had to give up the net. But I sometimes got my Beach Doubles partner to agree to try to hold the net, against the six College guys who wanted to take over. Those College boys never realized how good we were, but I would get them to agree to the 'formality' of the sixes team needing to win the Beach from the Twos team. Our team of two players generally could win game after game against teams of College sixes. On that particular day, a young boy, a 14-year-old High School sophomore had been watching us. When my Beach Partner finally got bored with playing against weak competition and left, I was left with no partner, even though I still had the Beach, so I asked the kid if he knew how to play. He played pretty well and the two of us held the beach for another two hours against the College sixes teams. We only actually stopped because I was getting very hungry and thirsty, but then we talked and I mentioned to him that there was then a restaurant which had a very popular lit night volleyball court, where I went to play each evening. So he showed up there and we were able to play some more and then talk. This was to be my last day in Florida before heading back North for the Winter! But this Sophomore kid described things that scared me worse than anything I had ever heard. In High School, he was on the Fort Lauderdale Football team, but he was rather little, around 140 pounds and so he was made a Defensive Back. But what he told me next was what truly terrified me. He was asking me if I thought it was 'right' for the Fort Lauderdale High School Football Coach to have specifically taught him how to hit the star running backs on opposing teams on the side of their knee, in order to destroy the star running back's knee. He asked me whether that was right to do, just to win a football game! To INTENTIONALLY (my emphasis) destroy some kid's life and career as a football player, just because a Coach decided to teach him how to end that kid's career. Wow! I was so angry at hearing that that I could hardly talk! I thought about driving over to the Principal's Office of the High School the next morning and telling him about what I had been told. But I realized that I was only a stranger, and HIS Football Coach was a CELEBRITY, and there was no chance that the Principal or anyone else would believe what I would say. Worse, at that time, the very idea of INTENDING to destroy an opponent's career in football would never have had any credibility (until recently with the New Orleans Saints Coaching Staff). And the kid would have gotten in a LOT of trouble for 'trying to get the Coach in trouble'. So I did not go to the High School, and simply drove North the next morning. Only NOW, twelve years later after the New Orleans Saints have gotten into trouble for intentionally destroying opponent's lives and football careers, do I realize that there may easily be an enormous problem. I guess I hope that some web-surfer might know how to find that kid who told me those scary things, who now should be around 28 years old. Maybe he would feel safe from any vengeance from that Coach or that High School by now. But I wonder HOW MANY OTHER kids playing high school football are affected by Coaches who are so frighteningly aberrant? Maybe the New Orleans Saints news might get even scarier incidents to the light of day.

Horrible Abuse of Little Girls. In November 1987, I had lived with a nice 29-year-old woman for about six months. One day she told me that she had to leave for a few hours, and then she decided to tell me why. She had a 6-year-old little girl living with us, but she told me that she needed to go to a Birthday Party for her son, who lived in an institution. She mentioned that it was his 17th birthday. She clearly saw that I was confused, regarding how a 29-year-old woman could have a 17-year-old son. That evening, after she had returned, she saw that I was still very confused, so she explained things to me. She told me that her father had been a significant home builder in LaPorte Indiana, and that when she was seven years old, he started 'using her' (her phrase) to entertain himself and two of his (male) friends. So, for the next five years, that horrible man USED his own daughter for sex entertainment for himself and his friends, apparently nearly every day. AFTER ABOUT FOUR YEARS OF THIS ABUSE, she got pregnant when she was ELEVEN (and she did not even know if the father was her own father or one of those other two men!) She was so young that the baby, Alexander, was born with many birth defects, which was why he spent his entire life in an Institution. Once she had told me these things, I was outraged and I wanted to contact the Police about her father's crimes. She would not allow me to do that, as she felt her father was too important a businessperson in LaPorte that all that would happen would be that she would be humiliated. I also had not calmly thought through enough to realize that the Statute of Limitations certainly expired for those three perverts. So, as far as I know, none of them were ever punished in any way. I wonder how common this is, as I have heard of similar arrangements in other families. A 12-year-old girl in Thornton, Illinois was regularly abused by her step-father and several older brothers, for years. IT MUST BE STOPPED!

