Brett Kavanaugh's Drunken Sexual Assault on Christine Blasey-Ford

Kavanaugh's calendars identified the location and the date of the crime

Timmy Gaudette's house at 507 Azalea in Rockville, Maryland Brett Kavanaugh's own calendar gave us the evidence so we learned that his drunken sexual assault crime on Christine Blasey-Ford had been committed during the Thursday afternoon of July 1, 1982 and it occurred in Kavanaugh's good friend Timmy Gaudette's home, at 507 Azalea Drive in Rockville, Maryland. (The Gaudette home was the brick residence on the left of this photo).

When Brett Kavanaugh laid on top of Christine Blasey-Ford and rubbed his genitals against her summer dress and swim suit in frottage, he did not realize that every man sends out 250,000,000 sperm each time. Each of those sperm contains Kavanaugh's own unique DNA. Even 37 years later, now, there are likely to still be 5,000,000 of Kavanaugh's unique DNA on that summer dress and swim suit, even after dozens of launderings. Kavanaugh left millions of his DNA on the underwear of dozens of other girls and women back then. Each of those women who now takes her underwear and clothing to a Police Forensic DNA Laboratory, they only need to find TEN of Kavanaugh's 250,000,000 DNA in order to provide PROOF that he had LIED UNDER OATH to the Senate Committee in order to get his current Supreme Court Seat. How else could Kavanaugh's DNA now show up in the underwear of any girl? It seems only a matter of time until it is shown that he LIED UNDER OATH, which is a Felony, which will then REQUIRE that Kavanaugh is Impeached and removed from the Supreme Court.

The party was actually downstairs in the living room of the Kavanaugh-friend Timmy Gaudette's home, but when Christine Blasey-Ford needed to go up the very narrow stairway to use the single upstairs bathroom, the very drunken Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge had absolutely no reason to follow her up the stairs. At the top the two very drunken boys pushed Christine into the bedroom (and locked her in) instead of the bathroom, in the Gaudette home that both boys were very familiar with. Gaudette's father lived far away in Vienna, Virginia and his mother worked every weekday, so there was no problem with any adults being around. Even better, Timmy had a 22-year old brother Sean who could buy the 17-year-old boys the beer, so they had often gone to that home to (illegally) drink where no adults were ever around.

These parties were actually intended to be very regular (17 year old) boys-only drinking parties, so it is natural that none of the boys would remember any specific one of those (many) parties and it was rare that any girls ever came. However, the 15-year old Christine Blasey had heard that a boy (called Squi) that she was interested in would be at that party so she asked her (13 year old) best friend Leland Keyser to go to the party with her. The girls did not expect to drink any beer and Christine was only there in the hopes of being able to talk to Squi and to be around him.

The two very young girls did not realize that they were going to a drinking party where a bunch of 17-year old boys were there to get drunk. The drinking boys probably DID hand a cup of beer to each of the two girls, but neither was there for drinking and neither of the VERY young girls probably took more than a sip of the beer. It is easy to imagine that the very young Leland might not even remember a ":party" was not much of an actual party to her, 36 years later! The much older boys were just there to drink and get drunk, as they probably did every week, and they quite possibly totally ignored that the girls were even there. Since Christine had wanted to come to this "party" just to be able to talk to Squi, and he was not even there, there was likely NOTHING the girls had in common with the already very drunken boys, and so the two girls likely only talked to each other. That likely resulted in a rather short visit to that "party".

If it had been the 13-year old Leland Keyser who first needed to go upstairs to use the bathroom, it was possible that the very drunken Brett Kavanaugh might instead have sexually assaulted and possibly raped the 13-year old Leland Keyser instead.

In the very wealthy area around Bethesda, Maryland, according to Dr. Ford's comprehensive Senate Testimony of September 27, 2018, the assault occurred in a modest, two-story, one-upstairs-bathroom home which had an unusually narrow (three-foot wide) stairway, which was Brett Kavanaugh good friend Timmy's home. We know these things (and far more) due to the thoroughness of detail of Dr. Ford's Sworn Senate Testimony and of Brett Kavanaugh's calendar of July 1, 1982.

