Amazing Bad Behavior of the Village of Thornton, Illinois, Part 2

First, you need to know that I am a quiet and pleasant Pastor of a small Christian Church (beginning in 1996) (A Christ Walk Church), and that I have NEVER been in any trouble or caused any trouble in my entire life. I believe I received around two parking tickets and maybe three or four slight speeding tickets in my entire life of driving, which has represented the sum total of all the trouble I have ever been in in 60 years of life. To give an idea of my life, a couple weeks before High School graduation, I borrowed a quarter from another kid named Art, and his family moved away immediately after graduation, so I was never able to pay him back! It still bothers me 45 years later! I believe that there had only been one person I have ever even punched in my life, when I was around 19, in defense of myself after being attacked. I would think that few people have caused as little problem with society as I have, and as a Christian Pastor, I believe I have provided society with many benefits. One area of that is with the BELIEVE Religious Information Source web-site that I created and manage, which had over 19,000,000 hits in the year 2006 regarding religious subjects. (23 million hits in 2007 and slightly over 30 million hits in 2008 and 48 million in 2009.)

Therefore, the following series of incidents, essentially all created by the Police Department of the Village of Thornton, Illinois (and its personnel) and some of their close friends in the Village Government of that same town, are truly astounding. Given that I never deserved any of these many hundreds of behaviors on their part, I often wonder how they behave when they have someone who actually has done something wrong, like someone who actually HAS a criminal record, to harass and threaten. It boggles the mind.

As noted in the first history, I had actually lived in northern Indiana, an hour-and-a-half drive away, and had only became owner of this house when my mother passed on. I would generally make the 70-mile drive each way around once a week each summer to mow the grass. Since those trips seemed otherwise somewhat pointless and wasted, I often decided to pull some weeds from the various lawns while I was there, before driving back. The house itself was essentially empty of furniture and furnishings.

Prior to early 2003, I was rarely even IN Thornton except briefly to mow the lawn and to pull some weeds. The house was essentially empty of furniture and I couldn't have stayed if I had wanted! Because of the brevity of those visits to Thornton, I virtually never was anywhere except on my own property, never attended any social events, rarely went to any local stores, and unless people came to my property, rarely even talked to anyone in Thornton. My life was 70 miles away around our Church in Indiana. AFTER these bizarre events began in 2002, I eventually found that Thornton had FORCED me to move to this house, if only to protect it from the Village government and Police deciding to wander through my locked house whenever they felt like it! My career as a Christian Pastor essentially ended, in several different ways, all by the direct effort of the Police and Village of Thornton. During the five years after which this had started (2002-2007), I believe I got two pizzas from local stores and the following history describes that I had attempted to attend a grand total of two public events, a Christmas Concert and a Fourth of July Fireworks display. Other than that, and occasional visits to the Public Library, I essentially am never able to even leave my property in this Village, except to drive to any other town.

WHY would I place these strange histories on the Internet? A very good question! But seeing that these activities by the Thornton Police Department and the Thornton Village government have directly resulted in there being a rifle bullet hole that I can stick my thumb through in my window, and the fact that I am getting older and in less good health and the Ambulance is only a block away but also operated by the same people who have done these many things to me, so I have to believe that in any emergency, an Ambulance might take six hours to make that one block, I have to be realistic enough to know that I might not survive long enough to actually get anyone's attention about these many matters. In the event that something like that happens to me, I felt the need to place an accurate history somewhere where it might be found. Since the Thornton Police seem to feel free to enter and browse around my (and anyone else's) house without any Search Warrant, and since much of this presentation is evidence against their Department and friends, I have personal doubts that a written copy of this history left in the house, would ever be seen by anyone. (But I left a printed copy of this in the house anyway.)

The first part is documented in a separate web-page, at Thornton's Police Department's Criminal Behavior

The truly insidious thing about the way that they did those things in 2002 was that they seemed to intentionally make sure that I did not even KNOW that any of it happened! The Police hauled Elementary School students out of class to be interrogated by Police, and then even outright lied to those young kids to try to get them to agree with their allegations, but they NEVER interrogated me at all. Three or four superficial questions regarding where a boy was during school hours when he was supposed to be in school was all I ever was asked about. And yet, within a day, the circus the Police created by taking kids out of the Wolcott Elementary School to interrogate them about me, and the incredible lies they told those children, immediately and permanently destroyed my career as a Christian Pastor, my reputation, my respect, and my life. And the way they did it, I was the only person in the entire Village who did not know that any of this had happened.

In fact, the way they did it, logically, I could NEVER have known. They scared those kids so totally, that there was no logical way that they would ever again visit me or talk to me. (Fortunately, three years later, they had enough courage to do so, and I was able to start to learn of these things.) The Police lies, of being a proven serial sex offender regarding "little boys" was so horrendous that no adult in the town has EVER talked to me, or smiled, or waved, or even said hello, in the succeeding FIVE YEARS. So there was no way that I could ever have learned of any of those events or those lies through them. The Police did it all in a way that, not only did I have no way to prove that they had lied in destroying my reputation, but I had no way of even (ever) knowing that any allegations against me were ever even made, by anyone!

There is no possible way that anyone could try to clear their name and reputation, if they do not even have any way of knowing that any smear has been put on one's name and reputation. And when that smear is BY the Police, and it is the most profoundly destructive smear that can possibly be put on a man, or worse, a Christian Pastor, it essentially instantly became a terminal situation, one that could never be repaired. It is actually amazing that I was even eventually about to learn that it happened at all!

  • Fall 2002.

    I had noticed that neighbors and many others who had always been extremely friendly toward me had suddenly stopped smiling at me or talking to me or even acknowledging that I even existed!

    From then on, until now five years later, essentially no adult in the entire village of Thornton has ever said a word to me, or even smiled or waved. That seemed extremely weird, as well-liked Pastors are generally waved at and smiled at by large numbers of people! I didn't know why that change had happened.

    During these five later years, it has been truly weird to see grown men walking down the public sidewalk, seeing me pulling weeds from my lawn, and then cross the street to not have to walk near me (and then immediately cross back to my side of the street)! Again, I had no idea why nearly everyone in the town was doing such things!

  • Mar 2003

    (Blank and Unsigned) Cease and Desist Order

    In 2003, there were actually still three exceptions from this universal pattern against me. Three immediate neighbor men had encouraged me to buy a set of horseshoes and set up horseshoe pits in my very large yard, and we daily played horseshoes on most afternoons. They were Herb (directly across the street, around 65), Louie (diagonally across the street, around 50), and (Louie's brother, Joe, also around 50, from down the street).

    One late afternoon as we were playing horseshoes, a white pickup truck with the sign Thorne Concrete on the side drove up along us and stopped. The very elderly man inside did not say anything. But when I walked over to see what he wanted, he handed me a red piece of cardboard. And he left, still without saying a word. When I opened the card up, it was a Cease and Desist Order. However, it was not signed and nothing else in it had been filled in. We joked that maybe the Village had a law against playing horseshoes, as that seemed to be the intent.

  • April 2003

    Attempting to get a Required Building Permit

    However, a few days later, an official letter came in the mail that was dated April 1, and I momentarily thought it might be an April Fool's joke. But it appeared to be Official, and came from an individual I had never heard of before, a Harry Nolan, who was presented as Building Commissioner. I was told that I was in Violation, and that I had to come in to obtain a Building Permit for a minor repair I was doing to stop a leak in the roof of the garage (a few boards had rotted out and I was replacing them and also replacing the few shingles over them.)

    At this time, I was still generally living near our Church in Kingsbury, Indiana, around 70 miles away from this house I had recently inherited from my mother who had recently passed on. So I did not actually get or read that letter for several days. I certainly did not realize that a Building Permit was required for something so simple as replacing a few rotted boards and shingles. But I called to set up an appointment to get the required Buildng Permit, and then met with Mr. Nolan at the appointed time.

    It was an astounding visit of maybe 20 minutes! He told me that he expected to Condemn and Demolish both my house and my garage! He bragged to me, with a giant grin, about all the buildings he had previously Condemned and Demolished in the small Village. He pushed a paper toward me while he told me that he could get me a "Grant" if I just signed that Form so that he could more quickly demolish my house and garage! (My house has always been one of the strongest and sturdiest houses in that town, being rather old but being built of older-style, higher quality materials than the bulk of the mass-produced subdivision homes of the Village. NO ONE has ever thought it was in mechanically bad condition.) In that single conversation that I have ever had with Mr. Nolan, he happened to admit that HE HAD NEVER EVEN SEEN MY HOUSE. I found it astounding that he was enthusiastic about Condemning and Demolishing a house that he had never even seen! Even to try to get me to sign a Form to allow him to do it immediately.

    He was clearly so intent on Condemning and Demolishing my house, I made a point to look around his 8'x8' office to see a Building Commissioner identifier on his desk. I thought it was incredibly strange that a person who is being paid by taxpayers as Building Commissioner would seem to be so enthusiastic about demolishing previous buildings and particularly my house, which he had never even seen, as I had thought that a main function of a Building Commissioner would have been to try to INCREASE the tax rolls rather than wiping them out.

    Mr. Nolan made many more astounding statements in that one brief meeting. He told me that he fully expected to Void the Building Permit in 90 days, because he said that he will not be satisfied with my progress in all that I was then required to do. The Complaint against me had indicated that my house was in imminent danger of complete collapse, that the entire roof of the house and garage had to be re-roofed, and various other appearance items such as trim and paint. Since I was then still generally living one and a half hours drive away, and only occasionally was coming to Thornton, it was clearly going to be a hardship on me to do all he demanded, particularly with a 90-day deadline. When I mentioned that Herb across the street had had a one-year period of validity for a Building Permit he had gotten, that was when Mr. Nolan told me that he intended to Void mine after 90 days, and then Condemn and Demolish my house and garage. In that brief meeting, Mr. Nolan must have said the word demolish at least 15 times, and the word Condemn at least 8 times. And it was all really a shock because I had only gone there to get a Building Permit.

    Mr. Nolan pointed his finger at me as he warned me to NEVER even pick up a hammer or a shovel without first getting his personal permission! I have to wonder if I am the only person in America to which that demand has been applied. Since I am very naive, and again, I thought I was there to apply for a Building Permit, and I had no idea that he saw me as the enemy, I happened to casually mention that I had recently invented a wonderful new invention, which can convert sunlight into electricity (a web-page refers to it, and him!). His response was immediate and overwhelming! He announced that if I would build a prototype of it, he would immediately use that to have my house and garage Condemned and Demolished.

    It was really a remarkable brief meeting, with a person who I had never met before, and he had apparently not ever seen me, and I have not interacted with again. But he certainly made absolutely clear that he insisted that I spend the money to TRY to do the repairs and improvements to my house that he required (again, of a house which he had never even seen), but that it would then be called a failure which would then let him Void the (yet un-created!) Building Permit and then Condemn and demolish my house.

    When he told me that he had never seen my house, I asked how he could have filed such a Complaint against my house and garage. He had another giant smile as he said that a neighbor had complained. He would not say who. But apparently, it must have been a rather unusual neighbor, one who allegedly knew the structural Engineering and Design calculations regarding the structural integrity of a building (which I happen to be knowledgeable on). It was only many months later that I learned that the person who originated that Complaint was his own part-time secretary, a Karen Leoni.

