Becoming Self-Sufficient Regarding Electricity

And Pretty Much Everything Else!

Of course, these are all GREEN as well!

Most companies that try to market alternative energy products tend to focus on ultra-high-tech devices and concepts. Impressive demos are done to allegedly prove the worth of their (expensive) products, but few such concepts are yet decently proven as effective and efficient in real-life use, and they also tend to have a lot of repairs needed which generally require incredibly expensive technicians to fix extremely exotic equipment! We tend to see value in the other direction! The majority of the devices and systems described here are extremely effective but as LOW-tech as is realistically possible, while still providing the level of results which is expected by modern American and European people. Better than that, many of the devices and systems described and discussed here (and in linked pages) are entirely presented including construction instructions so that you could build your own. And still better, many of them only involve a few hundred dollars of purchases from a local store (and some construction work on your part!)

MOST of the needs of human survival and of some level of happiness can be provided by these various systems. Given that the economy figures to become even more dreadful than now (early 2009), these systems may turn out to become extremely important in coming years. Most of these concepts are also applicable to Third World remote locations, so a jungle village in equatorial Africa could use these systems to have reliable food refrigeration and freezing, reliable safe water supplies, comfortable building cooling, substantial supplies of electricity for a wide variety of uses, and even medical sterilization regarding health issues. Even aspects of enabling a small greenhouse to produce five times the amount of food, at extremely high quality, is in the realm (using the HG 3a).