Miscellaneous Observations

For starters here, I am very interested in someone who might want to create any of three videos which I have wanted to create for YouTube or such, which I do not have the artistic talent to do. Each of them have been available for several years.

The first video is a two-minute video of one of the artificial tornadoes which I have created in my basement! The tornadoes have each been about four feet tall and a few inches in diameter. I have had to back-light all of them so they could be seen, but they are quite obvious and impressive. They have all been very similar, and each has spun at the rate of several times per second. I made the first couple dozen of them early in 2006, and then several dozen more in early 2009 and in early 2010. I used a generic video camera to record about one minute of one of the artificial tornadoes early in 2010.

But the quality of my video skills was such that it looked like a seven-year-old might have made it, really poor! And because I am somewhat of a chicken, I have never made any large or powerful tornado. I have always used a 50-Watt electric heating pad to power my artificial tornadoes, just to keep them small and weak (and safe!)

My artificial tornadoes are somewhat boring to watch, since I intentionally use a room in my basement which does not have drafts that might kick them around. Because I only create such low-powered tornadoes, they are rather delicate! Some of my early tornadoes in 2006 would suddenly disappear when an unexpected draft, or even a strong breath of air, would hit them and disrupt their circulation. I learned, and no longer see any difficulty in making or maintaining my artificial tornadoes, with my current record being about a two-hour-long tornado, which probably belongs in the Guinness Book of Records as the most persistent tornado which has ever existed!

So I just want to hook up with someone who might be able to create a more attractive video, and then to put it on YouTube or wherever. Since everyone is so fascinated in watching videos of real tornadoes which rarely last a minute, I am tempted to think that millions of people would want to look at where some idiot created a tornado in his basement! And also that I believe that creating a larger and more powerful one inside a steel farm silo might represent a wonderful new source of electricity (indirectly from solar energy).

The second video is a wonderful variation on the Indiana Jones adventure movies. I actually think this deserves to be a full feature movie, but I do not happen to have $200 million available to do that! So I thought that a small-scale video might be sufficient for now. An actor dressed as Indy and an actress dressed as the pretty girl who is always around him, would be all that is really needed. I would provide the unique script, and additional guidance. A video camera and capability to later edit the scenes, and some talented people from a Community College communications class should be able to do it. Again, this video would be uploaded onto YouTube or other internet sites, and quite possibly millions of people would view it. If one of them happened to be a Hollywood Producer, they might see why they should create the Feature Movie based on my concept.

I suppose that virtually everyone deludes themselves into believing that they can create a Feature Movie. I have a feeling that I really can! This Indiana Jones style movie is one of them. Long ago I thought I had an idea for a James Bond movie except I called it Jimmie Bond. The premise was that Miss Moneypenny would have had a secret child by 007, and my movie was about that boy, Jimmie, being somewhat of a young secret agent. This was around 1970, and I included many technologies which then did not yet exist, such as reflecting the dashboard data off the windshield, where Jimmie could always see his speed and what piece of music he was listening to. At that time, only the government had computers, but I included one which had a lot of information about all the girls who might ride in his car. So the movie screen would show where Jimmie could read about this girl's pet poodle named Wally and her love of chocolate.

The third brief video is simpler than either of the above, involving a pair of young and slim, attractive identical twins, simply walking down a sidewalk and then back toward the camera. The point of this video is regarding something I discovered where Advanced Physics and Calculus can be used to make virtually ANY girl or woman to seem extremely attractive. The reason for the twins is that one of them would be wearing a dress which I Engineered while her sister would be wearing a dress which appeared identical but which did not include my enhancements. The premise is that if a simple video appeared on You-Tube or similar, where one girl seemed clearly to be a knockout while the other was more normal, with no text and no voice-over, but where the very different seeming girls turn around and walk back to the camera. I wanted viewers to be confused at how two identical twins might seem so very different, even while wearing apparently identical dresses!

Another potential book or movie also exists, which is based on my strict scientific knowledge of Physics, space travel and other subjects. It would come across as a Jurassic-Park-style movie, where it would seem to be science-fiction but with a hint of actually being scientifically possible. MY story is about humanity's possible relationship with other civilizations which may exist throughout the Universe. My story includes actual direct contact with clones of such a civilization which had sent us an artifact containing DNA, but which had sat on a shelf in a Museum back room for many decades. Once it was discovered there, and the clones created, my story is partly about how it got there and partly about the personal interactions between human scientists and highly intelligent alien clones. I tried to find a talented writer who might have collaborated with me, about 1990, but no one was interested! Each such writer is apparently singly-focused on HIS OWN story which he expects to make into a blockbuster book and movie! So my story has simply sat as a story outline for more than twenty years! I sure would like to see it get completed. For one thing, an important part of my story would be meant to get NASA or the ESA to launch a unique rocket, which would/will enable human civilization to endure far beyond whatever foolishness that Earth's leaders might do which seem very likely to exterminate us here on Earth. It would be nice to think that NASA had launched a rocket which might enable humans to live and prosper on some other planet, some day. And similarly, possibly explain how WE arrived on Earth long ago to prosper here!

I have never understood how or why anyone could justify homosexuality as an acceptable life style. As a Christian, I know that one of the core Ten Commandments makes very clear that such behaviors are not compatible with what God Wanted. Yet, a major American Denomination, the Episcopal Church, not only welcomes homosexuals into their Church but they even decided to have homosexuals as Priests and Cardinals of their Church. How is it possible for Episcopals to truly believe in what their Church Teaches them?

