Amazingly Bad Behavior of the Village of Thornton, Illinois

We all want to believe that Police would never lie to the public. I wish! On July 21, 2002, one of their own Thornton Police Officers, and who was also the Fire Chief of Thornton, Illinois, Chief John W. Klaczak, was arrested for having molested some young boys in his Fire Cadet Program, apparently for several years. The Village apparently felt media pressure and decided to try to smear the reputation of a stranger, me, who happened to be a Christian Minister (which they did not know!), and who then lived 65 miles away in a different State (Indiana), to try to distract the newspaper and television attention from their own failings.

So, during the first week of school in September 2002, five weeks after their Fire Chief Klaczak had been Arrested, they sent three Police Cars to the local Wolcott Elementary School to take three children out of three different Grades of school for a day to "interrogate" them (the children's later description) about me! No one in the Village or their Police Department ever talked to me about any of this! In fact, I was unaware that any of this had even happened until three years later (May 2005) when those children happened to overcome their fears and visited me and told me! And each Officer had made up slightly DIFFERENT lies, all horrific, which they told those children. The oldest boy, then 12, was told that the Police had "absolute proof" that I had supposedly molested dozens of other little boys before him! (It seems rather clear to me that if such claims had actually been true, then such a criminal would have been spending many years in Prison, rather than spending years as a popular Christian Minister of a little 501-C-3 Church in Indiana!) The Officers obviously had LIED to the children to try to get any of them to AGREE with what the Police had told them (and I certainly would then have been hauled off to some Prison for the rest of my life). The Officers were clearly unaware that I was a Christian Minister, and that I had even given several Sermons regarding the many terrible treatments that children are forced to endure. The Officers were clearly hoping that I had at least TOUCHED one of the kids at some time (which I had never done, not even a handshake!), and that any or all of the three children might have said something which seemed to support the lies that the Police Officers had made up. They knew that little kids would never doubt Police Officers! The Police Officers obviously realized that a nine-year-old girl would not understand that same lie about homosexuality, so the different Officer made up DIFFERENT lies which they told to her. A third set of lies were made up to tell the other boy.

It is frightening how possible it might have been for any of those children who might have been so intimidated by being Interrogated by Police as to simply agree with any of those Police lies, and I would have then spent the rest of my life in Prison somewhere! The children were SCARED (which I only learned three years later when they next talked to me), and apparently the next day, the rumors around that School were conveniently filled in by the Police and by Village employees, so everyone in the Village knew of those lies EXCEPT FOR ME!

Five years later (May 2007), in a casual conversation with the girl who had been nine during the "interrogation" she happened to make a pretty bizarre comment to me about the Police Officer who had "interrogated" her in Sept 2002. She was older then (14) and she smiled as she asked if I knew why the Officer had asked her "about two dozen times" if I had been wearing "pants or shorts" while I had been pulling weeds in my yard or while I had been mowing my lawn! How dare a Police Officer ask a little girl, over and over, such an aberrant question? Does Thornton have a "Dress Code" for people who were pulling weeds in their own yard? Her 14-year-old smile suggested to me that she realized how bizarre the Police Officer had been. I have long wondered since she informed me of that Twilight Zone type stuff if there is an "official transcript" of that "interrogation" of her, where two dozen such questions by the Thornton Police Officer might be in some official archive! But I cannot imagine that the Thornton Police Department could be so stupid as to KEEP such transcripts! My guess is that such records have been "conveniently lost"!

Many years later, I think that I may have figured out WHY and HOW Thornton had decided to make up such vicious lies against me, which certainly totally ended my career as a Christian Minister and as a respected person, although, since NO ONE EVER TALKED TO ME ABOUT ANY OF THIS (except for those three children, years after the fact, I have no way to PROVE that this is what Thornton had done. Unless the Thornton Village Police or the Thornton Municipal government still have the "official transcripts" of those "interrogations" of those children, there probably is no way to prove that this is what they did.

Beginning in early 1997, our Church uploaded thousands of scholarly Christian articles onto the Internet, and within months, we were getting astounding numbers of people, around the world, who were reading those articles. Our tiny Church is in a desolate area in northern Indiana, and our computer with which we answered e-mail (Christian) questions was in our Church. At that time, the Internet was very new and a very slow telephone modem was the only way to receive or send e-mails. Even before the end of 1997, I was already spending 12 to 16 hours every day in reading and answering such e-mails. My life was exclusively in e-mails and sleeping! At that time, much of e-mails was "junk e-mails". A young man who lived near our Church offered to help out. He could not actually answer the Christian questions, but he was very helpful in READING the e-mails and deleting the junk e-mails. This was wonderful, as now I only had to spend 6 to 8 hours every day in answering the e-mail questions.

The young man had a key to the Church so he came and went as he wished. Initially, I did not realize that he soon started spending several hours every day on the Internet (when I was not around). By 2002, I started to realize that he had been spending his time on porn web-sites. I got rid of him as soon as I realized what he had been doing, event though I then was again spending 12 to 16 hours every day in reading and answering e-mail religious questions. Many years later, I came to suspect that SOMEBODY must have been monitoring the porn activities, whether it was the phone company or the police or someone else. Since the internet connection was begun by ME to do the Church activities, I am now tempted to think that "somebody" might have thought that "I" was doing bad things. But no one ever came to our Church to ask and no one ever telephoned or wrote to me or the Church about any such things, which is why I had not ever known about any of that porn anyway. The young man must have deleted all references to whatever porn sites he had visited, as I never found any evidence on our Church computer about anything like that.

Even into 2002, I was still living in the Church in Indiana, and only driving over the 65 miles each way to this Illinois house about once every three weeks, entirely because I had to mow the lawn.

But during 2002, Thornton began to do bizarre things that eventually forced me to permanently move to this Illinois address after that. For example (as described below), Thornton sent someone to "break into my house", at least twice. Nothing seemed to be stolen, but all my neatly stacks of papers had been seriously vandalized, kicked or thrown all over the house. Both were really peculiar, in that a can of diet pop was left next to the kitchen sink both times. Clearly, the vandal(s) had spent considerable amounts of time INSIDE MY LOCKED HOUSE, but I had no idea what the purpose was or who had done it. I carefully preserved both of the empty soda cans in plastic bags and I bought a fingerprint kit to collect many perfect fingerprints from each of those cans. The same person clearly had entered my house both times. I now suspect that someone had entered my house in the hopes of "finding evidence" of those earlier activities of the young man in Kingsbury, as Thornton clearly ASSUMED that it was ME and not the young man who had previously been using the Church computer to visit sex sites. In any case, SOMEONE was clearly breaking into my house, at least twice in 2002, which inspired me to move to the Illinois house. There was really NO REASON for me to move there, except to try to DEFEND MY HOUSE from whoever was breaking into it. I had the fingerprints, but it took me about two years before I finally KNEW that it had been the Mayor's Secretary, a Karen Leoni, who had been the person who had broken into my house. (Since I moved into the Thornton house, and I am usually inside the house, I am not aware of any further times of anyone breaking into my house.) (I later learned that the same Karen Leoni was only a PART-TIME secretary to the Mayor but she was also the PART TIME secretary of the Thornton Police Department. THAT explained why I had not found any broken windows or doors during the break-ins, as all Police Departments have methods of getting into any buildings or vehicles without breaking anything. I also later discovered that twenty years earlier, when my mother had lived in the house, she had several Medical emergencies and she had given the Thornton Police a duplicate key to the house, which seems to have now disappeared from the Police Department. The one person who had easy access to that duplicate key was Karen Leoni, and I later confirmed that it was HER FINGERPRINTS which were on the empty diet soda cans left on my kitchen counter, twice, in 2002).

It then appears that the Thornton Police, or probably, more specifically that same Karen Leoni, spend the next several years in trying to set up an arrest of me. I was then daily playing horseshoes with Herb E, who lived directly across the street from me. His house has a picture window, and Herb and his wife nearly constantly sat in easy chairs facing the picture window. So they were aware of EVERYTHING that happened in the neighborhood. One day during horseshoes, he mentioned that he and his wife (now both deceased) saw that at around 7:30 p.m. Karen Leoni would walk the block down from her house to mine, usually three times every week, to then JUST STAND at the exact same spot on the sidewalk, and Herb said that she ALWAYS faced the same direction, toward my house. He was mystified that she always stood motionless for about 12 to 15 minutes each time, and then she would walk back home. Herb laughed when he described Leoni standing in heavy rain or sleet or snow, but still doing the EXACT same actions. He also was amazed that several times during February, he saw her still standing there for the 12 to 15 minutes when the temperature was around ZERO (Fahrenheit). Herb later guessed that she had done that same at least 700 times, where he calculated 'three times every week times 52 weeks times more than four and a half years (2002-2007)'. But we could not figure out WHY she was so methodical about this.

I still had a telephone modem connection to the internet. I had noticed that sometimes, around 7:30 p.m., if I had been answering e-mails on the internet, that the computer connection would seriously slow down, for about ten to fifteen minutes, and then it would get back up to the usual modem speed. I had no idea why THAT was happening either. At that time, I had not yet realized that my computer internet access seemed to always greatly slow down at the SAME TIME that Karen Leoni was standing out in the sidewalk, facing my house.

In May 2008, I was sitting in my yard, pulling weeds, when someone from AT&T walked up to their equipment in their gray box on the side of my house. He soon STORMED across my yard to me to start screaming at me! He was accusing me of having put 'some piece of electronic equipment' inside the AT&T gray box. I walked over with him to see an aluminum device in there, about 4 inches tall and 1.5 inches in diameter, with a few wires which seemed to connect to their wires. This was all a surprise to me and so I then did not see the connection of all of the above. But I wish it had dawned on me to ask him if I could keep that electronic device, and better, to try to get fingerprints off of it. But he took it away (probably to throw it away).

About a week later, this had all logically fit together. I now am certain that Karen Leoni's fingerprints would have been found on that electronic device, and that SHE had put it in there so that she could use some portable electronic device to monitor my telephone and internet activity and also to be able to (somehow) INSERT files into my (sometimes shut off) computer. THIS seemed to be the specific reason why she STOOD OUT THERE 700 different times for 12 to 15 minutes each time, to be able to 'insert files into my computer' such that she could later tell the Thornton Police to do an arrest on me for having 'inappropriate photo files' in my computer. I was being 'set up'. Amazingly methodically, as she made 700 separate trips down the sidewalk to stand while her electronics was (somehow) loading files into my computer.

I later realized a possible change in this understanding. Rather than my earlier assumption that she was somehow 'turning on my computer to insert the files', I now wonder if, instead, she was just 'transferring her files into her electronic device inside the AT&T equipment box', where then, whenever I would turn the computer on, all those files might have gotten transferred from her device into my computer, just as the computer was booting up, something which might have occurred very fast. I don't actually know which of these two she did. Initially, I leaned toward the 'her turning on my computer' because some guy in California had told me that his local Police had done the exact same thing to him, where they had some way to turn on his computer without anyone ever being in his house. In any case, over roughly a six-year period, Karen Leoni had inserted around 700,000 porn photos into my computer by her 700 'adventures' of standing motionless for 12 to 15 minutes each evening, three times every week.

When I would drive over to mow the lawn during 2002, and I turned the (Church) computer on, I benefited by using the antique Windows 95 operating system. All the newer OSs keep it secret when anyone 'inserts' files into a computer, but Win95 always made it very easy for me to find all the files she had inserted into my computer. In some cases, I was amazed to find 7,000 files which she had inserted. Until recently, I thought she had done that during a single 'standing' but if her electronic device could accept her files and store them, then she might have stood there maybe nine times in the previous three weeks since the last mowing. So she may have had to stand there for her 12 to 15 minutes to only insert a thousand files into my computer at a time. I just SAW the 7,000 new files when I came to the then generally vacant house.

I realize that the phone company probably THOUGHT that I was accessing all those files from some porn sites, which was obviously what Karen Leoni intended. But she clearly did NOT know that, nearly always, I would immediately DELETE those 7,000 files (entirely due to still using the antique Win95 OS). If she WOULD have gotten the Thornton Police to 'make a raid' (in order to find the thousands of photos that SHE had inserted into my computer), they would NOT HAVE FOUND ANYTHING.

I later realized how methodical Karen Leoni had been at trying to cause me to be arrested, that I added the THORNTON web-page into my Internet Domain (in 2006). I pretty much conceded that she was not going to stop, and since she was also the part-time Secretary of the Thornton Police Department, it probably only awaited her thinking she had inserted enough nasty photos to ensure that the Police would find something. So, I composed the Thornton web-page with the intention that it would only been seen TWICE, once by some Lawyer for me and then by the Judge that would be deciding whether to send me to prison for all the effort that Karen Leoni went to.

In the twelve years that my Thornton web-page has been on the Internet, it turns out that more than 35,000 people have read it so far. I wonder if some people have decided to NOT move to Thornton after having read my accounts of how as Christian Minister has been treated in this Village? The population of Thornton seems to be dropping. I wonder if there is any connection.

I also bought and installed five different motion sensors and five outdoor video cameras and a VHS recorder, NOT to defend my house from criminals, but rather to defend my house from the Thornton municipal government and its local Police Department. The next time Thornton decided to break into my house, I would not only have the fingerprints like before but now also an actual videotape of their approaching and breaking into the house. I had sent some e-mails about my new motion sensors and video cameras to friends, and since Karen Leoni constantly monitored my phone and e-mail, she immediately knew about this change. As far as I know, no one from Thornton has again broken into my house after I installed the motion sensors and video cameras.

I realize that I would never have any way to PROVE many of these actions by Thornton, Illinois. Even though I definitely confirmed that it was Karen Leoni who had brought the diet pop cans into my locked house, no Judge would accept that as she would simply deny it was her. Ditto for her fingerprints on some POSTAL MAIL that I had mailed to my house, where I used gloves to fold the typewritten letter to make sure that no fingerprints were anywhere on the letter, but when the (three separate experiments) letters arrived, they each HAD fingerprints which turned out to be Karen Leoni's. And since Herb and his wife are now deceased, I can't even confirm that Karen Leoni had stood outside my house 700 times, motionless and staring at my house (or actually, staring at the gray AT&T equipment box that contained her electronic device inside it).

I might be a slow learner! Now that I am on WiFi, I again accepted a young man who offered to help in the relentless e-mails from religions people. In each of the past 18 years, my Domain traffic has confirmed that one million people every week have accessed my web-pages (which is 50 million hits every year). (21,000 of my 23,000 web-pages are specifically on scholarly religious articles, so the mass of my traffic has continued to be religious in nature.) In any case, late in 2017, I discovered that the young man (DIFFERENT from the earlier one) had apparently also been using our Church computer and WiFi to access porn web-sites. He also had tried to delete all such references, but modern Operating Systems keep (hidden) copies of all such files so I found them and immediately chased him off! I guess I am destined to spend a life of constantly answering e-mails, without any help.

I had been Saved as a Christian in 1965, partly because my girl friend then was an extremely fervent Christian. As sometimes happens with new Christians, it occurred in an instant and in a peculiar situation. She and I had gone to downtown Chicago to have dinner and then go to a movie there. We were holding hands as the cartoons were showing prior to the main feature movie. VERY suddenly, I became Saved! I remember turning to her and telling her that we needed to leave the theater and to find a Church nearby, as I wanted to get Baptized! (I had been Baptized twice as a child, without actually knowing what was going on. At a picnic at Cedar Lake, Indiana, some man [who must have been a Minister] took several of us little kids wading out into the lake, and then he came up behind me and flipped me over backwards to nearly drown me under water. I came up coughing as I was full of water, very confused, and terrified. For some years, I was very negative regarding whatever Christianity was.)

From age 19 on, I was a pretty solid Christian, although I was often very disappointed in a number of individual Churches and Ministers.

Much later, in 1991, I attended some Meetings in the basement of a large local Church, and I was amazed at how poorly informed many of the speakers were, where they expressed things that were clearly wrong regarding Christianity. I had bought a new computer about then, and it came with a variety of CD-ROMs, one of which was a collection of thousands of Christian scholarly articles and texts. I was learning a lot about computer programming then and I decided to 'invent' a 'compressed computer language' where I squeezed several hundred of those scholarly Christian articles to fit on a 1.44 MB floppy diskette, along with the de-compression programming and formatting. I then bought a hundred blank floppy diskettes and put all that scholarly Christian information on the floppy diskettes. Between 1992 to 1996, I created and handed out around 400 of those floppy diskettes, to anyone who I thought might benefit from the information. I refused accepting any payment for the floppy diskettes and so I spent around $400 in buying all those blank floppy diskettes. I have no idea how many people ever actually stuck the floppy diskettes in their computers, and I always hoped that at least a few did. The program I created was self-loading and self-starting, so anyone who tried to look at the 'BELIEVE Floppy Diskette' would see a list of Christian subjects to pick on and click, to read the scholarly articles.

In June 1996, another man and I began our 'A Christ Walk Church'. For a while, we met in restaurants and in my house basement. He eventually left and I continued being the Pastor of the A Christ Walk Church.

In January 1997, AOL advertised on television a FREE opportunity to try the new 'Internet' thing. Since it was free, I signed up. I did not really understand what it meant to 'upload files to the Internet, but AOL also said that it was also free to upload up to 2.0 MB of files.

I imagine that most people had photos of their dogs and cats and children, but all I had was my BELIEVE Floppy Diskette program, so I uploaded it. At that time, uploading was amazingly slow (1200 baud) over a telephone modem interface, so it took around two hours for me to upload the floppy disk files to the Internet. I figured that if even ONE person would download and then use the BELIEVE program and files, that would be a good thing. In the next few weeks, over 400 people downloaded the BELIEVE information!

I was not entirely sure just what happened, but I did notice that 400 people obtained the entire BELIEVE set of files in just a few weeks, where it had taken me four years of buying $400 of floppy diskettes and formatting them and handing them out to individuals. That HAD to be a good thing!

I did not stay with AOL but I contracted with an Internet Server in May 1997. Within weeks, thousands and then millions of people downloaded BELIEVE. Within a couple years, 1999, more than 20,000,000 people were accessing the BELIEVE Internet articles every year. Again, if even ONE person had downloaded BELIEVE and gotten some benefit from reading what a Christian scholar had written, I would have been happy.

I had bought an old factory building in northern Indiana in October 1976, and was not really using it for manufacturing woodstoves any more, so by 1996, that building began to be used for our A Christ Walk Church. I converted part of the eastern part of the building into an 'apartment' or 'Dormitory', where I then lived. I had expected to live there forever afterward.

By the end of 1997, the BELIEVE web-site was already getting enormous amounts of traffic. A friend noticed that my Domain was getting more visitors than even the US PGA golf web-site was getting. Really amazing. And a LOT of people were sending in e-mail questions about religion. It soon got to be that another e-mail question came in every FOUR MINUTES, day and night. I was often taking ten minutes to research and compose my responses so I was ONLY answering e-mail, fourteen hours every day, and I was still getting farther and farther behind. A young man who lived near the Church in Kingsbury, Indiana offered to help me answer e-mail. At that time, all sorts of businesses had begun to send massive bulk e-mails and junk mail, and even though he could not answer any of the religious questions, he was wonderfully helpful in reading through incoming e-mails to delete the junk mails.

This improved MY life into ONLY needing to spend 8 to 10 hours on most days in answering the actual religious questions.

The young man had a key to the Church building so he came and went as he pleased. Eventually, by about 2001, even though this was still really helping regarding the e-mails, I had begun to be concerned about something else. Whenever I was NOT around the Church, I came to notice that there was a lot of traffic on the telephone modem. I wasn't actually sure of what he was doing on the computer when I was not around, but I began to have some concerns. The 'memory' of the computer began to start including a lot of photographs of young girls.

Many years later, I came to realize that the young man had apparently been accessing porn web-sites on the Church's computer. When someone does that, I still don't really know if or how anyone else could know about it, but I have come to wonder if someone in some government might have thought that this had been ME using the Church computer for such things. I still do not know for sure, but that might explain some rather bizarre incidents I experienced in 2002, in Thornton. Even thought the young guy was really helping me by deleting many thousands of junk e-mails, I suggested that he stop 'helping' our Church in early 2002.

  • I have been a quiet Minister of a small Christian Church for 19 years, and have never been in any legal trouble in my 69 years of life, beyond a couple parking tickets and a couple minor traffic violations in my earlier life. Except regarding a Divorce long ago, I do not believe that I have ever even seen the inside of any Courtroom, except on TV, and I do not believe that I have ever been inside any Police Station in my life. All in all, a very law-abiding person.

    Actually, world-wide, I am nearly universally respected BOTH as a Christian Theologian and scholar and Minister AND as a famous Theoretical Nuclear Physicist. Hundreds of millions of people have visited my web-pages. Millions of people seem to have some admiration for me. Except in Thornton, Illinois.

  • In a bizarre way, the people who run Thornton, Illinois enabled me to better understand the story of Jesus and His Crucifixion. Even though I have long been a Christian Minister, I had never really grasped how Jesus could have been so 'Perfect' and yet the Community misunderstood Him so badly that they chose to have Him executed by Crucifixion. Thornton, Illinois has aggressively treated me, a Christian Minister, amazingly badly, by having made up horrific lies about me in 2002 and then repeated those lies so often that every single resident of Thornton really came to believe that I am 'evil incarnate'. I certainly have heard stories about communities treating outsiders and people who they believed were different than themselves, badly, but I really never imagined that a community could treat a law-abiding Christian Minister in such a disappointing way. And for a continuous thirteen years, and running!

  • There seem to be some examples which might show that I am actually a nice and even potential admirable person! Since November 2000. I have GIVEN AWAY the plans and information for a system that nearly anyone could use to fully air condition their homes FOR FREE. At least 21,000 people have installed it so far. I have also made available a 'Technical Packet' for anyone who feels they have an unique application. In order for me to send out the TP, I require that the recipient GIVE $250 as cash, and anonymously, to any credible Charity (and not a dime to me!) At least 9,400 people have requested the TP so far. Trusting that they have each honored their word about the Good Deed I have nudged them to make, that indicates that THEY have collectively GIVEN over $2,300,000 to wonderful activities! (so far!) Cooling System - Technical Info Fee Arrangement

    During 2014, I have tried to save the lives of potentially 45 million people in Ukraine, after Russia shut off all their sources of natural gas to heat their homes Alternative GREEN Furnace - Non-Fossil-Fueled - Brief Discussion Heating any Home for Free. I spent many years manufacturing and selling world-class wood-burning stoves for about half the cost of competing products Woodburning Furnace - JUCA. I have tried to provide economical ways for Third World people to obtain extremely pure water (from the humidity in the air) Pure Water Supply for Third World Villages.

    Since 1997, I have provided thousands of world-class scholarly texts on every imaginable religious subject, always absolutely for FREE and without even any nudging to give any donations, where tens of millions of Internet hits occur every year. BELIEVE Religious Information Source - by Alphabet web-site. A variety of unique approaches to capturing wind energy or solar energy or energy from the rotation of the Earth or energy from Precession due to the Moon's gravity and many other energy-related subjects have also long been given to the world.

  • I wonder if there has ever been any other American who has been denied usage of his own hammers and shovels! But on April 15, 2003, when I went in to apply for a mandatory Building Permit to repair a dozen shingles on my garage roof, the part-time Building Commissioner said EXACTLY this statement to me: "Don't ever THINK about ever picking up a hammer or a shovel without first getting my permission to use either of them for anything." (That was in the first and only conversation I ever had with Mr. Harry Nolan.)

    Actually, if I had not been so naive, I probably should have realized from that brief conversation early in 2003 that there were very strange things going on! On April Fool's Day of 2003, late in the afternoon I was playing horseshoes with three neighbors in my front yard. An elderly man in a white pickup truck drove up and never got out of his truck and never said a word. But when I walked over to see who he was and what he wanted, he handed me an absolutely blank red Form that said 'Stop Work Order'. No date, no address, no description of anything wrong. Being April Fool's Day, I tended to think that someone was having some bizarre joke on me! It turns out that the roof on my garage had needed some minor repairs, roughly the size of a bathtub, where I had been replacing that dozen shingles. My house and garage were about to be Condemned and then Demolished because of that! On April 15, I went in to the Village Hall in order to get a mandatory Building Permit that a part-time secretary to the Mayor had demanded (by that blank Form). I walked in thinking this would be a quick and simple application for a Permit. I had never been in Thornton for more than 20 years so I had never seen or talked to anyone in there, nor they me. So I probably should have realized that something was very wrong when the part-time Building Commissioner (Harry Nolan) told me, within two minutes of first ever meeting me, that in exactly ninety days, he was going to have my house and garage Condemned and then Demolished, and that I would be billed for the demolishing of my buildings! And I thought I was there to get a Building Permit for a few garage shingles!

    Roughly a minute after Mr. Nolan explaining that he had already decided to Condemn and Demolish my house and garage, he admitted that he had never even seen my house or garage! Apparently, he did not see that actually seeing the house should influence his decision to Condemn and Demolish it! Mr. Nolan then got a giant gleeful smile as he then bragged about 'all the buildings in Thornton which he had personally had Demolished!' I was very confused as I had thought that a 'Building Commissioner' was supposed to INCREASE the Tax Rolls of a city, and not actively have a 'hobby' of demolishing existing buildings! I later learned that the Village of Thornton only issued TWO actual 'New Construction' Building Permits during the entire decade of the 2000s.

    So there was apparently really no point in me even doing any repairs, as he had already decided that he would Condemn it and Demolish it on the exact first day he would be permitted to do those things. Again, naive, I did the work ordered, but I learned that NO ONE had any authority over that Harry Nolan, the part-time Building Commissioner ($18/hr), with a single exception, the Mayor. So on May 7, 2003, I called the Mayor, at his home (four blocks from mine). It was a nice and pleasant conversation, as we had never met each other either. He told me that he had absolute confidence in Harry Nolan (who he said was a very good friend of his), and that any decision that Mr. Nolan would make would be fine with him.

    I guess I must have paused for a while trying to digest the fact that the wonderful house that my family had grown up in since 1946 was about to be Condemned and Demolished and that there was no one on Earth who would even LOOK at my house regarding such a decision much less actually consider stopping such actions. But the next part of that conversation with the Mayor should have terrified me even more! During that pause, the Mayor brought up an entirely different subject, regarding his personal anger and frustration at a Black family that had recently moved into a rental house on the same block as the Mayor's. I was somewhat mystified as to why the Mayor would see cause to burden me with his problems, but as a Christian Minister (which he did not know!), I had long known to listen. The Mayor then commented that his Village Employees had not yet found anything incriminating in their house, which was apparently the source of his frustration. I interrupted the Mayor in asking how Village Employees had been able to study the inside of that house, and I even asked if the residents had forgotten and left the house unlocked. The Mayor then very casually mentioned to me that ANY Employee of the Village of Thornton or of the Thornton Police Department always had absolute freedom to enter any house or building in Thornton, without needing any reason to do so. He even clarified my confusion by explaining to me that NO Search Warrant from any Judge was ever necessary.

