A Little Girl and the Grandmother She Loves

A little girl is sometimes lonely and she wants to talk to her grandmother. Many grandmothers also get lonely and want to hear the voice of their little granddaughter. They both want to see each other, even when they are hundreds of miles apart. We have solved these things, and more!

The little girl is in her bedroom sitting on the side of her bed, facing a very nice large photo of her beloved grandmother on the wall. At the distant grandmother's house, Nana is also comfortably sitting facing a large photo of her granddaughter on the wall.

The little girl just got home from Pre-Kindergarten and she has urgent news to share with her grandmother! So she just says Nana toward her grandmother's picture. Hidden inside the fairly thick picture frame is a modern smart phone. It is not actually connected to anything, but mostly just hidden. Like in a car, that phone has been taught to recognize the word Nana and to then dial the correct phone number. This is the same as when you want to order a Pizza and you have your cel-phone dial the number of the pizza place.

And a few seconds later, the little girl and Nana are talking on the phone, while also looking at each other in their photos.

That is nearly as good as daily long trips for such visits!

This works the other way, too. When grandma just made some new chocolate chip cookies, maybe she will feel like saying that on the phone to her distant granddaughter! She could just say LadyBug and a few seconds later they will be talking!

Similarly, any other time that either of them feels lonely or like talking to each other, a few seconds later they WILL BE! And LOOKING at each other all the time!


Our system includes several other wonderful benefits, too!

Imagine that Mom needed to get milk at the store and so the little girl is briefly left alone at home. And a Burglar or other Bad Person got into the apartment. Imagine that the little girl yells Nana somewhere in the apartment. Would the bad person suddenly think that there might be an adult in the apartment? A few seconds later, that is confirmed as Grandma's voice answers the little girl!

The bad person had thought he had seen the mother drive away to the store, where he expected the child to be alone. but she clearly is not alone! If the bad guy has any intelligence, he may decide to leave and try someone's elses apartment!

Nana might have protected the little girl even when she was not even there.

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The little girl is playing in her room and she goes out into the kitchen to get some milk. But she finds her mother laying there on the floor 'sleeping'. She yells out to call Nana! 'Nana, Mama is sleeping on the kitchen floor.' And Nana takes over, maybe getting an Ambulance called, or neighbors or a nearby Doctor. Or maybe she just instructs the little girl to get a bathroom towel and wet it down and gently lay it on Mama's forehead. Or maybe there was Medicine that the little girl did not know about that Nana knows is really important. The little girl might be told to get a glass of water from the sink and to count out two medicines from a bottle that says aspirins, and to bring the glass and tablets to her mother.

Nana might have protected the little girl's mother even when she was not even there.

Our photograph smart phones have other benefits as well. Maybe the word FIRE might be programmed into both of their smart phones, in case either of them might ever be confronted with a fire, where the Fire Department might be needed. It might be programmed with the word CHURCH if social help might be desired from that organization.

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