Nuns in the Catholic Church - Using Them Productively

The Roman Catholic Church has been facing a large number of problems in recent years, including the enormous activity of Priests sexually abusing little girls and boys, but also the fact that women have had no significant position in the Catholic Church. I think that the new Pope has an ideal structure already available for him to use to work at resolving many of their problems.

There are tens of thousands of Catholic Convents all over the world, and hundreds of thousands of Nuns.

It seems to me that Pope Francis should 'officially declare' that all Convents and all Nuns are availabe for little kids to go to to tell a Nun about any sexual abuse that the child had suffered at the hands of any Catholic Priest.

(1) Small children will feel far safer in talking to a (woman) Nun than to any Priest or any other man. The environment within any Catholic Church is bit very comforting for any child, especially ones in stress.

(2) This action will increase the importance of women in the Catholic Church by emphasizing the importance of Nuns.

(3) Many more young Catholic girls might become interested in becoming Nuns "becausw they would be socially important." (4) The Catholic bureaucracy would not be involved, so there would be no further concern about any offending Priests being transferred or otherwise 'covered up', The Nuns would not participate in such follow-ups regarding offending Priests, and the children and the public know that.

(5) The public, and especially Catholics, might see cause to become comfortaable with the Catholic Church due to this (highly publicized) program, which might stop the enormous numbers of Catholics from leaving the Church.

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Yes, this attitude of extreme OPENNESS about that problem would likely be face with a surge of new child abuse incidents, but once that furor had subsided, I think that the public and Catholics would again feel confidence in the Catholic Church. Where so many Priests and Bishops and Cardinals had been deceptive and dishonest for decades, a new spirit of openness ahd honesty would arise. Hopefully, any remaining Priests who might consider doing further abuses would realize that the new openness and the involvement of so many Nuns would suggest that he would not get away with such behaviors. Maybe the problem would ACTUALLY fade away, rather than the current suspicion that everything has just been covered up, as has traditionally been the case.

And the Church might then get on with the business of Spreading the Word of the Lord!

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