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Shouldn't someone actually have had a chance to see a red light before being Convicted and Fined for having run through one?

Every Driver's eyes blink closed every few seconds, so it can be physically impossible for that Driver's brain to even be aware a Red light very near the end of a Yellow light. The Medical science is irrefutable but a rather peculiar Municipal Court Judge ignored it all to collect his $100 Fine from me, regarding a Red Light which I, as a Retired Christian Minister, had sworn in Court that I had never even seen!

When such a person later takes a day off to attend Court to challenge such a Citation (created by a Red Light Photo Enforced system), isn't it reasonable to be shocked when the "Judge" essentially called me a liar when I said that I had never run any red light during my 50 years of driving. The Judge then followed that with his (the Judge's) casual comment (in Open Court) that he occasionally runs red lights! His comment made clear that he did it intentionally, and that he was implicitly accusing me of having had the same driving standards as he personally has!

I later learned that that man who was acting as "Judge" in the Homewood (Illinois) Traffic Court was not actually qualified as a Judge at all!
What are the standards to be paid to be a Judge?

I spent life as a Christian Minister, and I do not lie, in or out of Court. But when I tried to provide valid scientific evidence to support my true and honest claim that I had never even seen a red light at the intersection in question, he seemed in a hurry to issue the $100 Fine.

But he added to the situation when he realized that I was considering appealing his decision, where he issued what seemed to be an outright threat against me if I should do that! He immediately told me that he would make sure that when I lost that Appeal, that my Fine would then be at least $350! That Judge made it very clear that I better 'shut up and accept the $100 Fine' before he caused the Fine to be even greater!

His intimidation certainly discouraged me from ever filing for that Appeal. But is that how the American system of government is supposed to work?

The facts in this matter:

On 10/24/12, I did drive eastward along 183rd Street in Homewood at 35 mph as I was returning from the nearby Grande Prairie Public Library that day. But as a Christian Minister, I absolutely swear that I never saw any red light to have even considered trying to drive through! A Red Light Photo Enforced camera apparently generated a Notice of Violation letter which arrived at my house several weeks later. The Form that arrived accused me of having passed through the Red Light 0.18 second after it had become red. That is an amazingly brief period of time!

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I also discovered, and confirmed in Wikipedia, that due to blinking of eyes the human brain can take between 0.10 and 0.40 second to detect any event. It seemed quite clear to me that since the Red Light Camera considered 0.18 second to be a violation, that was clearly because someone did not know the science and physiology about how the human brain works. If the (alleged) violation had been 0.50 second or longer, the accusation might have been valid.

In other words, virtually no driver who gets Cited for a red light violation of 0.18 second might have ever seen any red light to react to.

But then, after having wasted a day of my time to defend myself in Court, to have the (alleged) Judge summarily dismiss everything scientific I had presented, to have him issue a serious threat against me regarding possibly Appealing his decision, and to have witnessed a Judge openly admit in Court that he sometimes electively runs red lights, this all strikes me as very, very, wrong.

I want to learn how to proceed to right some of these wrongs. In addition to the fact that I feel that I should receive back the $100 Fine taken from me, and possibly receive some Punitive Damages as well, I think that other drivers who have found themselves in the same situation I was put in deserve to be saved from such non-Constitutional behavior of a City and its Judicial System.

Since there are certainly tens of thousands of other drivers who have also improperly been Ticketed and Fined for such similar ridiculously brief alleged Violations, I would really like to initiate a Class Action Suit against the Municipal governments and against the businesses which run the Red Light Cameras. But I am not a Lawyer and I have no idea how to do that! So I could use some help from anyone who happened to know those Legal procedures.

Automated Camera Speed Violations

I have seen TV newscasts of vehicles which were standing still at a stop light which got charged with Speeding Violations at high speeds, by such automated cameras. I have also learned that several Class Action Lawsuits have already been Filed by drivers who received such improper speed Violations and Fines. They obviously know what I need to do to get a similar Class Action Suit Filed for my Red Light issue.

In exchange, I am willing to use my science knowledge to teach them how to build an inexpensive ($200) device which always can generate 80 mph automated speed camera violations, for stationary vehicles! My device would be left off during normal driving, but once completely stopped at a stop sign or red stop light, it could be turned on where within a second or two, it would cause the automated speed camera to generate an 80 mph Violation record! I suspect that a few such fictitious Violations would be useful in their Class Action Suits!

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Carl W. Johnson, Theoretical Physicist, Physics Degree from Univ of Chicago