Quarterback in American Football - Training and Learning

Many hundreds of thousands of young children in America learn how to throw a football. As their hands grow in size, such skills often improve, and some number of such children then start dreaming of the idea of becoming a Quarterback on a School team, or a future College team, or even a Professional team.

But the major part of what they need to learn to fulfill such dreams seems never to really be addressed!

A Quarterback is confronted with seeing 21 other people in front of him during each play, ten teammates and eleven opponents, each of whom are moving around at high speed!

Football Coaches refer to this as the Quarterback READING the unique situation in front of him, where the Quarterback must try to analyze the movements of all those others to decide exactly what choice he needs to make for a successful play.

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The vast majority of Quarterback wannabees do not sufficiently analyze such situations, and they make countless bad decisions, which quickly eliminates any Coach of ever wanting to have an organized team be dependent on their decisions. But even those who are chosen as Quarterbacks still make many, many bad decisions, all in the process of learning how to make GOOD decisions. This generally takes many years and hundreds of games, where teams tend to suffer by the lack of knowledge of a learning quarterback!

I figured out a way to greatly improve this situation!

People are used to seeing NFL Films videos of various successful and unsuccessful plays, and Quarterbacks and other players study such films to try to learn what errors might be avoided and what good decisions might be made. But such films have a limitation of being from a viewpoing of the camera, generally of an entire field.

My approach is entirely different! I want a Quarterback wannabee to be able to WATCH how a play appears from his own eyes! I invented a system where a Quarterback might WATCH a scene of two teams at the Scrimmage line when a Referee's Whistle is heard. The Quarterback would see (most of) the 21 others start to move, again from the Quarterback's perspective, including changes of perspective as the quarterback backs away from the line of scrimmage in preparing to throw a Pass, or to potentially hand the ball off to a Running Back, or to decide to run left or right.

My system involves a good computer system, which contains thousands of such situations, and which can adjust between multiple future movie continuations based on some decisions that the Quarterback makes. In other words, in real-time, the quarterback would watch a situation EVOLVE, and would then be in a situation of TRYING TO DECIDE what to try to do next!

Sometimes, the Quarterback would 'throw' the ball to a specific location where it would fall to the ground. Other times, it would result in a successful Pass. Other times, the intended Pass would be Intercepted or knocked down by an opponent.

The idea is that the Quarterback would be able to LEARN HOW TO READ SITUATIONS, without having to affect ten other teammates in the process of his learning!

By the time when the Quarterback was actually in a game and actually faced with his Wide Receiver doing a Slant run across in front of him, he would have already seen HUNDREDS of situations where that was very familiar to him. He would have BECOME FAMILIAR regarding seeing various opponents be in various locations and moving in various ways, and he would ALREADY KNOW which choices might be likely to result in an interception or in a completed Pass. The DECISION-MAKING of the Quarterback would be far better than the IMPROVISED decisions which all quarterbacks now have to make on each play!

The success of the quarterback and of the team would be GREATLY improved!

My concept of providing a very sophisticated INTERACTIVE DISPLAY for a Quarterback, FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF THE QUARTERBACK'S EYES, is unique, and if the computer system has an adequate video display, it all might seem very realistic to the Quarterback. I am talking about even including a rare time when a teammate Guard or Center accidentally steps on his foot! In other words, as REAL an environment as can be provided for the Quarterback to experience, but WITHOUT having to experience most of the failed plays that all Quarterbacks now have to endure as they are learning.

Even in major College teams and even in the NFL, we see Quarterbacks make really stupid decisions which result in an interception which loses the game for their team. So I suspect this concept might have application far beyond just ten-year-old Quarterback wannabees!

If the Quarterback can see occasional Linebacker Blitzes or Safety Blitzes or Red-Dogs or various other Defensive efforts, he might be able to make better (or quicker) decisions when confronted with such a situation in an actual game.

The Quarterback might NOTICE some player in his peripheral vision who is going to cut across in front of his intended Receiver to intercept the Pass, so when confronted with a similar situation in an actual game, he might resist making that Pass if he saw such an imminent danger!

From a Commercial perspective, I feel convinced that many hundreds of thousands of such 'games' might be sold as Christmas presents in families which have young athletic children, so it seems that such a system would be worth developing regarding nearly certainty of making substantial profits.

However, I have been unsuccessful in finding any businesspeople who have the combination of INTEREST in this specific field and of CAPABILITY of arranging the necessary softward programming to achieve it. I have tried to get certain famous retired NFL Coaches interested in this idea, such as Tony Dungy (of the very successful Indianapolis Colts), but he probably never learned of my system as his Staff graciously declined for him.

I suppose that all other Coaches who have been successful ALREADY have all the money and fame that they might ever want, so they probably will not be interested in participating in this concept. But I have hoped that there might be SOMEONE who cared enough about the development of young football players where such a person might realize what a wonderful concept this seems to be!

I am not sure whether this concept would be beneficial for other players than Quarterbacks or players in other sports. Would a Goalie in Soccer or Ice Hockey benefit from being computer-prepared to confront thousands of different scenarios? I do not know. Would a Basketball Guard be able to learn whether to attack the basket or to pass the ball off or to back up for a set-shot? I do not know. Would a CHESS PLAYER be able to learn to make better choices of moves by having been computer-trained regarding the potential future consequences of various choices? Maybe.

This presentation was first placed on the Internet in Sept 2012.

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