Santa Claus - Is He Real?

Many grownups are surprised that I still totally believe in Santa Claus, although I know that most other grownups do not. I do not 'argue' with grownups about this, but I usually just smile while they are talking. I see no reason to argue about such things. Each person, little or big, can decide such things.

I 'believe' in the country of Australia (as big as the whole United States) even though I have never seen it. I 'believe' in the Eiffel Tower. Most other grownups would not argue about that.

There is a more important subject related to the Santa issue. I happen to believe in God. I can't PROVE it, but I CHOOSE to believe in Him.

Specifically, 'Santa Claus' is a foreign name which means SAINT Claus. He is also called SAINT Nicholas. In other words, nearly everyone seems to realize that 'Santa Claus' and 'God' know each other and are really close.

This then also helps answer another common question, about how Santa gets to every house in just one night. no one would doubt that God could do that. Think about it!

No one would doubt that God could fly in a sleigh. Lots of grown ups doubt that Santa could fly, but I see no problem there.

There is something else that little kids need to know. There are all kinds of really wonderful people in the world, and many of them dress up as Santa (as what Santa calls 'Helpers') to try to help Santa out for a really tough day of work. Santa (and with God's help) certainly could do everything that is expected of him, but he knows that it makes a lot of those 'Helpers' feel really good in helping him.

It is not an accident that Jesus' Birthday (December 25) is the same day that Santa delivers all the toys. For the record, Santa actually does not deliver any toys on Christmas Eve, he waits for Midnight when it actually becomes Christmas Day.

Oh, how old is God? Older than even any grownup can guess. I know that people saw Santa 800 years ago, so yes, he is apparently rather old. At that time, he was called Sinter Klaas in Holland. But Santa certainly seems to be energetic enough to do what is expected of him (as is also true of God). I suppose he look different just like we also do as we get older, but I don't know that for sure.

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Each person is free to believe or not believe in anything he or she wishes. I just know what I believe!

Oh, a 'visit' with Santa (such as at a shopping mall) quite possibly was not actually Santa, and instead one of his Helpers, as he is really busy getting toys ready, so it might have been one of his Helpers. So please don't be disappointed when you see Helpers, because they are letting the real Santa be doing really important stuff. Santa is 'cool' in this where even when it is actually him at a Mall, no one may actually realize it, even grownups.

I know that many parents are afraid to talk about this stuff. They know that their kids hear other kids telling them that Santa doesn't exist. I am not sure that parents need to avoid such subjects. I would encourage children to ask his doubting school kids if they believe in God. Do those other kids know when Jesus' Birthday is? Do they realize how important that is? They might be able to give a strong Santa argument from the rest of the above. He may even be able to clear up some questions of other kids (how all that in just one night, etc) that those kids may have been afraid to ask.

Does God Ride along with Santa in order to get everything done? I don't know. I do know that the two are very close, and He might. In any case, I encourage everyone to think about Jesus (God) and also about Santa Claus during Christmas Day.

Ho, Ho, Ho!


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Carl W. Johnson, Theoretical Physicist, Physics Degree from Univ of Chicago
also, Christian Minister at A Christ Walk Church