Brett Kavanaugh's calendar entry for July 1, 1982

If Brett Kavanaugh had not tried to play silly games with his "calendars", we would otherwise never have heard the name "Timmy", to then check school records to learn Timmy's surname, and therefore also learn his street address. That Gaudette home was where Kavanaugh and his 17-year-old boy friends often went as a drinking clubhouse since they were all not old enough to legally buy beer or even drink at all. Timmy's older brother Sean (22) may have solved several problems for the boys. The boys likely had unlimited supply of beer in the fridge and no adults. Kavanaugh and Judge clearly were very familiar with their friend Timmy's house. When Christine needed to go up the narrow stairway to use the bathroom upstairs, they knew the house layout and followed her up the stairs. The two drunken boys had absolutely no reason for following Christine up the stairs. She never even got to use the bathroom as they immediately pushed her into the bedroom and locked the door to keep her in the bedroom with the two of them.

The party on Thursday July 1, 1982 was one of those 17-year-old-boys drinking parties where the "stumbling drunk" Brett Kavanaugh had clearly intended to rape the 15-year-old Christine, but where he was too "stumbling drunk" to accomplish that goal. If it had been the 13-year-old Leland Keyser who first needed to go up the stairs to use the bathroom, it might have been that Brett and Mark might have just as likely intended to try to rape the 13-year-old Leland Keyser. We confirmed some of these facts from Brett Kavanaugh's friend, Tom Kane, who also mentioned that Gaudette lived about 11 miles away from Kavanaugh.

In his calendar entry for July 1, Kavanaugh listed several of his friends who planned go to "Timmy's" to drink (brew)skis. Several of those names on Kavanaugh's calendar were the same boys (Brett Kavanaugh, Mark Judge, Tom Kane, Patrick [PJ] Smyth ,Bernie and Chris [Squi] Garrett) who Dr. Ford had Testified had been at the party where she said she had been sexually assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh. One boy specifically had clearly not come to that party, Squi, whom Christine had dated for a few months about then. It is possible that Christine had hoped to come to that party in order to have a chance to be around Squi. Think about it. Why else would two very young girls want to travel around 12 miles to be around a bunch of drunken older boys?

As a Research Physicist, I am often aware of "statistical odds" where it seems statistically impossible that Christine could have mentioned (under oath) five of the six names of people she remembered to have been (downstairs) at that party, when a day later, Kavanaugh produced a hand-written calendar which seemed to defy odds by mentioning essentially all the same boys. In her Sworn Senate Testimony, she seems to have impressively mentioned virtually all of the boys who Kavanaugh had hand written were expected to be at that party, with a single exception, Timmy Gaudette (now age 53), the boy who LIVED in their "drinking clubhouse". (Timmy's father [Francis, now age 83] lived in Vienna, Virginia, many miles away and his mother was a single-parent who worked on weekdays [on that Thursday] to pay the bills). This seems to mean that the one boy she could not remember at the party must have been "Timmy Gaudette", Brett Kavanaugh's good friend, who lived in the home of that party. This then explains several things. It provides proof that Brett Kavanaugh's sexual assault on Christine Blasey-Ford had occurred on July 1, 1982 and that it had occurred in Timmy Gaudette's home (who was a good friend of Kavanaugh.) It even clears up the name of the one boy that Dr. Ford could not remember. It also explains a detail that no one seemed to have asked about. Did these teen-age kids just "take an empty house" to have a party and drink beer in? We realize that there were no adults in the house, but did the Senate think that no one from that family was present at that party? No. Clearly, Timmy Gaudette was at the party in his own home.

Timmy Gaudette's home at 507 Azalea in Rockville, Maryland The private high school that Brett Kavanaugh attended had fairly small enrolment. One of his classmates was Timmy Gaudette. Timmy was the boy who hosted the beer party. The boys were all about 17 and too young to buy (or drink) beer in Maryland. We found that Timmy had an older brother Sean, who was five years older than these boys, around 22. This might explain another detail, as to possibly who bought the beer and brought it to the party. It seems realistic that the young boys would collect the money and give it to Sean, and he would keep the refrigerator filled with beer. Timmy seems to be a centrally important person, which the Senate Investigation never even mentioned. Why didn't they Subpoena Timmy Gaudette (now Tim, age 53, who now resides at a street address in Denver Colorado). It seems that he would have had many important answers for the Committee. (Sean now lives in Florida. It appears that Sean got into later trouble with the Law regarding alcohol. We wonder how many of the Hundred Kegs [of beer] or Bust that Sean might have bought for Kavanaugh.)

