A Tidal Dilemma

Given all the calculations of the tides presented in the associated pages (linked below), we know that the Earth's rotation is slowing down due to the friction of the water in the tidal bulge in our oceans against the sea bottom and against continents. We even calculated that the end result will certainly be where the Earth and Moon permanently face each other, the day being the same length as the month, and that period will be slower than today, taking around 49 of our current days. In other words, at that time, there will only be around seven days each year!

We are going to present here the rather simple calculation which should show how long it should take before that situation occurs. It is generally assumed that it won't be for billions of years, specifically since the Earth has had oceans and tides and the Moon for at least four billion years already, and the Earth is still spinning fairly fast.

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