RU-486 or Mifepristone or Plan-B or Morning After Pills

The chemicals used for conventional birth-control pills have continuously been available to hundreds of millions of women for around 50 years, since 1960.

But the fanatics who are so against abortion have been amazingly aggressive in outlawing a product called Ru-486, which has been in use in Europe for around two decades, and newer versions of that sort of 'morning after pill' more recently.

This is a subject which has never really existed within MY life, so my research and knowledge is limited.

But I believe I saw in a Medical News program around 1990 where one of the experts commented, rather casually(!) that an Ru-486 pill was chemically virtually identical to the chemistry of conventional popular birth-control pills, only about eight times the dose.

In general, I immediately go to the trouble to either confirm or deny the accuracy of such statements I hear, but again, the subject has never been of the slightest importance in my life. I assume that both of my ex-wives had been 'on the pill' while we were married, but I never even watched to see what they did. I DO recall seeing a package which seemed to have about 28 tiny pills in numbered spaces, and I assume that the woman was supposed to take one each day, in the numbered sequence. I believe that some (maybe 7) of the numbered pills were chemically different than the others (inert sugar pills), for during the menstruation period. So I think that only 21 of the conventional birth control pills are chemically active. I do not know that for a fact.

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But immediately when I saw that Medical Report, around 1990, a seemingly obvious idea occurred to me. IF ANY woman got raped or otherwise felt concern that she might have gotten pregnant the night before, I figured that she probably would not have much trouble obtaining EIGHT conventional birth control pills, and taking them all at once.

Wouldn't that have put the equivalent of an Ru-486 pill in her body, without all the ferocious politics of trying to get a Doctor or a Hospital to give her an Ru-486 pill? Or the notoriety?

In other words, if she could do that, and the facts are as I understand them to be, wouldn't she just have 'protected herself on the morning after' where absolutely no one would know?

I guess I am assuming that she must have some loving elderly relative, like an Aunt, who has no interest in having a perscription for birth control, but who might be willing to get such a perscription such that she had access to at least eight birth control pills? I assume there are probably dozens of other 'social solutions' to that need for an urgent perscription.

Recently, in 2013, another Medical News program on TV was discussing the fact that Conservative Republicans have eliminated any chance of a woman getting an abortion in most of the States of the United States, to try to FORCE all women to Deliver every baby that gets conceived. (Male) (elderly) Politicians seem to want to ignore the Supreme Court Decision of Roe v. Wade (1973) which allowed all American women the personal right to have an abortion, and they have been methodically forcing all women's health services to close, where women in much of the United States no longer can use the freedom given to them by Roe v. Wade.

But birth control pills are used by so many tens of millions of women in the United States, that they do not seem likely to be able to outlaw them.

So my question is, since Conservative Republican male politicians keep finding ways to 'get around' Roe v. Wade to achieve their goals, shouldn't women be allowed to KNOW that by simply taking about eight conventional birth control pills on the morning after a possible conception, she probably would ingest the medication of an Ru-486 'morning after pill' without any political complications?

I would insist that before any woman would try this, she would have a Doctor confirm my understanding of the Ru-486 being both safe and being the equivalent of eight conventional birth control pills. I would NOT want any woman to have medical complications from trying this if there were any possible side effects.

This presentation was first placed on the Internet in April 2013.

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