If Romney wins the Election, He may be a Dead Man!

If Romney wins the Election, He may be a Dead Man! If there has EVER been a person who was most likely to be assassinated, Mitt Romney seems to be the one.

From a super-conservative Republican perspective, consider the following:

During the Republican Primaries, the absolute hatred of Mitt Romney was constant and continuous. Where all the ultra-conservative Republicans are strict Christians, Mitt Romney is a lifelong Mormon, where there can be no possible compatibility with conservative Christian beliefs. THAT alone should have immediately eliminated Romney as the Republican candidate!

In addition, Romney had often severely criticized views held by ultra-conservative Republicans, but in order to get the Nomination, he had to change many positions to claim to become extremely conservative. But most people feel that Romney will revert to being somewhat of a centrist or a moderate immediately after the Election, especially since his experience as a businessman assures that he knows that extremely conservative views generally hurt all business efforts.

The ultra-conservative Republicans also watched as Romney spent enormous amounts of money for negative advertising to destroy each of the other Republican candidates during their Primaries. It was so grisly, and the fact that none of the other candidates could spend even a fraction of what the rich Romney was spending that there was never any real doubt that Romney would 'buy' the Republican Nomination! But we have to think that all those other Republicans have memories of the cruel and relentless negative advertising that Romney used to ensure getting that Republican Nomination. Once they see him in action as President, they are each and all likely to see that their early opinions of Romney were correct, and it is hard to imagine any other Republican politician ever wanting to be a friend of Romney, or of agreeing with him or standing up for him. During their Republican Convention, the various speakers seemed to be more focused on promoting their own futures, as was noted that Chris Christie never even mentioned Romney during the first 17 minutes of the (alleged) nominating speech. It seemed clear at the time that there must have been some difficulty in finding ANY major Republican who might be willing to give that Nominating speech for Romney! Apparently Christie was the best they could find, and he seemed to be mostly promoting himself for 2016!

Additionally, Romney chose an ultra-conservative Republican, Paul Ryan, as his Vice-Presidential candidate. As the ultra-conservative Republicans quickly find that they cannot work with Romney, and they certainly never had any respect for him, they will certainly see that they have what they see as an ideal Vice President ready to take command if and when something happens to Romney.

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It seems to me that it would only be a matter of time, and probably rather little of that, before Romney was sent on a dangerous trip into Somalia or Pakistan, or that some other (fatal) event happens to him, such that Ryan would then become the President that the ultra-conservative Republicans dream about!

And whether or not a culprit is found, in other words, even if anyone might ever later discover that this was all a large plot, none of it would be reversible, where Ryan WOULD then become the President for probably three years.

Personally, I already plan to permanently move to New Zealand if Ryan becomes President and the Congress is wildly Tea Party, as I do not see how anyone could then keep them from totally destroying the United States of America.

This does NOT seem the first time when the Neo-Conservatives may have hoped for some incident of Martyrdom happen to their President. During George W Bush's first term as President, he virtually never left the United States and rarely was ever even around any people who were not intimate friends of his. The Neo-Conservaitves clearly never considered W to be 'one of them', and they FAR would have preferred if Cheney had been or become President. So it was extremely interesting to a scientist who thrives on Statistical Analysis to see W suddenly start going on a multitude of foreign trips, almost immediately after he won re-election. The most bizarre situation was where Air Force One made an UNSCHEDULED STOP in a Central American country (where the Secret Service could therefore not have checked out the local people) and even stranger, we saw the President of the United States up on a delivery truck loading and unloading produce along with a group of local laborers. NO ONE would have had a chance to make sure that none of those workers happened to hate the US or that any of them might have had a gun or knife! Unbelievable! But no one attacked the President, and Cheney remained Vice-President! More such bizarre foreign trips followed, although when my good friend Peter Jennings called them to ask the White House about potential dangers to the President, some of those trips were suddenly cancelled!

A more complete discussion of those events of the second term of President George W Bush are at Safety of the President.

The Neo_Conservatives today truly hate Romney, where they just seemed to dismiss W. It sure seems likely that they WILL look for some way for Romney to have 'an accident', particularly since their favorite Ryan would then immediately become President (which is clearly what they have always REALLY wanted anyway!)

This presentation was first placed on the Internet in April 2012.

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Carl W. Johnson, Theoretical Physicist, Physics Degree from Univ of Chicago