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Neutrinos May Not Exist. A Huge Logical Blunder by the brilliant Wolfgang Pauli in 1930.

Origin of the Universe. A Continuous Big Bang sort of Effect.

Galaxy Spiral Arms. Stability and Dynamics.

A Major Error in Modern Physics about Time Dilation. An earth-orbiting satellite in a perfectly circular orbit certainly has a Time Dilation effect due to its orbital speed, but it also has an OPPOSITE Time Stretching effect due to its continual acceleration that is necessary to maintain the circular orbit, and the two effects seem to be EXACTLY the same amplitude but opposite so they cancel each other out!

Globular Clusters. Globulars Must Regularly Pass Through the Cluttered Galaxy Plane.

The Physics of Sauropod Dinosaurs. Physics and Physiology.

Tilted Rotation of the Sun. How Could the Planets come to Orbit in Planes so Different from the Sun?

Accurate Mass of the Earth. Gravitational Constant.

Why is the Sky Blue?. The Correct Answer is different than Most People Realize!

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Neutrinos May Not Exist. An examination of the brilliant Wolfgang Pauli's logical blunder in 1930.

Nuclear Physics May be Fairly Simple. A Tritium atom naturally beta-decays into a Helium-3 atom, with better than one part in one-hundred-billion accuracy!

We Probably Can Never Live on Mars. Man Will Probably Never Actually Even Visit Mars. Everyone who has spent six months in space has discovered that the Microgravity has caused their bones to lose from 16% to 30% of their strength and other physiology such as cardio-vascular to become degraded.

A Minister Threatened with $82,500 PER DAY Fines. I carried half of an empty drywall bucket of rocks, about 25 pounds, and got truly terrified by Threats from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to Fine me $82,500 PER DAY. A wealthy neighbor HAD dumped 30,000,000 pounds of Illegal Landfill there, but he got away scot free! This IS America!

Lawn Mower Robot. Mathematical Hyperbolae can be used to calculate amazingly accurate position for a lawnmower. The same hyperbolae technology can locate a rape victim anywhere in a city to within one foot in a fraction of a second for Police to locate and save her.

Finding 1500 Missing Human Bodies Caused by Hurricane Katrina. Fifty-Eight large slabs of concrete came out of the Interstate-10 highway that night. No one seems to be aware that around 500 vehicles with 1500 people in them may have gotten thrown into the water below those causeway highways that night and drowned. I believe that boats with metal detectors may find those sunken vehicles, even now ten years later. Divers could find the VIN numbers of the vehicles to identify the owners, that is the family of victims in those vehicles, where surviving relatives might even now provide respectful Funeral Services.

A Bad Undercover Cop. A Bad Cop - Undercover. A Philosophical Dilemma for me.

A Superior Bathroom or Bedroom Mirror. I find that a large (42 inch) flatscreen TV mounted on a bathroom wall, and using a small computer and two video cameras, makes an impressive bathroom mirror. Enormous magnification can deal with nose hair or skin defects like acne or makeup details. A second camera on the opposite or side wall can provide a rear or side view of neck or hair or clothing. It is not particularly expensive, and the mirror screen can display a Mona Lisa or landscape when not needed as a mirror.

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A Little Girl and the Grandmother She Loves. Voice-activated cel phones hidden in photo portrait frames can provide several wonderful benefits.

A Major Error in Modern Physics about Time Dilation. An earth-orbiting satellite in a perfectly circular orbit certainly has a Time Dilation effect due to its orbital speed, but it also has an OPPOSITE Time Stretching effect due to its continual acceleration that is necessary to maintain the circular orbit, and the two effects seem to be EXACTLY the same amplitude but opposite so they cancel each other out!

Santa Claus - Is He Real?. Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus is very close with the Lord, and Santa delivers toys on Jesus' Birthday. Think about it!

Ukraine and Putin, Crimea. Putin has been acting as a bully in simply TAKING Crimea, a part of the Ukraine to become part of Russia. I think there is an obvious and quick way to respond to Putin's illegal actions which might dissuade him from ever considering doing that again. Putin TOOK about 10,000 square miles of land which is Crimea. He clearly WANTS to some day take the rest of Ukraine, about 223,000 square miles for Russia. I think that the European Union leaders should IMMEDIATELY SIGN a document that welcomes Ukraine into the EU. Where Putin now is glorying over taking 10,000 square miles of Crimea, it would be humiliating to him to see that HIS ACTIONS had forced the EU to FOREVER take the 23 times larger Ukraine to permanently become part of the EU. Putin could never get over that permanent loss! (2014)

An Illegal and Dangerous Landfill that No One Cares About. Dead Fish Due to a Nearly Constant Oil Film on the Water. Roughly 4,000 Tons of Decomposing Asphalt Pavement and More.

