Brett Kavanaugh Bought $6,000 of beer as a 17-year old

Brett Kavanaugh's self-composed yearbook page

We seek the actual TRUTH regarding the amazing number of lies that Kavanaugh got away with while he was allegedly under oath in the Senate Hearings.

We are sure that the IRS should be very interested in this: While Brett Kavanaugh was just 17 years old, he was not old enough to buy or even drink beer. However, in his High School Yearbook, he was very proud of "being the Treasurer" of his "Hundred Kegs of Beer or Bust". Kavanaugh, as a 17-year-old, somehow spent more than $6,000 for a hundred kegs of beer. It IS possible to buy ONE keg of beer from some taverns but there are very few companies that would sell anyone a HUNDRED kegs. (THEY have to maintain a large refrigerated room to keep their own non-pasteurized beer kegs from spoiling, and there is not enough profit in a tavern even selling one keg for a private party.) Did Kavanaugh file official papers as a business to be allowed to buy so much beer? Could a 17-year-old kid legally be able to file such paperwork?

Does the IRS know how the 17-year-old Kavanaugh had earned enough money to buy $6,000 of beer? Does a 17-year-old kid even have any legal way to earn so much money? Would he have been required to File IRS paperwork?

The company that sold the $6,000 of beer to the teenager also had to file business paperwork, along with IRS records. There should also have been another $500 for State Sales Tax. These Tax issues do not have Statute of Limitations.

A few taverns are willing to do a local public service to sell ONE keg of beer for a private party. Few taverns have a large enough refrigerated room to keep many more than their own kegs from spoiling, and so the possible sources of a hundred kegs is limited. Most regions only have a single (tavern supply) business which services the local bars and taverns. Would such a business endanger the Licenses they have by even considering selling $6,000 of beer to a teenager who is not old enough to buy or even legally drink beer? It might be interesting to review that business' official Records regarding how they justified selling $6,000 of beer to an under-aged teenager.

It might be quite interesting for someone (today) to examine the archived financial records of that tavery supply store of the early 1980s to establish the official path of those hundred kegs of beer. Clearly, Brett Kavanaugh actually bought them but they probably used Sean Gaudette on any official paperwork since he was 22 years old. It might also be very interesting to interview Sean Gaudette today, as he was apparently NOT in Kavanaugh's inner circle, and so he may be willing to tell the truth of what then happened.

For the beer Kavanaugh needed to supply the private parties at Timmy Gaudette's home in Rockville, Maryland, we suspect that Brett Kavanaugh (and the other 17-year-old boys) had to give money to Timmy's older brother Sean (then age 22) to buy the beer and to then bring it to their parties at 507 Azalea Drive. It seems possible that the 17-year old Brett Kavanaugh may have given Sean $100 to buy a $60 keg of beer and the $10 of bags of ice and to rent the beer tapper, and then Sean may have loaded the keg and ice into the trunk of his car. But we do not see how Sean could have done that for more than a few kegs, and certainly not for a hundred kegs. The young boys did not need to worry about any adults, as Timmy's father lived many miles away in Vienna, Virginia and his mother worked during all weekdays.

Kavanaugh also bragged about organizing "Beach Weekends" where he ordered and paid for quite a few apartment rentals. This likely involved several thousand more dollars of cash flow, both as income and as payments to the Apartment owners. There SHOULD BE all the same paperwork as for the kegs. It seems obvious that we should examine the business records and the IRS records and the State Sales Tax records.

Those hundred kegs each weighed about 160 pounds, or a total of 16,000 pounds or eight tons. Just transporting 8 tons of beer kegs would be difficult for most people. Long ago, I had occasionally put a single keg of beer in the trunk of my car, and even that 160 pounds was quite a load to personally lift and carry. It was also necessary to buy bags of ice to refrigerate the keg to keep the non-pasteurized beer from spoiling during a party. Clearly, Kavanaugh must have arranged many ways to keep his hundred kegs of beer refrigerated (in many different locations such as at various Beach Weekend rented apartments). Each keg of beer contained 165 servings of beer (or 15.5 gallons) of beer, so Kavanaugh had provided around 16,500 servings of beer in his Hundred Kegs.

Brett Kavanaugh, as a 17-year-old certainly must have had an enormous number of friends, to need to provide 16,500 servings of beer.



A different area of Research is even more important. Kavanaugh and others had big smiles as they explained that, as sports stars on their high school basketball and football teams, a lot of young girls wanted to be around them. By Kavanaugh providing 16,500 servings of beer, a large number of young girls were able to get drunk in his Beach Parties and his Devil's Triangle parties and his Keggers. Julie Swetnick (under oath) said she saw boys dropping Quaaludes into punch bowls (the boys tended to drink beer so the punch bowls were primarily for the girls to drink and get drunk and to pass out.)

The 16,500 servings of beer plus the punch bowls represents an "industrial scale" of drinking (for a boy who claimed to behave like a choir boy) to brag about. Boys tend to want to come to such parties both for the limitless beer but also for the large numbers of cute young girls. Some of the girls who would go to "Beach Weekends" may have used birth control, but many were young and naive and did not realize that they were likely to be raped. Several experts have told me that they feel that as many as 50 of the girls who got gang-raped at those many parties wound up becoming pregnant.

It seems unlikely that any of the high school boys went to the trouble or expense of using any condoms for such rape-parties.

