Better than the Wave at Football Stadiums

The FANS create a team theme song!

A Professional or College football stadium can have 60,000 or 80,000 people enjoying the game. Pro or College Basketball teams usually have smaller stadiums. Some teams show displays that tell the fans to 'make noise' to try to disrupt the opposing (visiting) team. There have also been various efforts where all the fans have been given large colored pieces of cardboard, where they are instructed to display their colored card at a specific moment, so that a TV camera on a blimp overhead then sees a Logo or some some other image.

Many teams have their fans stand up and sit down in a specific pattern to create what appears to be a WAVE flowing around the stands.

These various ideas are all attempts to get 'fan involvement' behind their team! Some are complex to do, some are expensive, but all seem to have limits the way I see it!

I think I have something BETTER! And it is CHEAP to do, and ALL the fans would enjoy participating! BEFORE the game, the Marketing people of that Team would publicize a request which asks each fan to practice being able to SING one specific musical note! Even non-singers can learn to make a noise at one specific freqyuency, or at least, to be close!

Here is the concept!

The team comes up with a very simple THEME SONG. It might be simply a FIGHT SONG of four or five notes, or CHARGE, or it might be a longer or more complex song.

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The digital displays in the Stadium would show: "FIGHT SONG" to alert the fans that they would momentarily be expected to participate!

Then the digital displays may show 'MIDDLE C' to get all the thousands of fans who can sing that note to participate, to make that specific sound. A second later, the digital display may show 'MIDDLE G' and other people sing that different note. The timing is created by the digital display, but all the sound of the FIGHT SONG would be created BY THE FANS!

The potential of this might be enormous. COULD the fans sing all the notes of the National Anthem which begins all sporting events? I doubt it, but that might be the ultimate goal! A team might create a ten-note or twelve-note song that might become their trademark, where they would have their (home) fans sing their song several times during every game!

Note that the sensation to the Fans is to hear a weird version of Four-Channel Stereo (or more) where they hear each note coming from different directions, from especially loud singers near them.

But this is a FAR bigger concept! The Team would encourage ALL the millions of people who live in that Metropolitan Area to go to a web-site where EACH NOTE is stated and then sounded, so that millions of people could PRACTICE singing their one note! Such a web-site might also include each of the musical sequences, so that each person (at home) could practice singing their one note AT THE CORRECT TIME so it sounded best!

SO! Now it is the day of a big game. All the millions of residents of that city will NOT be able to get tickets to actually be there. BUT THEY WILL be able to go to thousands of local bars! As the game progresses, the Team's promotional Department would ensure that an upper corner of the TV screen would show the 'message board', so everyone in the bar would know to get ready to participate in the team's Fight Song or Charge or whatever other musical interlude. Then, some or all of the people IN THE BARS would sing their note at the appropriate time (matching the much less loud music coming from the TV). It would not be long before MOST of the people in the bar would start to participate, and fifty enthusiastic fans should be able to make it deafeningly loud in that bar, as in the thousands of other bars where the same thing was happening.

Of course, the Fans who actually were able to buy tickets to BE AT THE GAME would also have LOUD effects!

There are some cities that brag about how LOUD it gets inside their stadium when fans cheer. However, the Physics is such that such 'random noise' is not nearly as loud sounding as if it were those same voices all singing the same note! The 'Guinness World Record' for the loudest fans, would likely be re-located!

So say this really catches on! Imagine some Team providing all the notes, and also the Words, on their Message Boards during the National Anthem. The song is so complicated that even most professional singers have trouble singing it, but nearly anyone could learn to sing ONE musical note or ONE word at the correct note.

As a loyal American, I LIKE the idea of all 60,000 fans in a football stadium contributing to a LOUD rendition of our National Anthem just before the competition begins! The way it is now, the majority of fans are like the players, all patiently WAITING for the Anthem to be over so they can cheer and start playing. Imagine if ALL the people in the building FELT MOTIVATED TO PARTICIPATE in the Anthem. Fifty years ago, MOST people who attended a sporting event took off their caps and held their hand over their hearts, and actually (tried to) sang! NOW, only a tiny fraction of the fans even sing a few words, or look for a Flag to honor. I think this idea could result in an exciting new attitude toward our National Anthem.

You might note that no Team or Stadium would have to have any expenses or trouble to do this! With a single exception! A Spokesperson for the team would be updating Reporters and TV cameras with the playing status of their stars, when he would add a brief addition. Maybe five College students would come up on the Stage near him, as he would start talking about IF FANS WERE REALLY PASSIONATE ABOUT THE TEAM, maybe they would want to PARTICIPATE more in a game's environment. He would note about the Wave, or about screaming Charge, but then he would mention this 'newer idea'. He would point to their Message Board (above their heads in the Stadium), which would then show a sequence of 'musical notes'. Then he would indicate that 'these five young people each know how to make the sound of one note, and the Reporters and Cameras would watch the five follow the Message board and sing the Team's Fight Song.

He would then ask the Reporters about how loud it would be if EVERYONE in the Stadium sang along with the Message Boards as the five had just done. 'Would that be the LOUDEST FIGHT SONG EVER?' Hmmmm!

He would then direct TV viewers to the Team's web site where each note was available for people to practice in their homes.

And then he would point out that 'we would have MILLIONS of people, raring to support the team, where most of them would not fit in this Stadium'. He would suggest that the 50 people watching the game at a Sports Bar, could make a lot of noise there! EVERYONE could get really INVOLVED in the Team!

This presentation was first placed on the Internet in November 2012.

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