Microwave High-Power Weapon

High-Power Microwave Weapon Around 2008, the United States Military presented a TV News segment on a High-Power Microwave Weapon. It is an incredibly stupid and dangerous idea.

The news segment showed a group of (volunteer) soldiers standing in a group, where when a very powerful microwave weapon about a city block away was turned on, they all collapsed in apparent agony.

I fear to imagine the genetic deformities of all future children that those volunteers might ever have. Or whether they are even capable of having future children at all. The US Military intends to use this weapon for crowd control, where they feel it would disband any troublesome group of potentially troublesome people on a street, without having to endanger any Police Officers as sometimes happens today.

In early 2012, they did another such demonstration for news cameras. This time they invited news reporters to experience the effects of the microwave radiation. Those volunteer Reporters obviously did not realize that the powerful microwave radiation that hit them and disabled them very likely will ensure that any future children of those Reporters will have a high likelyhood of birth defects due to the radiation on the DNA in their gonads.

They clearly never considered these sorts of long-term dangers of the new weapon that they seem so proud of. It is terrifying to imagine when they irradiate a young woman with it, as that may easily cause ALL the children she might ever have during her life to be born with serious birth defects.

The US Military is relatively immune from having to apply any common sense regarding such things. By the time any Reporter happens to have a deformed baby several years in the future, they can deny any responsibility. And if a hundred deformed babies are born of parents who were exposed to that intense microwave radiation, maybe ten or fifteen years in the future, even if they are proven to be at fault, all they would then need to do is agree to give a few million dollars to each person who could prove such blame. To the US Military, that is not even pocket change, so essentially they are free to do such bizarre EXPERIMENTS on human volunteers without any concern about being blamed for anything.

More, they know that any chance of being blamed for anything would certainly be fifteen years or more in the future, and ALL the Military employees involved in the development of such weapons would have certainly left the Military many years before, to be working in private industry for far higher personal income. As they see it, they cannot lose regarding coming up with such truly dangerous and stupid ideas.

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In the 1970s, as microwave ovens were coming on the market for food cooking, there were thousands of Reports regarding hundreds of potential dangers of such products. Some Reports studied the foods which were cooked in them, where there was concern that eating food which might have been mutated by microwave radiation might cause medical issues like cancer or tumors. Within a few years, the publicity regarding such dangers faded from the public interest, so the Jury is still out regarding whether there are long-term Medical hazards from foods cooked in microwave ovens.

There were also even greater concerns about whether the microwave radiation created inside a microwave oven might escape and cause cancer or tumors in people who happened to be standing nearby when the microwave was cooking food. Many experiments on animals confirmed such dangers, where essentially the animal's brain or blood or muscles effectively got "cooked" just by being NEAR a microwave oven while it was operating. All glass doors of microwave ovens have ever since contained a layer of perforated metal. The reason for this layer is in the function of what is called a Faraday Cage. A Faraday Cage is a metal, electrically conducting BOX, which eliminates any electromagnetic radiation (such as microwave radiation) from being able to pass through it. The premise is that by including a Faraday Cage in every microwave oven, people standing nearby the operating oven are safe. However, it seems that everyone has simply ASSUMED that is absolutely true, and no one even monitors amounts of microwave radiations given off by microwave ovens any more, with one exception. The US Government TRUSTS manufacturers of microwave ovens to SELF-MONITOR their own products!

Look in any appliance store and you will immediately see a reason to be very afraid! Early microwave ovens had Faraday Cage panels over the glass which were mostly metal, with only very small holes to be able to see through. A true Faraday Cage should have no holes at all and is supposed to be a SOLID METAL BOX which is electrically conducting. When early microwave ovens added tiny holes, it was considered to be safe. The size of such holes is related to the size of the wavelengths of the radiation. Light waves is of very high frequency so the wavelengths are extremely small, which means that light can pass through very small holes while longer wavelength radiation such as microwaves could not. But ALL concern for safety seem to have been abandoned decades ago! MODERN microwave ovens have VERY clear views of the interior of the oven. What the manufacturers have done is still made a minimal attempt at providing a Faraday Cage in their microwaves, but now having minimal metal so the view inside is very clear. What this means is that radiations such as microwaves, can far more easily pass through the glass doors of modern microwave ovens, than used to be the case.

It is almost amusing that millions of Japanese people are now terrified regarding radiation danger due to the explosions in the nuclear plant in March 2011, where they use radiation monitors on all their foods (think about the earlier fears of irradiated food from microwave ovens being potentially dangerous, which is now totally ignored), and their clothing and their yard and everything else. Radiation from a nuclear disaster, or from Radon (remember those fears???) or from Uranium Medical Barium or Cesium or Iodine or from various other radioactive materials. Hundreds of millions of microwave ovens (and cel phones near your brain sending microwave radiation into your skull, remember that fear???) and even computers and modern TVs and other electronic equipment, constantly bombard all of us with microwave and other radiation. And no one seems to be monitoring any of it any more, except in Japan and there only regarding radiation from certain radioactive materials they have been told about which are created in nuclear power plants.