But this note is actually related to a different matter, where many of the individual States of the United States have tried to decide whether homosexuals, transsexuals, and others can legally marry each other. My observation here is that in the marriages which the United States has allowed and observed for more than 200 years have always forbidden marrying brothers, sisters or cousins. That view was always correct because inbreeding can cause serious birth defects in any children formed of such marriages.

Since homosexuals cannot create biological children, doesn't this mean that each State that decides to allow homosexuals to marry also need to Pass special Laws to allow that to be done between first cousins, or brothers or sisters, or even between identical twins?

And what is the situation regarding Minors? Several States allow girls as young as 15 or 14 or even 13 years old to get married. This Law must also apply to homosexual marriages, wouldn't it? In other words, a pair of 13-year-old girls might legally get married to each other in certain States. Is THIS what society wants to promote???

During 2012, the Republicans in the House intend to eliminate tens of billions of dollars from programs that now benefit poor people! Late in 2011, Congress was unable to agree on anything, and specifically on a Super Committee agreement regarding the Federal Budget, which mandated that huge reductions would automatically occur in December 2011 if the Congress did not agree. They never could find any way to agree, so the huge reductions in budgets were therefore supposed to occur immediately. Congress found a way to delay it for one year, so the huge budget reductions were put off until December 2012. They called it Sequestering.

Of course, that included cuts to the Pentagon Budget. The Republican House has now (early 2012) decided to go back on its word of last year, which is rather troublesome on its own, but they also decided to change all of the main provisions they agreed to last year. They went to a lot of trouble to try to find a way to replace the money taken from the Pentagon Budget. The Pentagon has made clear that they do not need that extra money, but the Republican House still insists on giving all the money back to the Pentagon that they had agreed to take away last year.

In order to give all that money to the Pentagon, to avoid a 10% reduction of the Pentagon Budget, the Republican House decided to take tens of billions away from the Food Stamp program and Unemployment Payments, and other Programs that benefit the poor. Do those Tea Party Republicans not care about poor people? And do they not realize that poor people vote, and they long remember when a Party acts to hurt them? This situation only arose when the Congress could not come to any agreements in 2011 regarding the Federal Budget, so now they seem to have found a specific target to remove money from, the poor. Seems rather astounding that either Party would dare even talk about doing such a bizarre (and stupid) thing!

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Virtually no one today seems to take any care regarding the accuracy that they should have when providing information to the public, whether in advertising or in supposedly factual information. There are thousands of current examples of massive sloppiness! For no particular reason, here are a few: For a couple years, a segment keeps showing up on many TV stations which claims to describe the history of chocolate. In extremely short order, they make two impressive errors, first referring to the Aztec empire in Mexico as already using chocolate in 1100 BC. It would not have taken a minute of research for them to discover that the Aztecs only took over in Mexico around 1420 AD, and a hundred years later, in 1520 AD, the Spanish conquered them. The entire history of the Aztec activities was only about 100 years long, and it only began around 2500 years (or 130 generations) after 1100 BC!

Chocolate actually WAS developed in that region, but apparently around 300 years before the Aztecs, by several less famous groups. It is currently felt that chocolate was invented around 1100 AD, around 2200 years after the supposedly informational TV segment states.

I realize that it is not that crucial that we know the exact year when chocolate was invented. But such sloppiness is a terrible example for children to see, as how or why would they see cause for studying and learning when they see examples where actual accuracy or even truth seems to be ignored?

Another supposedly accurate and informational TV segment that seems to regularly be aired claims to describe the facts about tuna, or specifically bluefin tuna. They describe that bluefin tuna are fast swimmers (which is true), but they claim that bluefin tuna swim at 70 km/hr (or around 50 mph). That would be really impressive if true, but it is not. Bluefin tuna ARE among the fastest swimmers, but their nearly-one-ton body weight would make it extremely unlikely that they could be world record holders as that TV segment apparently claims. The reality is that Bluefin tuna can swim as fast as 50 km/hr (or 30 mph), which is quite impressive in itself for such large creatures. They knew SOME of the facts but just never bothered to take the time or effort to confirm their facts, to learn what was actually true and what is not. I wouldn't even mind if they had such laziness regarding their own personal knowledge, but when they claim to present truth to viewers of TV (especially kids), I think the standards must be much higher.

Global Economic Recovery

Global Economic Recovery. European governments are abandoning the Austerity Programs which they have tried during the past four years and they are now discussing trying Stimulus Programs (like Obama tried in the USA in 2009) to boost their economies and satisfy their people. It seems to be a confirmation that Obama had been right regarding trying the Stimulus approach after all! (2011)

911 Hang-Gliding off the Trade Center Tower Roofs

911 Hang-Gliding off the Trade Center Tower Roofs. An idea which had occurred to me around 9 am on September 11, 2001. People trapped above where the airliners had created huge fires in the World Trade Center were certainly trapped and about to die. I thought that they should find plastic window curtains to tie such curtains to a person's ankles and wrists, to try to jump off the roof like a Flying Squirrel or like a hang-glider, to try to glide well enough to land a block away in the Hudson River. Recently (May 2012) a man used an even smaller panel to survive falling from a helicopter. It might have worked, but I had no way to tell anyone of the idea on 9/11/01. (2001)

Removing Carbon Dioxide AND Growing a Lot of Food

Chimney - Removing Carbon Dioxide AND Growing Food. My web-pages for the HeatGreen home heating systems all include a discussion of how a small greenhouse could produce FIVE TIMES AS MUCH FOOD by using an HG device. I now see that if a farmer had 100 acres of land which he could cover over with a greenhouse roof, a nearby industrial factory chimney could send 10,000 tons of Carbon Dioxide (20,000,000 pounds) into that greenhouse, removing a lot of Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere, while also producing 500 acres worth of fruits or vegetables on 100 acres of land! Two very different serious problems might be solved at the same time, supplying five times as much food for desperate people and also removing some Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere to reduce Global Warming. (2007)