We ask that Christine Ford and Leland Keyser are now invited to look at this photo and then possibly visit that home. Leland may immediately remember the downstairs living room (where she had partied). Everyone would see the "upstairs bathroom" and the "upstairs bedroom" (where the crime was committed). The "narrow three-foot-wide stairway" in the actual house adds to the quality of Dr. Ford's Testimony. Both Dr. Ford and Leland may "suddenly remember" many other details. Leland Keyser was then only 13 years old, so someone else may have driven the two girls the roughly 12 miles to the party. Riding in a car with her best friend, and likely gabbing, Dr. Ford and Leland may not have paid any attention to where they were going or how they got there. Leland and or Dr. Ford may remember the riding trips now they once again arrive at the residence. If one of their mothers gave them a ride, another possible witness may exist.

Kavanaugh certainly knew "Timmy Gaudette", and so his constant railing on Dr. Ford for "not knowing the location or the date of the alleged crime" were actually provided and explained by Kavanaugh in his calendars. That seems hilarious.

More, Kavanaugh made a big point that "since Ford could not identify the location or the date of the 'alleged crime', then no police could ever confirm that a crime had been committed". However, this was a deception, since Kavanaugh knew from the beginning that they went to the home of one of his good friends, Timmy Gaudette's (and on July 1, 1982). This also might explain why "Timmy's" would be a popular place for the under-aged boys to party, since Timmy's brother Sean was old enough to legally buy beer and the home had no adults around.

Maryland is a State where there is no Statute of Limitations on sex crimes, so maybe Maryland might ARREST Kavanaugh now (all entirely due to HIS "calendars")

But the "Timmy" comment on Kavanaugh's "calendars" also made me wonder about an "alternate possibility". Just in case that Timmy had chosen to move the party to a different house, we checked with some Real Estate and other Official records. There appear to be less than ten thousand houses in Bethesda, Maryland. Many are huge houses, five and six bedrooms. If Dr. Ford and Leland do not remember the home shown above of Timmy Gaudette, we hope that Dr. Ford might remember that the crime had not occurred in a "mansion". Her Sworn Testimony seems to have described an "economy" "one-bath" "two-story" home (as she had to go upstairs to use the bathroom) "with a narrow stairway" that might help identify the specific house. Of course, if Timmy Gaudette was Subpoenaed to give Testimony, we might learn if he had changed the party to someone else's house, and he could simplify that search. But it seems possible that the Bethesda City Building Inspector might remember a fairly small two-story house which had a "narrow stairway" and one upstairs bathroom. Their Bethesda Fire Inspector might also be able to identify this house. A good local Real Estate Agent might be aware of this relatively small house, in such a wealthy neighborhood.

Another alternate plan might be for Bethesda newspapers to "ask homeowners" if they had a "two story house with one upstairs bathroom and that specific narrow stairway and the bathroom and bedroom as Dr. Ford described. Even without Timmy Gaudette, in a day, we might know the exact house where the crime had been committed, all just from Dr. Ford's Testimony details of "two-story" and "narrow stairway" and the positions of the upstairs bathroom and bedroom and even the likely fact that the home did not have a bathroom on the main floor, a "one-bath" house.

People are already noticing that Kavanaugh seemed to have lied many times, under oath, during his Sworn Testimony. According to Senate Rules those are each Felonies, and which might inspire more people to want to arrest him. We are already pursuing that regarding his lying to Senator Whitehouse in regarding his very creative re-definition of the slang term "boofing", which is a Felony on its own. Kavanaugh's LIE to Senator Whitehouse during the Hearing regarding the slang terms Boofing and Devil's Triangle. For the record, flatulence is a NATURAL process that all healthy people experience about twenty times every day, while boofing is a very UNNATURAL process about inserting a bottle of alcohol up the rectum to get drunk. Kavanaugh also seemed to have lied to the Senate in his sworn Testimony where he claimed that Timmy had once lived in Chevy Chase. That was a lie meant to mislead the Senators from ever finding the correct residence (where the crime had occurred), which was in Rockville, and Kavanaugh knew that.

Well, America is now very familiar with the clear fact that Brett Kavanaugh outright lied many times in his Sworn Testimony to the Senate Hearing. Does the Supreme Court now believe that America will trust them to govern over us when one of their Justices, Kavanaugh, showed such contempt for what America is supposed to stand for? Many millions of us were appalled when we watched on live TV where Brett Kavanaugh clearly repeatedly lied to us and the Hearing. A Federal Judge is supposed to have very high standards, but Kavanaugh demonstrated, for hours, that he seems to have no standards whatsoever.