    Later that year, among the many things I tried to do to preserve my house, I sent letters to all the Village Trustees, and one of them happened to mention that he knew that Karen Leoni had filed 42 separate Official Complaints against me during 2003. He was aware of this because each of those Complaints apparently came before his Board. Other than receiving that blank Cease and Desist order that was unsigned, I was never aware of any of them except two. Both of them came to my attention when a Police car came to my house. In one, the Officer was laughing as he asked if we horseshoe players were wildly swearing and cursing! The other was when an Officer was writing out a Citation for Illegal Parking! Since I generally was still living in Indiana, I generally made sure to leave a nice vehicle parked (on our apron lawn) where my family had parked cars for over 50 years, to try to convince potential burglars that there might be someone home. As he filled out the Citation, he explained to me that there was a Village Ordinance that no vehicle can remain over 24 hours, and would then be towed away. (This is another example of incredibly selective application of such Ordinances against me, because I have seen a parked vehicle across the street be parked ON THE STREET for over four months now without having been moved! Jun 2007) In any case, I had to stay in Thornton that night to move that car, because he assured me my car would be gone 24 hours after he put that Citation on it. I guess it was fortunate that I was even there, as I often would be away for days at a time (because of Church duties in Indiana) and my car would simply have been gone when I would have returned!

  • Summer 2003:

    Public Attitudes Caused by the Police

    For exercise, I would often carry any mail that I needed to post to the Post Office around 4 blocks (1/2 mile) away. One day, I was making that walk, when three rather large adult men were ahead in a yard, less than a block from my house. As I approached, they moved onto the sidewalk and seemed to position themselves like football linemen! They did not say a word, to each other or to me, but it was quite clear that IF I would try to continue walking (on the public sidewalk) they intended to beat me up! I stopped and briefly made a slight motion where I might go on either grass side to go around them, but they moved to show me that I was not allowed to do that either! I backed up and then went out onto the street to walk by. That happened once again (with different men) on the public sidewalk on the opposite side of the street. I got the picture! Ever since (for four years) I always walk out in the street rather than on any public sidewalk. It was definitely clear that they did NOT want me walking on the sidewalk near their houses. I did NOT have any clue why (until two years later in 2005, when those kids taught me a lot of what had happened). The expressions people give when I get near, even now in 2007, indicate that their attitudes are still the same, so I do not ever expect to again walk on any public sidewalk in Thornton.

  • Summer 2003:

    An Attempt to Have My House Condemned and Demolished

    As Mr. Nolan's 90-day deadline neared, and I had made great progress but I was nowhere near being done with the required work, I received more official notice that my house was about to be Condemned and demolished. I was absolutely convinced by then that it was going to happen. Even calls to the Mayor informed me that the Mayor would totally support any decisions and any actions that Mr. Nolan might make, and if he decided to Condemn and demolish my house, then it would happen.

    In total discouragement, and in desire to at least preserve the perfectly fine house from destruction, I had conceded that I no longer had any possible way of stopping Mr. Nolan from demolishing it. (He had apparently STILL never even seen the house, which is barely one block away from his Office!) I concluded that the only remaining chance the house had was regarding the fact that it has some wonderful history. When my father bought it in 1946, it was a very small single room of around 13 feet by 19 feet, on property that was half of a city block (three lots). The other half of that city block was where the Doctor's huge house was, so only those two structures, a huge house and a tiny room, were on the entire block. My father was told by the sellers, that they had lived in the house for 40 years, and that it had been the Village One-Room Schoolhouse. That certainly seems to explain the huge amount of open space around it and the fact that it was so tiny and only a single room.

    It turns out that some of that original structure of the one-room building still exists inside the kitchen area of the house. I felt that maybe the Historical Society might either help try get the building preserved as a Historical Building, or if not that, might be interested in me simply GIVING them Title to the house.

    They were not remotely interested, although I still did not understand why. However, I wrote letters to the Village Trustees about the strange 90-day intention of Voiding my Building Permit and the constant threats to Condemn and Demolish my house. Several of the Trustees actually drove out and actually talked to me (which must have been incredibly difficult for them as they certainly also believed those lies the Police had started about me the year before). Each that visited noted that my house was in clearly very sturdy shape and in no conceivable danger of collapsing or anything. It appeared that Mr. Nolan's single-minded intentions of Condemning and demolishing my house and garage must have been slowed by those Trustees, as the Building Permit was NOT Voided at 90-days. However, I was told that a new and absolute deadline of 120-days applied, around the end of August 2003.

  • Late August 2003:

    Another Attempt to Have My House Condemned and Demolished

    I was given the notice that my house was to be Condemned and demolished. By then, I had realized that there was nothing I could do to stop that from happening. However, I also realized that the Village would certainly be required to present the Order for Condemnation in open Court before a Judge. So I sent a letter to the Mayor where I insisted on knowing when and where that Hearing was to be (a couple days later), because I told him that I intended to Appear in Court. I told the Mayor that I would then have a chance to describe into the Official Court Records, all the bizarre ways that the Village had acted regarding their amazing insistence on having a perfectly sound house Condemned and Demolished.

    On the day that I got that notice regarding Condemnation, it described the reasons: It mentioned that I had not even sanded or painted any of the trim or window frames; that only 1/4 of the roof had been completed; and some other statements. I noted to the Mayor that I absolutely would insist that Mr. Nolan's final Notice be entered in Court, as well as then Trustee Volek's having personally witnessed that I had completed the work on 46 out of the 48 windows of the very large house, and that slightly over 3/4 of the roof work was already done. If they were going to Condemn and Demolish my house on Harry Nolan's word, I wanted it in the Official Court Record that he still had never even looked at my house. I mentioned to the Mayor that I believed that a Judge would find it quite peculiar for the Building Commissioner to ask to Condemn and Demolish a house, without his being able to have seen that 46 out of 48 windows were then excellently restored and covered with bright white paint!

    Given that I had conceded that I could not save my house, I actually was LOOKING FORWARD to being permitted to Testify in Court! But possibly the Mayor realized that I was not going to simply let Harry Nolan have his way unchallenged, and I suspect the Mayor also knew that there are always Court Reporters present that look for interesting stories to put in their newspapers. I suspect the Mayor might have realized how badly the Village of Thornton would have looked in even REQUESTING the Condemnation and Demolition of a perfectly good house (of which I would have brought in lots of photographs, of course!), by a Building Commissioner who had never even seen the house one block from his Office!

    Please keep in mind that I still had absolutely no way to actually know WHY the Village was acting so weirdly toward me. As a quiet, friendly, and pleasant Christian Pastor, I certainly had never angered or even irritated anyone in the Village of Thornton. Particularly since I was then still primarily living an hour-and-a-half away near our Church in Indiana!

    In fact, this situation gave me no choice whatever and I was forced to stop being Pastor of our Church for those four months while I was trying to comply with Mr. Nolan's demands. I also had no idea that it really didn't matter what repairs I made, he absolutely intended to Condemn and Demolish my house no matter what. Without ever needing to even look at it!

    So that four months away from our Church pretty much caused the Members to start attending other Indiana Churches, and my career as an active Pastor ended, entirely because of Thornton's amazing passion for Condemning and Demolishing my house. I did not then yet realize that their plans were greater than that, to destroy me personally as well, in every possible sense of the word. The following stories include a 3/4" rifle bullet hole which I have preserved in one of my windows (April 2004); a methodical pattern of visiting each separate neighbor family to repeat those same lies the Police made up in 2002 (nearly continuous, still occurring in June 2007); invading my house at least twice (both in 2003) while I was away in Indiana, without stealing or vandalizing anything but in clumsily knocking many books and papers around; daily and often constantly monitoring my e-mails, my phone calls and my Internet usage; during especially 2006 and 2007, nearly daily monitoring my bank accounts; nearly continuously during 2006 and 2007, not only monitoring my e-mails but actively contacting the other person to scare them away from ever having any further conversation with me; that includes people who had described great interest in the fact that I save people several hundred dollars on fireplace doorsets, of which I had NEVER had anyone cancel an order in ten years, now, during 2006, when anyone would say they were mailing in a check to buy, I believe it was around 200 consecutive times, no check ever arrived and the person would never respond to any further e-mails. Again, people always LOVED that I saved them hundreds of dollars, while still making a small profit myself. For 200 consecutive people to suddenly decide not to mail a check they told me they were mailing, is really strange. Of course, by 2006, I had finally learned the basis of all the viciousness that Thornton constantly loads on me. Until May 2005, I was absolutely in the dark as to why such universal hatred of me seemed to suddenly exist.

  • Summer 2003:

    Trying to Report a Potential Burglary Next Door at a Vacant House

    The house just to the south had a new owner around 2002, but by the middle of 2003, they seem to have moved away. Since the house was then vacant, I kept an eye on it as I thought all neighbors are supposed to do. One day, I happened to see the small (man-)door of the garage wide open. I was not sure what that meant, but since the house still appeared to be vacant, I thought I had a responsibility to call the Police that there might have been a break-in.

    When the Police car arrived, with two Officers in it, one was a heavy-set blond Officer. I do not believe that I had ever met her or even seen her before. But as I walked up to the Police car, she started shouting at me! She was simply screaming! It was almost hard to understand the words! I was not even given any chance to say anything! She said that the house was vacant and that it was none of my business! She even insulted me a couple times. Then they drove away, never even having looked at the open door of the garage.

    Again, at this time, I still had absolutely no idea why the people in the Village were universally so nasty and vicious to me. But she made very clear that day that the Police were definitely in on that attitude toward me.

    I learned nothing that day, and nothing was accomplished toward ensuring the security of the neighbor's property, except for one thing. I learned that I better NOT ever call the Police again! Nine months later when the rifle bullet came through my window, the logical thing to do would have been to call the Police. I still did not know why, but I knew that option was not available to me. So even with a huge bullet hole in my window, I had no way to actually have anything done, and I did not even know why!

  • Twice during 2003:

    Invasion of My House By Thornton Personnel

    I was still then primarily living near our Church in Indiana. On two different occasions when I came to Thornton, primarily to mow the lawn, I unlocked the door and went inside only to find unambiguous evidence that someone had been inside. My first thought both times was a burglar, so I immediately went outside and went around the house to see if any windows had been broken into, but they were not. The door was definitely not broken through or jimmied, or even open as if someone had somehow opened the deadbolt lock. It was quite confusing as to how the person had gotten into the house.

    In both cases, I then spent the next two hours in searching through the house for whatever might have been stolen, but absolutely nothing was! Also, absolutely no vandalism was done either!

    However, the evidence that someone had been in the house was unavoidable. As a researcher in many different fields, I have tended to stack up the books and papers for any specific research area in a single stack. This makes it so that I can most easily and quickly find all the source documents on that subject whenever I need to do more research on it. So, given that there have NEVER been any visitors or guests inside my house in Thornton, I always felt fine in having between 50 and 70 separate stacks of books and papers in different locations on the floors of three of the rooms. I suppose the stacks were and are generally six inches to twelve inches tall. Not one pile had ever fallen over on its own over quite a few years that I have been doing this.

    So, to come into the house and find around 40 of those stacks spread around as though they had been each kicked, was clearly a sign that a person had been in the house and apparently browsing around, but without stealing anything or vandalizing anything.