Columbia Shuttle Disaster

Columbia Shuttle Disaster. My good friend Peter Jennings, Anchor of ABC Nightly News, was reporting the return of the Shuttle flight on February 1, 2003, when Peter aired the NASA report that the Shuttle had disintegrated. Peter described how NASA was sending investigators to Texas to recover pieces to analyze. I was then regularly in contact with Peter, as was certainly true that morning. I immediately contacted Peter and pointed out to him that a respected astronomer in California had seen some preliminary parts come off the Shuttle a couple minutes earlier. I told Peter that I had done a calculation of the Physics involved and thought that the most important pieces to try to find should be in California and Arizona. Within minutes, Peter was again on ABC News in describing this and within an hour, NASA was sending investigative crews out to California and Arizona, based on what Peter had aired.(2003)

The Deadly Anthrax Envelopes of late 2001

Anthrax Envelopes of late 2001 - An Analysis. Shortly after 9/11/01, my very good friend Peter Jennings (of ABC News) aired a story about a number of envelopes that had dangerous Anthrax powder in them that had been mailed to a number of people, but the FBI was not getting anywhere in identifying the sender of the envelopes. I contacted Peter and informed him that EVERY person causes a cloud of countless thousands of microscopic scalp and skin particles in the air of the room they are in. I suggested to Peter that in order to seal the envelopes, the glue had to be momentarily moistened, and that there seemed to be a valid possibility that some of the microscopic particles of scalp or skin in the room air (with the criminal's DNA in them) might have gotten stuck in the glue of the envelopes. Peter LOVED my suggestion and he immediately called the FBI and found that they had never thought of testing for such scalp or skin particles in the envelope glue! (2001)

Marriage of William and Kate

William and Kate. The world's largest photograph for the Wedding of Prince William and Katherine. (2011)

Modern Grandfather Clock

Grandfather Clock - A Modernistic Variant. A very modernistic glass and walnut Grandfather Clock which appears to be without any mechanism! (1973)

Hovering Skillet

Skillet Which Hovers over a Kitchen Countertop. An interesting kitchen skillet which does not need a stove. When the heat control is turned on, the skillet rises up from a specific location on the countertop, and it hovers there as it cooks the food! (1973)

Modernistic Kitchen Table

Table for a Unique Kitchen. A transparent glass kitchen table without table legs, cantilevered from a nearby wall, with a wonderful view outdoors through a huge window, and also pretty decorations which seemed to hover just below the tabletop. (1972)

Pocket Door Technology

Pocket Door Technology. An advanced technology of pocket doors has the doors naturally stay either fully closed or fully open, where only a minor touch causes the door to rapidly change its status. (1980)

Parkinsons Tremors

Parkinsons Tremors Data Collection and Analysis. A new approach regarding Research on Parkinsons Tremors, from a more scientific perspective. (2002)

Muslims Killing Other Muslims

Muslims Killing Other Muslims If the strict Sharia Law is to be applied in some countries, then it should also apply to Muslim men. (2012)

Atom Bombs

Atom Bombs - The First Three of Them in 1945. An additional fact existed in the final days of World War II, where President Truman managed to pull off an impressive bluff to the Japanese Emperor. (1963)

My Idea toward the X-Prize

X-Prize competitor Rocket. NASA always spent billions of dollars every time they launched a Shuttle, so they offered an X-Prize for the first company that could launch a small satellite, during the late 1990s. The few companies that competed were all intimately related with NASA, and their plans all involved many millions of dollars of costs. I became intrigued and I designed an approach which should have cost less than $1000 total. But my approach would technically not have met one condition of the X-Prize, so I could not have won it. In addition, I was pretty sure that the FAA would not have approved of watching an object on radar which went up through their air-space, so I suspected I might have gotten arrested by showing that I could do it. (1998)

Learning to Multiply

Learning to Multiply. During the Fourth Grade, when I was eight years old, I paid attention to the Teacher (Trambarger) when she said interesting things, but mostly I created a very large multiplication table. This was in 1954, far before computers, so I had hand calculated each entry in a table which took many dozens of sheets of paper. I learned many interesting patterns, which later became very useful for me. (1954)

Cannonball, Bellyflop Diving

Cannonball, Bellyflop Diving. Most people assume that only very obese people can create impressive Cannonball or bellyflop splashes. That is not true! I have always been fairly skinny, over six feet tall and 170 pounds, and yet I was always able to create far bigger splashes than anyone else at pool parties! The trick is to capture the largest amount of air, to push it down two or three feet below the water surface. When that large air bubble rises back up, it pushes the water above it, upward, at good velocity, so a LOT of water and air zooms up to splash everyone nearby! (1964)

High-Power Microwave Weapon

Microwave High-Power Weapon. Around 2008, the United States Military presented a TV News segment on a High-Power Microwave Weapon. If you take the door off your kitchen microwave oven, at least the radiation you will be exposed to is not AIMED at your body and FOCUSED to harm you! It is an incredibly stupid and dangerous idea. (2005)

Skipping Stones

Skipping Stones. The technique of skipping stones and some tips. World Class! (1964)


Sneezes and Sneezing. Doctors and scientists have not yet figured out why we sneeze. That actually makes sense, because it seems likely that humans do not sneeze correctly anyway! Watch any dog or cat sneeze, and you will see that snot gets blown out THROUGH THE NOSE. But humans do not seem to know how to sneeze through their noses, as we all seem to sneeze through our opened mouths! So it makes sense that science does not understand WHAT we do, until maybe someday when we learn (again?) how to sneeze correctly. (2012)

Really Bad Behavior

Bad Behavior of Some People and Companies. Some people do amazing things to intentionally damage other people, the environment and other things.

