My Coed Rape Prevention System

Very certain identification of a rapist.

A few weeks ago, in July 2018, I sent a Postal Letter to your University of Florida President Fuchs which described my unique Rape Prevention system. Since I did not get any response, I have to assume that the University does not want to incur any costs to institute this system.

There is a scientific fact which should terrify every sex crime pervert. When a man ejaculates semen, he sends out around 250,000,000 sperm. Only ONE sperm is actually necessary for Police to obtain his unique personal DNA to identify him as the pervert who had raped or molested. Can you beat those odds?

I am relatively poor, but I see this as a very important project, so I may try to finance this project on my own. I would appreciate your assistance in trying to find a small (12 feet square) office which I might be able to rent at an affordable cost which is near the Campus of the University.

I will also need to find a (part time) Social Worker and a (possibly several part time) Receptionist(s) to staff the two desks in that office, again, at wages that I might be able to afford to pay.

I want to present a location where Coeds and parents of potential coed students might visit, to learn why this program should greatly improve the safety of the young women on and around the Campus.

Each young woman would always have total control over whether she wanted to proceed with pursuing a rape or molestation case or whether she might choose to store a sealed Tupperware bowl which contains her underwear and bedsheets of that experience, where she might decide to wait until some later date to proceed.

Our single purpose would be to educate any women who visited our office that if she had an unfortunate experience, she should preserve her underwear and bedsheets and securely store them in a brand new Tupperware container. Our presentation to any visitors would be to explain that every man's semen contains microscopic specks of the unique DNA of his body. By preserving the possible DNA of such an event, and securing the evidence from any possible contamination in a sealed Tupperware container, she would forever have a personal choice to pursue the perpetrator of the rape or molestation. At any later time of her choosing, she (or a Judge) could have a Police Laboratory or a Hospital Laboratory do the sort of DNA analysis that all modern Police Labs now do every day in identifying criminals from tiny specks of DNA in evidence.

Each woman would always have the personal choice to proceed or wait. Much of the benefit of this system is after ONE woman proceeds and a Judge Convicts and Sentences even just one man for doing such a crime. Local news media (and possibly the University of Florida) might publicize such a conviction and prison time. This is essentially an "education program" (which seems fitting for a University environment). The women would realize that they are now far safer, but more importantly, the men who might consider doing such a crime would see news media reports that might show a warehouse of stored Tupperware containers which contained DNA evidence of such crimes. I want those possible perverts to THINK ABOUT whether there were ALREADY a bunch of Tupperware containers which contained HIS DNA, each of which could send him to prison for many years.

Notice that this is a "Prevention" system which might even eliminate any incidents of rape and molestation, if the men who are CONSIDERING doing such a crime realize that they WILL be identified, arrested, convicted and put in prison IF they should even try to do their proposed crime. The goal is to encourage such perverts to not even try (in Gainesville)

I think it is very realistic that our office might soon have zero visitor traffic. The men in the Gainesville community will realize that there is no point in raping or molesting any woman due to the certainty of being arrested and imprisoned and the very issue of rape as a problem may completely disappear.

Please notice that the University of Florida would get National attention on news media as being "the safest place to send a family's daughter to attend College."

Please also note that there are around 400 other large Colleges which will certainly send teams to travel to Gainesville to learn about instituting their own "copy" of the system that UF will be benefiting from. It may even provide wonderful jobs for recent UF Graduates in Social Work and in Business Management to possibly staff systems that those 400 other Colleges might want to set up. is where we provide more complete information about this system.

Invented by:
Pastor Carl Johnson
A Christ Walk Church
301 South Hunter Street
Thornton, IL 60476