UFO - DNA Story - Chapter 2 - The Flight to the Luxury Island


The Limo and the Flight to the Luxury Island

At the appointed date and time, an impressive limousine appears out in front of his apartment building, and the Driver and Assistant walk up to carry the Professor's luggage down for him. Along with handing him a properly chilled glass of Beaujolais wine in the process.

A smooth and uneventful ride to the airport soon arrives as the enormous 747 Jetliner that is privately owned by the rather reclusive and rich scientist who made the invitation for the flight and vacation. That man is nowhere to be seen, but the luggage is quickly loaded into the aircraft, and another glass of Beaujolais is handed to the Professor on his way up the loading steps.

There will be a flight to Chicago O'Hare and then LAX in Los Angeles to pick up the remaining guests for the vacation. The Staff tells the Professor that there will be 24 scientists traveling out for this vacation. As the Professor looks around, he recognizes most of the faces as being world-class scientists in a variety of disciplines. With only 24 passengers, each guest is free to choose to sit near other guests or to sit alone to sleep or rest.

The entire trip from Moscow and London had already taken around ten hours, and the Professor realizes that he can expect to be on this aircraft for most of another two days, before arriving at the remote Polynesian island destination.

[Assorted conversations occur between guests, where we learn the background and personality of most of them during the trip.]

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(Remaining 17 Chapters, altogether about 25 Chapters)

This book outline was first composed in summer 1989. These portions were first placed on the Internet in February 2014, in the hopes of finding an interested author who might want to join forces to 'flesh out' the entire story (around 25 Chapters). I have filed for Copyright Ownership of this concept and this story, along with six other variants of the story, so no usage of any of the contained text or ideas may be used unless a written Contract is first signed by the true author, me, Carl Johnson.

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