Some of the girls' parents may have ordered abortions but many of those girls probably still had the babies.

Local Hospitals should have records of those 50 rape-births, and some Adoption Agencies should have records of the adoption of some of those babies. Some local Doctors may also have such records.

This may be enormously important. There may now be 50 people who are now 34 to 38 years old, who are the children of such gang-rapes. There may be enormous importance in having Police DNA testing done on those 50 people, to identify the rape-fathers of them. There may be some philanthropic organizations that might be willing to offer FREE Ancestry DNA testing of local people of that age range.

These numbers are significant and it seems very likely that at least a few men today may be identifiable as rape-fathers of any of those 50 rape babies. Since Maryland has no Statute of Limitations regarding sex crimes, such men might today be put in prison for their rapes during Kavanaugh's Beach Weekends and Devil's Triangles and his many (100) keggers. Even if only one or two of the DNA-identified men today are found and put in prison (and in the National News), that may be sufficient.

We are aware that the boys in that brotherhood all still claim absolute secrecy regarding each others' behaviors. However, a man who is now put in prison and who might expect to remain there for many years for his DNA-proven raping of a young girl MIGHT now consider "being talkative" about Kavanaugh in order to get his Sentence reduced.


The respected government employee Julie Swetnick seems to be a very observant person. It might make sense for one of your Staff to ask her if she ever noticed if anyone had any cameras or movie cameras at such rape-parties. Separate from having personal "souvenirs" of such events for some boys, there have always been many people who have realized that photos and movies of such parties are seen as valuable and can be sold to porn magazines. I don't know how to find such photos and videos today, but there were so many of the Beach Parties and Devil's Triangles and the "hundred kegs", and such evidence must still exist, and if anyone could find any of them, there might be photographic evidence of Kavanaugh and Judge being present at such parties. That, alone, would likely immediately end Kavanaugh's career in the Supreme Court.

Some participants in the Beach Weekends noticed that some of the boys took photographs of their own penises. (That sort of sounds like Kavanaugh's attitude at Yale when he exposed his penis to a group and held it in the face of a girl, Deborah Ramirez. Are there photographs of Kavanaugh exposing his penis when massively drunk at some of his Beach Weekends or other parties? Also, since some of the boys apparently brought cameras to those drinking parties, there must be existing photographs or movies of girls being raped at those parties, where rape-fathers are clearly identifiable.

A REWARD of $10,000 will be paid to anyone who provides a photograph or movie of Brett Kavanaugh participating in any of his sex parties, whether his Devil's Triangles (where the respected government employee Julie Swetnick said under oath that she saw both Kavanaugh and Judge standing in line waiting their turns to gang-rape today's victim); or any of Kavanaugh's Beach Weekend parties (where the girls would sleep over); or any of Kavanaugh's Hundred Kegs parties. Many of such photographs and movies certainly exist.

There may be many other sources of such photos or videos. Julie Swetnick might have been an example of a girl who was gang-raped but then later found it exciting to have sex with more than one boy. Some or even many of the girls who were gang-raped may later became strippers or even prostitutes when they realized that they would also be paid quite a bit for doing such things associated with the many clubs in the Washington, DC and Baltimore region. The managers of such clubs generally took naked pictures and movies of all the girls who came to work in their clubs. If such managers learned that they might make $10,000 if they looked through their archive of photos and movies of the girls, an important photo may be found. If the girls who worked in such clubs learned about the $10,000, they may have some of their own photos and movies of earlier times such as during Kavanaugh's Devil's Triangles and Beach Weekends and Keggers, which may be worth the $10,000. Some attractive young girls LIKE having photos and movies made of them having sex.

There may have been MANY boys who brought their own cameras and movie equipment to such parties, with the intention of selling the photos and movies to magazines. Even boys who were in Kavanaugh's circle might now feel the need for $10,000 where they might be willing to overlook the 'secrecy' that they all swore to each other. Potentially, there may be THOUSANDS of photos and movies which exist which could earn the $10,000 of this offer. Kavanaugh was clearly not shy when he was drunk, as he exposed his penis to a group of Yale students and stuck it in the face of one of the girls, Deborah Ramirez. It seems likely that there were MANY people who took photos and movies of Kavanaugh in such moments. Dozens of Yale students offered to Testify to the FBI regarding Kavanaugh's massive drinking. We just need ONE of them now.




In 1982, no one yet knew the importance of DNA. Also, no one realized that EVERY time any man ejaculates, he ejects about 250,000,000 sperm in his semen. Police DNA criminal processes only need a single sperm to identify a rape criminal. That DNA is now known to be very durable, as scientists have found ancient DNA which have even identified that most all of us now contain about 2% of Neanderthal DNA. Specifically here, if ANY of those (many) raped girls still own any of the dresses or underwear from 1982, even if they had been laundered, it may be possible for SOME of those 250,000,000 sperm from the boy who had raped her may still be found on her underwear with Police DNA processes. It may make sense to try to locate any of the clothing of the girls who were raped.

ANY of these pursuits seems likely to immediately and permanently evaporate any credibility of the Republican Party when they demonstrated such disgusting aggressiveness in trying to humiliate the Democratic Party. I am VERY motivated to try to work toward Researching any or all of these pursuits.

Brett Kavanaugh's Drunken Sexual Assault on Christine Blasey-Ford