    About a week after that phone conversation with the Mayor, I suddenly realized the significance of the two (or possibly more) times of a year earlier (2002) when I had discovered that 'someone' had clearly spent two or three hours in rummaging through MY entire house. At that time, I still did not know WHO had been inside my house, but I eventually started suspecting someone in the Thornton Police, only because I had seen on TV that they have lots of tools to open locked doors or windows.

    Both times that I knew my house had been 'rummaged' at least one empty can of Diet soda pop had been left next to my kitchen sink. I HATE the taste of diet pop and have never bought any or drunk any. So it seemed clear that at least one of the people who had 'broken into' my house probably left excellent fingerprints upon cans which were created, filled and crated by robots. So I bought a Fingerprint Kit! My only guess then was that someone in either the Thornton Police or the Thornton Municipal government must have been in my house, and that only after the Mayor's comments of that bizarre phone call in early May. For most of the next year, I made trips down to the Thornton Village Offices (a block from my house) with 'fingerprint free' pieces of paper, glass or metal, to gradually collect fingerprints! Around June 2004, I found a perfect match to the Diet soda can fingerprints, which was a surprise to me, the Part-Time Secretary of the Mayor, a Karen Leoni. NO doubt about the excellent fingerprint matches!

    But as naive a person as I am, it was fully two years later before I really started learning how massive the effort of the Thornton government and the Thornton Police Department were regarding destroying me!

    And this attitude toward me has never wavered in the following thirteen years. Thornton has made me pay around $3000 every year for Property Taxes from 2002 through 2014, around $40,000 total I paid to the Village. Shouldn't I have gotten some 'Civil Rights' for that? But all I seem to have gotten from Thornton during those 13 years has been harassment. For example, on March 24, 2014, as I was walking the two blocks back home from the Public Library, a local dog ran out into the street to attack me and bite the back of my left leg. I had to hobble the remaining half block to my house to be able to call 911. Several Police cars and an Ambulance showed up. They all looked at the bite marks on my leg, but no one wrote anything down except for my name and address. One of the Ambulance men tried to get me to ride to a Hospital about the leg injury, but when I asked, he said that I probably would be billed around $600 for that. I felt that I should be able to drive to a Hospital if I felt it necessary. One of the older Police Officers absolutely assured me that that dog would NEVER endanger me again. NONE of the Police Officers identified themselves to me.

    Less than TWO DAYS LATER, March 26, 2014, the SAME dog attacked me again, on my way to the Library! When Thornton Police answered my 911 call, (less than a block away) the Officer took 25 minutes to respond, and it was very cold that morning (24°F) and I got VERY cold standing along the street waiting for the Police Car. When he finally arrived, I politely asked to sit in the warm Police Car and the Cop IMMEDIATELY and GRUFFLY denied that request. He made clear that he did not have any questions and had no intention to File any Report. (The Thornton Village Ordinances REQUIRE that he Filed such a Report, and also that he Issued two Citations for the dog 'running at large' and for the dog 'attacking a person'). From inside his warm Police Car, that Officer made totally clear that he was NOT about to File any Citation on the dog owner or to restrict the dog's movements in any way!

    The behavior of the SECOND Police Officer was so offensive that I contacted the Thornton Police Department to learn his identity. They would NOT even tell me the name of the Officer who had answered my 911 call! They also would not tell me the identities of any of the several Officers who had arrived at my house two days earlier! They were clearly INTENTIONALLY keeping all their identities secret! Strange! I had not realized that Police were free to keep their identities secret! I had only heard of the Nazi Staatsi Police doing that!

    I am a pretty persistent person. I initiated a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request for both of those times when I had been attacked by that dog. Apparently, the Thornton Police Department handles all FOIA Requests. A few days later, I got mail responses. Regarding the SECOND dog attack, I learned that NO Police Report was ever Filed, and that no record whatever of that event was ever created. Not even any record of my 911 call! The FOIA Response explained that the Officer has discretion regarding whether ANY Police Report ever gets created, and the (unidentified) Officer had decided that he did not need to file any Report. The FOIA Response also informed me that the Officer never even talked to the dog owner, nor Filed the MANDATORY Citation for the $500 Fine for the dog not being on a leash or the other MANDATORY Citation for at least $500 for the dog having attacked a person. How did the Officer get away with ignoring so many Thornton Ordinances? After all, I have paid $40,000 which has partly gone toward paying Thornton Police Officers, including him (whoever he is). Is the dog owner a more important citizen than me where he got to slide on two significant MANDATORY Citations and Fines?

    I learned that no Officer had ever Issued the similar MANDATORY Citations and Fines from two days earlier and that dog bite on my leg. I also learned that Thornton Dog Ordinances have MANDATORY Impoundment of ANY dog which has bitten, attacked or threatened any person, but none of that happened regarding that dog. NO Fine, NO Citation and NO Impoundment, either time! IF I have any 'Civil Rights' in the Village of Thornton, Illinois, they are hard to see. In contrast, the dog which had (by then) attacked me twice in two days, seems to have unlimited rights, even regarding several very specific Thornton Village Ordinances. The Thornton Village dog Ordinances even include one regarding a dog which had previously bitten anyone, where such a dog was to be Impounded and Destroyed if it should ever attack any other person. Here, there was a dog which clearly merited that Ordinance of immediate Destruction, within less than a two day interval!

    The dog owner never had the slightest incentive to control his dog, having never received any of the MANDATORY four Citations nor the MANDATORY four $500 Fines nor the two MANDATORY Impoundments nor the MANDATORY Destruction of that dog. As a result, that dog continued to freely roam Thornton. Two months later, on June 7, 2014, when I stepped out of my kitchen door to get something from my vehicle in front of my garage, the SAME dog attacked me a third time, this time on MY property! When an Officer arrived after my 911 call, the Officer made clear that NO Citation would be given the dog owner and NO Fine. The Officer explained to me that 'since I did not have any eyewitness', he had no reason to believe MY word over the behavior of that dog! I pointed out that I am a Christian Minister, but my word clearly is not to be believed over a repeatedly dangerous dog!

    I asked THIS Officer about the certainty that I, a Thornton Taxpayer, clearly could not safely ever walk down the very street I live on, as the Village seemed to have given unlimited rights to the offending dog and its owner. The Officer had no answer to that. In the year since the three dog attacks in 2014 (so far) I have NEVER walked down ANY street or sidewalk in Thornton, as the Thornton Police have made clear that they have no intention of protecting my safety from dog attacks! I had spent my 68 years in enjoying walking, which I considered good exercise and healthy sunshine. I commonly would walk the half-mile to the Post Office to mail a single letter, mostly for the exercise, but I also walked the quarter-mile to the Public Library for the same reason. I am now denied these behaviors that I thought all Americans freely had, even just walking down the wonderful street I live on. Due to the third attack which occurred five feet from my house back door, I have been rather terrified when I need to try to make it the twenty feet to my pickup truck! Maybe Thornton finds it entertaining that I no longer can walk to the Library, but this is supposed to be America, and I am supposed to have some rights! Just what have I paid that $40,000 in Property Taxes for?

    It has seemed to me that OTHERS in Thornton are in danger of being attacked by that dog, possibly children. Had any of those Thornton Police Officers Enforced the many Thornton dog Ordinances regarding the three attacks on me, maybe children and others might now be safer. I notice that there have been repeated screams from a Postal Carrier as he passed the dog owner's house. I wonder if Thornton Police give any credibility to his being attacked by that same dog?

    I had certainly heard horror stories about some single cop or official who wildly exceeded his authority, but I had never heard of any ENTIRE municipal government and municipal Police Department that had ever behaved so badly regarding a single resident, and even a stranger who had virtually never even been in Thornton, and even a Christian Minister who is highly esteemed everywhere else!

  • On October 26, 2001, President Bush signed into law the Patriot Act. The Village of Thornton, Illinois apparently added to their already self-governing Home Rule government and felt that permits them absolutely unlimited behavior, where no concern regarding the Constitution or the Bill of Rights limits them in any way. It turns out that they are apparently right! I later learned that NO ONE can file any Lawsuit against any Municipal government or any Police Department in the US! They are pretty much free to make up their own rules and laws, and Thornton certainly seems to have often done that. At least regarding me!

  • On July 21, 2002, the Thornton Village Fire Chief John Klaczak was arrested for molesting two young boys who were in his Fire Cadet program. Previous boys later spoke up for having also been molested by John Klaczak in earlier years. Fire Chief Klaczak was also a part-time Thornton Policeman and also extremely popular among the other government and police leaders.
  • For more than 20 years, I had lived in north central Indiana, near Kingsbury, but after my mother passed on in the mid-1990s, I found it necessary to make a commute of the 65 miles each way, every two or three weeks, to mow the lawn of the house she had in Thornton, Illinois. I did not live in Thornton and was rarely in that Village for more than two hours every three weeks.

  • It appears that Thornton chose to try to distract attention from their Fire Chief (who never seemed to go to Court or be convicted of his crimes), by setting me up, a total stranger to them, for intended arrests on similar charges. They certainly were unaware that I was a highly respected Christian Minister. They did many things toward trying to destroy me.

  • A shiny metal electronic device was placed INSIDE the telephone company's gray equipment box outside my house (I don't actually know when they did that) and during weeks that I was NOT near the house, and in fact living 65 miles away in Indiana in my house there, often many thousands of electronic files of pornographic photo images were somehow placed inside my computer in the locked house, a computer that was certainly always turned off. Early on, I was unaware of that electronic device that was inside the phone company equipment, and I thought they were regularly 'breaking into' my house to turn my computer on to insert those thousands of undesirable files, per the Mayor's telephone comments of May 7, 2003. But the Mayor's Secretary was seen by neighbors to stand stationary near my house on more than 700 different times, about every two days for more than four years, for ten to fifteen minutes each time. She would always stand in the exact same spot, facing my house, or more technically, facing that electronic device inside the phone company's equipment, which turned out to be the best location for sending and receiving electronic radio signals from that device. The phone company was extremely upset about when they later found it (in 2008) inside their equipment. Thornton had used that device for at least six years (2002-2008) to both monitor my phone, e-mail and internet activity and to insert those countless many thousands of images into my computer. (I did not really realize this was even possible until a man in California described essentially the same situation done to him, never having heard of my situation. So apparently, Police sometimes do that, of inserting electronic devices into phone equipment. One would think they should need to have a Judge Issue a Warrant, and that it be against some person who was actually bad and not a Church Minister!

    A new thought has occurred to me in 2015! Since I had never really carefully looked at all the images that Thornton had inserted into my computer, until recently, I had not realized that many thousands of the image files that Thornton inserted into my old computer were pictures which I COULD NOT have obtained! They were photos of often hundreds of women attending 'male stripper' nights, where many of the women were having various forms of sex with the male strippers. As I understand it, no men are ever allowed to attend such Male Stripper nights. The new thought was that thousands of those women who had apparently PAID to attend the Male Stripper night were elderly, or obese, or ugly, which seemed to confirm that they were local residents who had PAID to get their jollies, and probably did NOT want their husbands and relatives to ever see photos of them having sex with male strippers! So the new thought is whether Thornton or whatever other town Police had installed HIDDEN CAMERAS, so they could collect possible morals evidence for future arrests. I thought that it was called Prostitution for people to pay money and then have sex??? Or does that only apply regarding MALE patrons??? In any case, such Police certainly would NOT have wanted Thornton to be distributing such 'evidence' photos, of some RESPECTED LOCAL ELDERLY WOMEN having sex with Male Strippers, as such respected elderly women might sue the Police Departments for collecting such photos of them! Additionally, aren't people who have such photos taken of them REQUIRED to SIGN A RELEASE regarding THEIR IMAGE??? In other words, the fact that Thornton chose to try to USE around 40,000 such photos against ME (or more technically, my computer), didn't they realize the trouble I might have caused them (and apparently other Police Departments) if I had disclosed those 40,000 photos to newspapers or other news media? Thornton had inserted virtually all of those images between 2002 and mid-2008 (when the phone company had found their electronic transmitter / receiver inside the phone company equipment box outside my house in mid-2008) Since I actively deleted as many thousands of such image files as Thornton was inserting into my computer, I imagine that by 2015, I probably no longer have access to most of those Male Stripper image files. So, I suppose those elderly women are probably safe from being put out of their closet, at least by me! I wonder how many other millions of their images of such paying-women-customers having sex with Male Strippers are now sitting in Police Department computers!

    The REASON for that became clearer due to the next item below.

  • At least twice during the year 2002, EMPLOYEES of the Thornton Village government had (illegally) entered my securely locked house while I was 65 miles away in my home in Indiana. On May 7, 2003, in a casual phone conversation with the Mayor of Thornton (Swan), he casually mentioned THE FACT that "any employee of the Village could enter and search any house or building in Thornton at any time, if any door or window could be opened without actually breaking it." When I attempted to clarify that comment by asking if he was referring ONLY to Police Officers and ONLY if they had Search Warrants from a Judge, the Mayor explained to me that not only Police Officers but ANY employee of the Village could enter any house or building, and that NO Search Warrant was ever necessary. In any town other than Thornton, Illinois, that would be a serious violation of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution, regarding illegal searches. But the Patriot Act apparently led Thornton officials to believe that none of the Constitution's rules applied to them any more. And so they had entered my house and clearly spent several hours in it both times, in a very thorough search for whatever they thought they were looking for. Given that I was a Christian Minister and I did NOT then live in Thornton and I had NEVER had a single conversation with any Thornton official or Police Officer, there is no conceivable reason where they could have justified those (illegal) searches, except by the Patriot Act. (My house WAS securely locked, but the Police have ways of getting in any vehicle and any building.) (They locked my house back up afterward.)

    The two items above are related, in that improper photos were loaded into my computer (inside that house) BY Thornton and then they would ENTER my house to thoroughly search it, I have the distinct feeling that they expected to find THEIR illegal photos for which they would then arrest me! It seemed to me that a small percentage of the files they put into my computer really seemed to qualify as illegal. Most of the images that showed up in my computer seemed to be nudist photos, which I understand are actually legal. Many of the others seemed to be of older women, which I understand are also legal. I wonder where the Thornton Police obtained such photos, and I can only guess that it was by (Fourth Amendment illegal) monitoring other people's computers, but that is only a guess as to where they got such a huge number of such photos. And THIS matter is related to the next set of incidents! (When I would find those photos in my computer, I generally immediately deleted them. But it would not surprise me if they did not also record times when my computer was active in downloading such files, even though THEY were doing the downloading and the reality was that I was 65 miles away in a different State!

  • Around September 4, 2002, the Thornton Police Department MADE UP HORRIFIC LIES ABOUT ME, which wound up ending my career as a Minister, and three Thornton Police Officers each told different versions of those lies to three little kids, after making sure that the entire Wolcott Elementary School was aware of their presence by coming in Police cars to that School to take the children out of classes to "interrogate them" (one of the children's phrases) about me. The oldest (12) boy was told by a Thornton Police Officer that they had "absolute proof" that I had (supposedly) done very evil things to "many other young boys." A different Officer told a variation of that lie to the girl (9), which claimed that the "many previous crimes" had been against girls. The third child (boy, 10) was told yet a different variant of the lie, where no gender was mentioned. NO Police Officer or Village Official ever even talked to me or asked me any questions!

    Such behavior by Police Officers, and actually an entire Police Department, in any other town, would be seen as criminal behavior which violates several clauses of the US Constitution and several Amendments in the Bill of Rights. Collectively, these different actions show an organized effort to harass me and destroy my life and career.

    I only started to learn of these details nearly three years later (May 2005) when the children that the Thornton Police interrogated informed me of the things they had been told by the Police. Even three years later, all three were shaking from being so terrified of me! And all three said "Police would never lie so it must be the truth". The Police DID lie to them, and regarding the most horrible of lies, which destroyed my career as a Minister and my reputation as a respected man.

    Five years later (May 2007), in a casual conversation with the girl who had been nine during the 'interrogation' she happened to make a pretty bizarre comment to me about the Police Officer who had 'interrogated' her in Sept 2002. She was older then (14) and she smiled as she asked if I knew why the Officer had asked her 'about two dozen times' if I had been wearing 'pants or shorts' while I had been pulling weeds in my yard or while I had been mowing my lawn! How dare a Police Officer ask a little girl, over and over, such an aberrant question? Does Thornton have a 'Dress Code' for people who were pulling weeds in their own yard? Her 14-year-old smile suggested to me that she realized how bizarre the Police Officer had been. I have long wondered since she informed me of that Twilight Zone type stuff if there is an 'official transcript' of that 'interrogation' of her, where two dozen such questions of the Thornton Police Officer might be in some official archive! But I cannot imagine that the Thornton Police Department could be so stupid as to KEEP such transcripts! My guess is that such records have been 'lost'!

    The timeliness of the Thornton Police Officers making up such horrific lies about me turned out not to just be due to the recent passage of the Patriot Act. It turned out that "one of their own", their Village Fire Chief, John W. Klaczak, had just been arrested a few weeks earlier (July 21, 2002) for molesting two teenage boys who had been in his Fire Cadet program. And messages had apparently arrived from PREVIOUS Fire Cadets regarding the Fire Chief having molested those boys as well. Fire Chief Klaczak was also a part-time Thornton Police Officer, so he was socially very close with all the others who run Thornton and their Police. When I tried to later research what happened to Fire Chief John W. Klaczak, there seems to be a black hole! There is NO NEWS of any Court Appearances or any Conviction or any Sentence. Very peculiar! In any other town, if the Fire Chief showed such consistent bad behavior to be arrested for child molestation, it would normally be expected that he would go to Trial, and probably be Convicted, and Sentenced to Prison. NONE of that seemed to have happened to Fire Chief Klaczak! Some people who were residents of Thornton at that time have said that the same summer, 2002, either the Mayor or someone in his family had gotten into trouble regarding selling drugs, and it seems that everyone believes that an 'arrangement' was made where no Charges would be filed against the Mayor as long as Klaczak was allowed to resign and forever leave Thornton. I guess that is how small towns work, especially the Village of Thornton, Illinois which shows total disdain for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights!

  • In Early January 2004, I was confused and shocked when a business about ten miles away very suddenly lost enthusiasm for the transaction we had been discussing and told me that they would not do business with anyone who abused small children. At the time, I had no idea of the actual meaning they were stating, but I knew that I had never even spanked any child in my life, so I was extremely confused. My confusion caused them to say that they had talked to a woman in the Thornton village government and she had said that I am a dangerous person around children. (Is Thornton allowed to make such wild and baseless accusations about anyone?) Most of the companies to which Thornton later told such lies, were never open enough to me to explain WHY they suddenly ended business relationships, often after many years of productive business, so I rarely heard the exact reasons given as being due to being told lies by Thornton, but most would admit to the fact that they had received an unexpected phone call from the Thornton Village government about me. One by one, every single one of my business contacts very suddenly disappeared.

  • Several of the Thornton Village employees and a few of their Police Officers then chose to spend more than the following six years in nearly daily repeating those lies, to all the residents of the small Village of Thornton. People not only stopped talking to me and stopped even acknowledging my existence, but I had many rocks, rotten tomatoes and rotten apples thrown at me, and had groups of large adult men bodily threaten me for walking down a public sidewalk. (I know to only walk down the middle of the street in the years since then!) And not one resident of Thornton has said a single word to me since at least before January 18, 2006, more than eight years! No neighbor, no child, no one.

  • In an additional violation of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution, the Village nearly constantly monitored my telephone calls (and they may still be doing so, eight years later). Since the Church computer is on a dial-up modem on the phone line, also all incoming and outgoing e-mail for certainly six years or more. In addition, they used those capabilities to try to set me up! The Church kept a computer in the house at Thornton, even though the house was generally left vacant. Only I ever visited the house and only for an hour or so every three weeks, to mow the grass. It was quite surprising and remarkable to turn the computer on to discover that the computer had ALREADY been (somehow) turned on and used during those weeks while I was living 65 miles away in Indiana. Dozens of times, I was often surprised and disgusted to discover that they had (somehow) downloaded thousands of sexually oriented photos into that computer (which had been SHUT OFF). It seemed to me that they had not been very selective regarding what sexual photos they inserted into my computer, as only a small fraction of them seemed to be what I would have thought might have actually been illegal. I later concluded that they might have put every photo in the Thornton Police Archive into my computer, since that would obviously have been a really convenient source for them! I now know that it IS possible for someone with certain software to turn nearly any computer on from a distant location and then use it as though sitting at the keyboard. The fact that there were DOZENS OF TIMES when thousands of sexually oriented photos had mysteriously appeared on the shut-off computer inside the locked house, is part of the evidence of that. Since the Thornton Police had made up lies to accuse me of the most evil of sexual behavior, and that they had already (illegally) entered my house while I was away, I quickly came to believe that they were trying to set me up! From their previous behaviors that were outside the US Constitution, this seemed to imply that they were inserting such photos into the computer such that they could do a later search of my house to 'find' them (THEIR own alleged evidence), to then accuse or arrest me regarding them.

    Clearly, those members of the Thornton Village government and their Police Department were not aware that I was rarely at the house or even in Thornton. I have often wondered if their alleged "evidence" would have held up in court, when it was clear that the vast majority of such image files appeared in my computer while I was nearly constantly living 65 miles away, and that there was no possible way that I could have had anything to do with the appearance of them in my computer! Would I have been able to PROVE I WAS INNOCENT? Everywhere else, a US resident is ASSUMED to be innocent until proven guilty, right?

    There were also times in later years (after I had moved to the Thornton house to try to defend the house from being invaded again by Thornton Village employees) where I would suddenly find the download speed of web-pages to have greatly slowed, and where I could see that massive amounts of OUTGOING data was being taken from the computer (which was using up most of the bandwidth when they were examining the contents of the computer). They seemed to (illegally) search the computer like that about every two days or so, for at least a four-year period.

  • After those children informed me (in May 2005) of what the Thornton Police had told them about me (in Sept 2002), I contacted a friend of mine (T.S.) who is an FBI Agent in Chicago. She called the Thornton Chief of Police (Arnold) in early 2006, to ask about the matter of his Officers having made up horrible lies about me and then spread them in the Village. Only a few weeks earlier, the Chief of Police had made a public statement regarding how much he enjoyed being Chief and that he expected to grow old and retire from Thornton many years in the distant future. But only one week after he received that call from the FBI Agent regarding his Officers lying to destroy my career and reputation, Chief of Police Arnold resigned (not two-week notice, only a few days), and he somehow managed to list and sell his house during the next week, and he very suddenly left Thornton for an unknown destination. The Mayor's Newsletter later said that he was sure that the Chief would find new employment quickly, which means that he left a fine job of many years to become unemployed! I personally think he left because he realized that as Chief of Police, he had legal liability for the actions of his Officers, and getting a call from the FBI must have caused him to realize that he might be about to go to prison! (But I don't know his personal motivations for sure.)

    AFTER my FBI Agent friend called Thornton Chief of Police Arnold, she called me (as her friend) to inform me about the conversation. She told me that when Chief of Police Arnold looked at their archived records, he told my FBI Agent friend that Thornton HAD OPENED AN INVESTIGATION ON ME, but that the Investigation had later been closed. HOW could they even DREAM UP 'opening an investigation on a well-loved Christian Minister from a different State?' But I also learned that after President Bush had passed the Patriot Act, it became extremely easy to cause ANYONE'S name to get added to 'Government WATCH LISTS' where ANYONE from any Police Department can add any name in just a couple minutes of typing, and ONCE ANYONE'S NAME IS PUT ON ANY FBI OR OTHER GOVERNMENT WATCH LIST, THAT NAME WILL REMAIN ON THAT WATCH LIST FOREVER. Even after the FBI determines that there is no NEW activity, where the name might be removed from an ACTIVE WATCH LIST, NO ONE CAN EVER REMOVE ANY NAME FROM ANY OF THE 'permanent watch lists'. My FBI Agent friend never actually TOLD me that my name is on (apparently many) such lists, I have no doubt that is the case. And the Thornton Police Department (and their Secretary Karen Leoni) know that the U.S. Federal Government maintains more than 800 such Watch Lists! Given that Thornton HAS actively harassed me more than 700 times during the past 14 years, it seems pretty certain that MY name is (forever) on most all of those 800 permanent watch lists. I have not TRIED to get on any airliner during these 14 years, but I wonder if I would be refused for having my name on some 'Terrorist Watch List'. The 800 (permanent) government Watch Lists cover an amazing range of fields, and it seems rather obvious to me WHY ALL giant Corporations never even respond to any of my postal or phone or e-mail correspondences. They are all SCARED OF ME! Sort of funny in a dark way! How could an easy-going Christian Minister of a VERY tiny Church represent any reason for them to choose to avoid me?

    For the record, NO Thornton Police Officer or Detective has EVER interviewed me or talked to me about ANYTHING! Similarly, NO FBI Agent and NO Cop or Detective from ANY Department has EVER talked to me about ANYTHING!

    Many hundreds of separate harassments of me have occurred during the years since Thornton started their Patriot-Act-inspired behaviors against me. But around January 18, 2006, they seemed to get even more aggressive about many of them. For about eight months, they monitored my two bank accounts, essentially daily. And they clearly actively decided to try to essentially murder me! For nine years, 1997-2005, I had operated a small business in providing fireplace doors for people. That particular industry has NEVER had anyone who ever offered any discounts. So if someone ordered a set of $500 fireplace doors, they wound up paying an additional $80 for freight and another $40 for state sales tax, or a total of around $620. I never intended to gouge customers, so I felt the usual dealer mark-up was more than I thought was appropriate. So I would give a 15% discount AND I would also pay for the freight to get the doorset to the customer. Therefore, that same customer would pay a total of about $425 for that same doorset. They would save around $200! This was a VERY popular service! My target was to try to make about $50 on each doorset.

    Over those years, NO ONE EVER PASSED UP on getting such a savings! In those nine years, I believe there were two orders which had gotten lost in the mail, and those customers immediately sent a replacement order and check in order to save their $200. But beginning on January 18, 2006, I received at least 120 e-mails from people who were informing me that they were mailing in the check and order (the 120 were over several months time). NOT ONE of those 120 checks and orders ever arrived! Did that mean that there were 120 people who did NOT want to save $200? Or did it mean that the Post Office had lost 120 consecutive pieces of mail over several months? Even when I would send a complimentary follow-up e-mail to let the mailers know that their letter might have gotten lost in the mail, NOT ONE OF THEM EVER EVEN ANSWERED THOSE NOTES. None ever sent replacement orders and checks, and none even thanked me for caring about their mail and check! It became clear what had happened. Thornton employees were certainly reading all my incoming e-mails, as they had been doing for years. But now they came up with a new idea. Whenever any incoming mail referred to any check or payment to me, they chose to send out some mail of their own, to those very same customers of mine. But their notes included references to the lies that the Thornton Village employees were still daily repeating and spreading about me. If YOU had just sent in an e-mail to a small company regarding being about to put a check in the mail, and you immediately received an e-mail (possibly from the Thornton Police Department) which informed you of horrific allegations that the person you intend to do business with is supposedly a serial child molester, would YOU then actually put the check in the mail? Or even ever communicate again with such an individual? Right!