Red Light Photo Enforced Failures. Shouldn't a driver actually have had a chance to SEE a red light before being Arrested and Fined for having run through one? Human eyes regularly blink, closing off all vision for an interval of 0.10 to 0.40 second, every few seconds. If a driver happens to blink just as a Yellow traffic light is ending, that driver may never even see a Red light if some automated camera detects a Violation of 0.18 second, as had happened to me in 2012. A Judge then dismissed my scientific documents about blinking and the brain and I was Fined $100. In Open Court, that Judge even stated that HE sometimes chooses to run through red lights! Some Judge! He also overtly threatened me regarding my thoughts of Filing an Appeal regarding his decision! I was intimidated by a Judge saying such things so I did not Appeal. They WON and got my money!

Quantitative Easing. For the past five years, the Fed has printed up an additional $85 billion dollars of American money EVERY MONTH which it has given to Wall Street and giant Corporations toward trying to stabilize our American Economy. I believe they have been foolish in that course, where a far better course has been available to them. There are around 75 million families in the U.S. Instead of giving that monthly (new) $85 billion to giant Corporations, which actually have not used it productively, imagine instead that Bernacki chopped up that monthly $85 billion into 75 million equal parts, and he mailed or electronically transferred $1,133 to each and every American family EVERY MONTH FOR THE PAST FIVE YEARS! What would have been the result of this? Many millions of those 75 million families would have SPENT much of that 'monthly windfall' and ALL American businesses would have had financial prosperity!

Scientifically Calculate Asteroids Hitting the Earth. Ever since that small meteorite or asteroid hit a small lake near a town in Russia in 2012, everyone seems to be wildly speculating about whatever possible danger we might be in regarding some city being wiped out by such a collision. It turns out that seismometers soft-landed on the Moon have been monitoring anything that shakes the Moon for several decades, including all significant meteorites. So we have extensive statistical data for anything the size of the Moon or the Earth as a target for meteorites or asteroids. We even know how large or small such objects are, so it is easy to calculate a very accurate number regarding the danger for any specific city of any size. (2013)

A Scientifically Proper Diet. An actual daily diet needs to contain around 190 grams of carbon atoms, about 230 grams of oxygen atoms, about 40 grams of hydrogen atoms and a few grams of calcium, phosphorous and other elements. Whether those foods are eaten as fats or carbohydrates or proteins seems to be less important, since the stomach and intestine digests it all down into very simple molecules for the body to use. (2013)

Studying the Analytical and Logical Ability of Dolphins. The logical ability of dolphins or fish can be determined very well. For example, in a standard aquarium tank, consider replacing the end wall so that a long, clear large tube could join that tank with a second tank just like it. Then a fairly large circulating pump would draw water from one tank and return it back into the other tank. This would cause a consistent downstream water flow through that tube. All the fish would be put in the downstream tank, so that an individual fish would have to swim 'upstream' for five feet to get to the other tank. If a fish eventually decides to do that, it could be watched to see if it ever repeats the journey or whether it did it often. It would also be possible to watch the other fish to see if any of them learn from watching the one traveling fish. In a large Dolphin tank, the same arrangement could be made. (2013)

Summer Shadow for a City. Cities are several degrees hotter than surrounding region, due to all the fossil fuels burned to power industry and massive amounts of electricity. Solar heat absorbed by massive black asphalt roads, parking lots and roofs, too. This is a giant shiny (reflective) artificial cloud which can be moved over a city during sunny, hot afternoons. Massive saving of not needing to run milllions of air conditioners is also wonderful. (May 2015)

The True History of Chicago. During the past several years, an aggressive group of Black people have invented an unbelievable fictitious history for Chicago! They aggressively claim that Chicago was created by a Black man! The FICTION is that a French-Haitian Black man built a house in 1778 near what is Chicago, and that he allegedly lived there for twenty years, allegedly establishing the city of Chicago. The fiction-makers neglect to notice that the United States did not even exist at that time and was in the Revolutionary War with England. Du Sable only lived in that house for a couple months during 1778 until British soldiers chased him out and down toward New Orleans later in 1778. England only ceded the area to the United States after they lost that war, in 1783. The United States only became active in the area after 1790.