    For the record, just in case I might have thought it was helpful to call the Police, exactly what crime would I have described to them? NO broken door or lock. No broken window. Nothing stolen. Nothing vandalized. They would have done nothing at all. At the time, I did not realize that THEY (actually Karen Leoni, the part-time Secretary for the Police Department) had been who had been inside my house!

    In early 2003, the Mayor of Thornton was still willing to talk to me on the phone. I had called him several times in trying to keep Mr. Nolan from Condemning and Demolishing my house. One specific comment the Mayor told me on the phone was especially memorable! He told me that "if any door or window is open in a house in Thornton, it is considered fully acceptable that any member of the Thornton Police or the Thornton Municipal government can freely go inside." I responded (in amazement) by asking if a Search Warrant would be necessary. He said no, as long as any door or window had been open or unlocked.

    I found that a truly astounding attitude for him and the Police and the government officials to have! The can go up to any house or building and try the door. If it opens, they are free to go in! (after first knocking to see if anyone is home.) If the door is closed and locked, if any window happens to be either open or unlocked, any of those many people are apparently free to climb in through the window and then freely be inside! I had no idea that in America that sort of thing was even possible! I had always thought that there were laws against such things! But the Mayor was quite clear in his confidence and his description of such things. It didn't dawn on me to ask him if there were any circumstances for which an actual Search Warrant might be necessary, and I have always wished I had asked him that!

    In any case, it really didn't dawn on me as I was trying to figure out how someone had gotten into my house to kick over all my books and papers that there might be any connection. I only knew for sure that no criminal had been inside my house! In fact, my next thought was whether some animal, like a raccoon might have found some way to get into the house. So I very carefully examined both the inside and outside of all wall surfaces and everywhere else that an animal might have gotten in. I soon could guarantee that nothing larger than a mouse could possibly have gotten in, and I knew that a mouse was not nearly big enough or heavy enough to knock over ten-pound piles of books.

    It was really a mystery the first time it happened. It was also really a mystery when it happened a second time a couple months later, in the summer of 2003. And I had absolutely no clue as to what had happened, or how it had happened or why it had happened. Then I remembered two things: One was that amazing comment by the Mayor regarding the absolute freedom he described in having the right to go through absolutely anyone's house. The second was the fact that my mother had lived in the same house up until around 1990. She had had some medical problems of old age, and she had fallen down and needed to be taken to the Hospital several times during the 1980s. I had suddenly remembered that during one of those incidents in the middle 1980s, the Police had asked her to have a key to the house, so they might help her more quickly and easily if she should fall down again. I remember because she was uncertainly about doing that and she called me to see if I thought it was right. At the time, I thought it was a great idea, to better ensure her physical safety.

    After she had gone to live in retirement homes for some years, and then eventually passed on, I had entirely forgotten that she had voluntarily given a key to the house to the Thornton Police in the middle 1980s! And the lock had never been changed! That meant that in the Thornton Police Department, there was a key to my house now! I suddenly realized how someone could have gotten into and out of my house, twice, without any indication other than kicking over all those books and papers.

    More, I realized that they may have gone inside my house many other times as well, and simply been more careful as to not kicking over any books! I eventually realized that it was actually Karen Leoni, the part-time secretary of the Police Department, who had been inside my house, but certainly those "illegal searches" would not have even been possible without the direct involvement of the Police Department. In fact, I would almost bet that today, my house key is probably no longer even in the possession of the Thornton Police Department (although it obviously should be, otherwise what would be the explanation for their having been given the responsibility for having such key for access and then not knowing where it went? Could they have been so incompetent to have allowed my house key to have gotten taken by someone? Actually, yes, I have enormous confidence that the house key to MY house is now likely to be somewhere in the house of Karen Leoni.

    There is very good reason for believing this. A house just to the north of my house, at 213 South Hunter, across Maria Street, was definitely a house deserving demolition. The residents passed on around 2000 and the house was also vacant and eventually sold by the remaining family. It was a very old, very decrepit, one-story house where the truck-driver owner had made changes to it over the previous fifty years. He did not always know what he was doing, and so he made concrete basement walls without realizing that they needed to be placed on top of a foundation of concrete, or strengthened to withstand soil pressure. The buyers of the property in 2002 seemed to know all the tricks regarding how to get around laws and regulations, and it was generally known that they were close friends of both Harry Nolan (Thornton part-time Building Commissioner) and Karen Leoni (his part-time secretary).

    The somehow managed to build (without even any Building Permit for a long time!) a nearly three-story-tall house, on top of that non-existent foundation. They even were good enough friends with Harry Nolan that they did it as a "remodeling" to avoid great increases in Property Tax bills. (It is often hard to figure out which side of the law nearly anyone is on around here! I would have thought that a Building Commissioner would have had the responsibility to the Village of ensuring compliance with the Laws, and therefore an actual "new construction" to make sure that the Village received its proper Tax Payments, rather than letting friends use "grand-fathering provisions" to find tricky ways to avoid them. It all is quite amazing, especially to a Christian Pastor who believes that we are actually supposed to OBEY laws!)

    The specific point here is that the female neighbor and Karen Leoni were clearly very close friends, often visiting nearly every day. (the next three incidents are related to this). The female neighbor was clearly alerted by Karen Leoni as to the Police lies that she constantly insisted on spreading about me, which certainly caused the female neighbor to closely co-operate with her on many things. The specific one here is that the neighbor was noticeably sitting next to her window, watching me, nearly all the time I was outdoors in my yard. She would also invariably be seen to pick up her phone there every time I got my car out of the garage to drive back to Indiana. There is no doubt that those phone calls were to Karen Leoni, less than a block away. On many of those days, even when I had left only to go to the grocery store for an hour or two, the neighbor Herb would tell me that he saw Karen Leoni walk down to my property within a few minutes of my leaving. He usually said that she generally just stood on the public sidewalk, staring at my house and/or garage for ten minutes or so. The point here is that the female neighbor clearly alerted Karen Leoni each time I drove away and then Karen Leoni would show up regularly a few minutes after I had left.

    Herb was one of our horseshoe players and a wonderful person. Both he and his wife generally spent all day every day sitting in their living room in front of their picture window, with Herb always in a chair directly facing the picture window. As their house is at 300 South Hunter, that east-facing picture window directly faces my house and property, so he was virtually always aware of Karen Leoni's amazingly regular visits to my property as soon as I would leave.

    He would see her drive up in a pickup truck as well, during 2003, with a camera, where he said she would take around 100 photographs of my house and garage, around twice each week, over several months. She apparently took several thousand photographs of my house, but interestingly always at times when she knew that I was away. I always wondered why!

    As a direct result of the two incidents where I (eventually) knew that the Thornton Police were feeling free to enter my house as they chose, and especially when I realized that the female neighbor was always alerting Karen Leoni as to when I would leave, I eventually came to the realization that I had no choice but to move to the house in Thornton full-time. The whole situation with Harry Nolan constantly insisting on demolishing my house had earlier forced me to be away from our Church for around four months, so I could try to do the work that Nolan insisted on, which resulted in each of our Congregation Members leaving to attend other Churches in Indiana. So there was little more to lose in Indiana by my being away from the Church more constantly. By Karen Leoni having used the key to my house that the Police Department possessed, I became convinced that I had no choice but to move to Thornton relatively full-time. To protect my house and property against burglars or vandals? No. To protect it against the Thornton Police and the Thornton Village government.

    It was pretty amazing that I felt it necessary to essentially abandon the Church of which I was Pastor, just to move to a house I inherited from my mother to protect it against the local Police Department. But that completed the end of my career as a Church Pastor. Thank you, Thornton Police Department, for ending my career.

    But note that I STILL did not actually know the central parts of what they had previously done (the lies to a young kid regarding claims that I had a long Police record of doing truly horrible things, and just the circus way of taking several kids out of their day in Public Elementary School to interrogate them about me). Or what or why their ongoing attitudes about me were so incredibly vicious and negative. All I really knew was that I was being harassed beyond imagination, and now that it was BY the Police Department. And WHO can a citizen report such harassment to? Right, the very same Police Department. Even if I would have tried to contact the Cook County Police Department (which I later tried, several times), what would THEY first do? Call the Thornton Police Department (whom they obviously totally trust regarding always telling the truth), and they would hear denials, and absolutely nothing would be done.

  • 2003 and 2004, maybe even 2002:

    18 Months of Video-Taping DOWNWARD Into My House Window Where I Sometimes Sleep

    I mentioned above the very close relationship between Karen Leoni and the odd female neighbor across the street to the north. That neighbor made clear that she truly hated the fact that we four men would get together nearly every afternoon to play horseshoes and have a lot of fun. We never knew why she was always so berserk about that, but she definitely was. Joe noticed that each day as we would get ready to play, the first floor window in her house always quickly opened, and we could see her sitting there, clearly listening to us. She clearly participated in some of the 42 Official Complaints that Karen Leoni supposedly filed against me (with herself, as Karen Leoni is the person who types up such Complaints!) As a Christian Pastor, I never swear or even talk about anything bad. Herb was a wonderful person who also never swore. But very occasionally, Joe or Louie might say a bad word. She would hear that, would call Karen Leoni, she would type up an Official Complaint (always against me, apparently), and the Police car would show up. We saw a Police car show up maybe twenty times related to our horseshoes! One time, the Officer said that "we were too happy!" a rather amazing Official Complaint, of which I always wanted to obtain a copy! An Officer would tell us we were too loud, or annoying the neighbors, or whatever, and never give out any Citation, and then go away. It was quite regular.

    One day, Joe pointed to the top-floor window of that very tall new house where the woman always sat listening to us from the first-floor window. He said that he had seen a small red light in that upstairs window for a number of months. When we all looked at it, we realized that it was the red light on a video-camera! Our initial thought was that she had pointed a video-camera at us playing horseshoes, maybe to try to prove some grave violation of law. We all thought it was quite funny, and knew that we had never and would never do anything that the Police could possibly see as illegal.

    Over following weeks, both Joe and I looked at that video-camera more carefully. We both eventually realized that it was NOT pointed at the horseshoe pits at all! It was pointed DOWNWARD, IN one of the windows of my house! She was spying in my activities inside my own house, from above! The window she was spying through was/is in front of a couch where I sometimes sleep, and sometimes with minimal or no clothes! I had never even imagined that ANYONE would set up a video-camera to spy downward through my window, as I am a 61-year-old man! I am NOT a young and pretty girl, where I hear that people do such things. It seems insanity that anyone would find cause to be spying on me (probably illegally) in such a way!

    When I found out years later that the Police had lied to that kid in 2002, and that there was obviously some sort of Police Report of that interrogation (nearly certainly typed up by the very same Karen Leoni), I only then, in 2005, started to realize the twisted minds that felt the need to spy on me in 2003 and 2004 and maybe even 2002. Someone (certainly Karen Leoni) clearly felt that they could collect some sort of incriminating evidence against me, based on the lies that they still seemed to insist were true! Given that absolutely NO HUMAN BEING ever even entered my house in any of those years (except when Karen Leoni broke in!), it is hard to imagine what sort of results they could possibly have collected!