Birthday Kids blowing snot onto birthday cakes

Birthday kids blowing out candles. When I was a little kid, I noticed that a lot of kids sprayed a lot of snot and saliva on the birthcake as they tried to blow out all the candles. (1954)

Where do Winds come from?

Earth Breathing. Silly Ideas about where winds come from. Surprisingly recent famous scientist explaining that the Earth interior breathes which causes all the winds.(1780)

How to Clap really loudly

Clapping - Very Loud Clapping. How to applaud twenty times louder. As a teenager, I discovered how to create louder shock waves from clapping. (1963)

Time Dilation and Special Relativity - A Clear Flaw

Time Dilation and Special Relativity - A Clear Flaw. A major flaw has existed in the understanding of Time Dilation since about 1960.

Challenges for my Dogs

My Dogs - Their Chores. Providing Challenges for My Dogs. Rather than trying to get dogs to LEARN TRICKS like shaking hands, I tended to try to be attentive to what each dog seemed capable of, and then to provide unique challenges for each dog. (1968)

My Dog snow skiied

Dog on Snow Skis - My Dog Meatball. My dog snow skiied. When living on a Ski Resort, I saw that the Resort owner had bought several extra trophies for an upcoming Race Day for kids. I knew that he had bought extras in case one got broken, but in humor, I challenged him to have a Dog Division, and he reluctantly agreed! Since there were no other dogs entered, and my dog only had to clear a single gate, on the Bunny Hill, it seems to me that he deserved to get the Winner's Trophy (but it was not given to him!) (1984)

Search for Exoplanets

ExoPlanets - Questions Regarding the Search. Discovering Exoplanets might not be credible. Scientists recently had an opportunity to confirm whether their process for discovering distant planets was valid or not. As the planet Venus transited over the face of the Sun (in 2004 and then again in 2012), they could have tried to 'discover Venus' by detecting whether the Sun appeared to get dimmer for about six hours. I am not aware that anyone tried to do that. (2012)

The Universe is NOT accelerating outward

The Universe is NOT accelerating outward faster and faster. That would be totally impossible and would violate most known laws of science. Modern Astrophysics seems to love to come up with outrageous speculations and then immediately accept them as though they are true. Even twenty years ago, it was required that a Physicist produced compelling proof and solid logic behind any new idea before it was even remotely considered. Things have really changed. This one involves quite a few speculative assumptions, such as the assumption that ALL supernovas explode with EXACTLY the same amount of energy, where that assumption is then used to calculate how far really distant things are away from us. (2012)

Eliminating the Need for Eyeglasses for most Small Children

Eyeglasses for Small Children - Visual Aerobics Small children are often prescribed to have to use thick glasses. That is lunacy in most cases! It turns out that there are 'ring' (circular) muscles around each eye which can change the shape of the eye to adjust for focusing at near or far distances. I believe that some children do not sufficiently exercise those muscles for good vision. A 'workout' for those Ciliary Bodies might easily eliminate the need for eyeglasses for kids and maybe even adults. (1982)

A Coming Catastrophe at the Glen Canyon Dam

Glen Canyon Dam - Coming Disaster as it Comes Loose from Sandstone. In 2005, during a visit to the Glen Canyon Dam in northern Arizona, I had a chance to have a scientific conversation with the main Engineer for the Dam. I had asked him about the very soft sandstone rocks to which the Dam was attached, and he told me about hiking out to see large amounts of water seeping through those rocks from the Pake Powell Reservoir. We both agreed that the Dam was certain to come loose and fall over relatively soon, but he explained that the Politics of the situation was that if he would even mention such concerns, he would have immediately been fired and replaced. So no one will and no one can do anything to keep an enormous catastrophe from happening, where a 700-foot-tall dam will suddenly fall over and release all the water in the Lake Powell Reservoir to roar downstream to kill everyone then in the Grand Canyon downstream. (2005)

NetZero Incompetence

NetZero Customer Service - Disappointing behavior. It is hard to believe that any large corporation would have such totally incompetent people representing them as Customer Service. But I guess when you are only willing to pay people in India and the Phillipines, the customers of NetZero get what NetZero expects! (2012)

Peter Jennings

Peter Jennings. The famous Anchor for ABC Nightly News was an amazing man whom we lost way too soon.

The Miracle of Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis - The Amazing Process. For a chemical process to be capable of taking water from the soil and carbon dioxide from the air, and by using energy from the Sun, create all the plants that grow on earth, is amazing!

Population on the Different Planets?

Population on the Planets. During much of the 1800s, the most popular Astronomy books were written by a Professor Dick, who fully believed that there were enormous numbers of people living on all the other planets, on the Moon and even on the Rings of Saturn (including on the edges of those Rings!) It is sad that the level of knowledge of science was so poor just 150 years ago! (1830)

Future Space Travel

Space Travel - Future Possibilities. Science-Fiction writers have convinced everyone of impressive future accomplishments. But the Laws of Nature and of science are such that we Earthlings will NOT ever be traveling to remote planets circling other stars. We MAY send samples of human DNA to such destinations, to arrive hundreds or thousands of years later, and to then enable inter-communication between future Earth inhabitants and possible future earthling beings on such planets, but to physically travel back and forth? Not a chance!