    Where the year before, those 120 orders would have each made me about $50 each or $6000 total, between January 18, 2006 and mid-August 2006, I sold a total of two doorsets, and made around $100 to live on! Not remotely enough to buy food or pay for utilities, so my bank accounts were rapidly becoming depleted. And Thornton was daily monitoring those accounts disappearing. By mid-August 2006, I was no longer able to buy any food or pay for utilities. It all certainly looks like an organized plan to me. The Village had eliminated my previous income regarding the Church when they destroyed my career as a Minister. Now, the single source of income that I had, had also been eliminated.

    I cannot confirm the following paragraph, as I am not a Police Officer with any access of secret government lists of terrorists, sex offenders, and dozens of other lists of bad people. This is DIFFERENT from the list of Convicted Sex Offenders who have done their prison time and are again back out in the public doing bad things. These are SECRET lists which apparently only Law Enforcement personnel can get access to. It is my guess that one or more Thornton Police Department employees used the Thornton Police Department computers to send in fictitious allegations and charges against me, to get my name included on many such lists, as additional efforts to totally destroy my life. Even government officials agree that once someone's name gets added to such lists, it is essentially impossible to ever get the name removed. Many thousands of people have had their credit cards stolen and used, and their identity stolen, and they discovered that it is impossible to ever again clear their name. There are many possible events that seem to imply this behavior of Thornton, but two specifically seem compelling. In September 2006, a group of very important people, including Mike McCurry from President Clinton's White House Staff and his brother, had found my web-pages and were about to invest millions of dollars in upgrading one or more towns in Virginia with my totally Green heating and cooling systems for all the houses and buildings in that city. There was extreme enthusiasm, as they understood that my systems work. However, one day, their e-mails and phone calls suddenly ended (and have never again re-started). My guess is that they did a "Background Check" on me and that they might have found some alleged incidents where they concluded that I must be evil. In any case, they never contacted me again and they and their staffs have never even returned any follow-up e-mails from me. Very strange after having wild enthusiasm the day before! The second incident occurred during August 2006. I was informed that the ABC TV program 20/20 had researched my inventions, and that they had been extremely impressed. In fact, I was told that John Stossel, the star of the program, had even decided on the title for a television segment about my inventions, "ONE MANS EFFORTS TO SAVE ON AMERICAS POWER USAGE!" (on 29 Aug 2006). I would think that if a TV network had even gone to the effort of creating a NAME for a proposed major segment on a major TV program, it was likely to then be fairly certain to occur. However, I have the feeling that ABC News also did a "Background Check" on me and found (many?) disgusting things included there. The interesting thing about all this is that apparently the SENDER of such information to such data-bases never gets identified! So if a single person who has access to any Police computer chooses to, he/she could therefore be sending in hundreds of fictitious Police Reports about anyone they wish to destroy. I truly believe that was done to me, probably primarily during the year 2006, to more completely destroy my life. And NO ONE could ever be arrested or even criticized for having sent in such (permanent) fictitious records! Only the target person would suffer from now having an even darker reputation. Remember that I am a Christian Minister and that I have NEVER been in any trouble with any Police or anyone else in my entire life. And yet it seems very likely that there may be dozens or even hundreds of fictitious records that appear to imply that I am totally evil!

    There have been MANY other harassments of me by the Village of Thornton Municipal Government and its Police Department, over these years. In 2006, I learned that citizens are NOT allowed to file any lawsuits against any Municipal Government or any Police Department. And that dozens of County, State and Federal Agencies are all so extremely busy that none of them could take the time to even look into my situation, although nearly all of them also said that they do not have any Jurisdiction over Thornton. It seems to be essentially an independent kingdom, where no one could override anything that anyone in Thornton would ever say or do! Rather amazing.

    IF I was a criminal with a long rap sheet, MAYBE such behaviors might be tolerated. But to a quiet and peaceful Christian Minister who has NEVER been in any legal or other difficulty in my life? You, reading this are probably annoyed at how long this is! Sorry! But with NO availability of filing any lawsuits regarding multiple invasions of my (locked) house and my phone, e-mail, bank records and much more, and finding NO County, State or Federal government Agency that claims th be able to control Thornton employees and Police, it seems to me that I only have a single tool available to me. The BELIEVE Religious Information Source web-site which I created and now run, had around 41,000,000 hits during 2009, and my science and informational web-pages had another 9,500,000 hits during 2009. So even though it appears that NOTHING could possibly ever be done to control the behaviors of Thornton, MAYBE some level of public awareness might encourage them to at least occasionally recognize the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. But they seem to be a very arrogant group, and I tend to doubt that even that would restrain them at all. More likely, if this presentation gets much public awareness, I have to believe that Thornton will choose to come down on me even harder than ever! But if they do, this page may then have even greater value. If they have done anything even more severe to me, I hope to be able to ask a Judge to visit and read this web-page, to learn about eight years of the existence of a Christian Minister at the hands of Thornton, Illinois.

  • It is hard to imagine how much financial expense Thornton has gone to to harass me for eight years, apparently nearly continuously. Obviously they have never found a "smoking gun" to actually even TALK to me or arrest me or whatever they plan. Maybe all the years of harassment is sufficient for them, to have destroyed my career as a Minister and my reputation as a fine person.

If someone else told me these things, there is no possible chance that I would believe him, probably even if he happened to be a highly respected Christian Pastor of a Church. These things are not supposed to happen in a small, peaceful Midwestern town in America. And especially to an absolutely law-abiding Christian Minister! And by Police Officers and government employees?

In addition, I need to point out that it was a NEIGHBOR who generally spent his life sitting and watching out his picture window. Both he and his wife noticed the Mayor's Secretary dumpster-diving, digging through my garbage can on many Tuesday Trash day mornings (as he was actually concerned whether she was also going through his trash, but she wasn't, only mine.) And it was a NEIGHBOR who observed that same Mayor's Secretary coming to stand for ten minutes, at the same place on the sidewalk adjacent to my house, where she would just stare toward my house, summer or winter, for over 700 times over a period of more than four years. And it was MY BANK that first joked with me regarding "checking my bank balances every single day for months" which confused me since I had NEVER done that and didn't even know how to do it! And it was three little kids that informed me regarding the fact that three Thornton Police Officers had told them extremely vicious lies about me (three years earlier). It was a VILLAGE TRUSTEE (Volek), late in 2003, who commented to me that the Mayor's Secretary had Filed 42 separate Official Legal Complaints against me in the previous six months (none of which I ever got any notification about, except for the three where they intended to Condemn and Demolish my house!) It was a PHONE COMPANY EMPLOYEE who angrily came up to me regarding an electronic transmitter device which he had found inside AT&T's phone equipment outside my house. The point is that these are NOT the ravings of a paranoid person!

Sure, various Police Officers and others in the Thornton government have also directly harassed me at various times, where I was actually aware of it! But those were pretty obvious, like the 17 times that I smelled intense perfume coming in my house window as the Mayor's Secretary would walk by to get inside my Van to rummage through the papers, a week after she knew that my Vehicle Insurance had been renewed (even though the Vehicle was and is Licensed in a different State!) In any other town, I would believe that was illegal for her to simply enter my vehicle as she chose! I admit that I did NOT originally know for certain that it was actually her who had twice entered my house during 2002 while I was living full-time in Indiana, to clearly spend several hours in thoroughly going through the entire house (but not stealing anything). The only evidence I had that she had done that was that she happened to have access to a key to the house from 20 years earlier when my mother had lived there, where the Police had asked her for a duplicate key (which they no longer have), and the fact that she seemed to go to so much trouble to harass me over the years.

I had been a highly respected Christian Minister for seven years, in Indiana. when the Thornton Police made up their lies in 2002 and started to spread them around the Village. In addition, I have been a world-known Nuclear Physicist, who has always treasured an impeccable character and a logical mind. These hundreds of incidents SOUND like they must be made up, but they are not. They are each as documented as a logic- and fact-based Physicist could do. They happened!

There seems something seriously wrong when several members of a Police Department make up the most disgusting lies about a citizen that they had never even met or talked to, and then presented those lies in an incredible circus atmosphere, to several children, where every resident of a Village would immediately know the exact details of the (false) allegations and who they were about. That was apparently not enough for the Village of Thornton, Illinois, as they then felt the need to REPEAT those same lies, virtually daily at some times, for at least seven years afterward, even after their Chief of Police had admitted to the FBI (after four years, suddenly quitting immediately after the FBI conversation) that the lies were untrue. MAYBE they might be able to try to justify such abhorrent behaviors, if they felt the need to do such behavior to an Al Capone or an Adolph Hitler, but when they chose a target of a highly respected Christian Minister and world-known Physicist and researcher? They violated the US Constitution in so many ways that it is incredible, and the concept of Civil Rights seems to not even exist in Thornton, Illinois. And they began this targeting a Minister whom they did not even know, who then lived in a different State!

It turns out that just a few weeks before the Thornton Village Police decided to make up their lies about me where they told those children that they had "absolute proof" that I had allegedly done truly horrible things to "many young boys", their own Village Fire Chief, John W. Klaczak, was arrested (July 21, 2002), for having molested at least two teenage boys, who had chosen to be in their Fire Cadet Program under him, apparently within their own Village Hall building! Fire Chief Klaczak apparently first got noticed when an EARLIER cadet (then in Georgia) complained that Chief Klaczak had earlier molested him! And Village Fire Chief Klaczak then lived on the same street as my house was, less than half a block away! That man very quickly disappeared from the area, as Fire Chief and as resident, and a flurry of dozens of Police Cars and News Reporters' vehicles had surrounded his house, but then he was gone. It may not be a coincidence that Chief Klaczak was also a part-time Thornton Police Officer! It is mighty peculiar that the Thornton Village Police very soon (six weeks later) decided to make up (similar) horrific lies about a Christian Minister who then actually lived around 60 miles away in a different State (Indiana), but they certainly did. They did that without bothering to ever even talk to me or ask me about any such matters, so I had absolutely no way of even knowing (for nearly three years) that they had even done that which destroyed my career as a Minister, my personal reputation, and my life. Did they decide to find a victim to harass over what their Village Fire Chief and their co-Officer had done? What conceivable reason could they have had to decide to destroy an upstanding Christian Minister? And then, the Personnel of both the Village government and the Village Police Department began regularly and constantly REPEATING those lies for (until at least now) the following seven years.

Oh, I eventually learned that there is a Federal Law where a Citizen in the US is NOT allowed to file a Suit against any Municipal government or Police Department, so there has never been anything that I could ever do about any of this.

The following evidence seems to be an endless sequence of behaviors by the Thornton, Illinois Police Department and Village government which seem to defy logic and sanity! I have always been extremely law-abiding, never having been in the slightest trouble with the Law and never having even seen the inside of any Police Station except on TV. As a kid, I never even stole a nickel or a quarter or a stick of gum! I am pretty sure that the ONLY time I have ever been inside any Courtroom was around 30 years ago regarding a Divorce. But more strangely is the fact that Thornton, Illinois personnel began these strange behaviors BEFORE I was ever even IN Thornton, except to make a 90-minute drive to mow a lawn every few weeks, and so they had never even talked to me or even had any reason to dislike me! And even since this all began, I do not believe I have had more than a single conversation with ANYONE in the Village Hall or the Police Department, that being when I went in to apply to a Building Permit in April 2003. I do not believe I would even recognize the voice of ANY person in either the Thornton Village government or their Police Department, with a handful of exceptions during 2003 when I had called the Mayor twice regarding some of these things and when I had called several of the Village Trustees to ask about the same. How in the world could ANYONE have found cause to become so viciously angry at a quiet Christian Minister to have the Police make up the most venous of lies to destroy his career, reputation and life? As an additional small example of the strange nature of all of this, in that single conversation, where I had gone in to simply obtain a Building Permit, in the first and only conversation I have ever had with that $18/hr part-time Building Commissioner Harry Nolan, he very casually mentioned that he WOULD have my house Condemned and Demolished in exactly ninety days! I knew that a neighbor across the street had a Building Permit that was valid for a year, but I only got ninety days, and as I was APPLYING for it, I was told that he WOULD have the house Condemned and Demolished anyway. I did not say anything, but I silently wondered what was the point of even spending any money to get materials to paint the windows and repair the roof! Mr. Nolan even admitted that he had never even SEEN my house ever! Yet, he was informing me that he WOULD Condemn and Demolish it 90 days later! He also pushed a Form across his desk and suggested that I sign it, to ALLOW him to Condemn and Demolish my house immediately, as he told me that he could arrange for me to get a "Grant" if I signed it! (It turned out that was a lie, where the cost of the demolition would still have been paid by me, but only after the property was eventually sold.) Mr. Nolan also felt it necessary to instruct me to not even consider EVER AGAIN picking up either a hammer or a shovel without first getting his personal permission! I suppose that I could easily have made an assortment of retorts to such an outrageous statement, but as a good Pastor, I knew to remain silent.

I wonder if THAT sort of instruction has ever been given to any American before in any town or city! As a Pastor, I had always believed that arguments and disputes could only arise if BOTH sides somehow participated! But since I was not even in the same State for much of the early years of all this, and then never even talked to anyone later, it is hard to see how I could have been the cause of any of this! It is all remarkably bizarre!

There are so many hundred different incidents which have been done by either the Thornton Village government or the Thornton Police Department, over the past seven years, that it is hard to even see how to present them adequately. It now seems to me that I might best start with an overview, or actually three different overviews of different periods in this Twilight Zone-type saga.

Prior to May 15, 2005. This is before I knew that any of these things had been happening. It is difficult to know WHY they thought whatever they did, and there seems to be no logic whatever behind any of it! But the indications are that they did not yet intend to cause me to die, and during this period, they seemed intent on forcing me to move out of the Village, for reasons that are only known to them. Maybe they thought I knew more than I then did about their Police Department having made up horrific lies the year before, about me, which they told to several children in interrogations about me. But just in 2003, there was the initial threat by Nolan that he WOULD Condemn and Demolish my house in 90 days, and then three different times over the following six months where they actually acted to accomplish that end, of having my perfectly fine house Condemned and Demolished. In late June 2003, I was so convinced that I could not stop Nolan from destroying my house that I actually offered to GIVE the house and property to the Historical Society (since it had apparently been the first one-room schoolhouse, built in 1856.)

In YOUR town, when you happen to be away for a few hours or a few days, do the local Police or the local Municipal employees feel free to enter your (locked) house and browse around as they wish? It turns out that they do in Thornton, Illinois! Actually, they have total permission to do that! But I didn't learn that until more than a year after part-time Thornton Municipal employees had felt free to enter my LOCKED house on at least two different occasions during the Summer of 2002, at a time when I still lived 60 miles away in Indiana. It was initially extremely confusing as to how someone got in the securely locked house without breaking any windows or doors and then without stealing anything from within the house. There was extensive disruption of the dozens of piles of scientific research papers that I had carefully stacked in the otherwise completely empty house, but no other vandalism or damage. Initially, I thought that some sort of animal had gotten into the house, but very thorough examination established that nothing much larger than a mouse could possibly have gotten in. In addition, there was no evidence of any animals, tracks or droppings, and it was especially weird that EVERY stack of papers had clearly been kicked over hard and spread across as much as ten feet of floor.

I only learned around 15 months later that it was the Village employees, mostly due to a phone conversation with the Village Mayor Swan on May 7, 2003. I had called him because his Part-Time Building Commissioner had recently announced to me that he was GOING to Condemn and Demolish my (wonderful and sound) house in exactly 90 days, even while noting that he had never even seen my house. Mayor Swan was the ONLY power in the Village, and only he could override such a decision. But Mayor Swan informed me that he would NOT override Mr. Nolan's decision to Condemn and Demolish my house even never having had seen it. It was rather shocking and disappointing to hear! But Mayor Swan then rather casually told me in the phone conversation in early May, 2003 that ANY Village employee had free right to enter ANY house or building in the Village which had any door or window that was not locked. I immediately asked for a clarification, saying that he certainly meant ONLY the Police and ONLY with a Search Warrant, but the Mayor explained that no Search Warrant was ever necessary, and ANY Village employee had the right to do this type of Entry. Neither the Mayor nor I realized during that conversation that his employees, including his own part-time Secretary (Leoni), had already been roaming about inside my securely locked house a year earlier, while I was 60 miles away at my home in Indiana. (They even locked the house back up when they left!)

There have been people who have read the above, regarding the fact that ANY Village employee of Thornton, Illinois has unlimited freedom to enter any house or building in the Village at any time, and they have told me that I (a Christian Minister) "made it up" and that I was lying about this matter. It is disappointing that people are so willing to believe that a Christian Minister would lie about anything, which I would never do, but this particular matter is so bizarre that it is inconceivable that I or anyone else would ever dream something like that up! It is too ridiculous an idea! And if anyone other than the Mayor of Thornton had told me about this frightening characteristic of Thornton, I probably would never have believed the speaker. But when the long-time Mayor of a Village makes such a statement, how could it not be the truth? After that phone conversation with Mayor Swan, I realized that President Bush had recently created his Patriot Act, where US Law Enforcement people were released from virtually all limitations regarding pursuing evidence against terrorists. My only guess is that the Thornton Municipal government and the Thornton Police Department chose to interpret the Patriot Act into allowing them absolutely unlimited behaviors regarding anything they chose. Save such an aberrant logic, how could ANY government or Police Department in America possibly have concluded that they were free to do the sorts of things that are described in this evidence? Where they are apparently free to create the most horrific of lies about a Citizen and then repeatedly make sure that everyone hears them so often to believe that they are true; where they freely enter houses and buildings at their own whim; that they monitor telephone conversations, internet e-mail, postal mail and other communications methods; where they monitor personal Bank balances; where they stalk Citizens even into other towns; where they create their own e-mails to send to others to frighten the daylights out of them about me, and far more. NO ONE could dream up such things! If I were capable of dreaming up such things, I probably should have been a fiction writer rather than a Christian Minister! No, ALL the contents of this collection of evidence IS true, and I felt it necessary to place my hand on a King James Bible to assure the Lord that it is all true, to the best of my knowledge. Many of these things were as hard for me to believe as it probably is for you in reading about them. But these appear to represent the way Thornton, Illinois chooses to express government and authority. It seems hard to believe that this is all in the United States of America, where a Constitution is supposed to have defined these sorts of things!

It took a while (later in 2003) before I came to learn that 20 years earlier, when my mother was alive and living in that house, she had had some medical emergencies and the Police had requested that she give them a duplicate key to the house. They never returned that key after her death, and that part-time Village secretary had access to the key. Apparently, under the rules that they feel pass as Laws, her access to an old functional key which I was then unaware of, gave her every right to browse around inside my locked house whenever she wished.

I did not learn the facts about this until more than a year after the last time (that I am aware of) that the Village had decided to wander around inside my house and kick over the many piles of important papers.

I actually felt it necessary that I had to MOVE to Thornton (late in 2003) simply in order to PROTECT it from the employees of the Village who were freely wandering through my locked house as they wished. I actually have no idea whether they have gotten into my house again, or how many times they have again been in it since I moved into the house, but they do not seem to be kicking over my stacks of important papers as they had been doing, which is certainly an improvement! I wonder how many other people have ever decided to move from one State to another for such a reason!

Actually, I realized a far more urgent reason to move to the house! I was not then aware of the electronic device they had inserted inside the telephone connection box outside my house, but I WAS aware that many times when I would come to the house to mow the lawn, after having been away at my Indiana house for a couple weeks, there would somehow be thousands of image files in the turned-off computer, some of which were not legal to have. Exactly how they were inserting those files into my computer, or why they were doing it, was not at all clear, because I had assumed that a shut-off computer could not be remotely turned on to do such things, but apparently it is possible. These sorts of image files were showing up in my computer nearly every time I would arrive from Indiana, so there was clearly some sort of plan going on. I also already knew that Thornton Village employees and Police felt free to enter any house in the Village any time they wished, and I knew by then that they had already been inside my house at least twice already. It occurred to me that they might have decided to set me up! Without me even having to be in Illinois, they were inserting illegal files into my computer, with an apparent likely intent of then entering the house and FINDING those files in the computer! They probably would confiscate the whole house for such findings, and since they had already attempted to have my house Condemned and Demolished three different times earlier that year (2003). It occurred to me that I might come back to find a vacant lot and then be arrested as well! So I concluded that I did not even have any choice but to move to living in the Thornton house! Really unbelievable that I was forced to make such a decision!

At that time, I was not aware of the electronic device which they had inserted into the telephone connection box, and I had thought that they had placed listening bugs and cameras inside my house when they were entering it when I was not around. They may still have done that as well, I do not know, but I was aware by mid-2003 that the Village or the Police (or both) were already monitoring all my phone calls, all my e-mails, my postal mail, and apparently my internet activity.

It is a really creepy feeling to be an impeccable law-abiding Citizen and realize that a Police Department was actively trying to set you up to be accused of a serious crime, apparently just in order to try to cover up an even bigger crime that they had committed (outright lying to little children in Sept 2002 in actively destroying the career and reputation of a US Citizen), and that the Village government was actively participating in all of this. At the time, 2003 and 2004, I was still not even aware of that earlier crime that the Thornton Police had committed in September 2002.

Being such a small Village, all those people in the government and the Police seem to act like they belong to an exclusive "club" and it appears that they are willing to do anything to protect each other. Even when they need to ignore major portions of the US Constitution and nearly everything related to Civil Rights of American Citizens! Initially, I had not even known anything about what they had done or were doing to me, but then after May 2005 when I learned the basics, I had optimistically assumed that there was some governmental Agency that had oversight over such behaviors, such as Jurisdiction over Thornton, but I gradually came to realize that there seems to be no one who has any such authority over them. Which then resulted in an amazing sensation of being alone! Yes, the fact that they made sure that no one talked to me or smiled or waved for many years is one thing. But to gradually realize that there was absolutely no one who was ever going to assist in trying to correct these matters, really was a queasy sensation! And to remember that I am possibly the most law-abiding Citizen in Thornton, and a Pastor of a Christian Church to boot, it all is really beyond comprehension. And VERY VERY sad for society. The many ways that Americans brag about our society and our system, seem to evaporate in the face of the enormous number of these harassments and abuses. Is America really any better than the countries that we think so lowly of? I feel I have good cause to wonder.

Everyone is aware that many Police Officers seem to get off on intimidating everyone. It seems to be an important aspect of the job for many Officers. But Thornton took that concept to an unbelievable level! They clearly see no rules and no laws which restrict anything they do, and the Thornton Village government definitely shares that view. I hate to even think at how effective that must be against nearly everyone else! But apparently they never realized that I am NOT one who is easily intimidated! I was provided an Education and Degree at the University of Chicago far beyond what nearly anyone else has. I have had a life where I was admired for many years as a semi-pro volleyball player, and also where I invented and Engineered a woodstove that was so efficient and effective that the manufacturing company I created had over 850 employees over the years and I manufactured and sold over $11 million worth of them. Due to my Degree in Nuclear Physics, I was highly revered in the woodstove manufacturing industry, and due to the countless millions of people who now benefit from my BELIEVE Religious Information Source web-site, many thousands of Ministers and Priests look to me for assistance in many religious subjects. My life in that era was pretty much "world-class" For example, on February 1, 2003, my good friend Peter Jennings of ABC News had just aired the National news of the Columbia Shuttle disaster, describing how NASA was sending investigators to Texas to recover pieces to analyze. I immediately contacted Peter and pointed out to him that a respected astronomer in California had seen some preliminary parts come off the Shuttle a couple minutes earlier. I told Peter that I had done a calculation of the Physics involved and thought that the most important pieces to try to find should be in California and Arizona. Within minutes, Peter was again on ABC News in describing this and within an hour, NASA was sending investigative crews out to California and Arizona, based on what Peter had aired. For another example, two years earlier, and shortly after 9/11/01, Peter aired a story about a number of envelopes that had dangerous powder chemicals in them that had been mailed to a number of notable people, but the FBI was not getting anywhere in trying to identify the sender of the envelopes. I contacted Peter and informed him that EVERY person causes a cloud of countless thousands of microscopic scalp and skin particles in the air of the room they are in. I suggested to Peter that in order to seal the envelopes, the glue had to be momentarily moistened, and that there seemed to be a valid possibility that some of the microscopic particles of scalp or skin might have gotten stuck in the glue of the envelopes. I thought that some of the perpetrator's DNA might be in each envelope! Peter LOVED it! He immediately called the FBI and they told him that they had not checked that! They assured Peter that they would immediately do such testing and let him know. When Peter first got back to me, he was nearly giddy with excitement, for having explained such a concept to the FBI experts! A few hours later, the FBI told Peter that they had not found any such DNA. Personally, I did not see how the FBI could have had enough time to microscopically examine every square millimeter of the glue on each envelope, and then chemically analyzed every particle that they found, but I was in no position to argue with what they told Peter!

There were at least 40 different situations like that where I tried to offer perspectives of Physics in stories that Peter ran, between about 1998 and his death. He always welcomed my insights, because he knew how careful I am regarding logic and facts and details. There were an assortment of other world-known people and even some governments, who found great value in my insights for them.

These comments are not meant as boasting but in simply describing historic facts. I have really had an amazing life! So while most of the world was considering me to be an important intellectual resource in Physics or in Religion or in Energy, there was a small clique of people running Thornton, Illinois who were doing everything they could to absolutely destroy every aspect of my life! Weird!

As a result of these things and more, I am NOT very easily intimidated! But these many matters with Thornton make me wonder and worry about how many OTHER people that Thornton has been able to intimidate with this kind of aberrant behaviors. And I eventually concluded, partly BECAUSE I am a very Devout Christian, that SOMEONE MUST stand up to them. I happen to only be one person, and I have come to learn that I am absolutely alone in these efforts. However, my "Hero", Jesus provides an example that has some similarities. The odds were incredibly stacked against Him, weren't they? He was absolutely Alone in His tribulations. Did He give up? No. Well???

One more bizarre incident apparently regarding their aggressive intention of having my house Condemned and Demolished during 2003. It seems clear that the Village employees must have felt that they saw some reason INSIDE my house which they wanted to add to their claims of having it destroyed, but they could not easily admit to knowing such things without also admitting that they had broken into my locked house! So one day when I was hosting three men neighbors in our daily horseshoe games, a white pickup truck showed up and stopped near one of the other players, to offer him a job as a laborer. We all thought it was peculiar that anyone would drive up to a total stranger and offer a job, but he went to work the next morning. He later was laughing when he mentioned to the others of us that the guy who had hired him (the husband of Karen Leoni, the part-time Secretary who seems to be involved in many of these things) spent the ENTIRE 20 minutes of the morning break time in asking him dozens of questions ABOUT THE INTERIOR OF MY HOUSE! It turned out that Louie had never been inside my house and had no way of knowing what it was like. At noon, he was either fired or laid off, so his new job as laborer only lasted half of one day! And central in that half-day were all the questions about the interior of my house! There may not actually have been anything illegal there, but it sure seems peculiar! At a time when they were going through my house whenever I was not around, and while they had already tried four times in six months to Condemn and Demolish my house, it just seems VERY strange that Louie was hired by a total stranger, only to be interrogated regarding my house, and then dumped without even getting a full day's pay!