Warping of Space. Nearly all scientists now believe that the fabric of space is WARPED due to some things which Einstein had said. They are so wrong that it is laughable. And it is all based on really stupid logic! Einstein DID say something along that line, but REALLY different! The usual claim today is that gravity of the Sun causes a warping of the space around it, where third-dimension warps then are shown in artistic renditions. But that is patently ridiculous! Gravity does not and can not SELECTIVELY distort one axis of space in deference to the other two dimensions. It is a ridiculous idea and claim! What Einstein HAD said was that the Fourth dimension, the TIME dimension gets warped by gravitation, which IS true. It is a result of what is called General Relativity. But it is a really tiny effect. The rate that time passes on Earth IS altered by this effect, but it is only about ONE SECOND EFFECT in every seven years of time! So even the distortion of time is incredibly small! Since about 2006, I have tried to get NASA or the ESA to soft-land an atomic (Cesium) clock on the surface of the Moon. Comparing such a clock's time rate to an identical atomic clock on Earth would quickly prove that time passes at a slightly different rate on the surfaces of the Earth and Moon! This would also (finally) PROVE Einstein's General Relativity (which has never yet been done in a hundred years!) (2006, 2012)

Ball of Yarn and the basic meaning of life.

Occupy Wall Street developed great enthusiasm, but they did not seem to actually have any plan. There seems to be a very obvious, very Grass Roots direction available. Wall Street NEEDS the many millions of small investors, to provide the countless millions of dollars of Commission money that the Traders count on. With the world's amazing advances in communications in recent years, why doesn't OWS encourage the millions of small Wall Street investors to start using Traders in the London FTSE Market, or the German DAX Market or in an Australian Market, or in any of dozens of other Stock Markets? Such Traders might actually CARE about small investors and actually give great service! If millions of small American investors would transfer their trades in this way, the massive cashflow that Wall Street counts on might nearly completely dry up. American Traders would find themselves in a position to again have to show that they deserve to be chosen as an effective Trader. Occupy Wall Street

The Politics of Global Warming. Why No Leaders Seem to See Urgency in Global Warming! They don't seem to realize that we may have ALREADY sealed the fate of life on Earth. (December 2009)

The Physics Behind Genetically Modifying Foods. Secret labs are free to do foolish and unregulated experiments to alter our foods, entirely for profits and not for our health. And then they keep it all secret from us, the millions of Guinea Pigs they are using for such experiments!. (Sept 2010)

Delivering Food Aid to Third World areas. Combining $10,000 old Cessna airplanes and Model Airplane Radio Control equipment could provide unmanned drone-type delivery to supply millions of one-pound, air-dropped packets of food and water to remote villages (as separate individual food packets and water bottles), quite inexpensively, safely and quickly. (August 2011)

Gandhi and the Salt March. We can politically and ethically learn a lot today from Gandhi's 1930 march of 200 miles to teach Indian people how to get needed salt from seawater. Self-confidence and Independence for individuals.

Pure Desalinated Seawater for Port-au-Prince, Haiti. 60,000 gallons of pure water per day from atmospheric humidity, run through sealed underground tunnels to cool the air to condense the water out.

Pure Desalinated Seawater for Third World Villages. Pure Distilled Water for Third World Villages. (March 2008).

Pure Water Supply for Third World Villages. Pure Distilled Water for Third World Village Residents. (March 2008).

Pure Distilled Water for Emergencies when Wells are Unusable. (March 2008).

Pure Desalinated Seawater Distilled Water for Off-Grid Residents. (March 2008).

Eliminating All California Deaths from Earthquakes. We Can Absolutely Eliminate any California Earthquake Deaths! EVER! A one-day area evacuation and precise mining-like artificially-triggered earthquakes could release accumulated stresses in the Earth, for decades or generations of long-term safety.(first realized in September 2001, first presented on the Internet in March 2011)

Saving 320,000 Japanese from the Coming Nankai Trough Earthquake and Tsunami near Japan. The Japanese government seems willing to concede hundreds of thousands of deaths from a coming (and already scientifically overdue) earthquake. Most of the deaths are expected to be in and near the cities of Nagoya and Osaka. I think that those deaths are unnecessary, and that the Tectonic Stresses in the Earth's Crust could be released by causing an artificial earthquake. A one-day area evacuation of all people and animals, to Free Concerts, Free Baseball games, Free Amusement Parks, Free Food and Beer picnics would get the people to leave the area for one day. Then barges with mine-boring rigs would be floated over the precisely known location of the faultline below the Nankai Trough. Hundreds of boreholes would be made, down INTO the actual fault, and conventional mining explosives would be lowered into each borehole. At a PLANNED time, when all the people were known to be evacuated, the explosives would be detonated. This would both shake the faultline and very slightly spread it apart, maybe just a millimeter. These effects would permit the accumulated Tectonic Stresses to be released. The Earth would then move as it would have moved in an actual earthquake, and it would cause an expected large tsunami. But all boats and ships would have been moved elsewhere, and buildings could be angle-braced if they were liable to damage from either the shaking of the earthquake or flooding from the tsunami. The accumulated stresses in the Earth would be completely released, for decades or generations of long-term safety, peace-of-mind and happiness. (This is an application of the Calquake concept just above, first presented in March 2011)