A Flying Truck which gets 60 miles per gallon

Flying Delivery Truck which gets 60 miles per gallon. Extremely Unstable Flight. It only flies at 20 mph to reduce turbulence and Drag. A $200 airplane. I have designed a very slow (20 mph) flying machine which no human could fly and a computer system would have to fly it as is done with Stealth Military aircraft. But this thing is SOOOOO simple and cheap to build, essentially just a large square slab of fiberglas or FTP plastic! (Aug 2012)

My Ramjet Engine Experiment

Ramjet Engine. My experimental Ramjet engine of 1962. As a teenager, I had far too much creativity! When I became fascinated with the concept of a Ramjet jet engine, I built an experimental verion of one! (1962)

Games to enable children to have fun and combat obesity

Combat Obesity - Games to enable children to have fun. Games to enable children to combat obesity and to develop skills in sports. (2008)

Hula Hoop Challenge

Hula Hoop Difficult Challenge. I do not think that anyone is SMART ENOUGH to work this hula hoop! (2005)

Methane gas as a greenhouse gas

Methane gas as a greenhouse gas, Methane Hydrate. Ignorant scientists who were clearly well-paid by the Petroleum Industry made terrifying statements around 2004, which were total lies, which claimed that Methane (which is essentially Natural Gas) was some horrible global warming danger. But Reporters apparently did not find any actual scientific data to show what a stupid that claim was. Reporters are STILL repeating those amazingly wrong lies! Here is a graph of the actual scientific Absorbtivity of Methane gas, and an explanation of what it shows. (2005)

Mayan calendar speculations regarding the end of the world

Mayan Long Calendar Description. The Mayan Short calendar cycles through about a 400-year cycle, but the Mayan Long calendar simply rolls over from its TWELFTH cycle to its THIRTEENTH and nothing more! The world will NOT end! (2012)

If Romney wins the Election, He may be a Dead Man!

If Romney wins the Election, He may be a Dead Man!. Romney seems absolutely incompatible with everything that the ultra-conservative Republicans stand for, while they will certainly see that should severe misfortune happen to Romney, then their ideal ultra-conservative Ryan could become the President they dream about. (2012)

Potential Incredibly Fast Ship (600 mph?)

600-mph Ocean-Going Fast Ships?. Logic seems to indicate that it should be possible to have boats and ships travel WESTWARD across oceans at 700 mph or faster! We KNOW that countless billions of tons of ocean water travels around the Earth every day in a Tidal Bulge. Can that (FREE) power source be harnessed to eliminate the need for burning fossil fuels in ships and to vastly speed up ocean voyages and shipping? (2012)

Future Embedded Computers?

Ultimate Clock, Calendar, Computer, Word Processor? I propose a wristwatch-sized computer that heats or cools tiny areas of skin in sequenced patterns, to get the brain to learn that the patterns can inform the brain of the exact date, hour, minute and second, through the body's nervous system and brain. If that works, an embedded computer might eliminate the need for Schools, and for Criminal-Remediation. (2012)

Water for the Remote Havasupai Indian Reservation

Water Supply for the Havasupai Indian Reservation. I offered to provide plans to the Havasupai Indians regarding building a very unusual pump which could raise water a vertical mile from the Colorado River to their Village (2006)

Training any Quarterback Wannabee to be able to Read Defenses accurately and rapidly

Quarterback in American Football - Training and Learning Training any Quarterback Wannabee to be able to Read Defenses accurately and rapidly. People who want to be quarterbacks study endless hours of NFL Films of plays which have happened in the past. That is certainly useful, but I discovered that if the quarterback wannabee can see every such play from the vantage point of the Quarterback's eyes, it is wonderfully more beneficial. (2012)

A Scary History of Diebold Paperless Voting Machines

Voting Machines - Diebold Equipment with no paper trail. In 2003 and 2004, there were many Reporters in Ohio who were carefully examining the Diebold Paperless Voting Machines, especially after the Presidend of Diebold made a public comment that he was going to personally guarantee that Bush would win Ohio and the National Election in 2004. Of course, Bush DID win that election, but the publicity about the Diebold Voting machines quickly faded. The Diebold Company is apparently now gone but those same dangerous Diebold paperlesssvoting machines are still being used in very large numbers, especially in Virginia and several other States. It seems virtually impossible that Obama could win those States, no matter what the voting public wants! Diebold seems to have already decided the Election! (2012)

Eliminating Lower Back Pain Naturally

Lower Back Pain Can Be Eliminated Naturally. Around 1967, 45 years ago, I realized that the brains in people who were paraplegics somehow knew how to IGNORE sensory nerve stimulus messages from nerves that no longer even existed. Their brains could not manage all the complexities of life if always consumed by handling endless pain messages which were actually spurious. I decided to see if my brain could be trained to 'ignore' pain messages from my lower back. It took a while to accomplish, but it has been impressively effective, where I have lived 45 more very active years, when Doctors at the time were recommending that I choose which wheelchair I would spend my life in! (2012)

Warping of Space

Warping of Space - Some Incorrect Assumptions. Nearly all scientists now believe that the fabric of space is WARPED due to some things which Einstein had said. They are so wrong that it is laughable. And it is all based on really stupid logic! Einstein DID say something along that line, but REALLY different! The usual claim today is that gravity of the Sun causes a warping of the space around it, where third-dimension warps then are shown in artistic renditions. But that is patently ridiculous! Gravity does not and can not SELECTIVELY distort one axis of space in deference to the other two dimensions. It is a ridiculous idea and claim! What Einstein HAD said was that the TIME dimension gets warped by gravitation, which IS true. It is a result of what is called General Relativity. But it is a really tiny effect. The rate that time passes on Earth IS altered by this effect, but it is only about ONE SECOND EFFECT in every seven years of time!

