Football Coach Misbehavior - New Orleans Saints and High School

New Orleans Saints Coaches Bad Football Behavior

How many High School Football Coaches teach players how to destroy other players knees and careers?

I know of at least one!

There is apparently an even larger problem than the New Orleans Saints Coaches which exists.

In 1998, I spent my usual weeks around Christmas centered on playing Beach Volleyball around Ft. Lauderdale Florida. We strong players would play from around 10 am to noon, when the College tourist players would start showing up and we had to give up the net. But I sometimes got my Beach Doubles partner to agree to try to hold the net, against the six College guys who wanted to take over. Those College boys never realized how good we were, and our team of two players generally could win game after game against teams of sixes.

On this particular day, a young boy, a High School sophomore had been watching us. When my Beach Partner finally got bored with playing against weak competition and left, I was left with no partner, even though I still had the Beach, so I asked the kid if he knew how to play. He played pretty well and we held the beach for another two hours against the College sixes teams. We only actually stopped because I was getting very hungry and thirsty, but then we talked and I mentioned to him that there was then a restaurant which had a very popular lit night volleyball court, where I went to play each evening. So he showed up there and we were able to play some more and then talk. This was to be my last day in Florida before heading back North for the Winter! But this Sophomore kid described things that scared me worse than anything I had ever heard.

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In High School, he was on the Fort Lauderdale Football team, but he was rather little, around 140 pounds and so he was put as a Defensive Back. But what he told me next was what truly terrified me. He was asking me if I thought it was 'right' for the Fort Lauderdale High School Football Coach to have specifically taught him how to hit the star running backs on opposing teams on the side of their knee, in order to destroy the star running back's knee. He asked me whether that was right to do, just to win a football game! To INTENTIONALLY (my emphasis) destroy some kid's life and career as a football player, just because a Coach decided to teach him how to end that kid's career.

Wow! I was so angry at hearing that that I could hardly talk! I thought about driving over to the Principal's Office of the High School the next morning and telling him about what I had been told. But I realized that I was only a stranger, and HIS Football Coach was a CELEBRITY, and there was no chance that the Principal or anyone else would believe what I would say. Worse, at that time, the very idea of INTENDING to destroy an opponent's career in football would never have had any credibility. And the kid would have gotten in a LOT of trouble for 'trying to get the Coach in trouble'.

So I did not go to the High School, and simply drove North the next morning. Only NOW, twelve years later after the New Orleans Saints have gotten into trouble for intentionally destroying opponent's lives and football careers, do I realize that there may easily be an enormous problem. Out of the tens of thousands of High School Football Coaches, I wonder how many think like that! I guess I hope that some web-surfer might know how to find that kid who told me those scary things, who now should be around 28 years old. Maybe he would feel safe from any vengeance from that Coach or that High School by now. But I wonder HOW MANY OTHER kids playing high school football are affected by Coaches who are so frighteningly aberrant?

I note that the Penn State Football Coaches had amazingly aberrant behavior regarding little boys for many years before anyone spoke up and it all came to light. Maybe the New Orleans Saints news might get even scarier incidents to the light of day.

This presentation was first placed on the Internet in April 2012.

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