Investigators seem to have not realized that the third (and fourth) woman who, under oath, accused Kavanaugh (Julie Swetnick) seems to have exactly described a "Devil's Triangle" situation (which Kavanaugh clearly bragged about in his Yearbook page) where Kavanaugh participated in getting young girls drunk or sedated on Quaaludes in the punch bowl so that they would then be gang-raped.

No one seemed to care about Julie Swetnick's comment about seeing boys lined up waiting to take their turns at gang-raping whoever today's victim was, and saying under oath that she saw Kavanaugh and Judge in line waiting their turns. Shouldn't "investigators" be able to see these several issues brought up here? Or is it that Swetnick did not have a video-camera to document what she saw? She has offered to give the FBI many other names of girls who were gang-raped by that group, but the FBI decided that she was not worth interviewing. Did the FBI really even consider Dr. Ford to actually be worth interviewing? Hard to say. For many years, Julie Swetnick held important and respected positions in the Federal government, for which she had to endure FBI background checks of her own, so she seems like she was a pretty credible witness. But not in this government.

DNA evidence of a rape in a baby

On a different theme, do very young girls use birth control? If they are gang-raped, and get pregnant as a result, might there now be some approximately 37-year-old children around who would have DNA from Kavanaugh and his Devil's Triangle friends? This is not directly related to Dr. Ford, but there might be some irrefutable DNA evidence that might be important? All those boys who ejaculated semen into that day's gang-rape victim did not realize a scientific fact. There IS a fact which should terrify every sex crime pervert. When a man ejaculates semen, he sends out around 250,000,000 sperm. Only ONE sperm is involved in creating a baby, and only one sperm is actually necessary for Police to obtain his unique personal DNA to identify him as the pervert who had raped or molested. Can anyone beat those odds?

Hospital records may show some teen girls giving birth, and some Adoption Agencies placing such babies if they were not raised by the girl or her family. Such a person who today has DNA from Kavanaugh (or Judge) would be indisputable proof regarding the Devil's Triangle and Beach Weekend and other debauchery that Kavanaugh bragged about in his Yearbook and that apparently hundreds of others had been involved in (remembering that Kavanaugh provided 16,500 servings of beer in his 100 Kegs), all of which Kavanaugh now denies, even in the face of dozens of classmates who were willing to Testify to debauchery and heavy drinking of Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh definitely was proud of ORGANIZING events including One Hundred Kegs or Bust and several Beach Weekends (where he was involved in renting the apartments) and in Devil's Triangles, all of which he bragged about in his High School Yearbook page (while he was still just 17 years old and not legal to even drink a beer). Those various activities definitely included as many young girls as he could arrange. Even though DNA evidence was not yet known then, it seems possible that quite a number of young girls could have gotten pregnant in those projects of Kavanaugh (we now believe possibly as many as 50), and so, if people could find them today, quite a few people who would now be about 37 years old may be children of those many rapes.

The chance of some young girl(s) getting pregnant from those assorted rapes seems worthy of some Research, regarding possible indisputable DNA evidence. ALL of those other boys who participated in Kavanaugh's many Devil's Triangle gang-rapes and also his many Beach Weekends should now worry that Maryland does not have any Statute of Limitations regarding sex crimes. It may not be hard to find many 37-year-old people today who were the result of such many rapes. Maybe someone could now offer "free Ancestry DNA analysis of everyone in the region who is now 34 to 38 years old", to collect possible evidence of just who fathered the rape babies. Initially, this may not directly affect Kavanaugh (due to the mutual secrecy that those schoolboys strictly observe) but when even one of them gets put in prison for fathering a rape baby today, many such teen-aged rapers might want to discuss Testimony regarding Kavanaugh's rape involvement to reduce their own sentences.