Auto Market Recovery Seems Peculiar. Vehicle manufacturers seem to allow millions of people who have no income to buy new vehicles, where little money down and interest is required and even no payments for many months or years. Isn't this how the Housing Bubble catastrophe happened in 2008? Are they doing the same thing again? Millions of people who do not even have jobs are qualifying to get loans to buy new cars!

The Physics Behind the 9/11/01 Attacks. All four attacks seem certain to have been dismal failures, as compared to the loss of life that must have been planned. (2001, 2011)

Making Electricity from Solar, Wind, Water, More. The CUBE. Make All Your Own GREEN Electricity.
Make the 15 kiloWatt-hours of electricity that your family likely uses every day from solar, wind, running or falling water, more. Construction instructions are provided, where a few hundred dollars of locally purchased materials might eliminate all your future electric bills. (2003, 2010)

Eliminating Parkinson's Tremors. For several decades, I have personally suffered from Parkinson's Tremors. Since no one seemed to have found any possible solution, except for digging into my brain to disconnect some sections, I chose to endure. But then, around 2007, I invented a unique glove which has a small gyroscope attached to the back of the palm. A gyroscope uses a unique field of Physics where it has the ability to keep its spin axis pointed in a fixed direction. My gyroscopic glove senses a Parkinson's Tremor and naturally and automatically creates a strong TORQUE which acts to cancel the action of the Tremor. I feel a very minor sensation resembling tickling, but other than that, whenever I wear my gloves, I am Parkinson's Free! Not bad for gloves that cost me less than $35 to make (although they ARE very ugly!) (2013).

A Flying Truck which gets 60 miles per gallon. Efficient Flight. A peculiar, very slow (20 mph) but useful aircraft. Extremely Unstable Flight. It only flies at 20 mph to reduce turbulence and Drag! (Aug 2012)

Coming Disaster at the Glen Canyon Dam. In 2005, during a visit to the Glen Canyon Dam in northern Arizona, I had a chance to have a scientific conversation with the main Engineer for the Dam. I had asked him about the very soft sandstone rocks to which the Dam was attached, and he told me about hiking out to see large amounts of water seeping through those rocks from the high pressure water deep in the Lake Powell Reservoir. We both agreed that the Dam was certain to come loose and fall over relatively soon, but he explained that the Politics of the situation was that if he would even mention such concerns, he would have immediately been fired and replaced. So no one will or can do anything to keep an enormous catastrophe from happening, where a 700-foot-tall dam will suddenly fall over and release all the water in the 200-mile-long Lake Powell Reservoir to roar downstream to kill everyone then in the Grand Canyon. (2005).

Christian Arrogance, Self-Righteousness. Confidence and Faith in a religion or a Church is one thing! But when arrogance enters the picture where absolutely anyone who disagrees is always totally wrong, there is something seriously wrong.

Bodyfat, Weight Loss, the Physics of Body Weight Control. Amazingly, how you breathe has a tremendous effect on whether you gain or lose weight! A thorough examination of the Physics involved provides new insights into evaluating the many weight-loss programs sold today. (2009)

Presidential Politics - and Barack Obama. In 2007 I realized that Barack Obama was about to run for President. I mailed him some suggestions, such as voluntarily reducing his paycheck to be at Minimum Wage to better bond with average people, and a speech in front of the Capitol Building where he would have emphasized that the Senators and Congressmen who worked there seemed to act as though they owned the building. Obama was to remind everyone that the PEOPLE own that Building, and he would announce a web-site where every wall and ceiling was mapped out which showed that YOU own about a postage-stamp-sized area of surface, which he would have demonstrated with a laser pointer. He would have shown Reporters the area allocated to him, his wife, and his two daughters, mentioning that each American could learn where THEIR area was. He would mention that they have people who clean and maintain every area!

