UFO - DNA Story - Chapter 3 - Arrival on the Luxury Island


Impressive Arrival on the Luxury Island

After a wonderfully enjoyable trip on the custom 747 jetliner, we strapped in for the arrival at the island's amazing private airport. A pair of Polynesian maidens led each male scientist down the stairway, down to the Tarmac and the line of waiting limousines, with similar arrangements for the female scientists.

Each guest was informed that he or she would be taken to their Suite to relax after the flight, where a Welcome Brunch would then be held at 11 am local time, when their Host would provide some explanation for their vacations.

My guides Lana and Moni got me settled in, along with offers of Massages and unpacking. I got the feeling that "additional services" were also likely available!

By my choice, the girls remained with me until it was time for us to walk to the Assembly Hall for the Welcome gala. Once there, the girls got me a plate of munchies as well as my glass of properly chilled Beaujolais wine, but then they both seemed to just disappear!

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(Remaining 17 Chapters, altogether about 25 Chapters)

This book outline was first composed in summer 1989. These portions were first placed on the Internet in February 2014, in the hopes of finding an interested author who might want to join forces to 'flesh out' the entire story (around 25 Chapters). I have filed for Copyright Ownership of this concept and this story, along with six other variants of the story, so no usage of any of the contained text or ideas may be used unless a written Contract is first signed by the true author, me, Carl Johnson.

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