Ball of Yarn

Ball of Yarn and the basic meaning of life.

New Orleans Saints bad Football Behavior

Football Coach Misbehavior - New Orleans Saints and High School. How many High School Football Coaches teach players how to destroy other players knees and careers? I know of at least one! There is apparently an even larger problem than the New Orleans Saints Coaches which exists. In 1998, I spent my usual weeks around Christmas centered on playing Beach Volleyball around Ft. Lauderdale Florida. We strong players would play from around 10 am to noon, when the College tourist players would start showing up and we had to give up the net. But I sometimes got my Beach Doubles partner to agree to try to hold the net, against the six College guys who wanted to take over. Those College boys never realized how good we were, but I would get them to agree to the 'formality' of the sixes team needing to win the Beach from the Twos team. Our team of two players generally could win game after game against teams of College sixes. On this particular day, a young boy, a 14-year-old High School sophomore had been watching us. When my Beach Partner finally got bored with playing against weak competition and left, I was left with no partner, even though I still had the Beach, so I asked the kid if he knew how to play. He played pretty well and the two of us held the beach for another two hours against the College sixes teams. We only actually stopped because I was getting very hungry and thirsty, but then we talked and I mentioned to him that there was then a restaurant which had a very popular lit night volleyball court, where I went to play each evening. So he showed up there and we were able to play some more and then talk. This was to be my last day in Florida before heading back North for the Winter! But this Sophomore kid described things that scared me worse than anything I had ever heard. In High School, he was on the Fort Lauderdale Football team, but he was rather little, around 140 pounds and so he was made a Defensive Back. But what he told me next was what truly terrified me. He was asking me if I thought it was 'right' for the Fort Lauderdale High School Football Coach to have specifically taught him how to hit the star running backs on opposing teams on the side of their knee, in order to destroy the star running back's knee. He asked me whether that was right to do, just to win a football game! To INTENTIONALLY (my emphasis) destroy some kid's life and career as a football player, just because a Coach decided to teach him how to end that kid's career. Wow! I was so angry at hearing that that I could hardly talk! I thought about driving over to the Principal's Office of the High School the next morning and telling him about what I had been told. But I realized that I was only a stranger, and HIS Football Coach was a CELEBRITY, and there was no chance that the Principal or anyone else would believe what I would say. Worse, at that time, the very idea of INTENDING to destroy an opponent's career in football would never have had any credibility (until recently with the New Orleans Saints Coaching Staff). And the kid would have gotten in a LOT of trouble for 'trying to get the Coach in trouble'. So I did not go to the High School, and simply drove North the next morning. Only NOW, twelve years later after the New Orleans Saints have gotten into trouble for intentionally destroying opponent's lives and football careers, do I realize that there may easily be an enormous problem. I guess I hope that some web-surfer might know how to find that kid who told me those scary things, who now should be around 28 years old. Maybe he would feel safe from any vengeance from that Coach or that High School by now. But I wonder HOW MANY OTHER kids playing high school football are affected by Coaches who are so frighteningly aberrant? Maybe the New Orleans Saints news might get even scarier incidents to the light of day.

Horrible Abuse of Little Girls

Horrible Abuse of Little Girls. In November 1987, I had lived with a nice 29-year-old woman for about six months. One day she told me that she had to leave for a few hours, and then she decided to tell me why. She had a 6-year-old little girl living with us, but she told me that she needed to go to a Birthday Party for her son, who lived in an institution. She mentioned that it was his 17th birthday. She clearly saw that I was confused, regarding how a 29-year-old woman could have a 17-year-old son. That evening, after she had returned, she saw that I was still very confused, so she explained things to me. She told me that her father had been a significant home builder in LaPorte Indiana, and that when she was seven years old, he started 'using her' (her phrase) to entertain himself and two of his (male) friends. So, for the next five years, that horrible man USED his own daughter for sex entertainment for himself and his friends, apparently nearly every day. AFTER ABOUT FOUR YEARS OF THIS ABUSE, she got pregnant when she was ELEVEN (and she did not even know if the father was her own father or one of those other two men!) She was so young that the baby, Alexander, was born with many birth defects, which was why he spent his entire life in an Institution. Once she had told me these things, I was outraged and I wanted to contact the Police about her father's crimes. She would not allow me to do that, as she felt her father was too important a businessperson in LaPorte that all that would happen would be that she would be humiliated. I also had not calmly thought through enough to realize that the Statute of Limitations certainly expired for those three perverts. So, as far as I know, none of them were ever punished in any way. I wonder how common this is, as I have heard of similar arrangements in other families. A 12-year-old girl in Thornton, Illinois was regularly abused by her step-father and several older brothers, for years. IT MUST BE STOPPED!

Debris from the Japanese March 2011 Tsunami

Tsunami Debris from the Japanese March 2011 Disaster. I wonder if there might not be many thousands of human bodies floating in the million tons of wood and plastic which are still floating around the Pacific Ocean. There are apparently around 30,000 Japanese people who are unaccounted for after the Tsunami, and a seemingly obvious answer is that those bodies were inside the many thousands of Japanese homes which got washed away that day. (2012)

A Stupid Soccer Idea!

