UFO - DNA - Chapter 4 - Vacation Welcome by the Richest Scientist on Earth

First Lecture to the Guests

And here is our host, Professor Wilbur Newton.


Welcome to our island. I trust that your vacation has already started off as an enjoyable experience. But I asked each of you here for a far more important reason than for our beaches and hotel!

Each of the 24 of you are recognized, along with me, as being among the smartest and most educated people in the world. Prepare yourselves to have that status challenged during the next two weeks! I am pretty sure that it is an accurate statement that NONE of you rank anywhere among the "smartest 13 minds on this island!" The clarification of that statement is the basis of why you were each invited here as my guests.

I selected each of you, in your specific disciplines, for special reasons, where we might have collective and / or individual conversations at the end of your vacation, where we might try to figure out the meaning of things you will have seen and done in coming days.

I ask only one thing of each of you. In the coming days, you will each have the opportunity for unexpected and amazing experiences (which you are always free to turn down!) But my request of each of you is to respect my privacy and that of my islands, where you would not disclose any of the unique events or experiences of this vacation to anyone else on Earth, until some date when I would send written authorization for you to do so. Tomorrow, your Guides will make available to you a document, resembling an NDA, which I ask that you sign and let the Guides return it to me. If you choose not to do so, you will be free to enjoy our luxury facilities as the best vacation you have ever had, but you would then not participate in the "more interesting" activities I have arranged for each of you! If there are any individuals who elect to have the conventional vacation, then the rest of you are not to discuss "the more exotic" things that will be on your minds, and your Guides will alert you to any time youmight be in the presence of any "traditional vacationers". By the way, NO ONE except the 24 of you and my extensive Staff are on the island, so if everyone signs the NDA, you should never have any cause to restrain any comments!

But let's leave all that for this evening and following days! For now, feel free to explore our beaches and restaurants and entertainments and lounges, where your Guides will always be available to give suggestions toward whatever you might wish to do. Even if you simply wish to sit on the beach to watch a beautiful sunset, we will stay out of your way! Enjoy!

The next organized activity we have scheduled for you guests is this evening's dinner, where each of your meals have been selected uniquely for your personal preferences, along with all peripheral matters such as alertness to peanut allergies, Medical dietary recommendations, your favorite flowers, and desserts that should please each of you! After the evening repast, I will again address you, with some of the more specifics of what is to come!

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(Remaining 17 Chapters, altogether about 25 Chapters)

This book outline was first composed in summer 1989. These portions were first placed on the Internet in February 2014, in the hopes of finding an interested author who might want to join forces to 'flesh out' the entire story (around 25 Chapters). I have filed for Copyright Ownership of this concept and this story, along with six other variants of the story, so no usage of any of the contained text or ideas may be used unless a written Contract is first signed by the true author, me, Carl Johnson.

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