Polygamy Legal in America? Muslim Harems legal in America?

The United States Supreme Court is about to legally redefine the term 'Marriage'. Instead of the traditional "one man and one woman", they seem likely to re-define the word Marriage to include 'one man and one man'. All the people involved seem to have had too shallow a thinking regarding this! It turns out that there is essentially NO legal difference betweeen THAT re-definition of Marriage and a definition which might include 'one man and eleven women'. So, the moment that the Supreme Court authorizes homosexual marriages, they will obviously initiate countless lawsuits by Mormons regarding Polygamy becoming also legal.

The United States seems to be on a very strange course, where they seem destined to make Polygamy totally legal! This is peculiar since the United States sent 2,500 troops of the Army out to Utah in 1857 to invade and attack the Mormon Church because it openly allowed and encouraged Polygamy!

A nearly parallel process is occurring in France, where they, too, are on the verge of re-defining the word 'marriage'. They have fewer Mormons in France, but they have enormous numbers of Muslims, and their Faith also encourages men to have many wives! In both countries, they seem certain to be about to create social nightmares! And all because the Politicians have not thought through the consequences of what they suddenly insist on doing!

In recent years, some special interest groups have been pushing amazing rights for homosexuals. The US Supreme Court is soon likely to make a decision on whether homosexuals will be able to legally 'marry' and thereby receive all the many rights and privileges that the US government gives to married couples.

I have personal issues with all of this since I am a Christian Minister and we are supposed to absolutely Honor the Ten Commandments, one of which clearly and directly forbids homosexual sexual relationships. And so I am personally very confused that many large Churches now openly welcome homosexuals, and one, the American Episcopal Church even decided to encourage and welcome homosexual Priests and leadership. I have trouble seeing how they reconcile that with the Commandment referred to.

But that being said, giant Churches feel enormous social pressures to try to attract the greatest number of Members they can, and it seems to be true that Americans somehow see it attractive that homosexuals are welcomed into Christian Churches.

(I also am amazed that the Boy Scouts is intending to allow and encourage homosexuals to become Scout Leaders. If I had a young son I would be terrified at the thought that an openly homosexual adult would take my child on overnight camping trips and the like. Isn't that generally how the Catholic Church got in so much trouble in having their Priests sexually abuse tens of thousands of children? They were simply given so much OPPORTUNITY for bad behavior?)

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But the specific issue here is a Legal one. IF the United States Congress officially recognizes marriages between homosexuals, and if the US Supreme Court agrees with that, they will be politically redefining just what marriage means.

I do not see how that is even a little different, legally, from when the Mormon Church would then file countless Lawsuits that would redefined marriage again into being between a man and ANY NUMBER of women. A Lawyer agrees with me that he sees no Legal distinction between that and a definition which recognizes homosexual marriages.

I sent an Amicus Curiae brief to a Clerk of the U.S. Supreme Court, to alert the Court of this possible consequence of their coming Decision (twice). It seems possible that none of the Justices have thought through this implication regarding encouraging Polygamy.

Actually, I also wonder if the Supreme Court Decision might also encourage some strange individuals to think that there could be some sort of 'legal marriage' with their dog!

I also wonder about the legal implications in those many States (like California) which have already passed laws to authorize homosexual 'marriages', whether they may have opened themselves up to Mormon lawsuits regarding Polygamy.

The US Supreme Court has certainly made some tremendous blunders during its history, such as several during the 19th Century about Slavery. And they rushed the decision regarding the Presidential Election of 2000 where everyone now agrees that Al Gore actually should have won the Florida vote and therefore the Presidency. And their more recent 'Citizens United' decision where they decided that Corporations were the same as Citizens, and therefore free to shovel astounding amounts of money into Political Campaigns, in order to make sure that their favorite candidates would nearly always win. People have been shocked that the Supreme Court made such a decision where Elections can be 'bought', and with 'secret money'. But if they do this one, they may achieve a new low in the quality of their work.

In France, they already have huge problems in their millions of Muslims getting along with the millions of non-Muslims. IF the French Government and Courts decides to give Muslims the right and freedom to 'have harems' in France, wow, imagine the social consequences then!

This presentation was first placed on the Internet in March 2013.

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Carl W. Johnson, Theoretical Physicist, Physics Degree from Univ of Chicago