Kavanaugh lied to Senator Whitehouse during the Senate Hearing, a Felony

During Sept 27, 2018, Thursday's questioning of Judge Kavanaugh, there was at least one extremely obvious example of Perjury. The Senate Committee Democrats need to pursue this.

Kavanaugh consistently acted as if he was "in control". He even outright challenged several of the Democratic Senators and "mouthed off to several of them". Kavanaugh clearly realized that no one was going to find evidence from 37 years ago regarding the sex crimes that he was being accused of, and he clearly started believing that he was in total control of the Hearing. He often interrupted the Democratic Senators (but never interrupted any Republican Senator) which certainly made observers wonder how fair a Supreme Court Justice he might become. But he pretty much knew that not much could challenge his repetitive denials, to ever deter his dreams of becoming such a Supreme Court Justice, and that arrogance showed. He was totally deceptive or evasive in avoiding answering almost all Democratic questions, unless he could either say "no" or praise what a remarkable person he thinks he is, or where he changed the subject, such as when he challenged Senator Klobuchar on whether SHE had ever passed out drunk. Such behaviors were shocking, but not necessarily in violation of any Senate Rules.

But his arrogance caused him to get sloppy, and he outright committed Perjury, at least once during his sworn testimony (and possibly others as well).

One of the Democratic Senators , Senator Whitehouse, asked Kavanaugh a question about a comment on Kavanaugh's Yearbook page. The odd reference is also on Mark Judge's Yearbook page. The two boy's comment to each other was about whether they had "boofed" yet. Clearly, both Kavanaugh and Judge KNEW what that meant. You can check Google, as I did, to learn the true definition. It is a method to get drunk by sticking a bottle of alcohol (or drugs) up into the rectum.

During the questioning, Kavanaugh paused, and he had to realize that if he would respond with the correct definition of "boofing" it would seem that Kavanaugh knew far too much about drinking and alcohol.

And so Kavanaugh INTENTIONALLY LIED to Senator Whitehouse, saying that it referred to "flatulence". That was an outright and INTENTIONAL LIE, while under oath, and with the punishment of a Felony for not telling the truth. That is the exact definition of Perjury.

It was not an "accidental comment" and it was clearly totally intentional, meant to mislead the Senator during that Hearing on Thursday.

Kavanaugh then even compounded his Perjury. Where he might have let the subject lie, to possibly later claim some sort of misstatement, he even decided to show his control by challenging Senator Whitehouse by saying that they "could spend the time talking about teen aged flatulence". No, the word that Senator Whitehouse had asked about had absolutely nothing to do with "flatulence" and Kavanaugh knew that. Kavanaugh was again just trying to show that he was in control of the conversation. But in that Sworn Testimony, that was a Felony Perjury. And, as a Federal Judge, Kavanaugh KNEW that!

Just that single event, of Perjury, MUST disqualify Kavanaugh from any appointment to the Supreme Court, or ANY Court. Indeed, the Felony nature of that Perjury should send him to prison.

I hope you see why the Democratic Senators need to learn this information.

On a second matter, some experts have looked at Kavanaugh's "calendars" and they think that Kavanaugh may have "created" those calendars entirely (fake) to be used in his Testimony. Otherwise, Kavanaugh implied that he has created 500 subsequent monthly "calendars" in his following life. But it seems that he may only have "calendars" from the few possible months in 1982 when he might be accused of the sex crime with Dr. Ford. It just seems "amazingly convenient" if he only had four months of "calendars" from 37 years ago, which might provide wonderful "documentation" of where he claimed to be. I am one of many people who know that the FBI has access to Technology which can identify the "papers" and the "inks" of those calendars. IF they are compatible with papers and inks of 1982 era, fine. But if either the papers or the inks are from a more modern era, then that might suggest that they are fake, and again, in that Hearing, that might be Perjury and a Felony crime.

It certainly appears likely that no one is going to come up with any "smoking gun" to put Kavanaugh at a house (which he immediately denied being at, before there was any clue of WHERE that house actually is.) This is especially true since Senator Grassley has controlled any possible evidence against Kavanaugh, and Senator McConnell has repeatedly said how he will "plow through" to get Kavanaugh seated on the Supreme Court, even prior to allowing Dr. Ford to give her compelling testimony. Those "old white men" WILL certainly force through the Kavanaugh nomination, just as they did with Clarence Thomas 27 years ago when Anita Hill gave sworn testimony that Thomas had repeatedly sexually harassed her. He is now still on the SC, and the other Justices on the SC are often troubled that they already have ONE Justice who is tainted by being apparently guilty of sex misbehavior. They KNOW that the reputation of the Supreme Court has been forever damaged by having Justice Thomas on their Court. I have to wonder if the other eight Justices look forward to having ANOTHER Justice who brings more sexual taints to their Court. The American public already has limited trust in any of the Courts, including the Supreme Court. If they force through getting Kavanaugh seated on the Supreme Court, it may become a FOREVER TAINTED Court (of limited value).