    Once Joe and I were regularly looking at the window where the video-camera was, and the woman downstairs was sitting by her window listening to us talking about the red light, we soon saw the red light disappear. That red light had been on continuously for 24-hours each and every day for the two months that Joe and I had been looking at it. Longer, before, because Joe had been seeing it for months before ever having mentioned it to the rest of us. And even after the red light was no longer visible, we still saw the camera remain in the same place. It was there for at least 18 months that we could confirm, and maybe longer at the start.

    It is amusing how that camera surveillance in my window ended! A tree in her yard grew a new branch, which happened to grow right across in front of the camera, blocking its view into my window! Shortly, the camera disappeared from being in front of that window. But it was clear that for a continuous 18 months, a video-camera looked down into my window, right at where I sometimes sleep. I wonder how much film they used up? I wonder how many hours Karen Leoni spent in watching tapes where absolutely nothing ever happened? Or what possible things could have happened that they thought might be important? A Christian Pastor has a pretty quiet life! With exactly NO house visitors, there were no parties. Since I essentially do not drink, maybe a few beers per year, no drunkenness was likely.

    I also wonder if the Village incurred expenses in that video-camera or tapes for 18 months, of surveilling an innocent Christian Pastor!

  • Some time in 2004:

    Against Horseshoes - the Street

    The close connection between Karen Leoni and the female neighbor had two episodes that were even more strange than that! The first is a direct effect of the neighbor's total hatred of our playing horseshoes and having so much fun. In the entire Village of Thornton, every street is paved except for one, the half-block long Maria Street that I live on. We played horseshoes in the apronway between the public sidewalk and the gravel street, a fairly wide lawn area. It is hard to guess whether the female neighbor or Karen Leoni thought this up, but the neighbor demanded that the Village pave the street! There is absolutely no reason to, and the street is probably in better condition than many of the poorly maintained paved streets in the Village! But we horseshoe players quickly realized that she decided to demand the Village do that because it would disrupt our horseshoe playing! It turns out that we had all gotten pretty good by then, and could easily have continued to play in essentially the same location in half the width. But she clearly made that demand of the Village directly to try to hurt or punish us. And, of course, Karen Leoni quickly made out and processed the Application and the other paperwork. I called Trustee Volek who was still a wonderful person and essentially the only person in Thornton who I could actually talk to. I pointed out that paving a whole street would certainly cost many, many thousands of dollars! He agreed but said that Leoni had typed up and processed all the needed paperwork and that it probably could not be stopped. He and I then discussed the effect on the OTHER side of the street! We saw that the public sidewalk that would necessarily be installed with the paved street would only be a few feet from that tall house, entirely eliminating their whole front yard! Also around 1/3 of what they had considered their rather large back yard (always filled with massive piles of trash and junk) would be gone too. I asked Trustee Volek to see if he could explain to the neighbor that if she insisted on proceeding with getting the street paved, she would necessarily lose those large areas of what she considered her yard.

    Fortunately, Trustee Volek was able to get her to realize that her attempt to punish me would actually result in far more loss for herself. (Especially since we horseshoe players all agreed that we would continue to play in that very same location, even during construction of the paved street, and even if we could only play later in the day after construction had ended and we had to pull our stakes out each day!) The day before the final Approval was to be made for the paving, she apparently removed her request/demand to have it paved!

  • 2004:

    Dog Feces and Horseshoes

    This may be the most bizarre thing I have ever encountered in my life. Considering some of the above, that might seem unlikely!

    The female neighbor clearly truly hated the fact that we played horseshoes nearly every day and that we clearly had so much fun. Yet, we would invariably see her window opened up and her sitting down next to it to listen to us, every single day! At one point, she devised a way where she clearly was really looking forward to things we might say. The following seems absolutely incredible and even impossible. But after we realized it was happening, we documented it 22 separate times. I even set up my own video-camera and recorded her actually doing these incredibly criminal things twice.

    Herb and I generally were at the east stake and Joe and Louie at the west stake for the horseshoes. A horseshoe pit can either be of clay or of sand, or sometimes a mixture, as ours were. And we would add new sand and/or new clay as needed as some was thrown out of the pits by the shoes hitting and knocking some loose. So there was generally sand surrounding the heavy metal rod of the stake.

    Herb sometimes drank cans of Coke and I generally drank cans of Brisk Iced Tea, while Joe and Louie always bought and drank cheap beer at the other end. As a practical note, most people tend to drink a can of pop with the same hand they might throw horseshoes with. This fact clearly came to the attention of the female neighbor. There is some evidence that Karen Leoni KNEW about this, but no clear way to connect her to actually participating in it directly.

    One day, after Herb and I threw our shoes, Joe called back as to why the horseshoes stunk so much. We did not know what he was talking about and walked to the other end to find out. Three of the four horseshoes clearly had an intense smell of fresh feces. As I had carried my Brisk Tea with me, as I started to take a drink, I noticed the extremely strong smell on my right hand as well.

    I got a bucket of water and the garden hose and we washed our hands and the horseshoes off. But we soon realized that the east pit seemed to be full of very fresh feces. I got a shovel and we dug out several inches of the sand and clay and played in deeper than normal pits that day. Once we had done that and again washed the horseshoes and our hands with anti-bacterial dish detergent, we played.

    When we were done for the day, and sitting in my back yard discussing the matter, we tried to figure out what might have happened. One mentioned a stray cat using the sand in the pit as a litter box, but cat feces smells VERY different from what we were dealing with. It was clear that it was from a dog. We had never heard of a dog using sand as a litter box, especially since there is a huge steel rod sticking up in the middle of it. We also doubted that a dog would have carefully buried all of it and then smoothed it over. It was a real mystery.

    The exact same think happened the very next day. As we started to play, we again smelled feces on our hands and on the horseshoes. Again, clearly not from any cats. And hard to see how a dog could have buried it so effectively. But we dug out the sand again and tossed it out in the gravel street, washed the shoes and our hands in the anti-bacterial detergent again, and played.

    On the third day, Herb and I even looked before we started to see if we could see any pawprints or other evidence of any dog. There was none. But still we again had the exact same situation. We did our cleaning process again and played. This was three consecutive days. Very strange!

    It continued, although not always every single day, with sometimes one day skipped and once two days were skipped. We also all noticed that this NEVER had happened in the west pit (which was exactly the same) but only in the east pit (where Herb and I virtually always played).

    After around the twelfth time of this happening, our doubts had completely gone, and we sometimes even saw finger marks in the sand as the female neighbor had tried to smooth out the sand after having stirred in the dog droppings from her two dogs. The sand in the east pit would have an extremely smooth and flat surface, while the west pit (which she was not contaminating) was normally irregular and with slanted surfaces. There is a small clerestory window in my roof, and I decided to put my own video-camera up there, which has extremely low-light capability, to record the pit for the night. No artificial light was added and it is a dark area anyway.

    The following day, we had the same problem and we did our usual way of fixing it. Afterwards, I watched the movie of the entire night before. I had actually expected to see her walk out and across the street maybe soon after midnight, but that did not happen. I was starting to wonder. But around 4 am, there she was, a heavy-set woman, who came across the gravel street, put on surgical gloves, and used a little garden spade to dig up the sand and she mixed in a small bag of material (which was the feces), following that with leveling out and smoothing out the surface. Then she walked back across the street, taking the empty bag with her. It only took her around three minutes to do the whole thing. Of course, she had already done this at least a dozen times earlier and clearly had a pattern by now.

    It is sort of amazing that a sane person would make a point to set an alarm clock for 4 am to do such a bizarre thing to neighbors. By the way, I never once in my life ever even spoke to her, or her to me, so there is no possible way that she could have had any reason to have animosity or anger for me. Except for the things that Karen Leoni had told her regarding those Police lies which destroyed my reputation and career.

    This sort of activity has to be a serious Felony! What diseases might her dogs have had? Tapeworms? A hundred other things? The fact that someone had INTENTIONALLY done this at least 22 separate times, knowing that we were highly likely to ingest some of those feces in drinking the can of pop or Brisk Tea or beer, seems to mean that she absolutely INTENDED to do one or more of us serious bodily harm, possibly even death. In fact, since Herb died rather unexpectedly just a few months later, I will always wonder if that female neighbor actually murdered him! But I obviously have no way of proving that.

    Unfortunately, the two video-tapes I made of her, coming from the direction of her house, doing all those things and then returning in the direction of her house, were both in such dark light conditions, and from around 40 feet distance, that it was not remotely possible to see her actual face for identification. I find it hard to believe that any Judge would consider it incontestable evidence to simply have come from the direction of her house at 4 am and returned to it that it necessarily meant it was her.

    Think of my other situation! I already KNEW that I could not trust the Thornton Police Department (even though I still did not yet know why.) What if I would have taken my videotapes to the Thornton Police? Actually, to Karen Leoni, who would have done the paperwork to record them in? Regarding evidence that proved that her dear friend had done 22 Felonies? Doesn't it seem that the videotapes would either accidentally get erased or simply lost or destroyed? No kidding!

    We horseshoe players noticed another very unusual thing related to this. Normally, from the moment we started playing horseshoes until we stopped, the female neighbor constantly and continuously had her window open and was listening to us, with no exceptions! But on the first ten days or so of these incidents with dog feces, around 15 minutes later, we would see her, a fat, old woman with an artificial foot, come RUNNING (well, trying to) out of her house with a big smile, down her stairs, around the corner. Joe took a few steps back so he could see where she was going. She would run (sort of) down the block to the house of Karen Leoni. We all agreed that she clearly wanted to share her great accomplishment of attempting to sicken or kill us with her dear friend.

    Now, since Karen Leoni worked for the Thornton Police Department, doesn't that mean she has an absolute requirement to report any Felonies to the Police (and actually even type up the Reports on it, since that was her job with the Police as a secretary?) Doesn't that mean she committed crimes, probably Felonies of her own by knowing about serious crimes and not reporting them? Doesn't it even potentially make her an Accessory to those 22 crimes that we knew about?

    If I had not made those two night video-tapes, even I would have grave doubts that any person would have such a sick mind to try to cause unsuspecting neighbors to eat possibly deadly dog feces?

    Of the four of us, Joe generally got the most angry. Several times, he said that he wanted to take some of the feces that we shoveled out of the pit and stick it up under the lift-up car door handle of her van vehicle. I told him not to do it. I hope he never did.

    By around the eighteenth time we had to deal with this, we know to have a shovel and a bucket of water and the garden hose and the anti-bacterial dish soap handy. But Herb found the solution! When we were about to play each day, we had generally simply started playing. Herb asked us to simply sit in garden chairs and wait a few minutes. He had noticed that flies would always congregate on days when she had done her horrible deed. So, before we would ever start playing (but after she had already opened her window and sat down and was listening to us), we knew if we needed to dig out the pit. We would then do that, toss in new sand that we had learned to have available, and play without any problem. After several days (time 18 through 22) where we did that, and didn't have any inconvenience or health danger, she apparently realized that she was waking herself up at 4 am for nothing, and she stopped doing it. It never happened again.

    I had actually thought of an alternate plan, which I never had a chance to do. Since it seemed clear that she set her alarm for exactly 4 am to do this each time, I considered waking up at 3:30 am and hiding behind the very thick tree five feet from that horseshoe pit. With a flash camera, I figured I could have jumped out from behind the tree as she was doing her Felony and take a picture, especially of her face looking right at the camera!