THIS is the big one, the incident upon which most of the destruction of my career, my reputation and my life was built. I did not have any knowledge whatever regarding THIS incident until nearly three years after it occurred, but around September 4, 2002, the Thornton Police sent several Police Cars to the local Wolcott Elementary School, during a school day, in order to pick up three children, whom they then drove to a nearby town in order to Interrogate those children about me (a Christian Minister who had never been in any trouble in his life)! The entire School was aware of this circus, and certainly every person in the 2,200 population Village was aware of this scene the following day and that it was entirely about me. Specifically, the entire population of the Village apparently knew all the details of a set of horrific lies that the Thornton Police Officers had invented. It was three years later that I first learned that the Police had told those small children that September day in 2002 that they had "absolute proof" that I had done the most horrendous of crimes against "many little boys". The way they did all of that, there was only a single person in the Village who had absolutely no idea that any of that had happened, me. Since no Officer had ever even talked to me about any conceivable subject, I had no possible way to know that scene had ever happened. Or that the entire population of the town was aware of that scene, and was apparently even repeating the astounding allegations the Police had made up to tell those children, apparently to try to get the children to confirm the most egregious accusations they wanted to invoke on me. It turned out that they accomplished their goal, implicitly, by making sure that every single resident of the Village knew every detail of truly horrific claims that the Police made up and told those children that day. The people in the Village and the other students at that School did NOT learn of these things from the three children! No, it was the Police and the Village government employees who were aggressively spreading these false accusations! The fact that none of it was true, became irrelevant to all of them. I have been treated as being absolutely guilty by essentially every person in the Village, and virtually every day for the past seven years, just by the way they chose to invent this whole thing, and then by the way that the Village and the Police have chosen to SPREAD THOSE LIES regularly and repeatedly.

So I have regularly been physically threatened when trying to walk on public sidewalks, have had rocks, tomatoes and apples thrown at me by children, have a 3/4" diameter rifle bullet hole through one of my windows that you could stick your thumb through, and far worse behaviors by the Thornton Police and the Thornton municipal employees. The Thornton Police have even STALKED me into other towns (2006), to then call in cel-phone claims of crimes there that they allegedly eyewitnessed, to try to get me arrested by other town Police Departments! In one case, an Officer of Homewood harassed me for more than twenty minutes regarding an alleged crime regarding "cards". I had just come out of a Home Depot store where I had tried to find a piece of rain gutter pipe I needed, and he accosted me in the parking lot. I kept asking him what kinds of cards, as he seemed to slur the rest of the sentence each time. The closest I ever understood that it might have been Baseball Cards. But when I repeated that I did not HAVE any Baseball Cards, I had NEVER sold any Baseball Cards, and I asked if it was illegal to have or sell Baseball Cards, he would always ignore me. That Officer was incredibly nasty and aggressive toward me, and he kept threatening to "take me in to the Station". I now almost wish he had! I later learned that his abusive behavior was entirely due to a cel phone call that their Department had received. Question: Would an Officer choose to be that abusive if YOU had called in a complaint to their Department? No. It was ONLY because they were told in that phone call that the caller was "with another Police Department", and had supposedly witnessed me doing some crime. If a Citizen would call in such a claim, any Department would instantly realize this was simply one person's opinion against another, and with no other alleged eyewitnesses, it could easily have been someone simply calling in due to an argument or a grudge.

When the Chief of Police of Homewood profusely apologized to me on the telephone shortly later, I asked to have the Caller ID number of the phone that had called in the attempted false arrest on me. He checked but found that it had come from a cel-phone, and he then described something that I had not known. Few Police Departments have the special and expensive equipment to be able to either identify or locate any cel-phones! People IN Police Departments knew that, so it was obviously a wonderful way to call in such a false arrest attempt without being able to be identified. I then asked the Chief of Police of Homewood to get a copy of the recording of the call. He amazed me in telling me that they did not have any such recording of the call. So, as things were explained to me, the Homewood Police Department received a call from a cel-phone, which they could therefore not identify or track, and immediately an Officer was severely harassing me for about 20 minutes in a Home Depot parking lot, while no record of the call had ever been made. What would they have done if they had taken me in to their Office? No Officer had been involved, no recording of the accusation, no identity of the caller (allegedly), and no evidence or actual witnesses to anything existed! And he intended to take me in and arrest me based on that??? IF they had taken me in to their Office to possibly arrest me, there was NO doubt that I would immediately afterward have called every Chicago newspaper and TV station to have Reporters come to learn of the quality of that whole process! But it was clear that the Chief of Police had chosen not to tell me that they THOUGHT the caller was "with another Police Department", which then explains all the details, including the aggressiveness of the Officer harassing me. The point here is that the Thornton Police had made up lies and accusations against me in September 2002, and here again in October 2006. There is a pattern. There have been MANY other incidents of their harassment of me.

It really is Twilight Zone stuff, hundreds and hundreds of examples over the seven years (so far). Even my Bank seemed amazed that the Thornton employees were checking both of my Checking Account balances EVERY SINGLE DAY during 2006. And a phone company maintenance employee (2008) thought I had been the one to place an electronic listening monitoring device inside the telephone company's box outside my house. The list goes on and on and on. But the really vicious things did not seem to really start until January 2006, when they may have invented entirely new Felonies to perform against me. But since America has a Federal Law that no one is ever allowed to Sue any Municipal government or any Police Department, they have always known that there was never a thing I could ever do about any of it, even when I eventually learned about things that they had really hidden well.

Remembering that I was still not living in Thornton but 60 miles away in a different State, and that I never even made the 90 minute drive each way except to mow the lawn when it was necessary, it truly seems inconceivable that the Police could have dreamed up any reason whatever to drag kids out of a school day to Interrogate them about a highly respected Christian Minister.

An important fact to note is that at NO POINT had I EVER even had a single conversation with any Thornton Police Officer or any Village employees! More than that, I happen to be an extremely quiet and pleasant Christian Pastor, and I rarely have had any harsh words to anyone even when I have talked to them, and so there is no conceivable reason why ANYONE in Thornton could have had any cause to begin or maintain their campaign of destroying my career as a Minister, my personal reputation, and eventually, the rest of my life as well. Doesn't it seem necessary that I would have had to have offended someone at some point in my life? Or at least TALKED to someone where they might have MISUNDERSTOOD some comment?

It is even more incredible that those Police Officers decided to INVENT LIES about me, to try to get those children to agree with those lies of the Police, where they certainly wanted to send me to Prison! An excellent question is, WHY? I would think that the supposed Civil Rights in America are not supposed to allow ANYONE to be falsely accused of anything. But apparently, the fact that the Police never even talked to me about anything, and certainly did not DIRECTLY accuse me of any crime, maybe in their scheme of things, they think they are allowed to make up the worst possible claims of crimes and then freely and constantly SPREAD THEIR OWN LIES to destroy me! America, you say? In any case, the Police decided to make up the most horrendous crimes possible regarding an adult man. Even three years later, the then 15-year-old boy was terrified of me. That was immensely peculiar, since EVERYONE had already recognized me as the most gentle and considerate of people! He stood behind his little sister even those three years later, out of terror about me! It took him a couple days to finally repeat what the Police had told him, and it was a (rather descriptive) claim that I supposedly had done terrible sexual things to many little boys! They clearly simply wanted the child to agree with their horrific allegations, and I probably would still be in Prison today if the child had gotten confused and agreed with them. In fact, even when he first repeated these things to me three years later, all three of the siblings, in unison, loudly said that the Police would never lie to anyone.

What the Police say is SUPPOSED to be true. Apparently, there are exceptions.

(The Police Officers clearly showed massive ignorance about me! In a number of Sunday Sermons in previous years, I had focused on the Commandment regarding such behaviors, and all attendees to our Church had NO doubt that I have always considered homosexual activities to be both disgusting and immoral and also in absolute violation of that Commandment. I have personally never seen how ANY Church could condone even adult homosexuality. If any Police were going to make up lies in trying to manufacture claims that I had previously done something wrong, they probably should have learned that much about me where such a claim is so absolutely ridiculous. However, when simply spread as a vicious RUMOR to the residents of Thornton, such allegations turned out to never even be doubted or questioned. If the Police say it, it MUST be true! Right?)

Even later yet, in 2007, FIVE years after those Interrogations about me, the girl of the siblings happened to mention to me one day that she was really upset that the Officers had kept asking her, in September 2002, "dozens of times", whether I wore pants or shorts when I was pulling weeds in my yard! What an astoundingly weird question to ask a 9-year-old girl! And over and over, dozens of times. It was only a few weeks after she had mentioned this that it finally dawned on me that in 2002, I was not even living in Thornton, and I ONLY drove over for the brief time to mow the lawn and pull some weeds. HOW COULD ANY POLICE OFFICER EVEN KNOW TO ASK SUCH A PECULIAR QUESTION? Even if there had been any reason for massive surveillance of me (a quiet Christian Minister), there was no possible way that they could ever even know WHEN I would drive over to mow the lawn, and just an hour or two later, I had generally driven back. I truly do not see how ANYONE could have even BEEN AWARE that I had briefly been in the Village, much less any Police Officers, much less enough to conceivably have done enough surveillance of me to see that I often wore shorts on summer day when pulling weeds in my own yard! How could they have known to ask such a bizarre question? And since they asked her over and over, dozens of times, they clearly felt that was a critical question! Why?

Ever since realizing this in the summer of 2007, I have wondered how many Police Officers in the entire United States and in its entire history, have ever even once asked any child questions regarding whether someone work pants or shorts when pulling weeds in his own yard. I am quite confident that no Officer has ever seen cause to ever ask such a weird question before or since!

This incident regarding the Thornton Police making up horrendous lies to instantly end my career as a Minister, and concurrently, my reputation as a good and kind person, has two additional aspects.

(1) In my efforts at trying to find any County or State or Federal Authority that might have Jurisdiction over the Village of Thornton (the answer, absolutely consistently, is that there is no one who has such Authority! The Village is apparently functionally a Kingdom where the government and Police are absolutely free to do anything they wish), I happened to contact a very pleasant FBI Agent (T.S.) from the Chicago Office. She informed me that the FBI was understaffed and swamped with work and that she would not be able to help me. However, immediately after our phone call, she decided to make a call to the Thornton Chief of Police (a man named Philip Arnold) to ask him about my situation. Just weeks earlier, Chief Arnold had publicly stated that he loved being Chief of Police of Thornton, and he intended to remain Chief until he would retire decades later. The Village residents also seemed to love Chief Arnold, as he had been Chief for several years already.

But apparently, the call from the FBI Agent got his attention! The FBI Agent called me back shortly and informed me that there HAD BEEN AN INVESTIGATION OF ME, but that it had been closed. (Personally, I would want to know WHY there was such an investigation, because there was only one possible reason, that being the horrific lies that his Police Officers had made up to tell to those little kids.)

In any case, it seems certain that Chief Philip Arnold was strongly affected by receiving that call from the FBI Agent! Less than a WEEK after receiving that call, he submitted his Resignation, and within a second week, he had listed AND SOLD his house in Thornton (which had to be record time!) and moved away to a destination which no one knows! And he did NOT Resign in order to get a better job, as the Mayor's Newsletter a few weeks later made clear that he Resigned to become unemployed, and as the Mayor expressed confidence that Philip Arnold would not take long before finding another job.

There seems no doubt at all to me that Chief Arnold looked at the records of the Interrogations that HIS Officers had done in 2002, and that they had certainly committed Felonies in absolutely destroying my reputation and my career, and that as Chief, he was responsible for his Officers. I think that he realized that he could very easily have been arrested by the FBI regarding what his Officers had done in destroying me.

There is every indication that Chief Philip Arnold chose to end his own career and future to very suddenly run away to hide, when he realized that the FBI might be about to arrest him for the terrible things his Officers had done in destroying me so completely.

(2) The second other aspect of the Police lies about me have been even far more insidious. That Police Report of those Interrogations was typed up by the very same part-time Secretary who worked for both the Mayor and the Police Department, a woman named Karen Leoni. Having typed it up, she then had a document (which she had created) which had the Police Department letterhead as well as the horrific lies that the Police had made up and told to those children that day in September 2002. She and others in the Village government and in the Police Department have chosen to regularly and consistently use and display that document AS THOUGH IT WAS TRUE, to very large numbers of people.

If someone showed up at YOUR house, and announced that she was "with the Police Department" and then she told you those same lies (which even the Chief of Police had admitted to the FBI agent were not true) and even showed you a Police Letterhead document (which she happened to type up, but which had the Chief of Police's name and title displayed) which repeated the most horrendous of lies about even a Minister, would YOU have any doubt?

How about if she repeated such visits fairly regularly over months and years. Remember, " the Police would never lie", right? Would YOU believe this woman who made hundreds of unsolicited visits to every neighbor family in the Village, or would you believe someone who is extremely quiet? Someone who could not even have known that he NEEDED to defend himself, since he had never been inside ANY Police Station in his life and had never done anything worse than a few Parking Tickets and a couple minor speeding tickets in his youth? Right! And absolutely every neighbor, and every person in the Village of Thornton was conditioned to believe those same lies about me, as they had been told and shown them so many repeated times.

The neighbors are now conditioned to believe those things for the rest of their lives, and it would no longer even matter if the President of the United States came by to be a character witness for me! When minds get set, they are SET permanently, and actual facts are irrelevant.

THIS is the foundation for the following wide range of hundreds of incidents of harassment which the Thornton Village government and the Thornton Police have done to me ever since. The incidents still occur in 2009, seven years after this all apparently began. But since NO person in Thornton has said even a single word to me since January 18, 2006, it is all done and repeated behind my back as it were. I could not even try to deny anything because no one has actually ever accused me of anything (directly). It has been a brilliant method of doing such massive damage to civil rights without any possible way of ever being of accused of having done anything wrong!

There were some early consequences of their actions that I did not understand until much later. For example, during January 2004, the Balmoral Horse Racing Track was extremely enthusiastic about providing me with several discarded wheels from the Sulky vehicles, from their scrap heap, for which they would receive in return a large amount of free publicity during Parades in many towns on many Holidays. But very suddenly, they absolutely lost all interest in even talking on the phone to me! It made absolutely no sense at all! The woman, their Marketing Director, had been incredibly enthusiastic always before, including the very day before. After numerous questions, she finally said that she would not do business with any other criminals either! And since that made absolutely no sense to me, I kept asking more. She finally said that since our request had come from our Christian Church, she had called the Municipal Office of Thornton to confirm that our Church was there. (Our Church was actually based in Indiana, 60 miles away and was Registered in Indiana). However, she was told by a woman in the Thornton Village Office that I was personally the most vile of criminals as regarding small children. Apparently, the woman in the Thornton Village Office had been even more specific than that but she was not willing to repeat the wording to me. Obviously, she believed what she had been told, and she apparently assumed that I knew what the topic was since she assumed that I was guilty of everything she had been told. It was a year and a half later before I finally got any clue as to what she had even been talking about.

In late September 2003, a wonderful Trustee of the Village drove down to talk to me in my yard, a Tanko Volek. Among other things, he mentioned that the same part-time Village Secretary, Karen Leoni, had filed 43 separate Complaints against me in just the period between April 1 and late September 2003. This was amazing news to me as I had never received any notice of any Complaint against me, then or at any other time in my life! The procedure was curious. Karen Leoni would submit the Complaint to Karen Leoni (herself) and she would then type up each of the Official Documents against me. Apparently, each was then heard by the Village Board. Since I never heard of any of this happening, except for Trustee Volek's description, I have no way of even knowing that any of that ever even happened. But the Village residents apparently always learned what the Village Board discussed, and since they discussed several different Official Complaints against me every single Meeting, clearly the Village residents came to believe that I must be a really horrible person, one for which those earlier Police lies were therefore very credible. It has always seemed interesting to try to imagine WHAT 43 different Official Complaints against me in around 24 weeks could possibly have been, especially since absolutely none of them ever were brought to my attention or that I was ever asked about any such things. In the months after that, Leoni continued to dream up and File Official Complaints against me (with herself), and it is hard to imagine what the total number of Official Complaints against an extremely quiet Christian Pastor could have totaled. Or what they were all supposedly about!

On April 1, 2003, during a game of horseshoes in my yard with three male neighbors, a white Thorne Concrete truck drove up along side me. I walked over, and the man inside did not say a word but he handed me a BLANK red Cease and Desist Order, which did not have any of the information lines of it filled in. We wondered if we were being Ordered to stop playing horseshoes! We also wondered if someone was pulling an April Fool's Joke on me. But it eventually turned out that the man in the truck was Karen Leoni's husband, and I was being ordered to stop trying to replace around a dozen roof shingles on the garage that I had been wanting to repair.

A few days later, I got an Official Notice of Violation and a Demand that I come into the Village Office to obtain a Building Permit. I truly had no idea that a Building Permit was required to simply replace a few roof shingles. But the meeting with the self-proclaimed (part-time) Building Commissioner, the only time in my life that I had ever even met or talked with him, was quite an experience.

In that very first conversation ever, where I was there to request a Building Permit, he (Harry Nolan) insulted me several times and insinuated terrible things about me. It was peculiar to hear him admit that he had never even ever seen my house (slightly over one block away) but he still informed me that he intended to file papers to have it Condemned in 90 days and then Demolished shortly after. This was in a conversation where I was trying to get a BUILDING PERMIT! He also had a gleeful smile as he bragged about all the other houses and buildings in Thornton which he had already had Condemned and Demolished. He even pushed a paper toward me that he wanted me to sign, where he told me that he could get me a Grant if I signed that paper. It turned out that paper would have been an authorization to allow him to Demolish the house immediately, and it was no Grant at all, but instead simply a delay in me being charged for the Demolition until I would some day sell the property! In that fairly brief single conversation, he also informed me that if I should ever think about picking up either a hammer or a shovel, I had to get his personal permission before using it! Not bad for not even having ever SEEN my house, which happened to be structurally one of the most sound in the entire Village!

The FIRST time that it was clear that I would not be able to stop him from Condemning and Demolishing my house, in June 2003, a call to the Mayor resulted in being told that the Mayor would agree with absolutely any decisions that Nolan would make. I even visited the Historical Society, and since I had totally conceded that I could not possibly save my house, I offered to GIVE the house to the Historical Society, since it had originally been built in 1856 as a one-room schoolhouse, on half a block of property, which was still the form that my father had bought in 1946, but they did not believe me and therefore did not want the house.

The SECOND time that Nolan told me that he was going to Condemn and Demolish my house, Nolan had sent me a letter that allegedly explained why, such as that "less than 1/4 of the roof had been replaced" and "none of the windows had been re-painted." That note confirmed again that Nolan had still never even seen my house, as I had already painted 46 out of the 48 windows and frames of the rather large house, and around 80% of the roof had already been replaced. I called ALL the Trustees to come out and count the windows and to see the roof, so that when Nolan would have the house demolished, I wanted them to be able to be witnesses in some sort of lawsuit. They apparently stopped him from Condemning the house that time.

The THIRD time that Nolan told me that he was going to Condemn my house was a few weeks later. I had again realized that there was no possible way that I could save my house, so I came up with a different approach. Noting that I STILL had no clue regarding the ACTUAL things the Village had been doing to me (which I would not even start to learn for another two years), I still had accumulated enough evidence just regarding my house during 2003 that I wanted a Judge to see it. So the day before Nolan was to appear before a Judge to get the Condemnation Order, I insisted on knowing the exact time and place of that Hearing, as I told the Village that I insisted on being there AND presenting my evidence to the Judge. I thought the Judge would be interested to learn that Nolan had THREE TIMES tried to Condemn and Demolish my house without ever having even SEEN it, and all the rest. The Village did not proceed when they realized that I would be in Court in front of the Judge.

In later years, I learned of far more terrible things that Thornton had been doing to me, which had already been going on in 2003 but that I was then absolutely unaware of.

There were MANY other strange events which occurred in 2002, 2003, 2004 and early 2005, but I had not yet learned the central facts in this whole strange scenario. So I KNEW that my phone had long been tapped and my Internet mail read (both directions) and I had even proven that my postal mail was nearly always read (by sending myself some letters where I intentionally put the letter inside the envelope upside down, but found them arrive right-side up, AND with FINGERPRINTS on the paper, where I had carefully used brand new paper for the letters! I did not then yet know that they were monitoring my bank accounts, or directly interfering with potential business transactions. I did not then know that there was an electronic device monitoring my telephone service, and I then thought they had placed listening bugs in my house when they would decide to enter it when they knew I was not around. And on and on and on.

The electronic device in the phone company box explained many things which I could not previously figure out! For example, when there were sometimes a week or two when I was not even around, then having stayed in the Indiana house for those periods, I could never figure out how it was that many thousands of pornographic images would be in the computer when I would return. How could that happen? Who could do it? It turned out that they could somehow get my computer to turn on and then download all those terrible images which the Village had put into that electronic device, so they all simply appeared inside my computer. I pretty much knew WHAT they were doing, but had no idea HOW they were doing it, until the presence of that electronic device came to light in early 2008. It also explained why the neighbor across the street had seen Karen Leoni walk down to the same spot on the sidewalk, over 700 times, adjacent to my house to just stand there for around ten minutes, every second day for around four years. When he told me about it, we just thought that she was staring at my house, but it was very peculiar because she would even stand there in driving rainstorms and below zero cold weather and in snowstorms. It turned out that the spot on the sidewalk where she would always stand for those ten minutes was the closest to where the electronic telephone device was, and she apparently had to download whatever data it had collected in the previous two days. Apparently, the storage capacity of the device was only about two days of my e-mail plus whatever quantity of files she would be trying to put into my computer. There had been times on some evenings when I had been using the computer and it suddenly acted strangely, indicating that some other user was using it! That did NOT make sense until 2008 when I learned about the electronic telephone device, and then it all made sense. Along with Leoni standing out in cold winter weather for ten minutes every second day and all the rest, for a total of over 700 different times over several years!

By the way, people have often asked me why I still always use obsolete technology to interact with the Internet, Windows98 and a dial-up modem. The above actually explains that! It turns out that all newer versions of Windows manage to store hidden copies of all files they work with, sometimes as many as ten different sets of such hidden files, in many different places in the computer. It is not clear whether MicroSoft did that to reduce the damage when their programs failed and got hacked (where there might remain at least ONE undamaged copy of files) or whether MicroSoft chose to incorporate features that certainly help the government do electronic surveillance on all the millions of computers automatically (which is certainly true, but never admitted). In any case, since every time I came to the house in Thornton, there were generally thousands of files that I had to delete from the computer (which the Village had inserted into it). I had absolutely no interest in having to try to delete ten different copies of each of them, especially since some of those copies in newer Windows do not even allow being deleted! And so DUE TO THE VILLAGE OF THORNTON, I have had to use the obsolete technology which I use. Yes, it is annoying to have to have such slow connections as dial-up, but that permits me to immediately detect when Thornton has started to use my computer (as the dial-up connection speed drops to around 1/4 as fast as normal while they are using my computer, and then rises back up to the normal dial-up speed when they stop!). And the ancient design of Windows98, like previous versions of Windows, only kept one copy of each file to have to delete, which probably saved me as much time as the time I lost in the slow dial-up connection! People have wondered for years as to why I would be so aware of technology but then use such dinosaur computer software. This is the first time I have ever even been able to explain WHY that has been. And why it would forever continue!

I suppose these next items may have no place in this, but they show a wry aspect of this situation before I knew what was going on! It happens that my yard is much larger than any other in the neighborhood, and it was convenient to install horseshoe stakes in late 2002, where three male neighbors and I played shoes nearly every day, even in Chicago winters. They each had children and grandchildren who seemed fascinated at how much fun we had, so there got to be many kids watching us playing each afternoon. We adults would take a break from time to time, and all the kids would come into my back yard along with them. I soon installed an extremely tall (28 foot) swing for them, only allowable when we adults were there to make sure they were safe. And, as an ex-Teacher, I quickly started a program that if a kid could "answer three questions" he or she could get a can of soda pop. The questions soon became the favorite part for them. I would choose a general subject for all of them but specific questions based on their age and ability. So there were days when as many as forty children were in my yard watching us playing horseshoes, all patiently waiting until we were ready to take a break, when the whole herd would break for the backyard. They had to call out numbers to establish their turns on the swing, and any arguments always put the two at the end of the line. I wanted them to learn to work together and get along.

They also knew that I only had around four rules, but they were absolute. No hitting any other kid. No saying terrible things to or about any other kid. No showing off by letting go of either hand on the swing. One of the kids was an extremely annoying and abrasive red-headed girl, Terri, who was born with one arm. She had always gotten away with always setting all rules and no adults had ever tried to control her, so she was simply a nasty kid. In any case, one day on her turn on the swing, she decided to show off by letting go of the rope (with her one hand). She apparently assumed that the adult, me, would let her slide. I did not. In front of at least 25 other kids, I stopped the swing and explained that she had broken the rule about letting go. I asked her what the rule was, and she knew that it was that one full day of swing was to be lost. So she stood and watched all her friends swinging away, and was a very unhappy kid that day, and part of the next until her whole day passed. Neither she nor any other kid ever broke that rule ever again. But better than that, she did NOT have an adult shouting at her or anything bad, but simply my calm confirmation of the rule. Virtually always before, adults would shout at her and threaten her, but she knew they would never do anything to her.

On a different day, I overheard some kids talking about her only having one arm, and I decided to act. I asked all the kids out into a large part of the yard, and beginning with one of her cousins, I asked her to get on her bike, stick one hand fully in her pocket, and start out to ride across the yard. She immediately fell over, as did all the others who tried it. I pointed out that riding with one arm is harder than it seems! I also suggested that they ask Terri to teach them how to (start out) ride with one hand in their pocket. She realized that I had made her a celebrity that day, and appreciated it. She and the other kids knew that I was strict regarding my rules but extremely fair. In those early years, the Librarians often told me they dreaded it when Terri would come into the Library, as she was so demanding and self-centered. I told them that I would try to improve that. By a couple years later, the Librarians started BRAGGING about what a wonderful kid Terri now was, but they always would laugh about what a monster she used to be. They seemed to credit me for that improvement. Hard to say but I certainly tried.