I am aware of three related incidents of that era. One High School Pompon girl was 13 when the entire high school wrestling team raped her, around 1975 near LaPorte, Indiana. She became pregnant with Andy. Before DNA, the School could not identify which wrestler was the biological father so she was given her choice of which one she would marry (which was a VERY bad idea). She was 'sent away' to have the baby. The next incident was at roughly the same time but it is even darker. A 'respected home builder' in Laporte 'entertained two of his friends' nearly every evening with his 7-year-old daughter. The three men "used her" (her phrase) for about four years before she became pregnant when she was eleven. When Alexander was born, he had many medical problems and so he forever after had to live in an institution that took care of him. No one ever knew whether it was her father or which of the other two men who was actually Alexander's father. (I learned about this matter when she was 29 and we were living together when she told me she had to leave for a few hours to go to her son's 17th birthday. The Statute of Limitations in Indiana had expired.)

The third incident was of a High School drinking party (kegger) that somebody took me to. After one of the Sophomore girls there had gotten really drunk, the boys put her up on the dining room table and they announced that EVERYONE would get their turn with her. I immediately left so I don't know how that turned out. The point of this is that it might not be as rare for High School drinking parties as the parents probably think. I could imagine all the boys 'standing in line waiting their turn' as Julie Swetnick described, where she said that she saw both Judge and Kavanaugh standing in line waiting.

As of Wednesday, October 3, I had described all this to both of Dr. Ford's Lawyers and also to the "FBI Tip Line", so maybe somebody will read about the idea. On Thursday, October 4, I sent this information to Senators Flake, Durbin, and Whitehouse, along with a dozen major news services (including CBS, NBC, PBS and BBC). We only learned Timmy Gaudette's last name and the street address and the photo of the home shown above, on November 5, that is, the actual address of the residence where the crime occurred. When THAT gets into the News, it may be interesting to watch the Republican Senators. Since the Republican Senators will still decide to "vote tribally" on Saturday, and then the many Perjuries of Kavanaugh and even the crime(s) come out, it may be creative for Republicans to be explaining how Dr. Ford's Testimony could have fully described the interior of the two-story, one-bath home of Timmy Gaudette, with the narrow stairway and locks on the bedroom and bathroom doors, without having (allegedly) ever been in that residence.

Should be interesting.

I am a scientist, a theoretical physicist, and not a Democrat or Republican. There is a lot of strictly scientific evidence that establishes that Brett Kavanaugh DID sexually assault Dr. Christine Blasey Ford: To give you an impression of how carefully a good scientist examines evidence, we see that the sunshine in the photo above indicates that the camera was pointed slightly north of east for this photo. The shadow in the photo indicates that this photo was taken during mid-morning. Various other details, including the top edges of some shadows, indicate that this photo was probably taken during early Summer. Do you see why, even though Dr. Ford does not remember the date or the location of the Kavanaugh assault, we scientists can find a LOT of scientifically valid evidence, even things that Dr. Ford could not remember? The assault happened on a Thursday, which suggests it happened in the afternoon. But probably not as late as the evening, or Timmy's mother might come home after work.

Kavanaugh's own calendars enabled the identification of who Timmy was from Kavanaugh's July 1 entry. This both enabled knowing the exact date of the assault and the street address of the house, in Rockville, Maryland, where the assault occurred.

While under oath in the Senate Hearing, Dr. Ford gave am amazingly detailed description of the interior of one home, out of around 70,000,000 homes in America. Once we identified and located that house due to Kavanaugh's calendars, Ford's Sworn Testimony was remarkably correct and accurate in all those details. In science, the statistical chance of getting such an amazingly accurate internal description of a house would be infinitesimal, without having been inside that specific house.

That home was occupied by Timmy Gaudette, a close friend of Brett Kavanaugh. The evidence exists that since Timmy's older brother was old enough (22), he probably bought the beer for Kavanaugh and his 17 year old boy friends for their beer parties. Timmy's clearly would have been a popular place for the teen boys to hang out and party, meaning that Kavanaugh had previously often been in that house. Timmy's father (Francis, now age 83) lived in Virginia, and so Timmy's mother was the only adult in the house, and she was clearly working much of the time so the brothers and their friends were generally growing up on their own.

Therefore, when Dr. Ford had to walk up the narrow stairs to (try to) use the (only) upstairs bathroom, the "stumbling drunk" Kavanaugh and Judge left the party downstairs and followed her up the stairs and pushed her across the stairway landing into the bedroom, to then lock the door with Dr. Ford trapped inside with the two boys. The two very drunk boys had absolutely NO reason for following Christine up the stairs to the bathroom. Their ONLY reason for having left the party downstairs (where the beer was) was exclusively to sexually abuse Christine up in the locked bedroom where they had her trapped.