    The bottom line of those different bizarre behaviors by that neighbor was, exactly what could I have done? IF I would have contacted the Thornton Police Department, the person who would likely have answered the phone would have been Karen Leoni. Would she really type up any report of any crime by her dear friend? Would the Police even feel that I had any rights at all, considering that they feel they can freely go into any house or building without having to bother with any Search Warrant? I still do not see the slightest think additional that I could have done. Remembering that all of this was happening while I still really did not know why the whole Village was so berserk against me?

  • December 2003:

    Christmas Public Concert

    Somehow, Jeanna, the girl of those siblings very briefly visited me one day, to tell me that she was going to be singing in the school's Christmas Concert. She asked if I would come to it. I said I would try. It was just nice to see her, even for a few seconds, after more than a year!

    I decided to get to the school around 15 minutes before the Concert was to start, because I went to the Main Office. I had attended that same Wolcott Elementary School as a kid, and I had skipped First Grade. A lot of people have said I am lying when I say that because they say that you cannot skip First Grade. So I was hoping to get a photocopy of some document that confirmed that I did!

    When I first got there, the lady in the Office was really nice and helpful, and we even shared a sense of humor for a few seconds. She told me that they did not maintain records there, but sent them on to High Schools, etc.

    Just as she said that, the same heavy-set blond Police Officer walked in that had yelled at me a few months earlier. She asked to talk to the receptionist in the back room. The Receptionist politely excused herself from our conversation and went there. Thirty second later, she returned. She had the nastiest of expressions for me, and never said another word to me or even looked at me! In fact, when I made sure to ask her direct questions, she simply totally ignored me! Whatever she was told in that 30 seconds was clearly pretty amazing. And yet I still had absolutely no idea what it might have been.

    It got worse! I went into the Gymnasium, for the PUBLIC Concert, for which I paid $2 I believe. Since I am tall, and this was the afternoon Concert (with another one later in the evening), I sat in the very last row, and in the very far corner of the Gym. I figured that I would not block anyone's view there. Very shortly after I sat down, that same Police Officer came into the Gym to stand in the very same corner that I was sitting in. Keep in mind that I still had no reason to think that anyone could have any attitudes against me, especially the Police, as I had essentially never done anything wrong in my entire life except a couple Parking Tickets 30 years earlier!. She did not stand in the very corner of the room, which would have been behind me. She chose to stand along the sidewall, approximately even with where my knees were. She must have done really well in her Intimidation Classes in Cop School! She definitely made sure that I could not possible avoid continuously seeing her out of the corner of my eye. Actually, she was close enough that I could probably have touched her, maybe 4 feet away tops.

    Did she spend the time scanning the entire crowd for any possible trouble? Not at all! She made sure that I saw that she was absolutely constantly looking downward, directly at me, the entire time. Only twice, for around two seconds each, did she ever look up and out across the room. Pretty focused attention for over an hour! And I still had absolutely no idea why!

    I imagine her attempts at intimidation would have been pretty effect if I had actually been guilty of something, like maybe an unpaid Parking Ticket or something. She clearly thought that I was very guilty of something, in order to try that intimidation. It doesn't work nearly as well on a totally innocent Christian Pastor!

    It was hard to actually enjoy the music of the Christmas Concert, with a Cop four feet away constantly staring at you. I must admit that I did not notice how often she blinked, and only assume that she must have! I also gave some thought to turning to her and asking her what the problem was! But this was a Christmas Concert, and I am a Christian Pastor, and I thought it might be too potentially disruptive.

    The MOMENT the Concert ended, I was outa there! She definitely made her point that she wanted to intimidate me. I wish she would have ever explained why she felt the need!

  • January 2004:

    Racetrack - Cinderella Carriage Wheels

    This was the first event where I actually started getting a clue as to what was actually going on. But I still only knew a tiny amount, and it just made me even more confused than before!

    Some history first: The three men who came each day that I came to Thornton to play horseshoes had lots of kids associated with them. Herb had three small grand-kids, Louie had five kids and Joe had two kids. As a result, as we were having so much fun playing horseshoes each day, the kids started showing up to watch. As kids, they generally got bored really fast, but they showed up each day with the horseshoe players.

    After we would play for an hour or two, Herb generally needed to rest for a little while, so we would take a break and sit in my back yard. So a bunch of kids were often there, too, with absolutely nothing to do. I had a giant tree there with a perfect branch high up (28 feet) that was perfect to hang a big swing on. So I made a double rope swing (for extra safety in case one [brand-new] rope might break). It was immediately very popular with the kids, who had never seen a swing that big! Unfortunately, I had not realized that while the other adults got to sit down and rest from the horseshoes, all the kids kept wanting me to push the swing!

    The kids apparently told their friends, and on many days, there were ten or fifteen kids hanging around while we played horseshoes (I would never let them play on the big swing when we adults were not around to make sure nobody got hurt).

    Often, while we adults were playing horseshoes and the kids were waiting for the swing, they would start chasing each other around my very large yard. It was very close to fulfilling the need for a City Park, since none was anywhere near.

    I eventually decided to make two "toy tanks". I intended them to ride in them with two drivers each, one turning a crank that drove each of the two "tracks". My thought was that they would both have fun and find that it was necessary for both drivers to work together to make it go straight or turn, and the TWO tanks were so they could race each other, or try to go over or around obstacles, or even try to push each other backwards. I got some discarded conveyor belt from the local quarry which I cut to make the tracks.

    As kids learned that I was working on the tanks, the girls asked what I was making for them. It seemed like a good question! I eventually decided to make a Cinderella Carriage, for four girls to ride in, to either be pulled by boys or maybe a pony.

    I tried hard to get all these built and ready by Christmas 2003. I did not make it. I was especially stumped at not having any idea of how to make spoked wheels that a Cinderella Carriage would certainly need. I could not find any old farm wagons anywhere, and people who had wheels from them wanted $500 each for them! So I had no solution for the wheels of the Carriage. Girls would ask to sit in the wheel-less Carriage in my garage! It finally dawned on me that sulky racing in horse-racing uses wheels of about the right size and appearance. There is a major racetrack a few miles away. I called and then visited to ask if they had any discarded wheels on all the dozens of sulkies they have. The woman in charge assured me they had a lot of them in a junkpile!

    I told her that I suspected that the Cinderella Carriage might be entered in many Memorial Day and Fourth of July and other Parades, and I said that I would mount large banners on both sides of the Carriage, to let Parade-watchers know that the racetrack had provided the wheels. She was immensely excited about this, as we both realized it was free publicity for the racetrack. There are always news crews filming all such Parades, and a cute Cinderella Carriage, especially being pulled by a pony, would certainly make all the network news shows. She could not have been more excited or more enthusiastic. She said that it would take a couple days to find four matching wheels that I could use.

    When I called to check in a couple days later, she would not talk to me! In fact, it was clear that NO ONE wanted to talk to me! I called again the next day, and the next, and the next. Each time, she would not talk to me. After maybe eight days of that, she finally answered her extension. She hardly said anything. I asked if she found the wheels. No answer. I asked if there was a problem. No answer. Finally, she said that their racetrack changed its mind and would not help. I was very confused and asked why. She said that, before providing the wheels, she had wanted to check on our Church and on me, so she had called the Village Hall of Thornton. And then she was silent again. I said that they hardly even knew me because our Church was not in Thornton or even in Illinois. She simply said "they know you." I asked what that meant. She said "They know what you did." I told her that I had no idea what she was talking about, which was absolutely true! She then said a very peculiar thing that truly confused me. She said that the racetrack would not help me attract kids to me. I again said that I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about.

    A year and a half later, I finally learned enough to realize that what had happened was that when she called the Thornton Village Hall, the phone was answered by part-time secretary Karen Leoni. When she was asked about me, she repeated those lies that the Police had made up 16 months earlier. It is easy to see why a business would never want to seem to be associated with someone who was described to them (by Karen Leoni) as a child molester.

    Keep in mind that at the time, I didn't know any of that. All I finally knew was that there was a business that was instantly scared away from a Christian Pastor after having made a call to the Thornton Village Hall. It was hard to figure out what to do next. Should I go to the Village Hall and confront them? About what? What specifically could I have said had happened? And how could I absolutely know that Karen Leoni had answered the phone that day? I did not see any possible way that talking to them would do any good. Of course, I then only had the tiniest glimmer of what they all had been doing for a year and a half to me, and primarily always centered on Karen Leoni.

  • April 2004:

    Rifle Bullet Hole in My Window

    I was again staying at my house in Indiana for a short while. When I came back to Thornton a few days later, I found a 3/4" diameter (actually 17mm x 19mm oval) bullet hole through one of the windows of my house. After the bullet had passed through the window, it crossed the room and destroyed three books in a bookshelf on the other side of the room.

    Since I was educated in Physics, I can calculate ballistics. I was able to calculate that the shooter had been standing near an intersection at the south end of the block my house is on, and that the bullet passed over the neighbors house before coming through my window. That clearly establishes that it was NOT a random bullet from some hunter far away. This shooter was only 120 yards away, a very short distance for a high-power rifle, and there is virtually no possibility that it could have been an accidental shot. The bullet path was rather short, and very well established, where I could identify within around ten feet where the shooter was standing when he shot into my window.

    The ballistics also indicated extremely high speed for the bullet, faster than normal hunting rifles are capable of. This was a high-power rifle. It was fired from within the Village Limits of Thornton (although within around ten feet of the edge of the Village). As in all these incidents, could I have reported this to the Thornton Police Department? It would not have accomplished anything, because there was no possible way to determine WHO was standing there with a rifle shooting at my window. I could not actually even tell them the exact time or even the day it had happened. There was no point in telling ANY Police Department, particularly one that seemed so much against me (for some reason).

  • Also 2004:

    Another Effort Toward Condemning My House

    Karen Leoni had previously tried to have my house Condemned and demolished at least three different times. She had also clearly been inside my house by using the key my mother had given the Police Department over 15 years earlier. It seems that she must have decided that she saw something new she could file an Official Complaint against me about, maybe even new reasons to try to get my house Condemned and demolished. But she would have had a problem in that! She could not admit having been inside my house without also admitting to have broken the law. So there was and is no way for her to file whatever additional Official Complaints against me and/or my house, without some evidence from someone who was actually inside it. Now, IF I had reported the bullet hole, then Police Officers would necessarily be INVITED into my house, and I have to believe that Karen Leoni would have made sure she came along. THAT would then give her the excuse for whatever additional harassment she has planned for me. But since I did not feel I could or needed to report the bullet hole (which still exists in that window, although I eventually threw away the destroyed books and the crumpled bullet), she didn't get that opportunity.

    But she definitely does not give up in trying to constantly harass me! One day, Karen Leoni told Louie's wife that Leoni's husband wanted to hire the then unemployed Louie (as a general laborer, to push a wheelbarrow). On the FIRST day Louie went to work, at their 10 am break, Louie said that Mr. Leoni spent 20 minutes (longer than the break was supposed to be) asking dozens of questions of Louie about the INSIDE of MY house. No other subject! That afternoon, at horseshoes, Louie mentioned this and how weird it was. No other subject at all. Only questions about the inside of my house! Louie was laid off, so he only got a total of one day's work!

    It seems clear to me that Karen Leoni had realized that it would make sense that the horseshoe players might occasionally need to use my bathroom, and that she finally had some eyewitness to whatever it is that she wants to file more Official Complaints against me about. She clearly did not know that they each simply walked back across the street (usually to get more beer) to use the bathroom in Louie's house.