My 1975 Automatic Toilet Seat. A simple and handy invention that recognized men or women and the necessary position of the Lid and the Seat for any needed purpose. (1975)

George Washington's Birthday. Nearly everyone believes they KNOW when George Washington's Birthday was. I can virtually guarantee that essentially 100% of them are wrong, even about what YEAR he was born in! His family's calendar and Bible clearly identified February 11, 1731 as George's date of birth, and NOT the February 22, 1732 that everyone was taught in school! (2014)

My Peculiar Automotive Motor. In October 2002, I invented a very peculiar automotive engine, and I build a small prototype out of parts of two standard 3.5 horsepower lawnmower engines (and a few extra parts). When I experimentally tested it in June 2004, it confirmed the Engineering and Physics by producing around 12 hp at its standard lawnmower engine speed of 3600 rpm. But I got too enthusiastic and having removed its Governor, I was able to wind it up to higher revs. At around 6300 rpm, that little engine briefly produced just over 43 horsepower. But lawnmower engine parts are not built to endure such power, and less than a minute later, the engine experienced a catastrophic disintegration! (2004)

Accurate Lunar Position and Phase for exact Local or UTC Time. The accurate distance and direction of the Moon from the Earth as well as the astronomical location on a star atlas and its exact phase. (2004)

Accurate Position of the Planets and Sun for exact Local or UTC Time. The accurate altitude and azimuth and distance of each planet and the Sun as well as their locations on a Star Atlas. (2004)

Is this story Science-Fiction or is it true science?
A partial outline of my book which I composed an outline of in 1989!
UFO Story - DNA - Chapter 1 - Introduction, the Invitation
UFO Story - DNA - Chapter 2 - The Flight to the Luxury Island
UFO Story - DNA - Chapter 3 - Arrival on the Luxury Island
UFO Story - DNA - Chapter 4 - Vacation Welcome by the Richest Scientist on Earth
UFO Story - DNA - Chapter 5 - Beaches, Fun and Dinner
UFO Story - DNA - Chapter 6 - Regarding Our ET DNA Beings.
UFO Story - DNA - Chapter 7 - Regarding the Future of Mankind. Mankind created impressive civilizations over the past 7,000 years, but if we foul up the Earth enough to exterminate ourselves, we might not leave any Legacy. But there IS a logical way that mankind can guarantee a Legacy for our existence!
UFO Story - DNA - Chapter 8 - Regarding the History of Life on Earth. Science has struggled with trying to figure out how many mass exterminations have occurred to life forms on earth, such as whem the dinosaurs disappeared around 65 million years ago. Science also struggles to try to explain how and why dinosaurs first took over the Earth, and later Mammals did, and later still, humans. A very logical explanation might exist.

(Additional Remaining 17 Chapters, altogether about 25 Chapters)

My Flying Machine. My very high-performance 1999 flying machine.

Learning to Multiply. (2012)

Mayan Long Calendar description. (2012)

Napleton Car Dealership Bad Behavior. (2013)

Disappointing behavior by NetZero Customer Service. (2012)

I Tried to Save the Oldsmobile Brand of General Motors. (1992, 2013)

For People Who Want to Be Off-Grid and Independent. (1978, 2006)

Peter Jennings. (2012)

Pocket Door Technology. (2012)

Population on the Planets. During the 1800s, even serious scientists assumed that people lived on every planet and even on the Moon and on the Rings of Saturn, and they calculated how many people live all those places! (2012)

I have proof!. In the modern world, virtually everyone has been told by friends that he or she is "full of s***". I happen to have ABSOLUTE PROOF! (1985 ,2013)

Ramjet Engine. (2012)

Global Economic Recovery. (2012)

If Romney wins the Election, He may be a Dead Man!. (2012)

Practical Approach to Being Self-Sufficient Regarding Electricity - B. (2007)

Skipping Stones. (1963, 2012)

Sneezes and Sneezing. (2012)

Better than the Wave at Football Stadiums. (2012)



Ischemic Strokes and TIA. (2013)

Unique Table. (1972, 2012)

Thoughts to Consider Regarding Religion. (2007)

Time Banking for a Community. (2013)

A Logical, Scientific Examination of Possible UFO Technology. (2009)

My Whining.

William and Kate. The world's largest photograph and millions of schoolchildren. (2012)

Winning play in volleyball and in other sports and games. (2013)

My letter to my ex-wife Louise. (2013)

Israeli-Palestinian Situation. A Possible Solution. (2009)

An Illinois Lawyer Can Make an Easy $200,000 or more!.

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