The fact that both boys were "stumbling drunk", was probably the only reason why she was eventually able to get away without being raped by Brett Kavanaugh. He clearly INTENDED to rape her, but was just too drunk to accomplish it. She was able to unlock the bedroom door (where most American bedrooms do NOT have such a lock). She ran across the landing into the bathroom and locked herself in there.

She waited in the bathroom until she heard the boys trying to walk down the stairs, while she heard them 'bouncing off the walls' due to their drunkenness.

Once she was sure they were downstairs, she unlocked the bathroom door and ran down the stairs, past the partygoers down in the living room and out the entry door and outside. She even then checked that the two boys had not followed her outside. Again, the fact that both of the boys were "stumbling drunk" may have again kept her from being raped out there.

Ford does not remember what happened after that. I suspect that once Leland Keyser now visits that house, she will now remember seeing her good friend having run out of the party and gone outdoors after her, and found her and Leland then somehow arranged to get them both the 12 miles home. Leland apparently knew nothing of what happened upstairs in the bedroom.

This appears to be an amazingly detailed history of that day. Just for her to remember all but one of the boys names is amazing.

The boys were then left (alone) in their "clubhouse". This also might explain why the very drunken teen-aged Kavanaugh had decided to assault Dr. Ford that day. He had mis-interpreted WHY two very young girls would have "invaded" their drinking clubhouse. He thought the girls had come to pleasure the boys, with optimistic drunken thinking. He had not realized that 15-year-old girls simply want to be around 17 year old boys. In this instance, Dr. Ford was actually interested in one of the other boys who was expected to be at that party (Squi), and so the girls drove quite a distance just to be able to be around the older boys (who were also local football and basketball stars).

This whole story seems to be scientifically credible and factually accurate, even to including several tiny details. Kavanaugh should consider himself to be really lucky that he was too drunk to proceed with taking Ford's clothes off and then raping the 15-year-old girl. Even then that would have been seen as pedophilia. His Yearbook reference to Devil's Triangles, where we later learned that Julie Swetnick and apparently many other young girls were gotten drunk and sedated by Kavanaugh and his friends so they could be gang-raped. That suggests that Kavanaugh and his friends enjoyed both getting massively drunk and also in gang-raping young girls. His Yearbook entry of asking Mark Judge about boofing (that was, sticking a bottle of alcohol up his rectum as a way to get drunk), also seems to fit in a teen life style of drinking and debauchery, but the Republican Senators made sure that most such evidence could never be divulged. The Republican Senators were even very careful to not let any of dozens of Yale classmates to ever describe Kavanaugh's regular alcoholic issues.

Shouldn't we be really ashamed at the behavior of the Republicans in all of this?

They went to such massive effort to make sure that none of the dozens of potential witnesses to Kavanaugh's very heavy drinking and debauchery with young girls would be heard. Yet they found a man who admitted to possible brain damage who dated Julie Swetnick fifteen years later FOR TWO WEEKS, and the Republicans PUBLISHED her (private) comment to that boyfriend of liking multiple sex, and the Republicans of the Senate Committee DISTRIBUTED that comment to a hundred news media Reporters. Isn't that disgusting behavior of the Republicans, which they did entirely to try to discredit any Testimony by Swetnick regarding her having witnessed Kavanaugh's participation in the gang-rape Devil's Triangles (which he was so proud of in high school that he included Devil's Triangle in his Yearbook page) . How DARE the Republicans do that to destroy the life and reputation of a woman, while simultaneously actively HIDING dozens and dozens of other people who wanted to Testify to really bad behaviors of Kavanaugh.

The behavior of the Republican leaders is actually worse than just being disgusting.

Think about a woman (in government) who makes a PRIVATE comment to a (brief, two-week) boy friend (where she thinks this is America and that her personal privacy means something), and then 25 years later, the Republican Party sees a potential political advantage so they simply decides to publish and aggressively distribute her comments across America. She was long a good government employee who only stepped forward toward a sense of civic duty to share her experiences regarding Kavanaugh.

She made that comment before many people had video cameras, so all the Republicans had to work with was a 25-year old second-hand comment from a man she barely had ever known but who was otherwise somewhat of a failure.

I want EVERYONE IN AMERICA to realize the implications of this.