Two of the youngest kids that would come to my yard every day would come with Terri. They were Kearstin and Madison, twins that were then in First Grade. I truly believe they may have been the most intelligent human beings I have ever known! When I would do their questions, I would generally ask questions that required logic that a Fifth Grader might have trouble with, but they always did fine. Their family was rather poor, and that winter, the twins were extremely sad because their mother could not afford to keep paying for their ice skating lessons, and so I helped Santa Claus that Christmas in putting up the $100 that was needed. Also at that same Christmas, again knowing the financial situation of their family, I bought them a nearly new computer as a Christmas present, complete with their initials on it! (Unfortunately, Thornton then scared their family so much that the girls never even saw their computer, although other kids played some games on it. Because I was so overwhelmed by how brilliant each of them were, I also promised the twins, when in First Grade, that I would fully pay for both their College educations! Such little kids could not realize how unusual that offer was, but it was absolutely genuine. I actually was pretty sure that each of them would probably get scholarships, but I was prepared to put up the necessary $50,000 or more if it was needed. They were twins, but remarkably different from each other. Madison was incredibly competitive and would keep repeating trying something new, especially athletics, hundreds of times. Kearstin was far better in math and science, but she was not very competitive at all, and was often discouraged in that her sister's hand always shot up in school to answer every question, even though Kearstin also knew all the answers.

When I learned that Terri's mother and step-father had not had enough money for a honeymoon, I offered to give $400 for a limo, a fine restaurant, and maybe a show in downtown Chicago. They thanked me but asked if they could trade it in for NASCAR, and I wound up giving them that $400 for really good tickets to a NASCAR race instead. Not exactly what I had in mind regarding a honeymoon, but oh well.

One of the other horseshoe players could not pay their house Mortgage one month, and I gave $400 to keep them from losing their house. I put up $400 for an exotic racing bicycle that a different kid insisted he needed.

Toward trying to keep all the kids entertained while we played horseshoes, I built a Cinderella Carriage (for the girls only) and two kid-powered army tanks with tracks (for the boys). The Carriage represented the need for the (scrap) spoked wheels from the Balmoral horserace track in January 2004 which represented my first clue of strange goings on by Thornton.

I later gave around $4,000 to a private high school for a girl, and would have continued to pay for the rest of her high school (around $20,000 more) and then probably College. She later told me that she wanted to go to the public high school instead, and so I stopped paying for the school that she no longer wanted.

When a local boy told me one day that it had been explained to him why he always had trouble answering questions, I was infuriated at hearing what he said. He told me that everyone was given a Gift from God, and that his Gift was that he was Retarded! My head nearly exploded at hearing that! First, to accuse God of intentionally having done something like that is one thing, but then to tell a 12-year-old boy such a thing essentially tells him that there is no point of even trying. He told me this on the very last day I saw him before the Police did their Interrogation circus, so I never saw him again for nearly three years. But I contracted with a nearby Sylvan Learning Center to give them $5,000 (at $30/hour) to help him build some self-confidence (assuming that he could get the two miles from his house to the Sylvan store). But since I had no way to communicate to him of this, and Sylvan felt they could not tell that family about this gift, it never happened. I need to note here that in the first couple days those kids had come by to visit, they had described how their father had been put in prison for ten years (and was still there) and their mother was put in a different prison for five years for entirely different crimes. They essentially grew up without any adults around them, and it was amazing that they were as moderately-well-adjusted as they were. In any case, my gifts of Sylvan (and other things, like a later apartment once he was 18 and married) for him and the Private High School for her, were attempts to show them that they DID deserve good things, that they WERE worthwhile people.

Beginning in June 2000, I began to offer to buy groceries to some people (around a total of 210 up to now) where around 195 have so far allowed me to do that. I have done the same regarding sandwiches in Subway (around 200 times so far, with nearly every person agreeing. And once an offer to pay for gasoline, and a few dozen times regarding other stores.

The only point of these references here is in case a reader might have assumed that Thornton must be right and that I must be a monster. Just the title Christian Pastor should say enough, but maybe these examples might suggest that I am and always have been a fairly nice person!

Well, there is one other fact. These several dozens of kids, who seemed to daily look forward to coming to my yard (and I never INVITED any of them) all spectacularly changed their behavior toward me virtually on the same day of January 18, 2006. I am not willing to believe that any of the kids absolutely reversed their attitudes toward me, because THEY knew what kind of a person I was, even though none of them had been told that I was a Church Minister. But the new extra aggressiveness of Thornton in making sure that all the people in Thornton feared and hated me also had the effect that every parent instantly forbade their children from coming to my yard, but also even ever smiling at me or waving to me or ever saying anything to me! So as of January 18, 2006, it was not just the adults who would never acknowledge my existence, but ALL those kids who had so recently been enjoying playing in my yard as though it was a city park! And this INCLUDED the family where I had given $400 for the honeymoon and the family where I had given $400 to pay their Mortgage, and all the many other families who had known me daily for several years. It is truly amazing what vicious people can do when they set their minds to it, even turning long-time friends against one another. It was all quite disappointing to see people who used to send an extra portion of spaghetti over to my house now forgot years of history to believe the same lies which were still being repeated daily after years of falsity. Human nature is really something to behold. All that made me have a deeper understanding of what Jesus' disappointment must have been when all the Jews turned on Him and insisted that He be Crucified. Apparently, things may not really change that much!

But I find it immensely disgusting that the Village of Thornton seriously damaged all those children in the process of their sickness. Those kids all KNEW that I was a fair, honest, truthful and good person. But Thornton destroyed their views of right and wrong, good and bad, by requiring all of them to consider me to be evil, just because they still insist on trying to support the horrible lies that the Thornton Police made up about me in September 2002. How will any of those kids ever be confident of their own conclusions of right and wrong as they grow up? For several years, many parents had essentially been sending their kids to play together in my yard as though it was a city park and that I was a free daycare or free babysitter, where the kids were clearly to trust me and my judgment, and then essentially overnight, each of those kids were told and convinced by their parents that I was the most evil person on Earth! It seems to me that many of those kids will some day require professional Therapy as a result of this insanity that Thornton chose to do to them. How can that be seen as anything but disgusting?

Between May 15, 2005 and January 18, 2006. This begins when three small kids first informed me of the Thornton Police Officers making up lies about me to them during their interrogations in early September, 2002; through the time when I attempted to get State or County or Federal Authorities to help me control the behavior of the Thornton Police and the Thornton Village employees.

At this point, the start of May 2005, I still did not know about ANY of the actual things the Village of Thornton had been doing to me, except tiny bits and pieces, like their entering my locked house as they wished, the strange behaviors regarding my house, and the Racetrack scrap wheels. It was all rather discouraging, not knowing WHY the hundreds of neighbors clearly seemed to hate me, an otherwise very popular Christian Minister, and the years of that harassment was adding up on me. I had given up in April 2005 and conceded that they won, and I packed up most of my things and had moved out to southern Utah, expecting to live in a very small town named Junction from then on. But PRIOR to leaving, I had a commitment to take care of. Three years earlier, I had established a Contract with two of those little kids. If the nine-year-old girl, Jeanna, would not smoke a single cigarette by her 15th birthday, I would give her $100. If she would not drink a single beer or other alcohol, another $100. And if she would not try any drugs, a third $100. I made the same Contract with one of her brothers. Since I realized that six years is nearly infinity for little kids, I also told them that if they made it half way, three years to her 12th birthday (in July 2005), each of those provisions would mean an extra $20. Well, I had never seen either of them during those years but I was sure that she would uphold her part of the Contract, which meant that she deserved to receive a total of $60 in July 2005. Somehow, I had heard that her brother had smoked some cigarettes, so I assumed that he deserved to receive $40 on that same day. But I would have moved away to Utah before then. So I asked a neighbor kid, Terri, to take two sealed envelopes to school to hand to the girl, around May 1, 2005, just before I was to forever leave, to get the $60 and $40 cash partial payments to them. (I later learned that their mother took both amounts and spent it for herself, and the kids never got to spend any of it!) I assumed that I would figure out some later way to get the larger payments to them three years later.

I was actually quite relieved to finally be forever rid of Thornton, Illinois! However, within two days of being in the Junction, Utah area, my car, an old 1985 Corvette, showed evidence of extremely serious transmission problems. I discovered that the NEAREST Chevy dealers were in Salt Lake City (200 miles north) and Flagstaff, Arizona (200 miles south), and that even those dealers did not have any specialists who knew much about older Corvettes. Both of those Dealers also explained that they no longer had any Service Manuals for older Corvettes and did not have any parts for them! So even if I could get the car the four hour drive to either Chevy dealership, it did not seem very promising that they had much chance of fixing the car. I happened to have left an absolutely identical 1985 Corvette in the garage in Thornton, and it occurred to me that the best available choice might be to try to get the car back at least part way to Thornton, and then have it towed the rest of the way, so I could then take the good transmission out and put in the car I was driving. I drove slowly and carefully to try to get it to go as far as possible before total failure, and it turned out that it made it all the way back.

All that was an amazing sequence of events, which got me back into a Village which I had vowed to never return to again! But I have later wondered if the Lord wanted me to be back in Thornton, for a reason.

The very next day after I got back, two of those kids knocked on my door. They could not possibly have even thought I would ever return, and I would not have except for the severe car problems. But they were standing outside my door, both shaking. The girl, Jeanna, wanted to thank me for the money of the Contract (even though she never got to spend any of it, her mother did.) That was apparently the single reason why they were there, after my not having seen any of them for nearly three years. I asked where her older brother was, and she told me he was too scared of me to come visit. It also turned out that their mother had not even let him know that the $40 had even come for him, simply taking it for herself, so he had no reason to need to thank me anyway. I laughed when she said that he was too scared of me! She would not explain. A day or two later, the two kids knocked on my door again, and she eventually told me that her older brother (then 15) was hiding around the corner. I am not sure I have ever seen any human shake as much as he was doing from fear, and it was somehow due to me! When he came around the corner, he stayed back behind his little brother and sister, still shaking violently.

I kept insisting on knowing why he was so scared of me, and it was clear the other kids were also very scared of me, all of them standing back about 10 feet away from me. He finally said that the Police had told him that they had absolute proof of many horrible things I had done to little boys! That was immensely confusing to me! Since I had NEVER, NEVER, NEVER done any terrible things to any little boys, or any girls, or even any adults, I had no idea what he was talking about. I first assumed that he was somehow referring to "beating up" little boys, which I thought was both a disgusting thought and also something I would never conceivably do. So I think I responded by some question regarding whether he thought I was going to punch him or something. They all looked at me like I was an idiot! Then he STARTED to describe EXACTLY the graphic things that the Police had told him about three years earlier, except when he started to get to really graphic parts, he looked at his little sister and stopped. But I had gotten the picture of what they had been told by the Police.

They had each apparently been told slightly different lies that the Thornton Police had made up in September 2002. Apparently, the Police had made up those lies to try to get the young kids to say anything incriminating against me that might be similar. Many years earlier, I had seen three different PBS Frontline programs about a Daycare in Edenton, North Carolina (starting 1989). Someone had a minor argument with the owner of the Daycare, and decided to call Police to report (alleged) sexual abuse of a very young child. The Police went berserk, and so did the community, and very soon, the Police were interrogating dozens of three and four year old children regarding possible sexual abuse. They never kept any records of those interrogations and even later destroyed most of their records about the entire matter. But Frontline and State investigators later discovered that NONE of the children initially had any knowledge of anything sexual, but after being daily interrogated for months by one specific aggressive (untrained) woman, they each started learning what they were supposed to say. That woman essentially TAUGHT those little children both sex and aberrant sex, with little dolls, over and over and over. The PBS Frontline programs are terrifying to watch, in seeing how the absolutely innocent owner of the Daycare, as well as most of the employees, were eventually charged, arrested and put in prison.

Seven people were arrested and charged with over 400 counts of heinous sexual abuse of 29 children. NONE OF THEM were even remotely true! The accused spent as many as several years in prison, but it was later determined that the Police had gone berserk in finding alleged evidence! The Police had used a single (untrained) investigator (Toppin) to interrogate AND COACH the very young children, and she had kept asking the children the very same questions over and over and over. When she did not get the answers she wanted to hear, she started SUGGESTING, COACHING ideas to the small children, which many of them then adopted after she had repeated her opinions many times. That woman had DECIDED what the FACTS were, and she persisted for months in repeating her lies to the children until they were repeating exactly what she was telling them!

The Edenton circus got worse and worse as more parents started believing the lies their children had been trained to repeat, and the entire community soon insisted that all the allegations were true. NONE of them were! When THOSE children were FIRST asked by the Police or their parents, every single one of them said that NO abuse had happened. It was only after many weeks of constant repetition by the adults associated with the Police, that some and then all of them started repeating those descriptions. There were NO other witnesses to the conversations that the woman (coach) had with those children, and no videotapes and no transcripts ever existed.

The Trials of the accused were amazing! Twelve of the 29 children were selected to be witnesses. The woman who had interrogated / coached the children was never on the witness stand! NO actual reference to any eyewitness evidence was ever presented, but it was essentially a Kangaroo Court, where all of the accused were simply ASSUMED to be totally guilty!

The owner of the day-care was found guilty of 99 indictments and he was sentenced to twelve consecutive life terms in prison!

Around five years later, an Appellate Court overturned all of the convictions, after some of them had been in prison for five years, but the Prosecutors still did not give up. They then (1996) announced that they were indicting the Day-Care owner on DIFFERENT charges, which again would have resulted in many life-sentences if convicted.

This all sounded terrifyingly similar to what the Thornton Police Department was trying to do to me! These kids were telling me, in May 2005, virtually the same sorts of thing that was done to them in September 2002 by the Thornton Police, that Police had done in Edenton, NC. The scariest part for me is that I KNEW about the Daycare owner being CONVICTED OF 99 crimes and Sentenced to twelve consecutive life sentences! Even though essentially everyone realized that he was absolutely innocent. As the kids were telling me these things in May 2005, I realized that if ANY of them had gotten confused during the Interrogations, to ever seem to agree with the lies the Police were telling them, I would immediately have been hauled away to Prison, where I would likely still be today. I was immensely thankful that those kids did not get confused that day in September 2002!

But these things those kids were telling me in May, 2005, were absolutely out-of-the-blue to me. Since no Police Officer had ever even talked to me, about anything, I had never had the slightest clue that any such insinuations could have been started or that they had been spread throughout the Village, or that they were actively repeated BY the Thornton Police and by the Thornton government employees nearly daily for the years since. Now, with this new information from those kids, MANY things started falling into place. I then REALIZED why the men were prepared to beat me to a pulp on the public sidewalk years earlier. I REALIZED why absolutely no one ever talked to me, after early September 2002. I REALIZED why there was a 3/4" diameter rifle bullet hole in my window. And why the Village had acted so weirdly in wanting to Condemn and Demolish my house several times in 2003. None of those things had made the slightest sense, up to when the kids explained these things to me about the Police cars coming to the School in September 2002 and taking them away for those interrogations, which I first learned three years after the fact in May 2005.

Now, at this time, I still was not aware of the fact that no Municipal government and no Police Department can ever be sued due to US Laws. So, after digesting what the kids had told me, and trying to explain to them that Police are SUPPOSED to never lie to anyone but these certainly lied to them, I eventually started contacting Cook County, State of Illinois, and Federal Departments and Agencies which I thought might have Jurisdiction in any of this. Naively, I thought that this was America, and that such things are never supposed to be allowed to happen.

Among those many contacts were three private Lawyers from the Phone Book. They each wanted me to give them around $3,000 as an initial Retainer, but then each admitted that there was no chance that they could ever accomplish anything since they are not allowed to even FILE any Suit against any Government or Police Department. I asked each of them why I should therefore give them $3,000, and none of them had any answer to that. Collectively from those meetings, the only possible positive suggestion was that I give them the money so that they could file a Suit against the PART-TIME SECRETARY as an individual. Yeah, right. How much money would a part-time Secretary likely to have? Even as much as I would spend for the initial Retainer, or the many thousands of additional Legal fees I would have to pay for? That seemed like a really stupid idea to me. It would not even be a Criminal charge but only a Civil one, where a Judge might decide that she was supposed to pay me some amount for all the things she had done. What would be the point, as she would certainly never pay any amount anyway!

I was really surprised that EVERY governmental Department and Agency always essentially said "not my job". Even various Departments that are supposedly existing to oversee Officer behavior, all claimed to have no Jurisdiction over Thornton Police. One only oversaw Chicago Police. Another only oversaw Cook County Police Officers. The Illinois State's Attorney's Office told me to contact someone else. The Illinois Attorney General, the same. The Illinois Governor and Lieutenant Governor never even answered at all. The Illinois US Senators and Congressmen, and the Illinois State Senators and Congressmen, had absolutely no interest in my situation. Dozens and dozens of different Departments and Agencies in Cook County, in the State of Illinois, and in the Federal Government, not the slightest amount of interest. Most seemed rather annoyed at even having to listen on the telephone, so I suspect their interest in my postal letters and e-mails were equally boring to them.

However, there turned out to be a dark side to these efforts. Since Thornton constantly and continuously monitored my e-mail, my phone conversations, and my Postal mail, they clearly became aware that I was making a serious effort at seeing if any of them deserved to spend some years in prison for all the abuse they had done to me. This seems to have culminated in an even more aggressive effort which had clearly fully started by January 18, 2006. It seems clear that they realized that the only way they could be assured of none of them ever having to go to prison would be if I was no longer was alive to pursue such things.

And so many of the far more aggressive actions which began around January 18, 2006, seem all directly aimed at that goal.

I have often wondered if they would have a big party to celebrate upon learning that I had died! They certainly would have been greatly relieved at no longer having to worry about their futures in Prison.

After January 18, 2006. This begins when Thornton clearly decided to end my efforts at getting any authorities into the picture by ending my existence.

The fact that Thornton was monitoring every single e-mail I sent and received, every phone call I had, and every postal letter which came to the house address, made it so that Thornton was fully aware that I had been trying to contact dozens of different Cook County, State of Illinois, and Federal Agencies and Departments regarding these matters. These things made certain that Thornton knew that if and when any of those Agencies would look into these matters, at least five specific Officials of Thornton had a very high likelihood of going to Prison for many years. Several others were likely to be arrested as accessories, but according to an FBI person, those people probably would not be sent to Prison. In any case, Thornton was certainly extremely aware that my continuing efforts represented a real danger of a number of their "club" going to Prison for a long time. It appears that they concluded that they might not be able to stop me from attempting to pursue such Authorities, and that the only safe course for them to all stay out of Prison would be if I was no longer alive to pursue such things. This does NOT imply that the Police fired that rifle bullet through my window, as it was apparently a Military rifle that had fired that bullet. Normal rifles are not powerful enough to fire a bullet at the speed that one traveled (as I had calculated using ballistics and Physics). But there were really obvious changes which all seemed to become obvious on January 18, 2006, and they all seemed focused on accelerating the ending of my life.

In fact, these matters, in combination with the enormous mass of evidence that I have accumulated over seven years, and with my recent medical complications, were the direct reasons why these two web-pages were composed and uploaded. Even if I should not find any County, State or Federal Agency which has the time to look into these things and the authority to do anything about it, maybe the continuing presence of this evidence even after I am gone might some day contribute toward finding some Justice. However, I must admit that I have doubts. I note that even the North Carolina DayCare insanity, where aberrant Police behavior resulted in a man spending five years in Prison and six others spending lesser times, and even though PBS and Frontline added their weight to trying to find Justice in that matter, as far as I know, none of the Police involved ever even were criticized, much less arrested or convicted of anything! So the chance that any of those people in Thornton, Illinois ever getting their wrists slapped seems fairly slim. But still, these collections of my evidence are now available in these web-pages, in case some day someone can discover some Justice to be had.

Many different things may have existed prior to January 18, 2006, but they became far more extreme and more obvious as of that date. For example, even the Bank Tellers had become aware that both my Bank Account Balances started being checked on every single day (for the next eight months).

And the efforts at making sure that all residents in Thornton feel absolute hatred for me kicked into higher gear! As of January 18, 2006, through May 5, 2009 (almost three and a half years), not a single adult in Thornton has ever said a single word to me! Not one has ever smiled, or said hello, or waved. That also applies to all kids as well, with the exception of the three children around which this all began back in September 2002! This is a very strange situation for a Christian Pastor, to whom EVERYONE used to want to wave and smile and talk, as is commonly true of most Ministers.

Prior to January 18, 2006, I had supported myself by permitting customers to buy fireplace doorsets at a 15% discount and also with me paying for the freight, which generally saved each customer between $100 and $200, and sometimes much more. I did not make a lot on each transaction, but so many hundreds of customers (from my web-site) were appreciating saving all that money, that the few dollars I made on each sale provided a nice income for me, while also doing a really good service for the customers. For example, in calendar 2005, I sold around 800 doorsets or so, and a lot of customers therefore saved a lot of money. By comparison, in calendar 2006, it had dropped from 800 to around 3 total.

Each customer had to (postal) mail in an Order Form and a check for the appropriate amount, and then the doorset would get shipped directly from the doorset manufacturer to them soon after. In the nine years prior to January 18, 2006, not a single customer ever did NOT mail those items in, since they all WANTED to save a lot of money!

Very abruptly on January 18, 2006, that all changed. Customers were still just as excited at saving a lot of money as in previous years, and roughly 200 sent e-mails alerting me to the fact that they were mailing in Orders and checks, exactly as had been the case in the previous nine years. But what was different was that NOT A SINGLE ONE of those 200 Orders and checks ever arrived here! More than that, after a few weeks, I would send out a follow-up note which mentioned to them that the mail had not arrived and that they might see if their mail had somehow gotten lost. In prior years, people always sent very appreciative notes regarding that extra concern for their benefit, but NOT ONE of the 200 ever responded to any of those follow-up notes.! In fact, those 200 people, each of whom had made clear that they really appreciated the chance to save hundreds of dollars on fireplace doors, NOT ONE OF THEM ever has contacted me again and NOT ONE ever sent any order that arrived here!

If ANY of them had actually mailed their Order in, and it had gotten lost in the mail, they certainly would have contacted me to try to find where there check had gone. Not one ever did, which seemed to imply that not one of them had actually ever mailed in any Order.

In prior years, exactly 100% mailed in checks and Orders. Now, incredibly suddenly, 0% of 200 had mailed them in! Extremely bizarre.

But I sent a variety of e-mails to those 200 people, to try to get ANY response whatever! I asked if there had been any reason to be angry at me, or if I had offended anyone. I had asked if anyone had found any other source of fireplace doors which was around the same price (I knew that there was not, since NO other company ever pays for freight, and no other door supplier except me ever gave ANY discount.) So, by each of those 200 people choosing to INSTANTLY stop proceeding with getting a doorset from me, they CERTAINLY cost themselves hundreds of dollars each! There is simply no doubt of that.

So what in the world could have occurred where 200 people EACH very suddenly decided to spend hundreds of dollars elsewhere for the exact same products?

Since NONE of the 200 people was willing to communicate with me ever again, regarding any subject, it made researching this fairly difficult! But I eventually was able to learn what had happened, and it had happened 200 separate times!

I had long known that the part-time Secretary of the Thornton Police had been reading all my mail for several years. E-mail is NOT "secure". But I had NOT realized that in reading those e-mails where people had announced that they were about to mail in checks to me, she had their e-mail addresses! And there is probably no existing law (yet) to keep HER from sending out HER OWN e-mails to each of those customers! In fact, sending out e-mails which said the very same things, the lies of the Thornton Police, in destroying my reputation and character.

SO! If YOU had found a company where you could save hundreds of dollars on a common product you wanted, you WOULD be very excited regarding proceeding. Just like those 200 customers during 2006. But then say you receive an unsolicited e-mail from someone who claimed to be "part of a Police Department" and who then told you the most horrendous things about the person you had just promised to send a check to. Would YOU then send the check? Even though you knew that you were losing hundreds of dollars by not proceeding? And WOULD YOU ever respond in any way to any future e-mails from that person who you were just told was such a horrible person?

Well, NONE of them did! In fact, between January 18, 2006 and September 15, 2006, roughly eight months, the GROSS income I had from all sources was roughly $800.

The extremely reliable source of income I had had for the previous nine years, had instantly and completely disappeared.

This also explains their extreme interest in my Bank Accounts! As of January 18, 2006, Thornton knew that my balances were only a few thousand dollars. And their daily monitoring my Bank Accounts permitted them to watch those balances drop as I had to buy groceries and pay for utility bills! By June and July, I was getting to a rather desperate situation, where I had no income and extremely little left in those Bank Accounts. By early September, 2006, I believe there was only around $20 total between the two accounts, and Thornton also knew (that due to THEIR actions) I had had zero additional income come in.

It was all a convincing effort on the part of the Village of Thornton to starve me to death! I suppose that I had the choice of applying TO THE VILLAGE OF THORNTON for food stamps and similar things, but it seems hard to imagine that they would actually provide any such assistance to me! This was quite impressive an effort on their part. The had not been able to get my house Demolished in three separate attempts in 2003. They had certainly ended my career as a Minister in 2002. And now they had found a way to end my single remaining source of income, the fireplace doorsets.

In early September 2006, I got someone to provide $10,000 to me which I simply placed in one of those accounts. Since the Balance was now over $10,000, I suddenly appeared to have sufficient funds to be able to buy groceries! Virtually immediately, the Village of Thornton stopped daily monitoring my Bank Accounts! Which was the whole point of my putting that $10,000 into that account!

That did NOT stop them from continuing the e-mail interferences. However in each of 2007 and 2008, there were a couple customers who did not bother to send me an e-mail to inform me that they were sending in a check, and they simply sent the check in. So I actually received a couple Orders in each of those years, roughly $1,000 total gross income from the fireplace doors in each year. Maybe Thornton has not figured out how to eliminate those very few remaining ways money could get to me!

But Thornton apparently realized that they could do the same thing to VENDORS. And so in September and October 2006, companies that I had had wonderful business relationships with for 20 years, suddenly and absolutely stopped all communication with me! There had even been some doorsets which I had previously ordered, which very suddenly ceased to exist! So there were customers who had confidently been waiting for doorsets to be made by large, respected door manufacturers, who were NEVER going to get any doorsets, because the vendors NEVER EVEN ENTERED THE ORDERS. Maybe the 20 years of previous excellent relationship forced them to communicate with me (very briefly) enough to confirm that they had RECEIVED my orders, and the various companies would not explain WHY they chose to never ENTER any of them, but my very few customers were patiently waiting for doors which were never even going to get manufactured, much less actually sent to them!

And I have never again heard since from any of those vendors which suddenly ended our long relationships in such a bizarre way. None ever provided any explanation for what incentive caused them to become so cold in phone conversations and so reticent to communicate with me at all. The Village of Thornton had again acted, to again eliminate any possible source of financial income for me, this time by eliminating the SOURCES of products, after earlier having eliminated the CUSTOMERS of the products. It seems clear that eliminating the customers had to be done one at a time, by sending them each the e-mails with the lies that Thornton insists on continuing to spread.

If any Citizen would do any such things, it would be called Libel or Slander and the person would be in trouble. But as a Municipal government and a Police Department, THEY CANNOT BE ACCUSED OF ANY SUCH THINGS! Really amazing. So they were free to not only make up their original lies in September 2002, but to CONSTANTLY REPEAT THOSE SAME LIES ever since, to essentially everyone!

