Can Republicans eliminate abortions and cancel Roe vs. Wade?

Yes, they could! An Obvious Republican Solution Exists for the Roe vs. Wade Situation

Each time a woman does NOT choose to have an Abortion, the Republican Party must open a new Bank Account for $245,100 for that child. This would ensure that the new child would be well-fed and educated and housed for the following 18 years.


EVERY new human would then be fully provided for, where every tiny heartbeat would always be fully be provided for, the way that Republicans claim they intend. In this way, they WILL actually fully provide for every baby that is born. There may quickly be very few women ever even WANT an abortion, as this new program would provide a financial guarantee that the new child would be totally financially fully provided for, probably even better than the new mother might be able to provide.

Do the American Republicans have about 24.5 trillion dollars, a LOT of money, to spend on their goal of getting rid of all abortions? Maybe, as there are a LOT of Republican millionaires and billionaires who could each give a paltry $245,100 to create such bank accounts.

After all, SOMEBODY will need to pay for the feeding and housing of all those millions of kids that the ending of abortions would produce, and rightfully, it should be the rich Republicans who show such insistence on the ending of abortions. Creating all those individual bank accounts by Republicans seems the most obvious way!

If the Republicans DON'T do this, their incomplete thinking will just result in millions of starving American children.

According to USDA and many other authorities, the cost of raising a child from birth to age 18 is $245,100 (not counting the cost of a University education)

Since the Republicans want to cancel the Roe vs. Wade, the Republicans intend to cause an additional natural 10,000,000 babies to be born every year.

It seems clear that they intend to spend 10,000,000 times $245,100 every year or an annual total of $24,510,000,000,000. Every single year, that amount is to feed and raise all those children who are not aborted that year.

If the American Republican party spends all this money (every year) they would actually solve a situation for millions of single-parent families that now need to take many regular payments from the Federal Government. An amazing number of single-parents now File for Medical Bankruptcy every year. So this solution would greatly improve the lives of even many more millions of those children.

Those costs include 18% for food, 16% for child care, 29% for housing/rent, 15% for transportation, 9% for health and many other costs such as clothing and phones and games.

Even for these costs for one year, the American Republicans do not remotely have enough money to accomplish their goal.

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Carl W. Johnson, Theoretical Physicist, Physics Degree from University of Chicago