Mayan Long Calendar Description

There are people who are uninformed who have created a panic over a mundane event in the Mayan calendar. Around December 21, 2012, the Mayan SHORT calendar will 'roll over' and restart. Ignorant people are claiming that means the end of the world!

The same people said that the world was going to end when the Millennium occurred at 1000 AD, and then again at 2000 AD!

The troublesome part is that Reporters are not knowledgeable enough to know the truth so as to assure the public. Instead, Reporters assume that the speakers have some intelligence and so they repeat the terrifying silliness that is being promoted, as though it was true.

The commonly used Mayan calendar is sometimes referred to as the Mayan Short calendar. It cycles through all its dates over about 400 years.

The Mayan Long calendar simply proceds! So around December 21, 2012, the Mayan Long calendar will close out the TWELFTH four-hundred-year cycle and begin the THIRTEENTH. Period.

Around September 18, 1618, the Mayan Long calendar had closed out the ELEVENTH cycle and began the TWELFTH then. So, for the past 400 years or so, the TWELFTH cycle has been proceeding. Since no one lives long enough where 400-year-cycles are personally important, virtually all Mayans always used the Mayan Short calendar for all practical purposes.

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So in the same way where we might now simply call this 'year 12' of this current Millennium, and that would actually be totally sufficient for all practical purposes for the next thousand years, the Mayan Short calendar is like that. We happen to be willing to always refer to the two digits TWO and ZERO before all calendar dates which we can ever possibly encounter, which is sort of wasted effort from a practical perspective!

In case you REALLY want to plan ahead, the THIRTEENTH cycle of the Mayan Long calendar will end around March 26, 2407. Put it on your calendar!

I have referred to CYCLE here, for a reason. There are actually TWO different Mayan calendars which have been in use. They are essentially the same, except for some details such as one (Haab) having 19 months per year and the other (Tzolkin) having 20 months per year!

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