As it happens, the rest of the world has very high respect for me, and for many very beneficial inventions and systems I present in many web-pages in this domain. There has been an average of around twice every week, since January 2006, where businesspeople have e-mailed me in asking to hire my Engineering and Design Services, or to hire or buy large numbers of products I present in my web-pages, or in wanting me to become part of some large business effort to promote one or more of my systems. There have been a LOT of such contacts, around an average of two per week or around 350 so far into mid-2009.

As long as those conversations NEVER MENTION MONEY, they continue fine. But EVERY time each of those 350 groups or businesses have mentioned that they wanted to give me significant amount of money for valuable services, Thornton intercedes and that conversation instantly and permanently ends.

An example. A group of people in Wausau, Wisconsin, had found my presentation regarding their being able to build a large wind-powered electricity generation system. They sent many very enthusiastic e-mails expressing their enormous interest and their desire to start construction nearly immediately. They had already picked out the land where it would be built, and identified a number of local businesses which would be permitted to build different parts of the system. However, one day, they made what I realized was a fatal error! They ASKED ME to be part of the Management of the construction and the operation of the system, and expressed thoughts related to what they expected to pay me.

As I had come to expect, the instant that anyone ever mentions giving me money, is ALWAYS the very last message they ever send me! Thornton decides to get involved and scares the daylights out of everyone, and that is that.

Roughly 350 DIFFERENT times during the past three and a half years!

With the result, of course, that not a dime ever actually gets to me!

Noting that Thornton did a rather effective effort in eliminating any way that I could buy food in 2006, and I am getting relatively old (now 63), and there are two related details which become extremely important. Above was mentioned that not one person in Thornton has smiled, waved or talked to me in three and a half years. And that I was physically threatened for simply wanting to walk down a public sidewalk. So imagine some day when I might have a medical problem outdoors, where I might fall in my yard. It is clear that absolutely no one would come to my assistance at all! In fact, I cannot imagine anyone doing anything at all where the body would simply lay there until some day when it would be hauled away!

Say that I had a medical emergency INSIDE my house. In the event that I could reach the telephone (NOT a cel phone), and could call 911 to call for an Ambulance, take a guess at who staffs the Ambulance in the Village of Thornton? The very same people who have spent the past seven years trying to destroy me! The Ambulance is only slightly over a block away from my house, but my guess is that it would be maybe six hours before it would arrive to help me.

Unfortunately, my advancing age has involved several medical issues, which are definitely getting far worse rather quickly. Nearly anyone would have a valid chance of getting to a Hospital, where quality treatment would extend their life. I cannot count on that.

If such a medical problem occurs inside my house, then it is not clear how long it would be until someone realized it. Given all the circumstances, it might be weeks before someone realized that they did not get an e-mail response, but what could such a distant person do? Only one thing, contact the Thornton Police Department to check on my well-being. And that would allow the Thornton Police to again enter my house, probably some number of weeks later, to find that their desires had come true.

Each of these possibilities seem to have the same effective ending, where I would then no longer be alive to pursue the Criminal arrest and incarceration of some Thornton Police and Municipal employees. Thornton will then "win", won't they?

Given that the Village of Thornton certainly has very strong incentive to see me dead, such that I would not pursue these matters which could certainly put at least five of them in Prison for many years, WHY would the Village want to aid me in getting to a Hospital? Or if it would work out where I did not survive long enough even to call an Ambulance, better yet, right? This is a VERY disturbed Village, and especially its Police and government. In a selfish way, I was certainly right when I had tried to get out to southern Utah. But in doing that, I was ENABLING THORNTON to get away with these horrific behaviors, which means they might then have even more confidence to do the same things again to the next Minister that they somehow don't like, or someone who actually WAS an "undesirable" that they wanted to dispose of. So I eventually concluded that I HAVE TO STAY. This whole thing has to play out as they want it to end, where I will no longer be alive, in order that SOMEONE might THEN consider trying to set some controls on the astoundingly bad behavior of the Thornton Police and the Thornton government.

As a Christian, I am Thankful for having had a very full life, and for having been about to contribute to many thousands of people's lives in my years. When I fully realized what Thornton had in mind, late in 2007, I began to work ferociously to complete the various aspects of BELIEVE that were then not fully done, and the various other web-pages that can benefit people. I felt I had immense motivation, in knowing that I probably had very limited time left. As of January 2009, I felt I had sufficiently completed those many projects. There are still aspects where they can be improved, but on the whole, if it should turn out that they are forever left as they currently are, I feel I have done an adequate job.

So, if and when the Lord feels that my Time has come, and it seems very soon, I have no problem with that. In fact, in contrast to virtually all Conservative Christians who insist on stretching out human lifetimes with every possible piece of advanced equipment, I happen to have the opposite view! It seems to me that I might have an opportunity to be with the Lord in a matter of months! How could anyone find that undesirable?

But I also see disappointing similarities between how Jesus was treated near His Death and these matters in Thornton, Illinois. The Jews had always thought highly of Jesus, but they turned on Him and insisted that Pilate execute Him. And people that Jesus should certainly have been able to count on seemed to not be there where He needed them. My situation is not on that level of importance, but it seems interestingly similar in a number of ways.

More Complete Notes

The rest of these two presentations describe many specific details of the hundreds of different incidents which Thornton has done against me. There seem certainly many more, which I have simply never become aware of. Like I wonder if a part-time Secretary in the Thornton Police Department, with access to the Police Department computers and the many Data-bases on Criminals, could or would or did decide to make up lists of imaginary crimes to insert in the hundreds of official government data-bases about me? It seems obvious that it should not have been that hard for her to do, as I would think that Police Departments are probably EXPECTED to provide the data on actual crimes committed in all jurisdictions. I can only imagine the mass of crimes that she dreamed up to insert into my PERMANENT RECORDS. We all know that it is essentially impossible to ever correct even Credit Card records when someone has stolen an identity. Imagine how impossible it would be to expunge fictitious crimes, accusations, convictions, sentences, and prison terms? And clearly the way information is put INTO such databases, there is no way to identify WHO inserted the data, only the data on the crimes themselves are considered important. So no matter how many times she decided to upload such fictitious crimes and convictions about me, those records are certainly there forever. And my understanding is that there are hundred and thousands of different such databases. So I wonder if there are records that claim that I have drug trafficking entries, or Mafia entries, or gangster entries, or supposed sex entries, or terrorism entries, or spying entries, or who knows what else. Since reality and truth are not remotely important to the Village of Thornton, there seems no limit to the sorts of PERMANENT SCARS on my reputation and life that they may have decided to make up. None of which could then ever be corrected.

I have often wondered about a different issue. I happen to be a Christian Minister, someone who has never had any run-ins with any Police in my life, and who has probably NEVER even seen the inside of any Police STATION, much less jail cell! So, I am likely to be virtually the only person who would be in a position to even express these many comments to defend myself. Virtually every one else has probably actually done something wrong at some point in their life, where there IS some sort of Police Record on them. Such people would probably have great difficulty in trying to defend themselves when a Police Department chose to MAKE UP LIES ABOUT THEM.

It is probably also an additional advantage I have of having been trained as a Nuclear Physicist, and gotten my College Degree in that field. I tend to be very OBSERVANT, and very LOGICAL, and to RECORD all facts and details. This had resulted in these massive presentations, since Thornton has done such a large number of bad things over a seven-year period. But at least these comments should be rather complete and accurate and reliable.

Finally, the remainder of these two presentations are not necessarily in any really organized pattern. They generally are in chronological order, but that is not always the case.

Consider these facts:

Until the end of 2008, I had feared whenever Thornton would send a SWAT team to invade my house. I had once seen when an Officer had opened the trunk on his Police Car to show the two sub-machine guns that he always had in there. On that particular day, whatever had gotten their attention got around 14 Village vehicles and Village Police Cars to entirely FILL the dead-end street I live on, with a few of their vehicles having to park out in Hunter Street due to lack of space. I was inside my house and I was curious just WHAT might have gotten SO MANY of their vehicles and their personnel in one place at one time. From an attic window, I saw ALL the street full of Cops and others 'pop the trunks' of all those vehicles and I was TERRIFIED to see everyone with VERY EXCITED SMILING FACES pull two Assault Weapons out of all those trunks. I am not exactly sure of the exact number, and it may not have been 28 Assault Weapons, but there was certainly a LARGE CROWD of smiling men who seemed anxious to have a chance to USE THEIR TOYS. One of them used bolt cutters to open a chain link fence gate, and they all went through down into the jungle-like area along Thorn Creek (just behind MY house). It seemed clear that as soon as ANYONE HEARD A SINGLE SHOT, they all had 'itchy trigger fingers' where they collectively would have killed every squirrel and deer in the area. But, fortunately, no one fired any shots, so they apparently did NOT get the chance to 'play' which they were all hoping for.

(This town is much like television's Mayberry, where there probably has been no crime worse than shoplifting for at least 20 years, and yet the Police Department invested in two dozen Assault Weapons [or they got the Federal Government to give the weapons to them]. Apparently that is for when they decide to visit Christian Ministers like me.)

What IDIOT could have decided to arm ALL the Cops and apparently all the Municipal Employees with Assault Weapons, when NO FIREARM HAS EVER BEEN DISCHARGED inside of Thornton since at least the year 1995? I have never SEEN any of those giant Military MWRAP vehicles, but I understand that the Federal Government provided many hundreds of them for sleepy little towns like Thornton, so it would not surprise me to learn that they HAVE ONE stored away in some warehouse.

I have actually reversed my attitude now! For four years, I have known that I could never File a Complaint against either the Village government or the Village Police Department, because they are automatically immune from all such Actions. But I now realize that IF they decide to invade my house, and arrest me for whatever they want to make up, THEN a Judge would have to listen to MY extensive collection of facts. The Judge might not be allowed to slap their wrists, but at least that would be a chance to allow me to get THESE many facts into the Official Public Record!

I have created these three presentations and uploaded them to the internet in the hope of possibly simplifying that, should it become necessary or possible. If they somehow get me in some remote Prison quickly, at LEAST the American system is supposed to allow an Accused person to actually SPEAK TO a Judge, and I now see my ONLY 'safety' to be if I can give the URLs of these pages on Thornton to the Judge. Maybe a Court Recorder could access these three Internet files and transcribe these many facts. The alternative would be for them to have to listen to me verbally repeat all of them over a number of hours of Testimony.

Given the past behaviors of the Thornton Police and the Thornton government, I was not sure that they might simply remove these notes and records from my house the next time they decided to illegally enter my house to rummage through my possessions and my records might then simply disappear. There might then be no record whatever of these amazing behaviors, so therefore these files were uploaded onto the Internet around 2006. One can never know what to expect around this Village!

However, I am not sure that I will see such a resolution of this whole mess, as these many things have caused great degradation in my health status. In addition, if I get to a situation where I cannot drive myself to a Hospital, the Ambulance is only a block away but it is operated by the very same people who have made up and spread all the vicious lies about me. I have already learned that IF I would ever CALL for their Ambulance, they would charge me $600 for the service. My guess is that it might take six hours for an Ambulance to make it that one block to my house. In any case, it appears that my remaining time is probably rather limited. So I probably would never see any of the evidence ever get heard by a Judge, even if no one could ever be Charged with anything or put into Prison for some years.

An interesting note exists regarding that matter. The Police had created their lies about me in September 2002. I never even knew that they had done that until three years later in May 2005, by a fluke of luck. By early 2006, I had been told by every imaginable Government Agency that none of them had any authority over the Thornton government or the Thornton Police. Even the Illinois Governor's Office, the Illinois Attorney General, and the Illinois State's Attorney, along with around 40 other Agencies, apparently have no authority over Thornton. So in early 2006, I called an FBI Agent I knew (T.S.) in the Chicago Office of the FBI. She told me how swamped they were with all the terrorist threats, and she apologized for not having the time to try to help with my situation. However, after our phone conversation, she decided to call the Thornton Chief of Police. Chief Philip Arnold had been Chief for several years, and just a couple months earlier, he had publicly said that he hoped to grow old in Thornton and someday retire here. So it was quite peculiar that only a week after getting that call from the FBI Agent about his Officers making up lies and trying to get local kids to agree with their lies, Chief Arnold Resigned his job (without the customary two week notice) and then amazingly listed and sold his house in less than another week! Within two weeks of getting that call from the FBI Agent about his Officers making up lies to destroy me, he had abandoned the Village of Thornton and left it without any Chief of Police, suddenly ended a job that he had just described as life-long, somehow listed and unloaded his house in record time, and left for parts unknown, where no one seems to know where he went. In the Mayor's Newsletter, he mentioned that he had no idea who to try to get as a new Chief, but he said that Chief Arnold should have no trouble finding a new job because he was so good. That means that Chief Arnold did not even leave for a better job, but instead to become unemployed. It seems to me that it was a remarkable coincidence that the Chief suddenly made all those strange decisions IMMEDIATELY after being called by that FBI Agent, and then probably looking in his Department Records to confirm that his Officers really had made up the most horrendous of lies to destroy me. My guess is that the Chief realized that he would be considered liable for the actions of his Officers and that he might have suddenly been in danger of Prison time. In any case, after Chief Arnold looked at those four year old records, he told the FBI Agent that an Investigation had been done on me (why???) but that it was ended with confirmation that I had not done anything wrong. He certainly then quit a highly respected job and disappeared in record time!

Prior to the Summer of 2002, I had not lived in Thornton and was continuously living in Indiana. Every second week, I would make the 90 minute drive to mow the lawn and then make the return 90 minute drive. The specific point here is that I had never even been IN Thornton for more than an hour or two, in a number of previous years. So, even IF any Police Officers had felt cause to be surveilling me, I don't see how they could have ever even known when I had come by, because I was usually gone again quickly after. So it was extremely surprising to learn five years later (May 2007) that the Thornton Police Officers had asked a nine-year-old girl "around two dozen times" whether I wore pants or shorts when I was pulling weeds and mowing grass in my lawn. How could anyone have even known that those were two possibilities? How could the Police have ever even seen me to know which I might have worn on some particular day? And then to repeatedly ask a nine-year-old child such a strange question. Does that imply that it is illegal to wear shorts when pulling weeds in your own yard? But it is virtually impossible that ANY Thornton Police Officer had even EVER seen me, even once! WHY would they ask such a strange question so repeatedly? I also tend to wonder if ANY POLICE OFFICER, EVER, in the United States, has ever asked any child whether some adult was wearing pants or shorts while pulling weeds in their own yard! I cannot imagine that any Officer ever before would have had the nerve to ask such a foolish-sounding question, and then to ask that same question dozens of times?

This all proceeded for three years without me even being aware that anything unusual had happened. No Officer had ever talked to me; I never needed to go to the Police Station to answer any questions. Actually, I have absolutely no idea what the interior of that Police Station or any other Police Station even looks like, except from TV programs and movies. It was a remarkable event that enabled me to even learn any of it, beginning almost three years later in May 2005. As I learned more and had an FBI Agent call the Thornton Chief of Police (early 2006) regarding the file copy of the document with all the Police lies in it, less than a week later that Chief of Police had very suddenly Resigned, and in less than another week, the Chief had (amazingly) even sold his house and moved away to an unspecified destination. He quit a highly respected and excellent paying job to become unemployed, extremely suddenly. The Village residents clearly loved him and he had loved that job. It seems no coincidence at all to me that he made those sudden decisions immediately after having gotten that phone call from an FBI Agent regarding my situation. I am sure that the Chief fully realized that he was liable for all the actions of his Officers, and that since he had certainly seen the proof that they had made up horrendous lies to destroy my life and reputation and career, he had to know that he could have been in extreme danger. In any case, very suddenly, a very happy and secure Chief quit, sold everything and moved to some location where there does not seem to be any record.

During the summer of 2002, a number of the employees of the Village government of Thornton, Illinois, and a number of the members of the Thornton Police Department, decided to totally destroy my reputation, my career as a Minister, and my life. In January, 2006, apparently around January 18, 2006, they decided to expand this to intentionally causing the end of my physical life, which is the definition of murder. I am assembling these notes regarding incidents and facts, in the event that after I am gone, someone might choose to try to keep the same thing from happening again to someone else.

A truly amazing aspect of all this is if these things could be done to a highly respected Minister of a Christian Church, who had never done anything worse than have a few Parking Tickets in 45 years of driving, in a peaceful small town in Midwest America, it clearly could be done to anyone else, and probably even more easily. Most people actually HAVE been in some sort of trouble with the Authorities during their life, so they would not be in a position of being able to truly deny any such allegations. So it seems to me, they could have done all this to YOU, the reader of this text. In America! Truly incredible!

And there has been absolutely nothing I could do to stop this all from proceeding. For the first three years, I had never even had any idea that there was any organized action against me of any sort! I also discovered that it was impossible to even find any higher government authority that feels that it has any Jurisdiction over what the Thornton government and Police do!

It is truly amazing! Maybe, in some Third World country, such things might be possible. But in the United States? And to a Minister of a Christian Church who has never been in any more trouble than a few Parking Tickets and a few times of driving at 12 mph over a speed limit? Even more amazingly, NONE of those members of the Village government or the Village Police had EVER even talked to me, much less ever accused me of anything! As far as I know, I have always been a total stranger to all of them, as I then had lived around 60 miles away in Indiana for the previous 30 years! As far as I know, I have never even heard the voice of the woman who was the center of many of these actions, a woman who was a part-time employee of both the Police Department and of the Village government (in both cases, as a part-time Secretary), a woman named Karen Leoni.

It is incredible how much destruction our governmental system can cause, when it sets its intent on destroying someone! I happen to have been chosen a target for such destruction, apparently in the middle of 2002, although it might have been earlier than that.

Amazingly, this was all done, and DAILY re-established for approximately five years, WITHOUT my ever INTERACTING with any of the participants of this Village government or its Police Department! Without any contact whatever, they chose to INVENT the most horrendous of lies about me, with the Police Department apparently taking the lead in doing that! Doesn't it seem astounding that IN AMERICA, an entire Village Police Department would CHOOSE to invent the most vicious of lies, and not just about anyone, but about a quiet Christian Church Pastor?

And since no one chose to even TELL me that there had even ever been any allegations against me, this all proceeded for the first three years without my even being aware that there was any problem! Well, except for the fact that children started throwing rocks and tomatoes and apples at me, and that no one seemed willing to allow me to walk down the public sidewalk in front of their house (without three very large men making it clear that I was about to be severely beaten if I tried), and that ANY time I happened to go to any public event such as the Fourth of July fireworks, very quickly TWO Village Police Officers were soon following me around, usually around three to four steps behind me, to make sure that I knew that they were following ME!

This was all immensely confusing! In the entire rest of the world, I am extremely highly respected. Partly, that is because I provide one of the best Religious Information Source web-sites (called the BELIEVE Religious Information Source web-site) which exists anywhere. Partly because I have used my education in Nuclear Physics to have Invented, Designed and Engineered many inexpensive systems to improve the lives of both Americans and the billions of people in the Third World; such as supplies of safe, pure drinking water from humidity in the air; such as a home heating system which uses cut lawn grass and Autumn leaves to fully heat a home and its hot water; such as a method of refrigerating and freezing food for safe preservation without needing electricity; such as a system where each small town in the world could employ at least a hundred local workers to build a system to produce impressive amounts of electricity to use locally. There appears to be only one location on Earth where I am not highly respected, and that is in Thornton, Illinois, and it is absolutely 100% universally agreed. I am a quiet and pleasant Pastor of a very small Christian Church, who has NEVER been in any trouble of any sort in my 62 years of life. In addition, when this all began, I had lived for several decades around 60 miles away, in northern Indiana, and I would only make the hour-and-a-half-each-way drive to mow the grass every week or two! Actually, the behaviors of the Authorities and employees of Thornton even directly CAUSED me to feel that I had to move into the house in Thornton, simply because THEY were feeling free to enter the (locked) house whenever they had chosen! So the people of the Village of Thornton and the government and the Police probably hardly even knew who I was! In my 45 years as an adult, I have never had any worse than a handful of Parking violations and a couple times when I drove 12 mph over a speed limit. I rarely even INTERACTED with any Police, except when they were selling tickets to their annual Charity events.

Yet the Police Department and the Village Government of Thornton, Illinois have done an immense number of extremely illegal things against me, many of which are certainly Felonies, beginning at least by September 2002 and continuing to this day (more than 6 years later). It is especially incredible that, without anything bad that I have ever done in my life, the Thornton Village Police decided to MAKE UP HORRENDOUS LIES about me to tell to some little kids, and then later, every individual resident.

It was especially confusing because I have always been a very likable and liked person, as most Christian Ministers are! Until this began, people ALWAYS would call out to me to say hello, and to smile and wave at me, even before I became a Pastor in 1996. And being a Pastor seems to magnify that effect, where EVERYONE seems to want to get a smile from a Minister!

But the fact that the Thornton Police Department chose to make up the most vicious of lies about me, apparently late in 2002, and then to tell those lies to some small children to try to convince them to agree with the terrible accusations the Police had told those children about me. After that, the Police and the Village Government have decided to very aggressively and actively SPREAD those lies, nearly on a daily basis for more than five years, the result is that they TOTALLY destroyed my career as a Pastor (since no one would attend any Church Service to someone they will not even talk to and want to beat up). They entirely destroyed my reputation, which I had worked a lifetime to build. They also essentially eliminated (so far) more than six years of my life, as for example, I have noticed that since January 2006 (when I fully realized what was going on), NOT A SINGLE PERSON in the entire Village has ever TALKED to me, or said hello, or even smiled at me, in more than a three-year period! (This was certainly true before that date, but I had only consciously looked for any such conversations beginning in January 2006). Virtually all people in the Village immediately sneer or look away if they see me, ever since September 2002, and I never even knew why for more than three years. IF the intention of the Thornton Police Department was to entirely destroy my career as a Minister and my reputation and my life, they have certainly proven that they were able to accomplish those goals!

In January 2006, they chose to act even more aggressively, in methodically eliminating every source of income I then had. For around eight months (January-August 2006), they decided to monitor my personal Bank accounts on nearly a daily basis. I had known that they had been monitoring my phone calls and e-mails for about at least three years by then, but it appeared that around January 18, 2006, they started sending out their own e-mails and phone calls to any people who had contacted me with any reference that they intended to mail in any money to me. For example, during 2005, I had provided fireplace doors to many hundreds of people, saving each of them several hundred dollars in the process. That provided a cash flow for me of at least $50,000 each year, so things were very comfortable for me. But beginning about January 18, 2006, roughly 200 people had informed me (by e-mail) that they were about to place a check for several hundred dollars in the mail to me, over the following eight months. Such customers had always been very excited about saving hundreds of dollars on such a purchase, so there had NEVER been any time previously that the check had not arrived shortly after, with one exception where it got lost in the mail. But these 200 people, all excited about saving hundreds of dollars each, and having informed me to expect to see a letter with a check in it? NOT ONE OF THOSE LETTERS EVER ARRIVED! And even when I would then send a follow-up e-mail to inform them each that their letter may have gotten lost in the mail, NOT ONE OF THEM EVER EVEN ACKNOWLEDGED MY CONCERN ABOUT THEIR MAIL AND CHECK. The reason was that they each had RECEIVED a contact by some representative of the Village of Thornton, Illinois, informing them of the same vicious lies that Thornton was actively spreading everywhere else! Would YOU want to do business with someone that an alleged "representative of a Police Department" had alerted you about having committed horrendous crimes against children? No one would. And except for the claim of being part of the Thornton Police Department, I doubt if anyone receiving such a phone call or e-mail would even believe it! Wouldn't it seem very fishy to receive an unexpected and spontaneous call or e-mail from such a source, when all you were trying to do was to save some money in buying a set of fireplace doors? But obviously, everyone who received such e-mails and phone calls certainly believed the lies they were told, and NONE OF THEM then saved the hundreds of dollars that many people before them had saved.

E-mail is not a SECURE communication method, and there is apparently nothing illegal in reading e-mail that anyone else had either written or received. It is apparently also not illegal to then compose your own e-mail and send it to either participant in such a conversation! Now, under normal conditions, it would be illegal for anyone to smear the reputation of anyone else with clear lies, but apparently when you are associated with Authority in Thornton, Illinois, you know that you are absolutely immune from ever getting into trouble for doing such things! And that may even be mostly true, that they may not have any possible way of getting into trouble for COMPOSING THEIR OWN e-mails which they then sent out to e-mail addresses they obtained from e-mails that I had received. There probably SHOULD be something illegal with doing that, but apparently there is not, especially in Thornton, Illinois.

Since that date, January 18, 2006, my TOTAL income in each of the past three years has been around $3,000, and for much of 2006, it was far less than that! I was beginning to starve, and I found it necessary to end many normal life expenses just to be able to have money to have for a grocery store! (like health insurance and most other insurance.)

And this all occurred WITHOUT my ever being accused of anything, or even questioned about anything, and I have no idea what the inside of the Thornton Police Department looks like! In fact, I have never even been visited or called or otherwise contacted by ANYONE about ANYTHING! Except for an immense weirdness factor, they have never even directly given me ANY indication that they have those attitudes toward me!

It really is mind-boggling! WHY would the Officers of a Police Department decide to LIE in creating accusations and allegations about a Minister that they had never talked to and who even then lived 60 miles away? Since no one ever asked me anything, I had no way of knowing that any of this was even proceeding, except for the very peculiar behavior of so many people, especially ones who had cheerfully waved hello one day and then have sneered at me every day afterward! I also had no way of even KNOWING to be able to ASK WHY they chose to destroy me!

Once I began to learn about all this, through events in May 2005 that probably statistically should never have even occurred, I started trying to piece this all together and to try to find governmental organizations that have oversight over local Police Departments and/or local governments. One thing that I quickly learned is that Municipal governments are ABSOLUTELY IMMUNE from any possible prosecution or any other Lawsuits! Apparently they had known that, that there was NO POSSIBLE WAY that any of them could ever get into trouble, or even that the Village or the Police Department could! They apparently realized that they were ABSOLUTELY FREE to do anything they wished, even including the Police lying to the public, and the Municipal government then constantly repeating those lies, even after they well knew that all were untrue.

This first presentation is primarily centered on the initial Police behavior regarding intentionally lying to some children to destroy my career and reputation. The second portion of this saga is in a separate file (web-page), which includes their activities after January 2006 when they had clearly decided to end my life. Prior to that, they had certainly tried to force me out of the Village, such as by three separate actions in 2003, in each case they came extremely close to Condemning and then Demolishing my old but very sound house! Or that a Village Trustee (late 2003) happened to mention to me that the Village Board had received 42 Complaints against me in the previous few months, ALL being from the one woman part-time Police Department and Municipal government employee. He was amazed at so many Official Complaints against ANYONE, and especially against such a gentle and law-abiding citizen as he knew I was! I was amazed because except for his comments, I had never been aware that there had EVER been any Official Complaints against me! (I later discovered that Karen Leoni could TELL HERSELF of her assorted Complaints, which she then typed up in her function as Secretary to the Village).

