Occupy Wall Street - A More Effective Approach

Occupy Wall Street developed great enthusiasm, but they did not seem to actually have any plan.

There seems to be a very obvious, very Grass Roots direction available. Wall Street NEEDS the many millions of small investors, to provide the countless millions of dollars of Commission money that the Traders count on.

With the world's amazing advances in communications in recent years, why doesn't OWS encourage the millions of small Wall Street investors to start using Traders in the London FTSE Market, or the German DAX Market or in an Australian Market, or in any of dozens of other Stock Markets? Such Traders might actually CARE about small investors and actually give great service! If millions of small American investors would transfer their trades in this way, the massive cashflow that Wall Street counts on might nearly completely dry up.

American Traders would find themselves in a position of again having to show that they deserve to be chosen as an effective Trader.

Yes, most individuals do not directly talk to Brokers, but in handling their retirement accounts, they DO talk to a Fidelity or a Schwab or others who get orders placed. Since there are a lot of such operations, if an investor or an IRA holder makes a request that funds be operated through an Australian Stock Market, that company may or may not be willing to go to the trouble of doing that. But they know that if they do NOT, that you are liable to transfer your Market activities to some other company that would, and they might then lose you as a client. If this concept is as popular as I think it might quickly be, not many would dare take a chance of losing hundreds or thousands of clients that they accumulated over years! I think they would listen very carefully to such requests.

More, once they had transferred YOUR accounts, that business would quickly realize that they should start ADVERTISING that they offer such a service "quot;for the 99% of investors"quot;, and I suspect that such companies would be swamped with new clients!

Basically, if it were true that the Wall Street companies had an absolute monopoly on Trading, this would not work. But they do not, and it will!

People criticism OWS for seeming to be very disorganized. I am tempted to agree due to a personal experience. On November 30, 2011, I made a number of attempts to telephone OWS leaders to provide them with a very valuable suggestion. After wasting more than an hour trying to find anyone other than a janitor to answer on the phone, I gave up on that and sent an e-mail instead, to the e-mail address which OWS presented on several of their web-pages. I was initially surprised that no one called me back or e-mailed me back about the high quality suggestion I had given to them. On June 12, 2012 (seven months after I had sent my note to them) I received an e-mail Form letter which informed me that they are very busy and they had just gotten around to noticing my e-mail. The Form letter message made clear that NO ONE HAD YET READ my message! I guess that remains to happen during 2013 or 2014. If that represents the level of incompetence that they seem to have, I now have severe doubts whether OWS will EVER actually accomplish anything. It may remain for a DIFFERENT organization, like theirs, but actually organized and competent, to someday advance our society. Sort of sad, isn't it?

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To reassure you, Traders in London or Germany or Tokyo or any other Stock Market CAN make every investment that you might want, like with General Motors or Coca-Cola or Daimler-Benz or Toyota, and they also can handle all other accounts and all other types of trades. And none of them could afford to even be one second late in knowing of some breaking news, and the world-wide communications makes sure that none of them ever are.

So any daily or weekly trades you want to schedule with part of your paycheck can do exactly the same that it does now. The only difference would be that a Wall Street Broker would not get any Commission, where someone in some other part of the world would get it!

The entire point of OWS was and is to get the focused attention of the people on Wall Street who each make many millions of dollars (from us!). This would definitely do it!

This presentation was first placed on the Internet in April 2012.

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Carl W. Johnson, Theoretical Physicist, Physics Degree from Univ of Chicago