Getting back to the US Military's new weapon which they are so proud of, essentially what they are doing is to remove the door from a microwave oven, but then to make their microwave generator many thousands of times more powerful than any microwave oven, but then to do something that is beyond stupidity! They INTENTIONALLY focus all the radiation that might have gone off in all directions, and aim it at specific human beings!

Doesn't that sound like it resembles a Crime Against Humanity, since it is INTENTIONALLY intended to cause thousands of times more radiation than would hit a person from a doorless microwave oven, with the intention of disabling that or those people?

This is as though all logic has been abandoned! Early microwave ovens had effective Faraday Cage metal panels in the glass door to ensure MINIMAL microwave radiation. Modern pursuit of billions of dollars of profits by giant corporations has evolved their industry into now having the minimal obstruction to viewing the interior of the microwave oven, with the only watchdog being the Accountants of those very same corporations, regarding ensuring that their products do not expose mothers and children to excessive microwave radiation in kitchens. And then to emphasize this total loss of logic, the US Military is proudly promoting "open-air microwave ovens with thousands of times more power and the capability of directing the microwave radiation at specific target people?

Does this qualify for insanity or gross stupidity?

As a scientist, who knows better, I expect to see SOMEONE ELSE also carry appropriate concerns for the safety and well-being of humans (and also animals). It is hard to see that anyone even cares any more.

Radiation from TV sets

There is a related subject to this. In the 1950s, black-and-white television sets were being bought by every American family. I was a little kid then. I was told regularly NOT to sit in front of the television set (as all little kids tended to do, then and now). The reason was clear even to a little kid like me. In the back of every television set (except modern flat-screen TVs) is an ELECTRON GUN. For a black-and-white television, they used around 12,000 volts of electricity to power each electron to be aimed directly at us kids! The front surface of the TV tube had a layer of phosphors, where the high speed electrons would make it glow for a fraction of a second, and by sending millions of electrons toward the room and the kids, enough little white dots combined to make the image that we saw on the TV screen.

High speed electrons are much like radiation, and ALL experts of the time were very concerned at the amounts of radiation which happened to make it THROUGH the layer of phosphors, and therefore hit our little kid brains and growing muscles and the rest.

The radiation was certainly there, and easily measured. In fact, during the late 1950s, I even made my own radiation detector where I could keep track of all that. I remember even finding that a BLACK screen had virtually no radiation, while if I turned the BRIGHTNESS up, I was sitting in a maximum amount of radiation.

In the early 1960s, color television spread to every household. It was essentially the same except that now there were THREE electron guns in the back of the TV tube, AND the voltage used was now around 23,000 volts, to fire the electrons even faster and more powerfully toward me and everyone else watching TV sets.

We humans seem to have disappointingly short attention spans! The dangers of radiation from TV sets never went away, but people apparently started thinking about other subjects, and no one cared any more.

This has a darkly amusing consequence. RIGHT NOW, you are likely sitting just TWO FEET in front of a computer monitor (which is a television set) which is COLOR and therefore high-voltage and high radiation, where you have spent all day every day absorbing rather impressive amounts of radiation from your computer monitor. As it happens, the effects of all types of radiation on the human body (or any other organic molecules) is CUMULATIVE. The exception is modern flat-screen TVs which do NOT create such radiation.

One day, YOU are likely to be depressed at having one or more forms of cancer or other serious medical maladies. You may even know that relatively few of your grandparents died from such things. You may even assume that your medical crises are due to a bad diet of junk food or contaminated air (pollution) or water pollution, or whatever you wish to blame. I tend to think that since you likely sat for thousands of hours in front of a color television as a child, and have sat for even more thousands of hours, very close in front of a computer monitor at your job or at your home, the actual cause of your cancer or tumors might be from that cause. But with billions of television sets around the world and billions of people, there is NO statistical way that a solid cause-and-effect will ever be established. Keep in mind that even in the 1950s, it was well known that cigarette smoking caused lung cancer, but even with hundreds of millions of smokers, the corporations that were making amazing numbers of billions of dollars by selling cigarettes were able to deny culpability into the 1990s (and even now are still allowed to merrily be manufacturing enormous numbers of cigarettes to SELL yet today, even though everyone knows that 400,000 Americans die from lung cancer every year as the direct result of their profits.)

So even when Reporters start having deformed children, the chance that those reporters will be able to show cause-and-effect as being due to having been a volunteer victim of the US Military's high-power focused microwave radiation weapon, is probably near zero. Denial of responsibility for EVERYTHING seems to be the chosen course in the modern world, but even if they are somehow caught and actually blamed, future taxpayers will be the only victims to have to pay for whatever Settlement Amounts which will be given to affected families. It is interesting to see where modern civilization has gotten to, isn't it?

This presentation was first placed on the Internet in April 2012.

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