End of my small business income source

Some highlights from the second half, related to their efforts to exterminate me: Prior to Jan 18, 2006, I had operated a wonderful small business which provided fireplace doors to people while generally saving them $200 to $500 each! I priced everything so that I tried to avoid losing money but the target profit was only $50, compared to $400 to $500 profit that fireplace shops try to get. People loved it, and I handled a LOT of fireplace doorsets! Around ten doorsets were ordered every day, and I wound up with a comfortable income of around $30K each year. On Jan 18, 2006, that very suddenly stopped! In the following months, even though over 200 people sent me e-mails that indicated they were mailing in their check for a doorset, NOT ONE of those checks ever arrived! Where, a week earlier, there were always several checks in every day's mail (for the previous 8 years). More curious still, after a few weeks, when I would send an e-mail to those people to alert them that their check had apparently been lost in the mail, NOT ONE OF THEM even ever responded to that note! In previous years, I had always found that people were extremely appreciative at being informed that a check they had mailed had apparently gotten lost in the mail. But NOT ONCE (after Jan 18,2006). It seemed clear that all those people had very suddenly and very completely chosen to end all communications with me!

My bank account balances

Later that year, in a casual conversation, I was asked by a very nice Teller at my Bank regarding why I was checking my account balances every day! I was surprised, as I still would not have any idea about how to do that in their web-site! The Teller did some checking and discovered that the daily inquiries of both of my accounts were all coming from a phone number of the Thornton Police Department, and/or from a cel-phone number which could not be identified. And she confirmed that it was EVERY DAY! (It appears now that Thornton was monitoring how well their efforts were going to starve me to death, and I now guess that they must have been thrilled to see my savings dwindle to nearly nothing that year. Around October of that year, I thought up a way to try to discourage them, by obtaining $10,000 to simply put into one of the accounts. The Teller later informed me that the daily monitoring of my accounts had nearly immediately stopped! I think it is because Thornton had assumed that their efforts to end all my income had failed, and that they saw that it looked like I had money for food!)

Monitoring and Interfering with my e-mail

Regarding incoming e-mails: Prior to Jan 18, 2006, I received between 50 and 100 e-mails every single day, about 1/3 of which were related to people wanting to buy fireplace doorsets. AFTER Jan 18, 2006? The TOTAL incoming e-mail dropped to ZERO! Instantly and completely! I even sent myself some e-mails just to confirm that it was still working! I discovered three things then! First, that e-mail is NOT secure, and ANYONE can read any e-mail that you send or receive. Second, that the Police Department had decided to do just that, but far more. The same woman part-time secretary then decided that she had the right to send HER OWN e-mails to all those many hundreds of people! And she felt it appropriate to again keep repeating the same lies that she had originally initiated in 2002. Not only did people not want to do business with me, they did not even want to communicate at all with me, because of the Slander that she constantly spread to destroy my business, my reputation and my central source of income. And it is not clear that she could even be Charged with any crime for these actions! Since none of those people EVER communicated with me again, it was extremely difficult to confirm that she had even done these things, but clearly, her choice of sending out e-mails of her own to addresses she collected from my incoming mail, is probably not illegal! I am tempted to think that ANYONE could do such things to anyone else!

It was quite bizarre, to have consistently received and answered more than 2,000 e-mails each month for several years, and to see that drop to ZERO for Feb 2006, March 2006, April 2006, etc. I actually DID receive a handful of e-mails in those months, like from the automated billing systems for some monthly payments, but not one incoming e-mail arrived from anyone I had not already known, NOT ONE, between Jan 18, 2006 and August 31, 2006. I SHOULD HAVE received roughly 20,000 incoming e-mails in that period!

And THAT was the direct cause of why the fireplace door business also dropped to zero, and remained there into at least May 2008.

Reading and Interfering with my Postal Mail

Regarding Postal mail? The same situation existed. Any incoming mail now took an extra 8 days to arrive! On several different days, I even tested that! I had created a computer generated letter, and I intentionally inserted it UPSIDE DOWN into the envelope. I wore gloves to make sure that NO fingerprints could have gotten on the brand new paper. You can probably guess the rest. Each time, when my letter arrived (from a mailbox around two miles away in the next town), 8 days, 7 days, 7 days and 9 days later, the envelope had the now familiar evidence of wrinkles regarding having been opened. ALL FOUR had clearly been opened and read by someone familiar with Secretarial practices, as the letters were each put back in the envelope RIGHT SIDE UP! And more, when I checked two of the letters for fingerprints, there were a good number of fingerprints on them! For a year, I kept those letters and the fingerprints, as evidence against the Karen Leoni who I knew had opened and read my mail. But eventually I realized that, in Court, since I had no other Witnesses regarding the fingerprint testing or the upside-down letters, it would all just have been considered one person's word against another.

Entering my Locked house at least twice

Twice in 2002, while I was still primarily living 60 miles away in Indiana, my Thornton house had been invaded. NOTHING was stolen! Nothing was really even vandalized! At first, I could not figure out why anyone would have broken in, and also I could not figure out how they even had gotten in, because no door or window was broken or damaged. So briefly, I thought it might have been an animal, but there was clearly no possible way for any animal larger than a mouse to have gotten inside, and also there was absolutely no indication of any animal inside. Much of my life is in scientific research, on many subjects. Long ago, I had developed a pattern of stacking all the books, papers and notes about any specific subject, like "Energy efficiency of a bird in flight" or "Energy efficiency of a 747 in flight" or a hundred other stacks. The intruder had kicked over EVERY stack of such papers in the whole house! Not just a few, due to clumsiness, but ALL of them! In the last conversation the Mayor of Thornton ever had with me, in April 2003, he happened to make a casual comment that was really scary! He was extremely casual in mentioning that "the Village had the right to enter any house if ANY WINDOW or ANY DOOR was not locked! I responded by saying that he was talking about Police Officers with a Warrant, but he made clear that he felt that ANYONE employed by the Village, EITHER in the government or in the Police had the right to enter ANY house or building in Thornton! I could not believe he said that, but at the time I had not realized it had ALREADY been applied to me! It turned out that in the early 1980s, when my mother had lived in this house, she had had a number of medical emergencies. Ambulances had trouble getting in to help her so the Police (around 1982) had asked her to provide them with a duplicate key to the house! In 2002 and 2003, I had not even remembered that, but since I was rarely at this house except to mow the lawn every two weeks, the part-time Police Secretary clearly assumed that she had full rights to use the key my mother had given them 20 years earlier to enter my house at her discretion!

After that had happened twice, both in 2002, and at that time I did not know who had gotten into my house or how they did it, I found it necessary to MOVE to this house, simply to defend it! The employees of the Village of Thornton have NOT been inside my house again since then!

Monitoring my telephone, e-mail and internet

Telephone calls, e-mails and internet: A neighbor across the street was elderly and often sat in front of a large picture window. When we had visited during 2005, he and his wife regularly joked about the fact that the very same part-time Village Secretary would walk down the street and JUST STAND at the same spot on the public sidewalk adjacent to my house. The man and his wife both confirmed that Karen Leoni had been doing this for much of the previous three years (since 2002) and that she did in very consistently four times every week. I asked about February snowstorms, and they both confirmed that they would see her standing out there for around ten minutes, even in blizzards or heavy rainstorms! They said she always faced my house. But we all laughed at wondering what she could possibly have been looking at, since nothing had changed at all in those three years! It was only in early 2008 that I learned what she had actually been doing. One day I happened to be out in the yard pulling weeds, when a man from the telephone company showed up to do some kind of maintenance. He opened up the gray box on the side of my house, where the telephone line goes in and the house wiring connects to it. He soon came across to me and demanded to know what I was doing! I started saying, pulling some weeds, but he took me over to show me a small metallic electronic device that he had found INSIDE their equipment box. He had thought that I had put it there! He took it away and I wished I had spoken up to try to claim it! If I had ever known about it, I could have checked it for fingerprints, to establish who it was that put it there! But it was a transmitter, which apparently was small enough that Karen Leoni had to download its contents every two days or so! And apparently, that downloading took around 10 minutes each time. Many more things make sense now than they used to!

Putting files IN my computer, with the apparent intent on framing me!

That device must have also worked in the other direction, even when I was not even at the house! There were times when I was living in Indiana that I would find massive amounts of data that had been put into my computer! The data was nearly always the worst imaginable of sexual images! I suddenly realized that I was being set up! She already felt she could enter my house any time she wished, and that she would be able to bring anyone else with her. Imagine if during such a "visit", she would turn on my computer and then find illegal images there? How would I have ever been able to claim innocence then? (Yes, in my life, I HAVE sometimes visited some X-rated web-site, but only to ones that were apparently legal and legit, and often only to try to learn what it was that caused so much attraction that a multi-billion dollar business in porn exists. In fact, as a result of my research, I had recommended several suggestions to an acquaintance in the FBI, to better control the enormous problem. The fact that the Village of Thornton had ADDED thousands of bizarre photos to my computer, I first became AWARE of many truly weird things that human beings do. I suppose I am too naive for the modern world, but some of the photos that the Village of Thornton had put into my computer were absolutely mind-blowing. I never would have guessed that such things happened, or were even possible!

So, possibly before, but certainly as of January 18, 2006, the Village was continuously monitoring my movements in the Village, my phone calls, my Postal mail, my e-mail, my bank balances, and more, AND they were also going to the effort to SEND OUT thousands of their own e-mails to people who had intended to send me money for some product! It is hard to even imagine how many hundreds, maybe thousands of hours of time they spent in harassing me in these ways. Their Village budget for such behavior must be huge!

Continuously videotaping DOWNWARD into one of my windows!

But there is more! Karen Leoni managed to convince a neighbor to place a movie camera in their upstairs window, for around an 18-month period. (2004-2005) At first, we thought the neighbor had been videotaping us playing horseshoes every day in my yard, but we all came to realize that the camera was NOT pointed at the horseshoe pits but instead DOWNWARD into a window of my house, where the camera therefore had a clear and continuous 24/7/365 view of me on a couch there, where I would sometimes sleep! For about the first eight months, they were rather incompetent in leaving the little red light visible, so we could always see that the camera was on and not just merely in the window. But that neighbor had developed such focus on me and our activities that every day as we were about to start playing horseshoes, we would invariably see her window open up (even if the A/C was running!) and we would see her sit down in a chair right next to the window so she could listen to every word any of us said. Two of the men tended to use swear words a lot, but the other two of us NEVER did. In any case, over the months, the men started making some statements louder than normal, such as regarding the known fact that her husband was then also living with a stripper in the next town. The guys liked hearing noises inside the window right after they would say things like that, as they knew she was upset. But one day, one of the guys mentioned how stupid it was for her to have the red light visible on the videocamera upstairs. The next day, we could see that a piece of tape had been put over that light! It's hard to imagine what videos they might have gotten of me, but since NO other person had been anywhere in the house since around 1999, they certainly did not get any movies of anyone but me! But clearly, the fact that they felt the need to record CONTINUOUSLY, night and day, for a year and a half, they must have felt there was some reason! Imagine all the hundreds of hours someone must have spent in viewing those 13,000 hours of videotape!

Does ANY of this sound like the behavior of a sane Police Department in the United States? Or the sane behavior of a sane Municipal government?

The Chief of Police suddenly realized what his Officers had done in lying to those children and that he was likely to be put in prison, when he received a phone call from the FBI about my situation.

About the only POSITIVE experience I had during these years was early in 2006. As I had been accumulating evidence regarding these many things, I had contacted my friend who was an Agent in the FBI, since no one else in any Governmental Office seemed interested! She apologized to me regarding how extremely busy she and they were, and she told me that she could not really investigate the things I had described to her. But after our call, she chose to CALL the Thornton Chief of Police, a man named Philip Arnold. A couple months earlier, he had made a public statement that he intended to "grow old" in Thornton and to Retire as Chief many years in the future. Everyone in the Village seemed to love him and he apparently loved his job. He was Chief when the Officers had lied to those children in 2002. Guess what? Just a WEEK after the FBI Agent called him about my situation, he apparently looked into the files and apparently confirmed that his Officers had truly and intentionally lied to those children, with the direct intention and accomplishment of destroying my career and my reputation. He submitted his Resignation to the Mayor, and did not even stay the standard two weeks, but was gone from the Village a week later, having somehow sold his house incredibly fast! He clearly realized that SINCE HE WAS CHIEF when those Officers had made up those horrendous lies to destroy me, that HE was legally culpable. He clearly realized that HE would nearly certainly go to Prison due to their lies! (No one then seemed to know where he had gone!)

In a Newsletter from the Mayor, the Mayor noted that the Chief did NOT have any job awaiting him anywhere else, and that he had suddenly quit to become unemployed! The Mayor even noted that the Chief should not need too long to find some other town that wanted him as Chief! The Mayor also noted that since this had happened so suddenly, that the Mayor had no one lined up to become Chief, and for several months afterward, then Village only had an interim Chief. So the Chief publicly announces that he intended to stay forever in the job, but just two months later, he very suddenly sold his house, Resigned being Chief of Police to become unemployed, and left the Village high and dry regarding having a Chief, in going to points-unknown.

It seems very obvious to me that the Chief was impressed at getting a phone call from the FBI, and then when he found that HE was nearly certain to be the center of a nightmare where many Officers and he would certainly have been charged with many Felonies, I think he simply decided to try to escape. EXACTLY what the criminals try to do that his Department had always (allegedly) tried to Arrest and Convict!

There is FAR more than just the above. But ANY ONE of the above represents serious Felonies done by either or both of the Thornton Police Department and the Thornton Municipal government. These are just to give you an overview of how comprehensive an effort they have made, and for an amazingly long period of time. One would have thought that they would either have lost interest in such a bizarre adventure, or they would have run out of money to finance it!

But I eventually discovered that a lowly Christian Minister apparently has no respect regarding any such things! So I was left to twist slowly in the wind, where they have always known that none of them could possibly ever get into any trouble for any of this. Again, I ask "This is America?"

Following is the history as best as I have been able to re-construct it.

It appears that the very first events along this line were done by a part-time Secretary of the Police Department, a woman who I did not know and have STILL never even met, a woman named Karen Leoni. As a Secretary of the Police Department, she was aware that there are telephone hot-lines which are anonymous. She also learned there that few Police Departments had bought the equipment to be able to identify cel-phones or to know their location (a fact that many owners of cel-phones definitely are not aware of!) But these circumstances allowed her to use her cel-phone to make dozens of (anonymous) call-ins (in mid-2002) to hot-lines that monitor incidents of sexual molestation of children. Since she never had to identify herself, and the hot-line had no way to identify her cel-phone, and the hot-lines make clear to potential callers that they never recorded any incoming calls, each time she called in was as anonymous as it could be, but each of those calls added another (alleged) accusation against me regarding terrible behaviors toward children. As far as the hot-line was concerned, those many call-ins were all from DIFFERENT people, and so they quickly believed that I was a horrendous person!

Please realize that it is POLICE DEPARTMENTS which use the contents of such data-bases! She had created a fictitious person due to her horrific allegations about me. Given that she had regular access to the computers in the Thornton Police Department, it is hard to even imagine what ever OTHER stories she made up and inserted into the thousands of government data-bases. After all, if a SOURCE is a Police Department, why would any data-base manager have any doubt regarding veracity? And we all know that if someone gets on ANY of those huge data-bases, it is essentially impossible to ever get such false claims removed. Millions of people who have been victims of credit-card fraud can attest to that, where their credit record is forever tainted due to some criminal selecting them as targets.

During that Summer (2002), four young siblings came to talk to me as I would be pulling weeds in my yard, three boys and a girl. I tended to spend some time pulling weeds because it seemed so wasteful to have to drive 90 minutes each way just to mow the lawn and return home to Indiana! In any case, those kids came to like the fact that I am a gentle person and that I am non-judgmental and nice. The oldest boy was then 12, and he was often in trouble at school and at home, and his mother (or the Public School, or both) had apparently decided to send him to a distant school which had extreme discipline. He was scared about that. He skipped school on one of the first days. He showed up at my house in a school uniform, and four different times, he insisted that the school bus had never arrived to pick him up. I was aware that there was no one at his home, and I could not see the logic in forcing him to return to that empty (and locked) house. So he stayed around my yard that day (NEVER inside my house!) and I tried to find ways to keep him occupied and entertained. He spent a lot of time in hammering nails into scrap pieces of wood. He also used my barbecue to cook some hot dogs for us for lunch.

Apparently the school had called his mother regarding him not attending that day, and she must have called the Police to find him. In mid-afternoon, an Officer came to my house and asked if there was a Jeremy Farris around, and I said that he was pounding nails around the corner. The Police asked him to get into their Police car and they drove away. That was the complete extent of everything I then knew!

How could this have grown to anything more than a kid who skipped school one day? But it apparently did, and enormously! But the effects of the fictitious lies about me that Karen Leoni had entered into those Police data-bases seem to have suddenly become important! I only learned three years later that on the very next day, several Police cars arrived at the small Wolcott Public Elementary School in Thornton, and they hauled the siblings away, with the entire school fully aware of the circus-like environment. Apparently, those children were driven to some OTHER town, and then extensively INTERROGATED about me!

Jeremy was also interrogated that day, the kid who had actually skipped school. The Police Officers who interrogated him TOLD HIM that they had ABSOLUTE PROOF that I had "abused many little boys" and that they wanted him to accept their claims and confirm them by any statement he might have made. A terrifying fact is that Jeremy was not a very smart kid, and he was easily confused and easily intimidated, and it could easily have happened that he might have said something to agree with what they were telling him! After all, it is fairly natural that young kids want to agree with the Police, and NO kid would ever think that several Police Officers would have outright lied to him! IF he had gotten confused or intimidated during his interrogation, it seems a certainty that I would have immediately been arrested and sent to Prison for the rest of my life! The Police had lied to him IN ORDER TO get him to say something that would agree with what they had just told him, so I would think that a LOT of kids in such a situation would have made something up just to agree with the Police Officers.

The Thornton Police were clearly not familiar with my attitudes toward such subjects! As a Pastor, I had centered several Sermons regarding the Bible's clear reference to homosexuality, where it is ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN! No one who has ever known me would EVER have thought I would have even mentioned any homosexual activity. I personally find it extremely disgusting to even think about and I NEVER tolerate even seeing movies of two men kissing! They had really made a major error in implying that I had allegedly done anything to "little boys"! Nothing could be more ridiculous or impossible!

I had also included some references in a number of Sermons regarding sexual activities outside of marriage. I am aware that the modern world seems to encourage such things, but it turns out that I never even considered having any intimate activities except if the woman either was or was very likely to become my wife. The idea of doing any such things even to little girls is not a remote possibility to me. But probably more significant is that a few of my Sermons were about a related subject, where a man applies intimidation or overwhelming influence on ANY woman. My Sermons generally discussed that some women tended to "go along" with whatever such a man demanded of them. My point was always that a woman should ALWAYS have FULL CHOICE in the matter, and that some women had adolescent attitudes where they had trouble standing up for themselves in such situations. I note here that VERY young girls would be at even more extreme disadvantage, and there is NO POSSIBLE WAY that I would ever participate or even encourage the kinds of behaviors that the Thornton Police Department accused me of in their lies.

It apparently no longer matters that a person is actually INNOCENT, as the Police are willing to make up lies and spread them aggressively to PROVE whatever it is that they decided was the case. America? Wow! Over the years, I had seen stories where aberrant Police Officers had behaved in such ways, but one NEVER thinks that such things could ever happen to YOU! Especially when you are an upstanding citizen who happened to be a highly-respected Christian Minister! I had always assumed that such news stories were about people who were regularly guilty of many crimes, and that the Officer had simply tried to make some recent Arrest stick. (Remember that I was NEVER Arrested, or even Questioned, about any of this, or about anything else!

A Dress Code when you pull weeds in your own yard?

I only learned in 2007 that those Officers had included peculiar questions for the girl as well. She happened to mention in a casual conversation in 2007 that she could not understand why the Police kept asking her (then 9 years old), dozens of times as she described it, about whether I was wearing pants or shorts as I was pulling weeds in my yard! I don't know if that means they have a Village Ordinance regarding a dress code when you are doing lawn maintenance in your own yard! But clearly, they were trying to convince that little girl that there was something wrong in the fact that I nearly always wear shorts, during the summer, while doing lawn work.

It dawned on me that even that very question, even if asked only once, would have been impossible! Remember that at the time, I LIVED 60 miles away in Indiana, and that the ONLY time I was ever even IN Thornton was for a brief time about every two weeks when I would make the drive in order to mow the lawn. So how could any Officer even have KNOWN that I generally wore shorts? Obviously, no Officer could have! Even if the Police had somehow decided to do surveillance on me, I don't really see how they could have known WHEN I would arrive from Indiana for those couple hours before driving back! So how in the world could ANY Police Officer even have been able to guess that I generally wore shorts in my yard? The answer is that they couldn't have. But Karen Leoni certainly WAS familiar with every detail of my behavior, and ONLY SHE could have possibly known to even ASK a question regarding shorts or pants! But since she was a part-time Secretary to the Police Department, she certainly had easy ways of getting her opinions passed to the Officers. And she clearly proved that she did, regarding the pants/shorts question. As to WHY the Police would have asked that little girl that same question, dozens of times, it is hard to even comprehend. But they clearly intended to find some way where they could have immediately sent me to prison, forever. It scares me regarding how very close they may have gotten to be able to do that!

Edenton, North Carolina, 1989 on

Are you aware of an astounding situation which occurred in Edenton, North Carolina, regarding a Daycare there in 1989? PBS' FRONTLINE did three different hour programs on the insanity that occurred there! Seven people had been arrested and charged with over 400 counts of heinous sexual abuse of 29 children. The accused spent as many as several years in prison, but it was later determined that the Police had gone berserk in finding alleged evidence! The Police had used a single (untrained) investigator (Toppin) to interrogate AND COACH the very young children, who had kept asking the children the very same questions over and over and over. When she did not get the answers she wanted to hear, she started SUGGESTING, COACHING ideas to the small children, which many of them then adopted after she had repeated her opinions many times. That woman had DECIDED what the FACTS were, and she persisted for months in repeating her lies to the children until they were repeating exactly what she was telling them!

This all sounded terrifyingly similar to what the Thornton Police Department was trying to do to me!

The Edenton circus got worse and worse as more parents started believing the lies their children had been trained to repeat, and the entire community soon insisted that all the allegations were true. NONE of them were! When THOSE children were FIRST asked by the Police or their parents, every single one of them said that NO abuse had happened. It was only after many weeks of constant repetition by the adults associated with the Police, that some and then all of them started repeating those descriptions. There were NO other witnesses to the conversations that the woman (coach) had with those children, and no videotapes and no transcripts ever existed.

The Trials of the accused were amazing! Twelve of the 29 children were selected to be witnesses. The woman who had interrogated / coached the children was never on the witness stand! NO actual reference to any eyewitness evidence was ever presented, but it was essentially a Kangaroo Court, where all of the accused were simply ASSUMED to be totally guilty!

The owner of the day-care was found guilty of 99 indictments and he was sentenced to twelve consecutive life terms in prison!

An Appellate Court overturned all of the convictions after around 5 years of some of them being in prison, but the Prosecutors did not give up. They then (1996) announced that they were indicting the Day-Care owner on DIFFERENT charges, which again would have resulted in many life-sentences if convicted.

I was aware of the Edenton insanity when I started finally learning (in May 2005) what the Thornton Police Department did regarding those children in 2002. It seemed that they had decided to make me a target exactly like the Edenton Day-Care owner, who had spent many years in prison due to the false charges against him. I was terrified that Thornton had clearly wanted to do the same to me! And I had not even had the slightest knowledge that they were proceeding in that direction!

It seems certain that a written transcript of the interrogations of those children about me must have been created. As it happens, the one person who would have typed up such a transcript is the very same Karen Leoni who is at the very center of most of these horrific behaviors. Well, now Karen Leoni would have had a TRANSCRIPT on Thornton Police Department letterhead, which would have displayed the horrific allegations that the Thornton Police Officers had told to those children. Since SHE was the one to type it up, she clearly could have made it the most prominent feature of that Thornton Police Department letterhead document. If YOU saw such a document, on the letterhead of a Police Department, where it showed the Officer TELLING THE CHILD that the Police had COMPELLING PROOF that I had been guilty of MANY previous crimes "against little boys", how could YOU even have any doubts? You couldn't!

Since SHE typed it up, she also obviously had easy access to making a lot of photocopies of that page. If she showed up at YOUR door some day, for an alleged casual conversation, but she pulled out this incredibly damning piece of false information, wouldn't you be totally impressed and wouldn't you INSTANTLY have no doubt that the man was the most evil who has ever lived? Wouldn't that cause you to NEVER want to talk to or even be near such an evil person ever again? Wouldn't that cause you to be 100% suspicious of every detail of anything you saw him do? THAT has been the situation that has been my environment from September 2002 through the end of 2008 (now) and it will continue until my death.

As a clarification about something: Due to incredibly low cash flow during 2006, 2007 and 2008, not much other than food has been possible. As I have gotten older, some injuries and illnesses have arisen. But the Ambulance is operated by the very same people in the Municipal government, and one of them that lives across the street is among the most vicious of them. Even though the Ambulance is only a little over one block away, my guess is that if I would ever call for an Ambulance, it would be many hours later that it might arrive! So, if and when these recent medical problems results in a stroke or a heart attack or whatever, unless I am able to personally drive around 8 miles to the Hospital, I suspect that my survival chances are close to zero.

This all seemed to start shortly after President Bush got his Patriot Act passed, where government and Police no longer needed to follow any laws or rules regarding trying to find Muslim terrorists. There is every indication that this tiny (2,000 people) Village chose to assume that it also meant they could ignore all laws (and citizens' civil rights) in pursuing and harassing all law-abiding citizens. They have committed dozens of Felonies against me, and quite possibly many more that I never learned about.

It is really astounding that this tiny Village seems to have chosen to act as though it is an absolutely independent Kingdom! And it appears that they are right, that there is NO ONE who either actually has any authority over their actions, or who would actually act to restrain their actions, so it appears that they really are absolutely free to do anything at all to law-abiding citizens! At least to me!

A truly troubling aspect of this is that the exact same thing could occur to ANY American citizen! I wonder how many other innocent Americans have been subjected to this immense harassment. They CHOSE to destroy my career as a Christian Minister, and also my reputation as an upright citizen, and even did their best to cause my personal income to drop so low that I might starve to death! And this is America! I truly wonder how many other Americans have been harassed and abused in these ways by local governments and local Police. I suspect that in most cases, the targets have actually been guilty of past errors, which probably makes them even easier targets than I am/was. But if the Police and local government can do these horrific things to a quiet, gentle, kind and peaceful Christian Minister, how could ANY American be safe from such things?

As a Pastor, I try to be tolerant of all human activities. But these are beyond belief. And it was not enough to simply arrange a circus-like arrival of Police cars to haul the children out of the School (which guaranteed that EVERYONE in the School and then immediately in the entire Village quickly knew that this was all regarding allegations against me! Except for me, of course! It appears that I was the ONLY person in the entire Village that had not known about the children being taken out of school to be interrogated about me! And the Police terrified those children so much about me that they NEVER wanted to ever be around me again! That assured the Police that I could never learn about any of this from the children!