Natural Ice and Snow Removal from Roadways, Sidewalks. Rather than having to shovel snow and ice off of sidewalks and driveways and roads, my device provides a Natural Thermosiphon effect which gets natural Earth warmth from a few feet deep to constantly heat such pavements from underneath. In the Chicago area, that deep soil never drops below about 52°F so all sidewalks, roads, driveways and parking spaces could stay far warmer than freezing, where any new snow or ice IMMEDIATELY MELTS! (1990, 2011)

Eliminating SUV Rollover Accidents. A method to make SUVs the safest vehicles on the road. In the 1960s, luxury cars had suspension systems which used electric motors to level out a car by raising or lowering the rear suspension. In 2005, I applied this concept to allow SUVs to remain tall when standing still or traveling at less than 30 mph, but where all four wheels of the suspension would lower by six inches when the vehicle speed rose to over 30 mph. Rollover accidents are then virtually impossible to occur. (I invented this in 2005)

Eliminating Lower Back Pain Naturally. Around 1967, 45 years ago, I realized that the brains in people who were paraplegics somehow knew how to IGNORE sensory nerve stimulus messages from nerves that no longer even existed. Their brains could not manage all the complexities of life if always consumed by handling endless pain messages which were actually spurious. I decided to see if my brain could be trained to 'ignore' pain messages from my lower back. It took a while to accomplish, but it has been impressively effective, where I have lived 45 more very active years, when Doctors at the time were recommending that I choose which wheelchair I would spend my life in! (1967, 2012)

Physics of Global Warming. An examination of the Physics involved indicates that we are confronted with immensely bad climatic situations, where we may even have ALREADY set in motion a course which might end all life on Earth in maybe a hundred years. (2004)

"Morning After Pills" or Ru-486 or Plan-B. No one seems to have noticed that the chemical contents of the RU486 pill is EXACTLY the same as about eight standard birth control pills! Even if Politicians deny women the opportunity to buy RU486 or otherwise get an abortion, they already have the ability (in their purses!) to accomplish what they want to do. So even when Texas outlaws places like abortion clinics, women are already able to end pregnancies if they so wish. (2013)

Alternative GREEN Furnace - Brief Discussion. HeatGreen - A Non-Fossil-Fueled Home Heating Furnace System. NO FIRE IS INVOLVED. Your yard now has cut lawn grass and autumn leaves decomposing slowly where they disappear after some months. This technology speeds up that (natural) decomposition process a LOT and it also COLLECTS the amazing amount of low-grade heat which is naturally given off during organic decomposition, to be used to heat your house and hot water, completely and fairly easily. And you heat your house FOR FREE and in a GREEN manner where you will never need fossil fuels ever again for those purposes. (March 2007)

Alternative GREEN Furnace with no Fire HeatGreen - A Simple, Non-Fossil-Fueled Home Heating Furnace (biodecomposition) (March 2007) (more technical) footnote3.

Alternative GREEN Furnace - Construction High-Performance HeatGreen Home Heating System Version 3a (Full Instructions to build your own HG 3a unit) footnote3. (March 2007).

Alternative GREEN Water Heater. HeatGreen - A Simple and Non-Fossil-Fueled Water Heater (March 2007) footnote3

Making Polygamy Legal in America?. When the US Supreme Court changed the laws to endorse Homosexual marriages, they seem to also have endorsed MULTIPLE marriages in the process! Around 1860, the US Army was prepared to go to War with the Mormon Church for its Polygamy, but now it seems that the Supreme Court has told Mormons that they are free to practice Polygamy. The same is true of Muslims, who believe that they can have Harems of wives, which now seems to have become legal in the United States! (2013)

A New Basic Law of Science, the Square of Electrical Charge. Moseley's Law (of 1913) Explanation. In 1913, a scientist named Moseley discovered that electrostatic effects within atoms do not obey the accepted rules of electromagnetism! It is an amazing fact, which seems to require an entirely new basic Law of Science. Recently, I found additional proofs of this situation in the trusted NIST data of atomic knowledge. (2011)

Methane gas as a greenhouse gas, Methane Hydrate. People seem to have ignored actual scientific experimental evidence regarding the characteristics of Methane gas. Many people now claim that carbon dioxide is not that dangerous, where they try to distract the attention by claiming that Methane gas is a terrible effect in global warming. A simple look at the actual evidence shows that not to be true. (2009, 2012)