A Stupid Soccer Idea!. What if there was a simple and easy way for a Soccer team to score lots of goals? (2012)

Direct Solar Electricity

Electricity - Unlimited Source of Solar by an Artificial Tornado. Extremely efficient capture of solar energy and then using a tornado's technology to convert that into rotary motion, and then ionizing that spinning air to induce magnetic and electric fields in surrounding coils of wire to generate electricity. (2012)

Honest Advertising

Honest Advertising - Some Attractive Incentive. A method we suggest to ensure honesty. (2012)

Better than the Wave at Football Stadiums!

Better than the Wave at Football Stadiums. The fans create a team theme song! (2012)

Song 2

Artificial Song for Sports. (2012)

Song 3

Song for Sports. (2012)

Guns in Schools

Guns in Schools is a Very Bad Idea or Churches? As a Christian Minister, I try to imagine giving a Sermon with six large men behind me, standing along the wall holding Assault Weapons. Would anyone in the Church even notice ME or hear a word I said in my Sermon? The same would certainly be true for sensitive children in a school if they were constantly fearful of large men with guns nearby. No learning could occur!


Safer School Children

School Children Which Are Safer. Around 2002, I suggested adding tanks of Dentist's 'laughing gas' into the air ducts of a large auditorium in Moscow where terrorists held many hostages. The idea was for EVERYONE to simply doze off and sleep, so Authorities might then enter the building. I feel the same idea might be valuable for schools (and Churches and movie theaters).


Winning play in volleyball and in other sports and games

Winning play in volleyball and in other sports and games. (2012)

I recently learned that an University in Berne, Switzerland had started investigating and teaching volleyball players about skills which I had learned and used beginning around 1968! Interesting!

Current prisons are too expensive and they do little good

Prisons - A Better Approach Which Would be Far Less Expensive. I recommend a FLOATING, 60-acre prison island, a hundred miles offshore! No cells, no bars, no Guards! The inmates would build their own bungalow homes to live in (200 per island for 600 inmates). (2012)

Napleton Car Dealership Bad Behavior

Napleton Car Dealership Bad Behavior near Chicago. An Executive of Napleton car dealership nearly caused me to be murdered in 2010! (2012)

I Tried to Save the Oldsmobile Brand of General Motors

Oldsmobile Brand of General Motors - I Tried to Save it. In 1992, as car sales of Oldsmobiles were rapidly dropping, I tried to get them to try an inexpensive experiment which might have sold immense numbers of cars, and saved their Brand. (2012)

I have proof!

I have proof!. In modern society, at some time nearly everyone has been told that he or she is "full of s***". I have proof! (2012)


Centrifuges - The Physics. People talk about Centrifuges all the time but very few people actually know what they are talking about. I am a Theoretical Nuclear Physicist, here to explain the subject. (2012)

Safe Guns and the Second Amendment

Second Amendment and Safe Guns. Unlimited Guns But Perfectly Safe!

We should modify every gun so it becomes DIGITAL so it could only fire while an embedded COMPUTER PASSWORD was in effect. That password process could require a biometric thumbprint match. A gun owner could have as many weapons as desired (per the Second Amendment) but no one could ever fire any of them except for after the Biometric thumbprint-matched Owner activated them (a few seconds), and even that owner would need to 're-new' the password after 12 hours. Therefore, no child could ever find a loaded gun in a closet and kill a sister. No young man could find his mother's guns and take them to Sandy Hook to kill twenty beautiful little children. No one could kill people in a movie theater, or even out at a Congresswoman's visit to a Mall. In fact, ONLY the Thumbprint-matched Owner could EVER activate that gun to be fired.

Are you aware that EVERY YEAR, around 19,000 of the people who commit suicide in the United States use a gun to do it? Think about that. The Thumbprint identified owner is rarely that person! This suggests that this idea might eliminate nearly 19,000 deaths by suicide in the US each year. Just that seems worth doing this! Also, Guns would probably no longer be stolen from homes as they could never be fired by the thieves! Street Gangs might have great trouble in constantly getting the passwords updated for all their weapons, INCLUDING their Assault Weapons. We believe that EVERY existing gun could be quickly, easily and inexpensively altered or replaced to only be functional for a period of 12-hours by a thumbprint embedded password. Gun owners would have the best of all worlds, in having access to unlimited supplies of the weapons they love, while ensuring that the public will never be injured by any of those weapons. Their only slight inconvenience would be a two-second process of having their thumbprint recognized!

It seems to me that there are at least two entirely different interpretations of the United States Constitution Second Amendment. I don't see that anywhere in its text is there any reference to being allowed to carry weapons absolutely anywhere. It seems to me that the Second Amendment text instead makes very clear that any American has a right to have and use weapons on one's own property. In other words, as per the stated "right of the people to keep and bear Arms" to defend one's own property. NOT to be capable of winning street fights or flaunting one's ego!

Coming Nankai Trough Earthquake and Tsunami near Japan

Saving 300,000 Japanese from the Nankai Trough Earthquake and Tsunami near Japan, Overdue. The Japanese government seems willing to concede hundreds of thousands of deaths from a coming (and already scientifically overdue) earthquake. Most of the deaths are expected to be in and near the cities of Nagoya and Osaka. I think that those deaths are unnecessary, and that the Tectonic Stresses in the Earth's Crust could be released by causing an artificial earthquake. A one-day area evacuation of all people and animals, to Free Concerts, Free Baseball games, Free Amusement Parks, Free Food and Beer picnics would get the people to leave the area for one day. Then barges with mine-boring rigs would be floated over the precisely known location of the faultline below the Nankai Trough. Hundreds of boreholes would be made, down INTO the actual fault, and conventional mining explosives would be lowered into each borehole. At a PLANNED time, when all the people were known to be evacuated, the explosives would be detonated. This would both shake the faultline and very slightly spread it apart, maybe just a millimeter. These effects would permit the accumulated Tectonic Stresses to be released. The Earth would then move at it would have in an actual earthquake, and it would cause an expected large tsunami. But all boats and ships would have been moved elsewhere, and buildings could be angle-braced if they were liable to damage from either the shaking of the earthquake or flooding from the tsunami. The accumulated stresses in the Earth would be completely released, for decades or generations of long-term safety, peace-of-mind and happiness. (This is an application of my Calquake concept of 2001, first presented in March 2011)

Making Polygamy Legal in America?