    I realize that this listing is massive. This above probably represents around 1/4 of the harassments that the Thornton Police Department and the Thornton Municipal government have done to me since September 2002. I will try to lump many of the others together simply to save space here.

  • 2002-2006

    Harassment by Staring

    Since Herb generally sat in his chair facing his picture window most all day every day, he would see nearly anyone walking down the street. During horseshoes, he mentioned to me that in the early evening, around four times every week, he would see Karen Leoni walk the block down to my house, and stop and stand on the public sidewalk in a particular location, and look at my house. I asked what she did. He did not know except for staring at my house. I asked for how long. He said usually around ten minutes. I asked, for how long. He said at least since late 2002 when he first noticed her. I said, only in summer, right? He said, no, all year! I asked, you mean even in February in the snow? He said (with a smile), yes, even in horrible weather. He added, even in rainstorm or strong winds.

    I asked what he thought she was looking for. He did not know. But then I said, if she has been doing that 4 times every week, for 52 weeks each year, that is around 200 times each year. At the time we had this conversation, that was around three years. In other words, she has done that around 600 times. He said, apparently so!

    I actually thought of a way to try to end this (I think). After Herb died, I no longer had his daily observations, but Karen Leoni was clearly still continuing this well into 2006, to over 700 times total. Since she generally seemed to do it at the same time each evening, one day I simply stood out in my yard near a tree. Amazingly, she did not notice me as she walked by, 15 feet away from me! So she stopped, where she usually stopped. I knew that she usually stood there for about ten minutes. So, I stood perfectly still for about SEVEN minutes, actually always in her sight! At that point, I decided to intentionally cough and slightly move. It was sort of fun! She jumped! Then she got really upset, in realizing that I had been standing there staring at her for seven minutes! So she decided to quickly walk ten steps farther. Of course, I walked ten steps across my yard at the same time! Then she walked three steps farther and stopped again, and so did I! Then she almost ran (for a heavy-set old woman) back somewhat past me on the public sidewalk toward her own house. I have not seen her since. But if I ever would, I would probably do the same thing again, to let her know that she can be watched as much as she watches me! Especially since it all involves MY property!

    Doesn't it seem that there should be other things for her to do in her life than to dedicate around half an hour, 700 times, just to stand and stare at an old house?

    In mid-2008, I finally learned what she had been doing all those hundreds of evenings! It didn't really have anything to do with staring at my house at all! She had placed an electronic device INSIDE the gray box on the house wall that the phone company installs to house their equipment that connects their outside wiring to the inside wiring in a house. All houses have such a box on their sidewall. I am not sure many of them have had a woman place an electronic device inside it! It appears that the device made a continuous record of all the activity on my phone line, including phone calls, e-mails and all internet activities. Apparently her device had a capacity where she had to download all of the collected data every two days or so! THAT was why she would stand out there for ten minutes in bone-chilling cold and whiteout blizzards and severe downpours.

    More, this explained HOW she had been able to put thousands of files of images of illegal sex activities INTO my computer even when I happened to be living 60 miles away in Indiana! I had never been able to figure out how she had been able to do that! But it was clear that she was trying to set me up to frame me, regarding then somehow again entering my house, or having the Police do so, where they would then FIND illegal images on my computer! It would have been the perfect set up! She had already created fake entries in Police data-bases to supposedly indicate that I had done horrendous crimes against children. Now she was trying to set up additional fake evidence to supposedly PROVE that all her allegations were actually true! But they were all FALSE!

    Obviously, I deleted all of those files that I could find in my computer. They included many unbelievably disgusting images, many of which I had previously thought physically impossible!

    There are many weird questions about all this, and most seem to indicate that Karen Leoni has a very disturbed personality. Unfortunately, she is apparently somehow related to the Mayor, and therefore her job is guaranteed for life. Unfortunately, she seems to think she has some spectacular grudge against me. As far as I know, I have NEVER even spoken to her in my entire life, and even if I did, my personality is very gentle and Christian and I virtually never cause anyone to be offended or irritated. Most unfortunately for me, by her dual position of part-time Secretary for the Thornton Police Department and part-time secretary for the Thornton Municipal government, she has amazing access to an enormous number of ways to seriously hurt me. The following describe some of them she has used.

  • Noticeably beginning in Jan 2006, maybe earlier too:

    My Bank Accounts Regularly Monitored

    Since my house uses Municipal water, I make water payments. They are accepted and recorded by Karen Leoni. I didn't realize it but that provided her with my bank account numbers. By contacting a bank as a part of a Police Department, she therefore could easily access the balances in my accounts. During much of 2006, she seemed to be accessing that data nearly daily, constantly monitoring what my bank balances were. What business is it of a part-time secretary to even KNOW what my bank balances are?

  • VERY Noticeably beginning in Jan 2006, and maybe earlier:

    My E-mail Monitored, AND Actively Interfered With

    My e-mail has definitely been constantly monitored. I do not see how anyone can do that except for the Police. I sort of wonder how much expense Thornton is investing in that effort! I have answered thousands of e-mails on religious questions from our BELIEVE Religious Information Source web-site. Also hundreds of e-mails from people who have been interested in saving a few hundred dollars when buying fireplace doorsets. And hundreds of e-mails from people who had interest in or questions about the assorted other Public Service pages. And the usual junk mail and SPAM, of course. As to outgoing e-mails, I virtually only ever just answer those incoming questions or comments. Very rarely, I have tried to express an opinion to ABC News or BBC News or some other noted news organization.

    Why would anyone have any reason to be monitoring every single one of them?

    But it is far worse than that. E-mails are clearly SENT OUT to such writers, after the conversation I am having is known. It seems that the e-mail monitor is actively participating in my conversations! I cannot believe that is happening in the United States! And since I am sure that only the Police can be monitoring e-mail in the first place, doesn't that seem to imply activity on their part that must be a Felony?

    Here is an example of what I am referring to: From January 1997 to early January 2006, I helped many hundreds of people to each save several hundred dollars on the cost of fireplace doors. In general, people always have to buy from local fireplace shops, which universally have never offered any sale or discount ever and always add on the cost of the freight shipment. I always offered a 15% discount on whatever doorset someone wanted, out of a huge selection, and I always also paid for the freight. The result has always been that people get fireplace doors that are shipped directly from the actual manufacturer, at a total cost that is always far less than the exact same doorset from any other source. As a result, not a single person in those nine years ever cancelled an order or even had less than wild enthusiasm for what I have always tried to offer.

    From about mid-January 2006 through mid-August 2006, something like 43 different people each send me e-mails to thank me and to alert me that they were mailing in an Order and a check. Logically, 43 Orders and checks should have arrived. If only 42 did, it would have been extremely unusual. How many checks and orders actually arrived during those 7 months? Exactly zero! NOT ONE of those orders which people had confirmed they were (postal) mailing in ever arrived here. THAT is absolutely impossible! OK, maybe one or two of them had actually gotten list in the mail. So I sent follow-up notes to every one of those 43 people, after a few weeks, just informing them that I had not received the mail that they had said they had sent. Logically, people would appreciate receiving such a confirmation that their order might have gotten lost. In whatever case, virtually all 43 could have been expected to respond in some way to that follow-up note. How many such responses arrived of the 43 that seemed certain? Exactly zero! In fact, in all 43 cases, I even sent a SECOND follow-up, and never heard from a single one of all those people.

    Think about this: Forty-three individual people were extremely excited at saving hundreds of dollars on a product they wanted to buy (as many hundreds before them had done!). What could possibly have happened to make all 43 of them absolutely lose all interest in saving hundreds of dollars? And not just lose interest, but then intentionally not ever respond to very polite follow-ups?

    There are many other similar examples. In that same 7-month period, there were 40 other people who showed tremendous interest in a JUCA woodstove or any of my many Public Service projects. Some of my e-mails definitely got through, but those conversations never included any reference to money for me or partnership or anything like that. Nineteen of those 40 were from people who sent in e-mails informing me that they were mailing in orders for JUCA woodstoves. NONE of them ever arrived as an order, and none of those people ever responded to any follow-up e-mails either. The other 21 people had indicated they wanted to establish some business partnership with me regarding one or another of my inventions or wanted to hire me as a Consultant in Engineering or Physics or wanted to actively develop and promote one of my concepts. All those conversations where anyone indicated that they intended to do anything where I would financially profit, every single one of those conversations instantly and permanently ended. Altogether, 200 separate people who each intended to either send me money or do something that was to profit me; and all 200 conversations instantly ended, also involving around 162 different allegedly mailed checks none of which ever arrived. These are NOT coincidences!

    The result of all this was that from mid-January 2006 to mid-August 2006, my total gross income was only around $800. My two bank accounts gradually dropped down to less than $100 each. Note that this was while Karen Leoni was monitoring both my bank accounts, often daily! I think she was trying to kill me in a different way, by starving me to death! She clearly was really enjoying seeing my bank balances dropping by a few more dollars each day. Instead of just trying to have my house Condemned and demolished, it seems that she has now escalated to larger goals.

  • 2005-2007 and maybe earlier:

    Someone Else Somehow Using My Computer

    Roughly 1/3 of the time when I have picked up my phone to make a call, the phone line has those computer sounds in it, as though I was on the Internet. Except that was not the case. Many times when I have tried to go onto the Internet, I get an error message that indicates that someone is already using the connection and is on the Internet. I have a dial-up 56k modem. In general, that results in connection speeds of around 112kB. Well, it used to. Ever since there appears to be someone else using my computer, I rarely can connect at higher than around 28 kHz. I can neither send or receive e-mail at any speed faster than that, which I have to assume is due to poor quality equipment being used to monitor my activities. I cannot upload any files to my own Domain any faster than around 12 kHz.

    None of this was true prior to around January 2006, when the massive e-mail monitoring and all the rest seemed to become so universal. Ever since, for the past year and a half, the best I can ever hope for is a connection speed that was common ten years ago! And it seems to be so very obvious that all my communications are continuously monitored, either because of incompetence or because they actually WANT me to know that everything I do is monitored!

    The many hours of apparent activities that someone else seems to be doing on my computer are also interesting. I do not know if anyone is copying files from my computer. I suppose it would be surprising if they were not. But MORE strange are that many files seem to regularly APPEAR in my computer from a wide range of web-sites. These are NOT worms or viruses, to be sure. There is malicious intent here. It is as though my computer is regularly being set up to appear to contain files that it should not contain! And could not contain by anything on my part! I get the sensation that I am being "set up" by someone to seem to appear guilty of something. It is quite strange. When I find such files on my computer, I try to delete them, but files like them seem to soon re-appear, and I see a close connection to the fact of those many hours when my computer seems to have the phone line tied up.

    I have no way of knowing who is doing such things. But since it seems certain that the Police (specifically Karen Leoni, who is not actually Police) constantly monitor my e-mails, and even interfere with them, that seems certainly like the prime possibility for who would also be doing this. If it were due to some virus or worm or something like that, my computer might have been somehow disabled. It is pretty hard to imagine any hacker trying to instead load files into my computer so I appear to be guilty of something.

    I am noting that Karen Leoni seems to have spent much of the past five years in insisting to hundreds of individual people that I am actually guilty of the lies her Police friends made up about me five years ago. Since she seems to totally ignore the reality that I am innocent of those horrible claims, it is not hard to imagine that she might now be trying to set me up to be somehow blamed for something else.