The Deadly Anthrax Envelopes of late 2001. Someone filled a number of mail envelopes with Anthrax powder late in 2011, and killed several people by mailing those envelopes to them. Amazingly, the FBI and others have STILL not figured out WHO SENT THEM, even as of 2013! A few days after the envelopes, I sent a note to my good friend Peter Jennings of ABC News to suggest that the AIR surrounding each of us is constantly filled with millions of microscopic particles of scalp and skin, which each carry our DNA in them. I suggested to Peter to find out if the FBI had examined the GLUE on the envelope flaps, because such glue is so sticky for a few seconds that SOME of those millions of microscopic particles must have gotten stuck there when the glue was moistened. Peter immediately called the FBI and discovered that they had never thought of checking that! (2001, 2012)

Removing Carbon Dioxide AND Growing a Lot of Food. Connecting the giant industrial chimney from a powerplant or factory to feed a giant greenhouse on a farm could solve two huge problems at the same time! Massive amounts of carbon dioxide would NOT be sent into the atmosphere, while five times as much excellent food would be provided for hungry people! (2012)

He Tried to Kill My Daddy. President George W. Bush displayed an adolescent type of revenge THREE MONTHS BEFORE the 9/11/01 attacks (to Swedish Prime Minister Göran Persson), which he and Cheney then used as an excuse to invade Iraq to be able to revenge-kill Saddam Hussein. (June 14, 2001)

End of Life, The Process of Mortal Dying, Prayer.

Time Passes Faster Here on Earth than on the Moon (but only a fraction of a second per year!) (Jan 2009).

Conservation of Angular Momentum A Violation of the Conservation of Angular Momentum (one of the basic laws of science is not always true!) (Sept 2006).

The Physics of Global Warming and Climate Change (June 2004, Feb. 2007) footnote3

A Partial Explanation of the Obesity Epidemic.

A Dog Birthday Calendar. With seven birthdays per year, this might be important as there might be a lot more Milkbones coming!

How to Calculate Pi, π, Simpson's Rule. Did you want to calculate Pi to a thousand decimal places? I didn't think so!

Dogapult (1973)

Miscellaneous Observations

Do You Believe in God? Whatever your answer, you may find this link worth visiting!.

Disposing of IEDs and other Terrorist Bombs. Safely. (1990, 2010)

The Physics of Tornadoes, including How they Form. A potential energy source. (Feb. 2000, May 2009).

Source of Energy - the Moon. Artificial tides, a Moon-based Source of Energy?. (2010)

Possibly a More Accurate IQ Test? When a person thinks a lot, the brain uses more warm blood to get needed oxygen, which causes the head to radiate more heat away. Infrared cameras on all sides and a computer can constantly monitor that. That is a lot better than when people try to think up good multiple choice questions for test-takers to try to answer. (Sept 2009)

Eliminating SUV Rollover Accidents. A method to make SUVs the safest vehicles on the road. In the 1960s, luxury cars had suspension systems which used electric motors to level out a car by raising or lowering the rear suspension. In 2005, I applied this concept to allowing SUVs to remain tall when standing still or traveling at less than 30 mph, but where all four wheels of the suspension would lower by six inches when the vehicle speed rose to over 30 mph. Rollover accidents are then virtually impossible to occur. (I invented this in 2005).

Solar-Heating - Low-Tech Active for Buildings and Water. (2007)

Time Passes Faster Here on Earth than on the Moon (but only a fraction of a second per year!) (Jan 2009)

Equation of Time. Sundial to Clock-Time Correction Factor (very precise) (Jan 2009).

Equation of Time Calculator. Precise Eccentricity of Earth's Orbit - TODAY (Jan 2009)

Quantum Physics is Compatible with the Standard Model (2002, Sept 2006, Oct 2010).

Survival Ark, A New Ark, Sixty-Acre Floating Communities for Survival We may save millions of people in Bangladesh and Indonesia and elsewhere from drowning as sea levels rise. (July 2008).