Polygamy Legal in America? Muslim Harems legal in America?. When the Supreme Court legally agrees that marriage can be re-defined to include homosexual couples, it will open up a floodgate of other re-definitions of marriage. It seems clear that the Mormon Church or its advocates will insist that marriage must also include 'one man and eleven wives'. Muslims will be able to file Lawsuits in America to allow and even support Muslim men having Harems of women! Other aberrant people will insist that legal marriage must include 'a woman and a dog' or any of dozens of other re-definitions of marriage. Those re-definitions will legally be no different from the coming Supreme Court decision that marriage is to be re-defined to include homosexual couples. France is facing the same situations as its government and Courts are considering also re-defining the concept of legal marriage. (2013)

Using Nuns in the Catholic Church

Using Nuns in the Catholic Church - Using Them Productively. The Catholic Church currently faces many serious problems, including several which are public relations disasters. The worst is clearly the rampant sexual abuse of children by Catholic Priests. I believe the Catholic Church has an excellent way to deal with that situation and more. They already have thousands of Convents around the world, and hundreds of thousands of Nuns. If the new Pope Francis would announce that any child who felt he or she had been abused by a Priest could go to any Nun in any Convent to tell the woman Nun about the situation, the public and Catholics might become more comfortable with their Church. (2013)

Time Banking for a Community

Time Banking for a Community. (2012)

A Way to Actually Lose Bodyfat Weight

A Way to Actually Lose Bodyfat Weight. (2013)

Electric Power Generation from Water Waves

Electric Power Generation from Water Waves. An Advanced usage of a characteristic of Gyroscopes allows capturing large amounts of energy from ocean waves, and converting that power into electricity. A single device should be able to produce a consistent 16 kiloWatts of electricity, and if a city decided to replace a Concrete Mile-Long Breakwater with these devices, they should be able to produce around 20 MegaWatts of electricity, enough for around 16,000 houses or 60,000 people, while also reducing or eliminating beach erosion from wave action! (2013)

"Morning After Pills" or Ru-486 or Plan-B

Ru-486 or Plan-B or "Morning After Pills". It is peculiar that countless millions of women use conventional birth-control pills but if they try to obtain Ru-486 or Plan-B, there is tremendous uproar. No one seems to realize that they are essentially the SAME chemical! A group of about eight conventional birth-control pills is chemically essentially identical to an Ru-486 or Plan-B pill, which many women are banned from obtaining! Curious! (2013)

How GPS Global Positioning System Works

GPS - Global Positioning System - How It Works. Very few people really know how and why GPS works. From a Physicist, here it is! (2013)

Boston Marathon Murders Logic and Clues

Boston Marathon Murders Logic. (2013)

Eliminating Parkinsons Tremors

Parkinsons Tremors Elimination with Physics and a Gyroscope. (2013)

An Example of One of my Good Deeds

Good Deeds - An Example of One of Mine.

You can be confident that
your vehicle and your license
plate are being videotaped
each time you roar through
this stop sign. If and when a
child is struck, you can be
assured that the Police will be
given a record of all the times
you ran this stop sign.

Have a nice day, and drive
carefully around these kids!

During 2003, I watched as hundreds of cars roared along the 20 mph residential street I live on. Virtually none of the vehicles ever slowed to even 30 mph when running through the Stop Sign. Even Village Police Cars ran the Stop Sign at high speed! It seemed obvious that it was just a matter of time until one of those zooming cars would hit a small child who chased a ball into the street. So I made a sign!

Some More of My Good Deeds

Good Deeds - Other Attempts of Mine. (2012)

Fixing the U.S. Congress

Reducing Cash in Government activities. Of, by, and for the people. If even one Political Candidate announces a 'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington' attitude, specifically of announcing a Campaign Decision to NEVER accept more than $50,000 per year (as compared to the current $174,000 that the Senate pays itself), the News Media will certainly ensure that Candidate gets massive free publicity and has a decent chance of Winning an Election! Imagine the attitude of voters about the decision between an existing self-centered, money-centered Incumbent and someone who clearly defines that wealth is not the center of the universe! Even massive Party and Corporate Lobbyist Campaign financing for the Incumbent probably could not overcome such an advantage in the minds of the voters! (2013)

The NSA, Modern National Security, and Snowden

NSA, Modern National Security, and Snowden. Recent Hearings in Congress have told us that the NSA DOES monitor ALL our phone calls (Section 215), more than a billion phone calls every day or 200,000,000,000 phone calls in each six months where the NSA has learned about ONE potential terrorist plot. In casual conversations, Americans talk about their spouses and bosses where words like 'kill' or 'murder' are mentioned. Out of a BILLION messages every day, certainly ONE PERCENT (TENS OF MILLIONS) of those messages include such words. 'Does the NSA have humans read and monitor every one of those tens of millions of such messages every day?' They pay 850,000 Contractors to do that work! Why could they possibly NEED that many people if they do not need to examine tens of millions of messages (between Americans) every day? Even if they only read 1% American people's phone calls, that is millions every day'. (2013)

. (2012)

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