    An interesting aspect of this is that there are many days when I am not even in Thornton anywhere near the computer, being at or near the Church in Indiana. Still, when I later look, there is generally evidence inside my computer which seems to make it appear that I had been using it, including thousands of cached flies, many cookies, history records and more. It is hard to understand how someone could possibly be doing that to my computer, when I am 70 miles away from it, but it seems to happen quite often. Those files seem rarely to be from any normal web-sites, but instead from undesirable ones, which also seems to suggest that someone is trying to "plant evidence" to cause me to appear to have done something improper. On only one occasion, I happened to have Windows Explorer on the screen which happened to be showing a history directory. It was really spooky to be seeing new history entries showing up as I was looking at it! That should not be possible! Supposedly, the history files are supposed to only show the web-pages that that particular computer has actually visited. In this case, the computer was turned on, but I was definitely NOT on the internet and didn't even realize it could have been! Yet, there it was, several history entries appear before my eyes. Interestingly, at the time, I tried to find any indication in the computer that it was actually on-line, and there was none. No icon indicated that it was connected as usual. No file seemed to be active related to internet access (like one called rnaaap). Absolutely no indication at all. Except when I picked up the phone and heard those computer sounds in it. Whoever is doing this clearly has some advanced equipment that they are doing it with!

  • Certainly from January 2006 on, maybe before:

    Selectively Deleted OUTGOING E-mails

    Huge numbers of my e-mails, both inbound and outbound, appear to be selectively deleted or allowed through! The majority of my outgoing mail that is not direct responses to questions, is intended to help solve some major problem of society. The majority of those e-mails seem to always get deleted. For example, in August 2006, I came up with a credible idea regarding ending the sectarian violence in Iraq, in other words, ending the Civil War there, which should then allow all American troops to IMMEDIATELY come home. Over the following months, I sent out several hundred e-mails to government leaders, to broadcast networks, to newspapers, to news agencies, to reporters in Iraq, and many other, even including 30 Professors of Political Science in prominent Universities. Considering the content of the notes, it would seem logical that virtually all of those recipients would have sent back some response. I thought that some would see true value in the concept and be excited about the possibility of actually being able to be able to bring Americans home instead of being killed or disabled in Iraq. I thought that ALL the news services would have responded, even if they thought it was a dumb idea, because of the human interest aspects of a Christian Minister trying so hard to save thousands of Muslim lives!

    It is not as though anyone else has come up with any excellent ideas! If nothing else, I figured that people might at least discuss my concept, even if it were only to provide a seed for some even better idea by someone else!

    But NOT A SINGLE RESPONSE came from all those hundreds of e-mails I sent. That makes absolutely no sense at all!

    In late October 2006, an idea occurred to me where the Democrats who were about to win the Election might be able to accomplish a lot very easily. For example, once they would win (with their great interest on increasing the Minimum Wage which the Republican Congress had not increased in ten years, while giving themselves many pay raises), I imagined having Barack Obama going before reporters to say that he decided to NOT accept that very high pay rate the Congress now gets, but that he would instruct the Paymaster to pay him at the rate of the Minimum Wage! The amount of publicity that such an action would have would be enormous. American people would BOND to a person who unilaterally offered to do that! That politician probably could NEVER lose another election in his life! And at minimal actual expense! To get elected, $20 million or $30 million gets spent, as well as months of the politician's life. By announcing giving up a salary of $0.17 million for six years of Congress, that is actually far less, but would GUARANTEE being elected even if he spent far less of his life on the road trying to raise millions of dollars of money!

    It seemed to me a brilliant idea, especially since it was certain to cause many millions of dollars worth of free publicity, and a GUARANTEED election! So, when I sent out slightly over 200 e-mails to prominent Democrats, doesn't it seem that nearly all would have been excited about considering the idea? Then how come NONE OF THEM ever responded to my e-mails? The ONLY explanation I can see is that my outgoing e-mails were somehow deleted and never got to them, just like regarding ending the war.

    Hundreds of other outgoing e-mails seem also certain to have been somehow deleted. Whenever I offered new insights into solving important problems of society, that person clearly never received my note. Some were my responses to their notes to me, others were my first-contacts with interested parties. NONE ever respond to me! That makes absolutely no sense! If nothing else, people should generally send a polite note of disinterest! But NOTHING!

    Here are parts of some recent individual e-mails that I received, each seeming to indicate immense interest in further communication, each of which I responded to within a few hours (as I usually do) and never heard from any of them again! Even after I would later send follow-up notes, still no further response at all. It makes no sense at all!

    Subject: response on Earth's rotation-Important!

    Dr. Johnson

    My name is *** *** Ph.D I'm a physicist that holds patents on many beautiful inventions. At the moment I'm working with a Ph.D candidate in chemistry at the University of New Mexico where we developed a way to remove phosgene from isocyanate production, and have in place a non discloser with the Huntsman Corporation (worth 1 billion!)

    About the gyroscope and the Earth's rotation- you got something real there.

    Please contact me, as I'm real interested. There are no patents on this, its about time

    The same man sent this later e-mail that seems to confirm that he did not receive my response:

    Dr. Johnson

    Did you recieve my email?

    He also apparently never received any of a number of later attempts at followups. Very strange!

    Date: Wednesday, May 02, 2007 2:38 PM

    Saw your posting online, the TRANS sounds amazing, I've been looking into air powered engines, what do you think of them. You'd make a welcome visitor to Yahoo Answers, lots of people could use your expertise.

    I am absolutely amazed at some of your ideas. No agenda too, I like that. Write me back I would love a friend not out for my money :)

    Date: Monday, June 04, 2007 6:43 PM

    To whom it may concern:

    I read an article on line about your heating and cooling system and wonder if it's possible to install this for a preschool? Furthermore, to install this at several preschools in China? I am an American citizen and a shareholder in a company that own and operate preschools in Beijing, China. The weather here is brutal in both winter and summer and the electricity expense is enormous. We have been looking at ways, sustainable ways, to provide a temperate indoor environment year round in our schools. If you're interested in such a project, lets discuss.

    Date: Monday, May 21, 2007 2:33 PM

    C Johnson,

    As an entrepreneur, I read your publication with interest. Can I ask you a few questions in a follow-up e-mail communication?

    Regarding the Iraqi war, from a Muslim Asalamu alaikum

    Nice to get such a presentation. What ever you have written in the message is really a brilliant suggestion to unite the leaders of Iraq, Iran etc.

    Most of the leaders do have in their mind to change the present condition of that part of Asia but the present situation is so complex that they hardly can do anything rather than trying and trying and meeting and again trying. Among these leaders are few who for their personal benefit do not want the unity and peace to prevail. They do not follow any religion. They are the black sheep and in every community they are there.

    Your intention seems really of a real peace lover and a follower of Bible because the main aim of all prophets and scriptures was to teach people what is good and stop from what is bad.

    I really appreciate your effort and i will try to pass your words to as many people as possible.

    May Almighty show us the right path.

    There are many, many more like this. I never hear from ANY of these people again, and even when I try to send follow-up notes, I never get any response. There is NO explanation for this! Except that my outgoing e-mails to such people are somehow being deleted and kept from getting to the intended recipient.

    Just these mentioned here, several hundred related to the war idea, a few hundred related to the Minimum Wage, and the others, gives a slight idea of the problem. There are FAR more of my e-mails that clearly are not allowed to get through!

    Prior to around December 2005, as far as I know, ALL of my e-mails actually got through to the intended recipients. Something on the order of 10,000 e-mails or more per year. For someone to be reading every one of them and then deciding to either allow them to get through or to delete them, must be a very time consuming process. I would think they are also all more Felonies.

  • Again, clearly from January 2006 on, but maybe before:

    Selectively Deleted INCOMING E-mail

    My INCOMING e-mail is clearly also not only monitored but it appears that many of them are selectively deleted. (More Felonies, for sure.)

    Throughout the ten years that I have had the BELIEVE site on the internet, I have received e-mail questions and comments. The daily number of those incoming e-mails had always been in close proportion to the total traffic that visited BELIEVE and the rest of the web-pages in the Domain. The relationship was generally always very close to being a linear relationship, where double the traffic always meant that double the number of daily e-mail questions and comments would come in. By the year 2004, there were generally around 100 (valid) e-mails that came in every day (along with junk mail and SPAM of course), and there were roughly 7 million visitors during the year of 2004.

    As I indicated, there had always been a very close linear relation in all the years and months up to 2005. Therefore, I fully expected that the traffic in 2006 would have been around the 19 million annual visitors that it was. Logically, that should have been associated with around 250 incoming e-mails every day. I had actually been quite worried about that, since I had found that even answering 100 e-mails each day generally took from 8 to 12 hours to do! I could not possibly have properly answered 250 e-mails each day, which should have been the e-mail traffic during 2006 (and even higher now).

    So, how many actual e-mails arrive now each day? From around the 20 million likely visitors this year? 250? No. Generally, only one or two each day (of English language e-mails). THAT is absolutely impossible! There is no possible explanation for how my INCOMING e-mail would have been so extremely consistent for 8 years and then drop to less than one one-hundredth as much!

    Even stranger, it appears that foreign language e-mails must not be being monitored! Or deleted. The result is that each day, I DO get maybe 30 e-mails, but around 28 of them are in foreign languages! It is quite bizarre, and totally impossible logically. I can confirm that the web-site still exists and that it gets those millions of visitors. And all the methods by which people can e-mail in have not been changed. Could 99 out of every 100 people suddenly have decided NOT to have any questions? After eight consistent years? That is just not possible. They clearly are still attempting to send in those 250 questions each day to me. The e-mails are just not being allowed to actually get through to me. As they always did prior to December 2005, as far as I know.

  • 2002 through current:

    Karen Leoni's Personal Visits to Each Neighbor

  • late 2003 through early 2004:

    Speeding Traffic:

  • October 12, 2005:

    Trying to Get Me Arrested in a Different Town

    My house needed a small repair part for a rain gutter, so I drove to a nearby town, Homewood, to go to the Home Depot store there. I went in, but they did not have the needed part. I came out and started walking across the parking lot toward my car. A Police car drove up along side me and the Officer shouted to me. He said "We caught you and we have a witness. Stop right there!" I had no idea what he was talking about! I immediately told him that I was a Pastor of a Christian Church. That seemed irrelevant to him!

    He just kept repeating that he had an eyewitness and I could not get away with it. Each time I asked him what "it" was, he never answered and simply again repeated his same statement. Over a 15 minute period, I asked at least 20 times what he thought I was guilty of, and he always simply just repeated his same statement. He WOULD NOT tell me what he wanted to arrest me for! It was quite strange!

    After maybe 15 minutes, he first started saying anything else! Specifically, he said that the eyewitness absolutely identified me and had witnessed "the crime", but still would not tell me what that crime was supposed to be!

    I really enjoy Summer, and I definitely extend it as long as I can every year. So, even though it was early October, I was still wearing a tee shirt, shorts and flip-flops. I am also relatively tall and have long hair and then had a beard. The alleged eyewitness had described every detail of that, including the color of the tee shirt and the color of the shorts. It is certain that there was no one else around in early October near Chicago still in shorts, much less dressed exactly like that.

