Europeans Can Punish Russia for Invading Ukraine

There are around 400 million people who live in Europe. During each winter, those 100 million families in 27 European countries need to heat their homes and businesses. Most of them have had to buy $1,000 of Natural Gas from Russia to heat their homes and businesses.

Right now, with Russia invading the Ukraine. nobody want to give any money to Russia.

There is a wondeful and obvious way for each of those 100 million families to individually punish Russia. They can each avoid having to give Putin's Russia that $1,000 every winter. And save that $1,000 for their own families!

Note that they can collectively not send $100 billion into Putin's Russian economy every winter.

It turns out that when grass blades grow, in photosynthesis, all over Europe, there is an immense amount of sunlight energy which is captured into Glucose molecules. For the past 14 years, I have been demonstrating an absolutely NATURAL and FREE way that anyone can easily heat their homes and businesses by just letting those Glucose molecules naturally decompose, which gives off amazing amounts of that stored solar heat energy. I have demonstrated this perfectly natural method of easily fully heating my large (11-room) house in the very cold Chicago climate for the past 14 winters. Every one of those 100 million European families could do the same. How do you think the Russian population would enjoy it if they no longer have $100 billion of European cash to spend each year?

I do NOT find it very inconvenient to have to bag and store the cut lawn grass (and Autumn leaves and weeds and junk mail, etc) in order not to have to pay the local Utility company $2,000 each winter!

A more scientific discussion of this natural Carbon Cycle process is at You can help eliminate the world market for Natural Gas

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C Johnson, Theoretical Physicist, Physics Degree from Univ of Chicago