NOW, virtually EVERY time that YOU EVER say or do anything which you hope will remain private, it won't be difficult at all that, some day, there will be thousands of (Republican?) politicians or business competitors who have shown that they won't hesitate a heartbeat before they spread your "darkest secret" to the world, the moment they see any possible personal advantage or profit from doing it. The Republicans today have just demonstrated this by not hesitating a moment before destroying the life and career of Julie Swetnick. And they didn't even have smart phones then that had video cameras in them. TODAY, if you ever have sex with, or even get naked with, any person other than your lifelong spouse, someone in the room is likely to be photographing or videotaping it, because they know that there are many people who will pay them money for it. So, if you should achieve a good job 25 years from now, or aspire to be Dogcatcher some day, the darkest events of your life will be shown to the world. So YOU are going to have to develop a dark aspect of YOUR personality, as YOU are going to have to learn to do the same, just to try to get that Promotion or government job, as your opponents will also have a life history available to you as well.

The Republicans have shown us how to rule a government by those rules, and now that all phones have video cameras in them, you future entire life WILL become very different. This happens to be another matter that the Russians partially taught us. Most of the large buildings (including hotels) which have been built since about 1970 in Moscow and St. Petersburg were built with hidden microphones and cameras in many of the rooms. Putin and his Russian government have found this to be extremely handy, as they now have an enormous archive of video and audio recordings of many of the travelers to Russia. The "pee-tape" of Trump's room in 2013 where prostitutes urinated on each other is an example, where Trump knows not to irritate Putin in any way, with the threat of release of (many?) of such tapes, when, for example, Trump does not repay the billions in Russian loans that he received to keep his activities afloat. YOU are likely to find yourself in a similar boat, except in America, people seem to want to DISCLOSE whatever dirt they find (often for political or business purposes) rather than to blackmail thousands of people the way the Russian government does to world leaders. There IS a reason that Russian call girls are so well known, and virtually all of the important (men) in the world have visited Moscow and stayed in their very impressive hotels. America seems to be moving in that direction, but camera-phones seems to have reduced the need for the prostitutes, as "dirt" seems to be available everywhere. Even thousands of Catholic Priests seem to behave badly. America really has some serious things to be concerned about, and Kavanaugh and Thomas on the Supreme Court are only a portion of what is to come.

This has already begun.

In a remarkable phone conversation with the Mayor of this small Village near Chicago, on May 7, 2003, I learned some scary things. We had already talked about the bureaucratic matter of the phone call, and the Mayor took the conversation in an unexpected direction. He was angry at a (Black) family that had moved into the Village, on his block just three houses away from his own. He made what I thought was an odd comment, saying that his employees could not find evidence inside their house to get them evicted. In the following minutes, I learned that the Mayor had sent Village employees to enter their house around twenty times already. I made the mistake of interrupting the Mayor with my comment "You mean you got a Judge's Search Warrant and the Police had made the searches?" The Mayor then interrupted me with these exact words "We don't need no stinking Warrant. We are free to enter any building in this Village, as long as we do not break any windows or damage any doors." The Mayor then added "Any Village Police Officer can make such a search as well as any Employee of the Village. The Police have lots of tools for us to get into any building or car without damaging any door or window." In my ignorance, I asked "Not only a Police Officer but ANY Employee of the Village?" I could tell he was smiling when he answered that in the affirmative. Neither the Mayor nor I (a Christian Minister) was aware during that phone conversation that the Mayor's own (part-time) Secretary had known that I was out of town and she entered my house at least twice in the previous year (2002) and spent several hours rummaging around through my possessions and papers. I did not initially know it was her, but after the Mayor said that any employee could do such searches, using the Police Department tools, I started methodically collecting fingerprints during visits to the Village Hall. I happen to hate the taste of diet pop, and both times I had found an empty can of diet soda near my kitchen sink. With a fingerprint kit, about a year later I found that, both of those times, the invader had been the Mayor's own part-time secretary, Karen. The Village then didn't know that I was a respected Christian Minister in a town 65 miles away, but I never could guess what she had been looking for in a Minister's house! By the way, the Constitution supposedly does not allow any government to do that, but I tried at least 40 times (County, State and Federal) to try to find any government Agency that claimed to have any authority over this small "self-rule" government. All told me that they did not have such authority and they each instructed me that I needed to contact the Village Police Department to File such a Complaint! Yeah, right! Oh, it is a very small Republican Village government.