    That confirmed to me that his "eyewitness" had certainly EXACTLY described me! Amazingly well, I would say! Very few people are observant enough to see ALL those details!

    I obviously did NOT commit any crime, except possibly jay-walking in the Home Depot parking lot, if that is a crime! But he still would not tell me what he was so emotionally accusing me of. He truly behaved in an amazingly nasty way! At no time did I ever behave as badly as he did from the start, although I would imagine many people would have. I was as polite and courteous as a Christian Minister is supposed to be. It was truly weird that after maybe 20 minutes of serious harassment, he still would not even say what he was accusing me of, and of what his "eyewitness" had allegedly seen me do.

    I started trying to guess at what he was accusing me of. I pointed out that a tee shirt and shorts do not permit storing weapons, if he was accusing me of trying to sell weapons or something. He said it was not selling weapons. Once he actually responded to that and actually provided me with a tiny bit of information, I asked more questions. Do you think I was trying to sell drugs? (Again, I pointed out no real pockets to store such things.) He said not selling drugs.

    I think he finally, after maybe half an hour, started to realize that I did not have the vaguest idea what he had screamed at me about or what he constantly was threatening me with arrest over. At times, I almost wished he would have fulfilled his many threats of taking me in to the Station, because that might have actually resulted in me knowing what this was all about. But I really did not want to waste even MORE time with that silliness.

    A second Police car finally showed up, so I guess he finally had "back-up" in case this Pastor went crazy or something. So he finally mumbled something about "selling cards". I was incredulous! I said, credit cards? I do not even have any myself! He said not credit cards. He mumbled something else, which sounded to me like "baseball cards". I was even MORE confused! First, I didn't realize it was illegal to sell baseball cards, and second, I didn't realize it was such a serious crime that an Officer would take up more than half an hour of his time regarding it. I would have thought that if someone STOLE baseball cards (which I did not think Home Depot carried anyway!) then a Store Security Guard would handle it.

    He never further described the terrible crime that he spent over half an hour harassing me over. But he certainly eventually realized that he was threatening an absolutely innocent person! So he "let me off with a warning!" I found that immensely offensive by itself! It was as if he KNEW I had committed some crime but he just couldn't prove it!

    The second Officer who drove up seemed far less passionate against me and he would actually talk to me. He told me that the "eyewitness" had never been seen! A woman had called in and reported the alleged crime on the phone. The Officer had based his entire half-hour harassment to me on that phone call! Wow! Can just anyone call any Police Station and cause anyone else to be so severely harassed and threatened? I am amazed! The second Officer said that the woman had hung up, APPARENTLY NEVER HAVING IDENTIFIED HERSELF, and so the first Officer no longer had any alleged eyewitness on which to base an arrest.

    Think about this. How could ANY person simply call up the Police Department of some town and initiate such extreme reaction by Officers? I am pretty sure that they could not. UNLESS the caller said that she was "part of the Thornton Police Department". Such a statement WOULD probably have caused trust and belief, and the sort of reaction that that Officer did to me, based on the assumption that any "part of the Thornton Police Department" would certainly not lie to them. But she certainly did.

    I only figured much of this out a few hours later. I wrote letters to the Mayor of Homewood and the Chief of Police of Homewood regarding the extremely offensive behavior of that Police Officer to me (on the Church letterhead). The Assistant Chief of Police of Homewood called me a few days later, and apologized many times to me. He said that that Officer would be given remedial training regarding how to treat citizens properly, and to not automatically treat all people as if they were guilty of terrible crimes.

    He was very pleasant and I asked if they kept audio recordings of the incoming calls. He said they did, but only for a short time, and he did not think they still had the recording of her call. I wish he did, as it would have been great to have a Police audio recording of Karen Leoni's voice lying to them about a non-existent crime! But I then asked about the fact that all Police Departments have Caller ID. He checked on that and found that this particular call had come in from a cel phone. He then explained to me something that I did not know, that even the Police cannot identify or track cel phone calls! (The cel phone salesmen certainly cause millions of people to believe they can, by selling many products based on the claim that if there is an auto accident, the Police could identify and locate the cel phone!)

    How many people would have known that ONLY if a call to the Police Department is made from a cel phone, makes sure that the actual cel phone could not be identified? I would think very few people except those who work in Police Departments! So, Karen Leoni would have been one of very few people to know to make that call from a cel phone rather than an actual land-line phone, to make sure that she could never be identified for making up a fictitious crime to accuse me of. Sound familiar? I only wonder how many other towns that she had stalked me to and tried to get me arrested in! Probably quite a few, as she has such an incredible compulsion to try to destroy my life in every possible way.

  • May 2007:

    Felony Walking?

    In order to get exercise, I like to walk. Usually, I go for walks out in the Forest Preserve, mostly because it is NOT inside the Village of Thornton. However, I also often walk the four blocks (1/2 mile) each way to the Post Office when I need to mail things. Keeping in mind that I definitely know that I am NOT welcome to walk on most public sidewalks in the Village, I sometimes walk back from the Post Office along a grassway relatively near a railroad that goes through the middle of the Village (as it is also about a block shorter distance). I do NOT walk ON the tracks, as I am aware of the railroad laws regarding their property. Many years ago, a very nice Conductor on a long train ride explained that many people were stealing the valuable copper wires alongside the tracks and they became more serious about trespassers on their property.

    In any case, in early May 2007, I was walking back, right on the edge of the private property lawns adjacent to the railroad property. I would walk around 15 feet from the nearest rail and probably nearly 30 feet from the center of the easement. As I got to a parking lot of a closed business, a Police car came up along side me and demanded that I stop. He announced that he intended to arrest me for a Felony! I asked what he was talking about and he went off on railroad property and the rest. He didn't realize that I am fairly smart and I already knew about the subject. So, when he finally stopped talking, I asked him how wide the railroad easement was. He did not know, but ESTIMATED that it was 12 feet. I think he realized how foolish he would be in front of a Judge when I pointed out that he did not know the critical dimension on which he intended to arrest me for a Felony. I am also personally not sure that a Municipal cop can arrest someone for a railway infraction, but that was another matter.

    Also, when he said that 12 feet, I immediately commented that I was certain that I was always around 15 feet away from the nearest rail. Since he was in a moving Police car some distance away, I would think that a Judge might wonder how precisely he could judge greater or less than twelve feet would be.

    On a separate but distantly related matter, I have always been a very observant person. As early as July 2000, I had seen over 200 railroad spikes each more than 4 inches up (in other words, not doing anything), all in a two-block stretch between Eleanor and Margaret Streets. Many times over the years, I tried to get railroad authorities or the Mayor, or the NTSB or dozens of regulatory agencies or all the Chicago newspapers or TV stations to be concerned about those rails that were barely held in place. THEY HAVE STILL NEVER BEEN REPAIRED OR EVEN THE SPIKES DRIVEN IN DURING SEVEN YEARS! I have constantly tried to get people to realize that one day, a train will come along and a rail will move, and the massively heavy railroad cars will no longer have the tracks to follow. There are a dozen houses that seem certain to be entirely destroyed when that happens. And NO ONE seems to care!

    I tried to mention that to that cop, as if he might really care. But he immediately rolled his eyes up to show how bored he was with my wasting his time. (after all, he probably could be headed to some donut shop!)

    An interesting other incident related to this has nothing to do with the Village of Thornton. Around that same time, I decided to take the time to call the Federal Railroad Administration, Regional Safety Office, at the number that is listed in the Chicago phone books. A message was taken, of course, but the man eventually actually called me back. His response would have made all bureaucrats proud! He announced to me that the width of the apron easement for all railroads is 120 FEET! How did he ever get that job??? IF it were actually 120 feet, then around 15 COMPLETE HOUSES in just the Village of Thornton are ENTIRELY permanently in violation! That distance, 120 feet, takes in roughly 1/3 of the entire city block adjacent to the railroad!

    He also informed me that even though his Office is called the Regional Safety Office, HE WAS NOT ALLOWED TO DO ANYTHING regarding the imminent danger I described! He explained that it was not his job! Unbelievable! But he DID tell me that all those tracks are CAREFULLY INSPECTED AT LEAST ONCE EVERY WEEK. When I reminded him that I had just said those rails have essentially be laying loose for SEVEN YEARS, he just got angry at me! Apparently, since I was able to be within 120 feet of the tracks, and could see all those loose spikes, he told me that if he had seen me there that he personally would have had me arrested for trespassing!

    Apparently, if the railroads can make sure that no one actually ever sees the incredibly dangerous state of affairs, then no one has to even think about it! Sounds like the thinking in New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina!

  • Other Incidents by Thornton

    There are many other incidents that the Thornton Municipal government and/or the Thornton Police Department have done in the past five years to either harass me or threaten me or similar. I am assuming that these listed here are sufficient so you can get a sense of what my life has been like over the past five years. Since Karen Leoni has done such an effective job in eliminating any source of income, I have had to find ways to survive on amazingly little money, around $3,000 over all of the year 2006. This completely eliminates any possibility of my hiring quality Attorneys to pursue these matters. It also has forced me to have to drop my health insurance, which is rather troublesome.

    It is really amazing what the Thornton Police Department and the Thornton Village government and specifically Karen Leoni have accomplished. They have systematically eliminated every single aspect of human life for me! My career as a Christian Pastor was ended. My reputation as a quality human is destroyed, and that can never be re-built. My very small business was destroyed, as well as all possible sources of my income for survival. My very life has been threatened in many ways, including the rifle bullet through my window, the medically dangerous dog feces that was tried to get me to ingest, and even the fact that groups of neighborhood men are ready at any moment to beat the daylights of an old Pastor in his 60s. My privacy, which I thought that America ensured, has not existed in any form for several years, including physical invasion of my house at least twice, at least 700 instances of attempts at intimidating visits, constant and continuous monitoring of my e-mail and telephone for several years, constant and continuous monitoring of my internet travels for several years, 18 months of having a videocamera aimed downward through my window where I sometimes sleep. These are only the things that I am sure of! I have no way of knowing if those invasions of my house resulted in sound monitoring equipment or video spy cameras somehow mounted inside my house! I can't even imagine how much damage Karen Leoni has done to the mass of official government records that exists about each of us. By being a part-time secretary in the Police Department, she certainly has always had easy access to add things into any government data-bases that she might choose! Even though I have never been arrested for anything other than very minor traffic violations, it is easy for me to imagine that she may have amassed an impressive "rap sheet" in government records! After all, given her positions in both the Police Department and the Village Hall, she has all the exact identifying information on me (Social Security, bank accounts, etc), on my house (property ID info), on my car, and if I still had any dogs, on them, too.

    She has made sure that there is absolutely no part of human existence that can exist in my life. Add to that her still ongoing compulsion to having my house Condemned and demolished, her stalking me when I have driven to other nearby towns and then attempted to have me arrested there for strange things. She has done such an extremely thorough job of destroying my life that it truly is difficult to think of any other aspects of human existence which remain for her to still destroy in me. But I am sure she will think of something.

    Amazingly Bad Behavior of the Village of Thornton, Illinois
    Amazing Bad Behavior of the Village of Thornton, Illinois, Part 2
    Amazing Bad Behavior of the Village of Thornton, Illinois, Part 3

    A Minister Threatened with $82,500 PER DAY Fines
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