In any case, in trying to find something good in all of this, I try to lean on two issues. One is that once I realized (Jan 2006) that the Village intended to actively and aggressively make sure I die soon, I realized that I only had a short time remaining, which has had the effect of causing my total focus on completing the many Christian projects I had been working on. As of December 2008, I have essentially completed them, so if I go soon, which seems very possible, at least my work seems to be essentially done. The other issue is that I suspect that my comprehension of Jesus' situation regarding Judas is a lot more complete than it used to be! I had naively assumed that a local government and a local Police force were actually supposed to act FOR me and not AGAINST me, and be honest and truthful!

The very fact that Police Department employees have access to many data banks that can do immense damage to ANYONE, is really troublesome. If ANY minor employee of any Police Department decides to develop a grudge against anyone, it seems clear that there is easy access to many ways to destroy a reputation, a career, a life. When they decided to extend this to causing me to die, it seems that a much more concerted effort was involved! Which they seem to have accomplished. It has not that easy to live on a total of $3,000 per year, as a person needs to buy nearly that much food just to survive.

As some highlights:

There are MANY more incidents. The text which begins below presents the history and facts of many of them. It prints out to around 50 typewritten pages!

Since as far as I know, I have never even SPOKEN to Karen Leoni, and not offended or upset ANYONE in the entire Village, it is astounding that they would have done such a comprehensive effort to destroy me in every possible way. I often wonder how they behave toward some person who actually DID do some sort of crimes or, gasp, might actually have paid some debt to society in jail! It is terrifying how vicious they must be toward such people, when they have chosen to be so amazingly vicious to me.

A truly disappointing and sad aspect of all this is that NO ONE seems to admit to having any Jurisdiction over either the Thornton Police Department or the Thornton Municipal Government. There seems no doubt that a number of them should properly spend twenty years or more in Prison for the things they have done to intentionally destroy every aspect of my existence. After I learned in May 2005, of the Police making up vicious lies about me to tell those kids in Sept 2002, I have contacted many dozens of organizations and individuals who each appear to claim to have the function of resolving such things like Police Misbehavior. Absolutely none have had the slightest interest in even learning about what has happened!

First, you need to know that I am a quiet and pleasant Pastor of a small Christian Church (beginning in 1996) (A Christ Walk Church), and that I have NEVER been in any trouble or caused any trouble in my entire life. I believe I received around two parking tickets and maybe three or four slight speeding tickets in my entire life of driving, which has represented the sum total of all the trouble I have ever been in in 70 years of life. To give an idea of my life, a couple weeks before High School graduation, I borrowed a quarter from another kid named Art, and his family moved away immediately after graduation, so I was never able to pay him back! It still bothers me 45 years later! I believe that there had only been one person I have ever even punched in my life, when I was around 19, in defense of myself after being attacked. I would think that few people have caused as little problem with society than I have, and as a Christian Pastor, I believe I have provided society with many benefits. One area of that is with the BELIEVE Religious Information Source web-site that I created and manage, which had over 19,000,000 hits in the year 2006 regarding religious subjects. (Around 23,000,000 visitors in 2007, 30,000,000 hits in 2008.).

Therefore, the following series of incidents, essentially all created by the Police Department of the Village of Thornton, Illinois (and its personnel) and some of their close friends in the Village Government of that same town, are truly astounding. Given that I never deserved any of these many hundreds of behaviors on their part, I often wonder how they behave when they have someone who actually has done something wrong, like someone who actually HAS a criminal record, to harass and threaten. It boggles the mind.

In the mid 1990s, my mother passed on, and even though I lived in Indiana an hour-and-a-half away, I wound up owning the house in Thornton, Illinois that I had grown up in. It is a fairly large house that has a very large yard, a very pleasant house.

I would generally make the 60-mile drive each way around once a week each summer to mow the grass. Since those trips seemed otherwise somewhat pointless and wasted, I often decided to pull some weeds from the various lawns while I was there, before driving back. The house itself was essentially empty of furniture and furnishings.

Prior to early 2003, I was rarely even IN Thornton except briefly to mow the lawn and to pull some weeds. The house was essentially empty of furniture and I couldn't have stayed if I had wanted! Because of the brevity of those visits to Thornton, I virtually never was anywhere except on my own property, never attended any social events, rarely went to any local stores, and unless people came to my property, rarely even talked to anyone in Thornton. My life was 60 miles away around our Church in Indiana. AFTER these bizarre events began in 2002, I eventually found that Thornton had FORCED me to move to this house, if only to protect it from the Village government and Police deciding to wander through my locked house whenever they felt like it! My career as a Christian Pastor essentially ended, in several different ways, all by the direct effort of the Police and Village of Thornton. During the five years after which this had started (2002-2007), I believe I got two pizzas from local stores and the following history describes that I had attempted to attend a grand total of two public events, a Christmas Concert and a Fourth of July Fireworks display. Other than that, and occasional visits to the Public Library, I essentially am never able to even leave my property in this Village, except to drive to any other town.

WHY would I place these strange histories on the Internet? A very good question! But seeing that these activities by the Thornton Police Department and the Thornton Village government have directly resulted in there being a rifle bullet hole that I can stick my thumb through in my window, and the fact that I am getting older and in less good health and the Ambulance is only a block away but also operated by the same people who have done these many things to me, so I have to believe that in any emergency, an Ambulance might take six hours to make that one block, I have to be realistic enough to know that I might not survive long enough to actually get anyone's attention about these many matters. In the event that something like that happens to me, I felt the need to place an accurate history somewhere where it might be found. Since the Thornton Police seem to feel free to enter and browse around my (and anyone else's) house without any Search Warrant, and since much of this presentation is evidence against their Department and friends, I have personal doubts that a written copy of this history left in the house, would ever be seen by anyone. (But I left a printed copy of this in the house anyway.)

In June 2002, I was therefore pulling weeds in my front lawn when two kids were riding by on bikes. They stopped to talk and even offered to help me pull weeds. We had a nice conversation. Even though they lived more than a mile away, on the opposite side of that small Village, they stopped by many days after that during that summer.

Since that house had no furniture inside it, no tables, no chairs, and not really any food or anything else (because I was rarely there more than a few hours ever), there was no point of even allowing or welcoming them into the house. Therefore, when they would visit, it was ALWAYS outdoors in the yard.

By late August 2002, school had recently re-started, but the 12-year-old boy showed up at my door one school day morning, in a school uniform. I asked four different times whether he was supposed to be in school, and each time he said no, that there was no school that day, and then that the school bus had not come by to pick him up.

From previous conversations, I knew that there was no one at home to baby-sit for him so it did not make sense to send him back to an empty home, particularly since his mother was apparently never hiring babysitters when the four kids were left at home alone while she was at work. So, even though he knew he was not allowed inside my house, I found some simple carpentry projects out in the yard to try to keep him occupied, and he cooked hot dogs on my barbecue. Since he got bored, we went for a walk in the nearby forest, so he could learn about moss growing on north sides of trees, listening for sounds of traffic and machinery, and other useful things in case he might ever later get lost. I had figured that since he missed school that day, I could try to teach him such things, as well as the hammer and nails things. We came back and started back in on the carpentry things. A while later, a Police car showed up (maybe several) and an Officer asked if the kid (named Jeremy F.) was around. He was practicing pounding nails. The Officer asked me three or four simple questions and I confirmed the information above, that Jeremy had shown up in a school uniform. I never again heard from that or any other Officer ever again regarding anything of that day. I also never saw any of those kids again for a very long time.

Three years later, in late May of 2005, I learned that a lot of incredible things had occurred right after that. The Police had chosen to act as though I had done horrible things. They apparently interrogated that boy right then, but they then did truly astounding things!

Apparently the next day (again, I only first learned of any of this three years later), during school, the Police sent squad cars to pick up those kids (and a sibling, for a total of three kids, Jeremy F. 12, James F. 10, and Jeanna F. 9) from the Wolcott Public School, and took all three somewhere (apparently to some different town, according to the kids, but they do not remember exactly where) where they were fully interrogated (about me)! Just the act of making such a public spectacle by sending Police cars to a local Public School to take the kids away obviously started rumors among all the hundreds of other kids in that school, and therefore in their parents shortly afterwards. Very quickly, it certainly clearly developed that I was the only person in the Village that had no idea that any of this had happened!

The Thornton Police did not stop there! During the interrogation of the 12-year-old boy, they outright lied to him, in making up fictitious crimes that they told him I had previously committed. The Police interrogators told that boy that they had absolute proof that I had done horrible sexual things to many young boys before! That is the most outrageous possible accusation for ANYONE to make about any man. It is impossible that anyone thusly accused can ever prove that such an accusation was wrong, or ever be denied, forever. And with the Police being the source of those statements, who would ever think they had lied? Of course, the way they did it, I had no way to even KNOW that any such accusation or allegation had even been made about me, so there was no possible way that I could have even KNOWN that my reputation, career as a Christian Pastor and name had just gotten forever ruined.

Such a vicious accusation remains in all hearers minds forever. For a Christian Pastor to be accused of such a horrific behavior pattern, it essentially ends the career in a field where a Pastor must be trusted and believed! But for the Police to be the ones to start such a vicious rumor, and for them to insist to a young kid that they had 'absolute proof' that I was a sexual predator, is the worst of all possible situations. NO ONE would believe that the Police would ever lie about anything, especially something so important! So it is clear that the entire population of the village of Thornton immediately believed the most horrendous of lies about me and my reputation! And I was the only person who was unaware that any of this had happened!

Again, I only FIRST even became aware of this in late May 2005, three years later. That even that was actually quite unlikely. THOSE kids were terrified by the lies the Police had told them three years before, but they knew that I was such a good and nice person that, on that day three years later, two of them (James and Jeanna) knocked on my door. They were SCARED, and stood way back away from me. At one point, I asked where Jeremy was, and they immediately nervously laughed and said that he was way too scared to come to see me. I asked why but they did not say.

The following day, they knocked on my door again, and we had another nice conversation, but then they said that their older brother (then 15) was around the corner. I saw his face, but it was clear that he was so scared that he was shaking. I asked why. He simply said that the Police had told him all about all the many other little boys that they had proof about that I had done horrible sexual things to. I asked what he was talking about! I had NO idea of anything he had just said. The other kids were nodding their heads, all clearly having been told the same thing by the Police. I told Jeremy and the others that none of that was true. They immediately said that "the Police would never lie". I told them that the Police are never SUPPOSED to lie, but they definitely did if they said anything like that about me.

I then asked them to think back if I had ever even touched any of them three years earlier when they had visited, and I reminded them that I had never even allowed them inside my house. I also asked them to think about the kind of person they had known me as, and whether such a person would do the horrible things they were told by the Police.

Given how young those kids were, I doubt if any could have comprehended what would necessarily be involved when an aberrant man does such things to "young boys" or how disgusting a thing that was that the Police had claimed I had done. But when Jeremy first mentioned "young boys" I was flabbergasted, and nearly smiled and laughed at how ridiculous such a statement was. Again, they were so young that they had no way of realizing how bizarre that would be, or how disgusting or how sick.

Like absolutely everyone else in the Village by May 2005 (as described in the linked file below), their mother and step-father had the most vicious and accusatory attitude toward me, assuming that I had some sort of extensive criminal record regarding sexual abuse of children, probably also based on the lies the Police had made up regarding imaginary crimes that they claimed I had committed. So those kids actually had broken a rule even in deciding to come to visit me in May 2005. I am SO happy they did, though, because otherwise, I would NEVER had any way to even know why every single person of the Village had already been acting so very strangely toward me for the previous three years.

In early June 2007, I learned some additional astounding things regarding what the Police did, now five years earlier. The girl, Jeanna, just happened to casually mention that the Police asked her (then 9 years old at the interrogation) "dozens of questions" about whether I wear pants or shorts. (Keep in mind that I was generally pulling weeds in my yard when the kids might ride up!) She only mentioned it now because she said that it had seemed to her at nine as being odd questions. NO KIDDING! What were the Police doing asking dozens of questions of a nine-year-old girl regarding whether a Christian Pastor wears pants or shorts while pulling weeds in his yard? For five years, I never knew about this. But it is absolutely clear to me that they had been trying to get that nine-year-old girl to say ANYTHING where they could have charged me with all the Felonies that they had clearly decided I must be guilty of, so they could have sent me to prison for the rest of my life. THERE IS NO POSSIBLE OTHER REASON TO ASK SUCH QUESTIONS OF A NINE-YEAR-OLD GIRL. I had known since 2005 that the Police on that day had tried to confuse the then 12-year-old Jeremy to agree with their incredible accusations that I did horrible things to many little boys. Those Police KNEW that kids are all taught that Police would never lie, and so it would have been incredibly easy for Jeremy to have gotten confused and simply accepted what they were telling him in those lies. And if he had, of saying anything at all which might have been the excuse they were looking for to arrest me for whatever Felonies they had already decided I was guilty of, I would have forever spent my remaining life in some prison, without doubt. Note that I not only never did anything wrong regarding those kids, but virtually not even smaller things in my entire life. I NEVER stole anything, or shoplifted anything as a child, or hit or hurt anyone. Yet, the Thornton Police were doing the most malicious and deceptive of things to absolutely destroy me.

Isn't this supposed to be America, where such things cannot happen?

Think about something else. WHY would ANY Police Officer ask such a peculiar question of a small kid as to whether some adult wears pants or shorts while pulling weeds in their own yard? None would, of course. Unless they had previously been following me around for months to see some pattern of clothing, which they may or may not then have thought inappropriate. But would a cop really spend months of his time in following someone, who has NEVER committed any crime, for such odd reasons? Not a chance! Also, note that I was rarely even IN that Village in that time span, only driving over to mow the grass! How would a Cop even dream up such a bizarre question to keep asking a 9-year-old girl?

There is only ONE person in Thornton who HAD been stalking me (and still does, five years later), the part-time secretary for the Village and also for the Police Department, Karen Leoni. I do not know why, as I do not believe I have ever even talked to her, so I do not believe there could have ever been any reason for her to get upset or offended by me! But she apparently is, and was the ONLY person in Thornton who had spent so much time stalking me to really know whether I wear pants or shorts when pulling weeds or at any other times. She even got a neighbor to install a video camera in an upstairs window, POINTED DOWN into one of my windows, for about a year and a half, for whatever aberrant reasons she would have. No other person than me had been inside the house during all that time, so I doubt if she got whatever pictures she was expecting to find. In any case, the fact that the Police certainly could NEVER have come up with "dozens of questions about whether I wear pants or shorts" pretty much proves that the part-time Police Secretary Karen Leoni was clearly behind the strange Police behavior described here. It really is amazing.

This didn't even end at that point. Just sending Police cars to an Elementary School to take kids away to interrogate them about me (and apparently my clothing), and then outright lying to those kids about fictitious claims of previous crimes, was not enough for this Village to do. Several of the employees of the Village government and Police Department have actively chosen to harass and destroy me and my life in every conceivable way over the succeeding five years, primarily Karen Leoni. A second, separate history will present many of those incidents, although there are too many to actually all discuss. A high-power rifle bullet made a 3/4" diameter hole through one of my windows and destroyed several books in a bookshelf across the room. The Village (part-time) employees have felt free to prowl through my house when they knew that I was out at my house in Indiana (twice that I could document and confirm). The Mayor once told me on the phone (in 2003) that the Village feels that if any door or ANY WINDOW of a house is unlocked, that any Village employee is free to enter that house without needing a Search Warrant. Ms. Leoni also made hundreds of personal visits to each neighbor (over those several years) so she could "inform each of them" of all those vicious Police-initiated lies about me, where each neighbor would then instantly end any conversation or smiles or even acknowledgement of me. This is all very peculiar for a Christian Pastor, where absolutely everyone always seems to want to wave and say hello. But part of the result of this ongoing effort on the part of the Village of Thornton is that NOT EVEN A SINGLE PERSON has spoken a single word to me at any time in all of 2006 or 2007, not one has waved, not one has smiled, not one has even acknowledged that I even existed, except with the nastiest of expressions. (I suppose that when children throw rocks or apples or tomatoes at me, that is an indication that they recognize I exist, so there is an exception.) Even five years later, this is still being actively and aggressively promoted, the Village is STILL spreading those same horrific lies that the Police had told to some kids five years earlier. Exactly how much destruction of my being do they really want to accomplish? NOTING that I never remotely DID any of the horrible things they still keep spreading lies about me about!

Even if I had been a gangster or murderer or something, I thought that America was supposed to behave in a civil manner toward such people. I can't even imagine how this Village must behave when they have someone who ACTUALLY DID CRIMES, where they would have no way of ever defending themselves. I did no crime whatever, ever in my life, but this Village has chosen to continuously and constantly work at totally destroying everything there is to me! They destroyed my career as a Christian Pastor on that very day when they sent Police cars to an Elementary School to interrogate kids about me. No Christian Pastor could possibly still have any following if no one had any respect or trust in him! Note, however, that I did not even KNOW that my reputation and career as a Pastor had been ended that day. I only learned about it extremely indirectly, when no one would talk to me or kids threw rocks and tomatoes and apples at me, or rifle bullets broke my windows. And it was three years later when some very brave kids built up the courage to visit me and provide me with a way of finally learning what had actually happened years before.

Noting that I only first actually learned about what and why in May 2005, I then tried to figure out what I might be able to do regarding it. I contacted a friend in the FBI to ask if they had jurisdiction or had any way of investigating this situation. She told me that they are understaffed and overworked, and that there was no possible way that the FBI could possibly investigate it. She suggested that I contact the Illinois Attorney General, the Illinois State's Attorney, the Governor of Illinois, the Sheriff of Cook County, the State's Attorney of Cook County, and other government contacts. I followed her suggestions and sent letters to each and all of such places, as well as many others, such as the American Civil Liberties Union (too busy to consider my situation), the Chicago Bar Association, the Illinois Bar Association, the American Bar Association, and maybe twenty other organizations that I understood existed to help people in such situations. Obviously, I also contacted the various US Senators and Congressmen and the Illinois Senators and Congressmen.

Absolutely every single government organization informed me that they had no jurisdiction! Neither the Thornton Police Department nor the Thornton Village government appears to have any oversight whatever by ANY government agency. I eventually came to understand that the Village is free to act essentially as a tiny kingdom, where it can do whatever it pleases and it is not answerable to anyone for anything it does. I had actually (naively) thought that if and when a local government intentionally and thoroughly destroys a person, it would have been seen as at least a Civil Rights violation, and I had thought far more. At some points, I actually wondered if my situation would have been far better had I been Black rather than Caucasian, because there were certainly many stories where Police got into trouble for even harassing Blacks. Here, I have not only been harassed, nearly continuously for five years, but the Police outright lied to some kids to totally destroy my reputation and career as a Christian Pastor. Amazing.

None of the Lawyer's groups or anyone else showed even a glimmer of interest in my situation. So, for roughly a year of mailing out letters to such individuals and organizations, I had gotten ZERO back, except mostly of Form Letters that did not even apply. A couple of the Lawyer's groups suggested that I pay some Lawyer the $5,000 retainer in order to personally sue that part-time secretary that did much of the damage, but it is clear that she owns nothing of value.

THIS gets to a really interesting incident! As I understand it, the Chief of Police of Thornton had become Chief around 1997. He was extremely well liked and had expressed the personal opinion publicly that he intended to forever be Chief of Police of Thornton. After around a year of mailing out letters while getting no responses, I again contacted my friend in the FBI. This time I happened to mention Chief Arnold's name to her. She chose to telephone Chief Arnold, to ask him about my situation.

HERE is the "interesting" part. Less than a week after she made that call, Chief Arnold resigned! The Village Newsletter made clear that the Village was in a serious bind, because it was totally unexpected and they had no idea who they would find to become Chief. It also made clear that Police Chief Arnold had suddenly resigned to become unemployed, as it hoped that it would not be very many months until he would find a new job! It was a total surprise to the Mayor and everyone else that Chief Arnold resigned, and so amazingly suddenly. (Apparently not even with two weeks notice!). More, Chief Arnold immediately put his house up for sale and within a few days sold it! He moved out of town, to parts unknown, within just a few weeks of that phone call from my friend in the FBI.

So, a natural question seems to arise! WHY would a very successful and apparently happy Chief of Police so abruptly resign from a position where he was nearly universally admired and respected, and which he had just publicly said that he intended to stay in forever? And also why would he market and sell his house in record time, and move away so amazingly fast? I have never heard of anyone else being able to arrange the logistics of moving to a different area very quickly, and certainly not in the amazingly short time that Police Chief Arnold took.

Another possibility might seem to have come up, that Chief Arnold was such a great Chief that he got some kind of offer from some other city. But that definitely did not happen. In fact, in the Mayor's Village Newsletter, he not only heaped great praise on Chief Arnold, but he said that it will probably not take very long before Chief Arnold could again find a position where his talents would shine.

In other words, the Chief of Police did all these actions, in record time, IN ORDER TO BECOME UNEMPLOYED!

There is no doubt whatever in my mind that the phone call from my friend in the FBI had caused Chief Arnold to review the records of the lies that HIS Officers had done in 2002 to destroy my reputation and career. It seems no doubt to me that he realized that, as Chief, he was (and still is) criminally liable for those very illegal actions on the part of those Officers under his control. I think he realized that, depending on what the FBI might have chosen to do with that information, he was very likely to quickly be arrested and put in prison. I think that he decided to resign for that single reason, and to move away, to some location where no one seems to know where he now is, because he must fully know that he can (and would) still be arrested and put in prison, if the FBI or anyone else ever actually pursues this issue.

Chief Arnold apparently never knew that I was totally unable to find ANYONE who claimed jurisdiction over the Thornton Police or the Thornton Village government. Until and unless I can some day get someone to actually pursue this bizarre situation, there does not seem to be anyone who even is interested in trying to find justice in any of this!

One really sad part of all this is that, even if it should some day be that "Justice" might be done, five years of my career and reputation and life are forever gone. And I don't really see how any of the three could ever be reconstituted, even if some Judge put all those guilty Officers in prison along with several others like Leoni in the Village government who actively spread known lies about me.

So there is really no hope whatever regarding me. However, given that there have to be people who are actually guilty of the sorts of things that I was accused of, I can't even imagine how such people must be treated by Thornton (or other towns with similar attitudes). Such people could obviously never even assemble this sort of history, because they actually had committed some crime or crimes. So such people would have even darker futures than I do, which pretty much boggles the mind. Just for me, a completely innocent and kind and gentle person, there is ZERO chance that I could ever again have the needed respect and trust to be a Christian Pastor ever in my life, and it is pretty unimaginable that ANY neighbors would ever again smile or say hello. I suspect that few people can comprehend what a hollow existence the Police and Village of Thornton have forced upon me. And it's worse because I have gradually learned that there is absolutely nothing I can possibly do about it, because absolutely no one seems to care. Everyone seems quite happy to simply believe the horrific lies that the Police began to essentially end my life.

It is most peculiar that the rest of the world has high respect for me, both as a Christian (the 19 million visitors last year to my BELIEVE web-site) and as a scientist (several inventions provide needed solutions to critically important social problems), while not one person within Thornton would waste the time to spit on me!

One of the very saddest parts of all this insanity is the effect on kids of Thornton. Several years ago, there were around 40 or 50 kids that would come in groups to play in my large yard, while we adult men played horseshoes. Those kids KNEW that I am a "fair" person who NEVER touched any of them but always showed care about their safety and fun. Then, one by one, these vicious lies were told to each of their parents, and they had to each wonder about how to try to figure out who to learn to trust. One of the things of being a kid is to try to figure such things out, and each of those parents did massive damage to those kids (personal opinion) in instantly ordering them to stay away, for reasons that were not even valid, and which absolutely contradicted what the kids had each figured out for themselves. There is nothing wrong in being protective of kids' safety, especially in the aberrant way that modern society seems to have gone. But at some point, those kids will need to be able to figure out who they can trust and who they cannot. When parents order kids to reverse everything they believe, it only creates confusion in them, especially when it turns out that the parents were dead wrong because they chose to listen to some near stranger telling them vicious lies. Apparently, that is part of modern society. I am glad I am no longer a kid, because I wonder if I could figure values and morals out under such circumstances.

On July 30, 2007, I called a Diane Gaster of the Public Integrity Division of the Illinois State's Attorney's Office, as I was informed that her Office handled Police Misconduct regarding Officers in the Towns and Villages of Cook County, Illinois. She was clearly bored by my mentioning a few of the above aspects of where the Thornton Police had outright lied to those kids in destroying my reputation, career and life. And even though I had pointed out that I was a Christian Pastor who had never been in any trouble, she felt the need to ask the incredibly insulting question "How many Convictions do you have?" And then she told me that she saw absolutely nothing wrong in anything the Thornton Police had done! She then told me that if I did not like how the Thornton Government and Police enforce the community, I should just sell my house and move to some other area! And then she HUNG UP ON ME!

If her job function includes investigating Police Misconduct, by her standards, she must never have anything to do! And as a "Public Servant", I doubt if it is acceptable to choose to ask insulting questions of a citizen to try to offend him, or to tell a citizen to move away, or to hang up on a citizen!

I also learned that there is an Inspector General's Office that supposedly also has functions regarding Police Misconduct in Cook County. They have not even chosen to respond to my request for their assistance. It really seems that absolutely no one cares about the Civil Rights of American citizens. Sometimes I wonder if I had been a Black person who HAD done lots of crimes, all sorts of Public Agencies and the ACLU and many others would have probably been fighting to defend my Civil Rights. But all I am is a White Christian Pastor who has never been in any trouble! So apparently, I am totally out of luck regarding actually getting any of this looked into!

There are many NGOs, which are organizations that promote themselves as defending innocent people who are accused of crimes. I wrote letters to around 30 such organizations that each claimed to handle situations in the Chicago area. It turns out that even they have no interest in helping me! Several informed me that once I was put in prison, for at least five years, and have exhausted Appeals Courts, that I should contact them then! Others told me that since I was not arrested and convicted of murdering anyone, they cannot help.

Even several of those organizations that are Christian-based (which I thought were sure to come to the aid of a Christian Pastor), informed me that until I would be in prison for several years, they would not even consider helping me.

It is as though they all WANT me to try to kill someone, and be put in long-term prison, before I could ever actually get their attention. It appears that there is absolutely no one in the world that has any interest in trying to find Justice any more when an upright American citizen is badly mistreated by Police Officers and Government representatives. Amazing, isn't it?

The events which began with those lies by the Police actually have done far greater damage to my reputation, career and life. One woman, Karen Leoni, a part time employee of the Police Department and of the Village government, who is apparently somehow related to the Mayor, has constantly and continuously decided to devote her life to totally destroying me, and a number of others in the Police and Village have participated in her personal crusade to destroy me. A separate history presents some of those many hundreds of incidents.

Those events and incidents of the seven years which have followed the Police lies probably involve far more criminal behaviors on the part of the Police and Village government personnel than the initial lies by the Police. That in itself is a rather amazing statement to make!

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