Apparently, the rules that Republicans see as applying to themselves are entirely different from the rules they see that apply to their opponents. Even when they ACTIVELY destroy a woman's life in the process. Separate from whatever Kavanaugh did as a teenager and in his bizarre Sworn Senate Testimony, the behavior of the Republicans has been disgusting beyond belief. Moreover, there is now NOTHING that Ms. Swetnick could ever do to try to recover her life and reputation. All due to a PRIVATE comment to a (brief) boy friend twenty five years ago? I guess we got a chance to see exactly what Republicans think of how to run a government. I was ashamed for America that the world had to see such aberrant behaviors of the people we elected as our LEADERS. As Senator McConnell had earlier announced, the Republicans WOULD "plow through" to make Kavanaugh a Supreme Court Justice. Mere truth or facts would not get in his way, and even though even many Republicans are ashamed at the show that they put on for the world, they got their way, and for the next forty years or so, the USA will have TWO sexual perverts on the Supreme Court (Thomas and Kavanaugh). The Republicans seem to have perfected how to "plow through" to get sexual predators onto the Supreme Court, so imagine what the future might hold?

As a scientist, a Physicist, I realize that many teenagers do foolish things. What seems far more important here is that Kavanaugh NOW LIED, apparently dozens of times, during his Sworn Testimony before the Senate. According to Senate Rules, even one such lie constitutes Perjury, and Perjury before a Senate Hearing is supposed to be a Felony. It was pretty shocking that a (respected?) Federal Judge would feel free to commit Perjury so many times, in front of the American people, where the Republican Senators seemed to see nothing wrong with all those lies. And, apparently, it worked, as 50 Republican Senators came up with their own excuses for the many lies that Kavanaugh told and for his (un Judicial) screaming at the Democratic Senators and his constant talking-over the Democratic Senators, which was certainly amazingly disrespectful and actually much more. Watching the Kavanaugh hearing was amazing, where Kavanaugh truly acted as though he was in charge, especially when Democratic Senators were involved. So, the fact that Kavanaugh was too drunk to complete his teen-aged effort to rape Dr. Ford might now allow us to overlook a broad range of teen aged crimes, it seems amazing that Republican Senators are so passionate to get Roe vs. Wade overturned to now overlook so many, many instances where Kavanaugh clearly should have disqualified himself by his many Perjuries.

As to the teen behaviors, I had concerns that Kavanaugh was clearly PROUD to be the Treasurer of 100 Kegs or Bust, (which he proudly announced in his Yearbook page) while he was still 17 and an illegal drinker of even one beer. I sort of wonder how many of those Kegs had been bought by Sean Gaudette. I certainly PREFER to be in science, where logic and truth are considered to be strictly rigid, rather than in social or political circles, where raw personal power reigns over everything else. Even as an observer, as in the Kavanaugh Hearing, I saw far more that made me ashamed for America.

But we now all see that the Republicans' aberrant thinking and actions works, since we see that Kavanaugh is now a Supreme Court Justice. And that being the case, there will be and can be NO consequences of all the lies (Perjury) he told in his Sworn testimony, or of all of his amazingly un judicial behaviors that day before the Senate. He's there for maybe 40 years, where NO ONE will ever be able to control him in any way. This thing (and Trump) has made me want to revoke my American Citizenship and to permanently move to New Zealand.

I realize that the "timing" of this information will seem rather unfortunate, or even "political" but it isn't. It just took a few days to fully analyze Dr. Ford's Testimony of just eight days ago (such as needing to go upstairs to use the bathroom, which implies that there was no bathroom on the first floor, and that therefore it was a "one-bath" home.) That (scientific) analysis was not possible until after Dr. Ford had given her Sworn Testimony a few days earlier. It also took a few days to compare Dr. Ford's Testimony of who she saw at that party and that Kavanaugh's calendar showed essentially the same boys had gone to "Timmy's" for (brew)skis on July 1. We then had to check school records to learn that Timmy's surname was Gaudette. Further records informed us that Timmy and Brett Kavanaugh were the same age, 17. Therefore it was already Thursday before we knew the address of the home and got a photo of it. However, it appears that the FBI never did much with his name and they described their Background Check as already being complete.

I see some dark humor that two elderly Americans accomplished collecting a lot of important evidence while the entire FBI apparently could not. This effort of ours does not make the FBI look very efficient.

Brett Kavanaugh Buying $6,000 of beer as a 17-year old

Pastor Carl Johnson
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