I have proof!

In the modern world, virtually everyone has been told by friends that he or she is "full of s***". I happen to have ABSOLUTE PROOF that they have been right when they have said that about me!

I doubt that anyone else could say that have such proof!

My life has constantly and continuously been centered on my lower back which has had extreme problems since I was 19. But I managed to find ways to deal with that pain and I had a very active and successful career as a semi-pro volleyball player. During a Tournament in Michigan in around 1985, our team had a lunch break of two matches, and a teammate who happened to be a Chiropractor convinced me to pick up McDonald's food for lunch and to drive to his Clinic which was around 20 miles away from the Tournament. He wanted to take X-rays of my lower back, where he hoped to find some way of easing my pain. I had mentioned to him that when I was 21, an Orthopedic Surgeon had found that one of my lower back vertebrae is shifted about 3/8" sideways, where my spinal cord is squeezed through the smaller resulting hole. That same Orthopedic Surgeon also found that one of my legs is about 3/4" longer than the other, which tilts my pelvis and which also causes additional source of lower back pain.

So we got to his Clinic, and he took his X-ray picture of me. But we had to rush back for the Tournament so he did not get to Develop the film that day. (As usual, our team won the Tournament.)

It was about a week later before I saw my Chiroproactor friend again, and he apologized in telling me that the X-ray was "fogged". I did not really understand that so he got the X-ray out and showed me.

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When I saw the large black area on the X-ray, I realized what it probably was! I asked him and he confirmed that the "fogging" was due to the contents in my colon and lower intestine!

I begged him to let me buy the X-ray from him, but he said there were laws which forced Doctors to never release X-rays to the public.

I explained WHY I wanted it to him. I told him that I intended to FRAME it and hang it in a prominent place on my living room wall! He finally laughed and agreed to let me buy it from him.

So I have an official X-ray which SHOWS that my colon and lower intestine were full of excrement, or in more crude terms, "s***"! I have PROOF!

This presentation was first placed on the Internet in January 2013.

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Carl W. Johnson, Theoretical Physicist, Physics Degree from Univ of Chicago