Survival Ark, A New Ark, a huge Sixty-Acre Floating Warehouses of water, food, blankets, tents, clothing, etc, for rapid assistance after hurricanes, tsunamis, volcanoes, landslides, etc (July 2008)

Survival Ark, as a Sixty-Acre Floating Prison, 100 miles offshore. One version could be a prison for non-violent males, such as drug-offenders, where there are no cells or bars but many small bungalow houses. Inmates would be free to go out into fields to grow food crops or go to work in shops to make their clothing or shoes, or to work to build more bungalows or provide other services. Instead of being the current cost of around $100,000 per year per inmate for Federal prisoners, these inmates would be of minimal cost, mostly for only a few nearby Guard boats and Guards. The society on this artificial island would be nearly self-sustaining, and Inmates that enjoy the experience would be allowed to stay and be paid for their work after their time is done. They would learn how to live in society, and so they would likely be wonderful citizens after their time is done. Separate Women's Prisons too. (July 2008)

Survival Ark, A New Ark, Sixty-Acre Floating Communities for Survival An Approach to save hundreds of millions of people in Bangladesh and Indonesia and elsewhere from drowning. (July 2008).

Survival Ark, A New Ark, Sixty-Acre Floating Communities for Survival Portable Floating Warehouse of water, food, blankets, tents, etc, for rapid assistance after hurricanes, tsunamis, volcanoes, etc. (July 2008).

A Logical Approach to Ending the Iraq War and Violence, an Ummah - A footnote4 (Sept 2006).

A Logical Approach to Ending the Iraq War and Violence, an Ummah An edited version of the above intended for Muslim-specific readers footnote4 (Sept 2006).

نهج منطقي لانهاء حرب العراق والعنف ، والأمة The above Iraq War presentation in Arabic footnote4 (Sept 2006).

نهج منطقي لانهاء حرب العراق والعنف ، والأمة A The above Iraq War presentation in Arabic/English footnote4 (Sept 2006).

Black Asphalt Pavement and Sunlight Environmental Effects of Asphalt Pavements, Roofs, and Parking Lots. (August 2007).

Low-Tech Active Solar Heating for Buildings and Water. (Apr 2007)

NIST Atomic Ionization Data Patterns. Surprising Patterns in the NIST Data Regarding Atomic Ionization The motions of electrons in atoms seems rather different than we have always believed. (June 2007).

An Experiment on the Moon to Confirm General Relativity. Confirming General Relativity with a simple experiment. (Jan 2009).

The Quantum Defect is NOT a Mathematical Defect. The Quantum Defect is a precise and easily calculable Physical Quantity and is not a Fudge Factor as is commonly assumed. (July 2007).

Earth Energy Flow Rates due to Precessional Effects. (63,000 MegaWatts) (Sept 2006).

Women's Fashion. Enhancing Women's Fashion with Physics and Calculus. (Jan 2011)

Construction School. My Concept of a GREEN Campus. (1990, Dec 2008)

Modifying your Breathing (Respiration) May Affect Your Bodyfat. (Oct 2009)

A Possible Solution to the Health-Care Situation in the US.

A New Presentation of Christianity. A more logical and more accurate presentation than that thought up by each group that starts a new Church.

Genesis 1, Analytically.

Genesis 1, Analytically. A Challenge for you to try Translating a Bible Verse.

Development of Alphabets and Languages. (2006)

Modern Churches May Have an Incorrect Focus.

Thoughts to Consider Regarding Religion.

Dell Computer Corporation. Really Bad Behavior of Dell Computer Corporation endangering at least $300,000 of business, and other interesting subjects!.

Very Bad Behavior of Some People.

Amazingly Bad Behavior of the Village of Thornton, Illinois.

My Invention of 3-D TV. (2009)

911 Hang-Gliding off the Trade Center Tower Roofs. (2012)

Earth's Atmosphere - Single Layer or Multiple Layers. (2009)

Atom Bombs. (1963, 2012)

My Personal Experiences with Authority Figures.

A Wonderful Baseball Device for Batting Practice. (2005, 2007)

Cannonball, Bellyflop Diving. (1964, 2012)

Scientific Analysis of the Efficiency of Bird Flight. (2007)

Birthday kids blowing out candles. (1954, 2012)

20-Compartment Bodyfat Percentage Formula. (2006)

Determining Your Accurate Bodyfat Percentage. (2006)

Boston Marathon Murders Logic. (2013)

Future Likely Brain Research.

Earth Breathing. (2012)

2004 Presidential Election, A Very Peculiar Subject. (2004, 2007)

Calculus, Presented at about a Third Grade Level!.

