IQ Test - a More Accurate Method

There is an excellent method of accurately determining each person's IQ. Whenever a person thinks, millions of neurons in the brain fire to create electrical current to generate thoughts. They each require a source of energy for this, and it is all provided by heat from the warm blood from the heart. The amount of needed warm blood is linearly proportional to the amount of thinking occurring at that instant.

Once that energy has been used, the Conservation of Energy requires that it must be discarded. Nearly all of this occurs due to heat radiation from the skull. It has long been known that usually around 60% of all the heat which is radiated from a human body occurs as radiation from the head, the skull, and therefore the brain.

Consider a sort of "helmet" which is cubic in shape, slightly larger than a standard American football helmet. On the inner surface of all five square surfaces is an array of many thousands of infrared heat sensors. They are all wired so their instantaneous readings are sent to a fairly mundane computer. In a sense, each inner surface thereby creates an infrared "image" in the computer. The computer records each of these as a simple DOS-style sound signal, where each infrared sensor has provided a RAM byte of value from 0 to 255, in direct proportion to the quantity of heat received by that sensor. A simple computer process ADDS all these byte values to create a "total infrared heat reading by that entire inner surface of the helmet, for that instant. The summed values of the five inner surfaces then gives an instantaneous value of the total amount of infrared radiation given off by the head inside the helmet.

Computer RAM memory records this (variable) value in a file. The data might then br displayed on a graph, which somewhat resembles the output of an electroencephalograph.

The person inside the helmet then produces minimal infrared radiation while not thinking, but within milliseconds of being confronted with a question or problem or image, the amount of total infrared radiation given off by the brain shows an impressive "spike". The increased amount of infrared radiation continues while analytical thinking proceeds, and then it tapers off down to near the standard threshhold value.

A computer or a person might then examine the amplitude and the interval of the graph spike, and an Integral Calculus value of the entire area beneath the graph line can then VERY precisely provide the total amount of thinking that had been involved by that person's brain in dealing with that question or problem.

This technology has been tested and it is amazing in its performance. It even displays where some people intellectually react almost instantly in beginning to think about the challenge presented, while others seem to "ramp up" more slowly, even sometimes showing that the person had apparently ignored the problem completely! The VALUE of questions or problems or challenges can be determined, by the SHAPE of the response graph in a group of people. Narrow and tall spikes might suggest questions that most people have understood and which interested them. Wider and lower graph spikes might suggest a confusing or less interesting question which might be replaced.

For example, for English-speaking people, if the questions were presented in Chinese or Arabic, the graph spikes tend to be very low and wide, which might suggest that the IQ test might NOT be measuring anything about the people but rather the testing details, where a different set of questions might be considered. If instead, an image is provided of two balls of different size or color or shape, nearly every person shows a very tall and narrow spike. Psychologists might analyze the meaning of such things.

First placed on the Internet in September 2009.

I was recently insulted by the woman who is the President of the American Mensa Society. Ever since the idea of intelligence testing arose around a hundred years ago, the methods which existed to accomplish it have always had many huge sources of error. Yes, IN GENERAL, the IQ numbers are fairly close. But there have been countless notable examples where the numbers have been vastly wrong!

Early on, people who had attended school could do fairly well while illiterate people couldn't even understand the questions! Later, many biases were discovered in the types of questions which caused many minority groups to consistently do poorly.

Even now, the supposedly advanced versions of such testing, now available in hundreds of languages to try to reduce biases, still cause many errors in this evaluation.

The approach presented here seems far better!

This arose due to my having learned that around 60% of all body heat loss is through the head. (It is a common argument for wearing a cap or hat!) Part of that is due to the rest of the body being covered with clothing, but even on the beach, the head can regularly become overheated. The question for me was WHY?

Well, the brain is inside the head, and we certainly realize that the brain's operation is crucial to life. For the brain to operate, it needs a good supply of blood.

I make the assumption that if MORE brain activity is occurring, then the body will automatically supply a PROPORTIONATELY larger supply of blood.

This blood leaves the heart area at around 98.6°F. The skin temperature of the head is much lower, meaning that the head must necessarily be radiating heat to the room.

IF the rate of blood flow is linearly proportional to the rate of mental activity of the brain (which would need to be confirmed experimentally) then this presents an interesting possibility!

(What follows is an earlier, more complex, 2009, version of this concept.)

Imagine having a small (insulated) box around the head, with provision for nose and mouth breathing. This method is called a Calorimeter Room or Calorimeter Chamber.

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The temperature of the air inside that box is constantly monitored and circulated, and a heat exchanger is in that circulation path. Whatever heat is extracted by the heat exchanger is accurately measured, while the temperature inside the box is maintained at a constant value. The result of this is that the measurements of the heat removed by the heat exchanger identifies exactly how much heat the head had given off to the air in the Calorimeter Chamber.

My premise is that the readings of that heat given off will be far more accurate evidence of how much brain activity is occurring in the brain, i.e., the amount of thinking, or the IQ of the individual AT THAT MOMENT!

So this method would seem to even be able to show the amount of mental activity UNDER DIFFERENT CIRCUMSTANCES. HAVE the person solving difficult math problems! Measure. Have them meditate. Measure. See the point?

This method would NOT require that a testee can even read or know any language. And it would seem to not have any biases toward or against any minorities, unless, say, it was discovered that black skin or yellow skin radiates heat at a different rate than white skin does.

This presentation was first placed on the Internet in September 2009.

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