Time Banking for a Community

Modern news seems endless stories about wars and about banks and money. All other aspects of human existence seem to have become ignored by all leaders. Except for war, money seems to be the only subject that is ever even thought about by political and business leaders.

That is extremely wrong, and it is terribly unhealthy.

It necessarily has resulted in a situation where 1% of extremely wealthy people own and control nearly everything that is seen as important, and the 99% of the rest of us wind up dancing to whatever song the bankers want to play.

It seems very clear that around the world, actions toward rebuilding COMMUNITY is needed. In other words, LOCAL and SMALL SCALE efforts.

A brilliant idea has existed toward this end. It developed during the 1930s and the American Depression, and it was and is essentially a Barter system commonly called Time Banking. We NEED it today, and the benefits would and will be enormous.

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C Johnson, Theoretical Physicist, Physics Degree from Univ of Chicago