Estimating your Cardio-Vascular Condition. (2008)

Estimating your Cardio-Vascular Condition - 2. (2008)

Centrifuges. (2013)

Christianity - Salvation - End of Life.

Clapping - Very Loud Clapping. (1960, 2012)

Future Embedded Computers. (2013)

Debris from the Japanese March 2011 Tsunami. Are there thousands of bodies in such debris, or have the bones of such bodies sunk to the sea floor? (2011)

Diebold Paperless Voting Machines. (2007)

The Physics of Dieting for Weight Loss. (2009)

Maybe an Odd Diet Method. (2007)

A Clear Flaw regarding Time Dilation and Special Relativity. (2009)

The Chores of My Dogs. (1967, 2012)

The US is Exterminating dogs. (2010)

My Dog Meatball on Skis. (1982, 2008)

Understanding the National economic system. (2011)

Logical Inconsistencies in Nuclear Physics. (2007)

A Smaller Scale Air Conditioning System. (2012)

Solar Energy. (1974, 2012)

Source of Energy - the Moon 2. (2010)

Questions Regarding the Search for ExoPlanets. (2012)

The Universe is NOT accelerating outward faster and faster. (2011)

Visual Aerobics, Eye Glasses for Small Children. (1982, 2011)

Potential Incredibly Fast Ship. (2012)

Understanding the Physics of Free-falling. (2007)

Games to enable children to have fun and combat obesity. (2011)

Global Warming Solutions. (2007)

Global Warming may be Suggesting a New Course for Mankind. (2007)

Heating Your House. (2007)

North Pole Heating. (2007)

HeatGreen Home Heating System Version 2, 4. (2007, 2008)

HeatGreen Home Heating System - Suggestions. (2008)

High-Performance HeatGreen Home Heating System Version 3ab. (2007)

Useful idea regarding Global Warming and more. (2008)

A Desperate Solution for Global Warming May Exist. (2008)

How GPS Global Positioning System Works. (1984, 2013)

Modern Grandfather Clock. (1973, 2013)

Water for the Havasupai Indian Reservation. (2006, 2012)

Improving Bad Heartburn, GERD, Reflux. (2007)

Hula Hoop Challenge. (2003, 2012)

Biothermal Engineering. (2013)

A Better Hybrid Vehicle. (2008)

Ionization Potential. (2003)

Kepler and Newton. (2006)

High-Power Microwave Weapon. (2012)

Muslims Killing Other Muslims. (2012)

Noise in Sports Stadiums. (2012)

A Decently Complete Starting Course in Nuclear Physics. (2003)

Determining the Orbit of any Object in Space from Three Positions. (2006)

Paper Airplane World Record. A kid might be able to get a paper airplane to rise to a mile high and stay aloft for hours! (2013)

Parkinson's Tremors. (2012)

The Amazing Process of Photosynthesis. (1990, 2012)

Current prisons are too expensive and they do little good. (2013)

Pulsars. (2008)

New Concept of Punting and Kickoffs in Football. (2006)

Quantum Dynamics. (2008)

Training a Quarterback in American Football. (2012)

Rocket. An inexpensive way to launch space satellites. (2012)

A New Approach to School, which creates enthusiasm, competition. (2006)

An Inexpensive and Effective Way to Improve Public Schools. (2007)

A New Approach to School, which Creates Motivation. (2007)

Not Directly School Shortcomings but Society. (2007)

An Example of one of My Lesson Plans. (1971, 2012)

Columbia Shuttle Disaster. (2003, 2012)

Hovering Skillet. (1973, 2012)

A Stupid Soccer Idea!. (2012)

Future Space Travel. (2012)

Super-Human Athletes???. (2011)

Amazing Bad Behavior of the Village of Thornton, Illinois, Part 2. (2007)

Amazing Bad Behavior of the Village of Thornton, Illinois, Part 3. (2009)

A Tidal Dilemma. (2006)

Ocean Tidal Movements. (1990, 2007)

Using Nuns in the Catholic Church. (2013)

Electric Power Generation from Water Waves. (1996, 2006)

How Did You Gain Weight?. (2010)

Do you want to lose some weight RIGHT NOW?. (2010)

A Way to Actually Lose Bodyfat Weight. (2013)

Burning Wood for Heating. (1979, 2007)

Woodstove. Energy Production from a Radiant Woodstove. (1979, 2007)

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