UFO - DNA Story - Chapter 6 - Regarding Our ET DNA Beings

Second Lecture to the Guests

And here is our host, Professor Wilbur Newton.


I trust that you have each found the dinner to be satisfactory!

I would like to start out here with some "ancient history"

Around fifteen years ago, I would often visit some of the multitude of museums that exist around the world. We all know that all Museums have extensive "back rooms", where millions of artifacts sit on shelves, each waiting for adequate examination. So I generally spent most of my time in such Museums in their back rooms, rummaging among their shelves. I found that there are an amazing number of very interesting artifacts, each of which might provide scientific insights and even breakthroughs, at whatever point that some scientific team chooses to find them interesting enough for thorough examination.

Among all the many thousands of such artifacts which struck me as very interesting, there was one artifact that intrigued me above all the rest. I had found it around 13 years ago, in a back room of a Museum in Tanzania, in Africa. The Museum Curator generously permitted me to borrow that artifact, based on my previous reputation as a good scientist, and I possessed it for around six weeks, before I returned the artifact to that Museum.

During that time, my life had changed in incalculable ways! I suspect that most of your lives might be about to change as well!

I want to introduce one of countless examples where science has let us down, where claimed efforts at scientific examination have failed miserably. My intent was to make sure that my study of THIS artifact would not fall among that category, but into the category of quality investigations. I have made every effort to pursue that end, and our scientific staff has certainly made great progress in understanding that specific artifact. But we eventually arrived at a point where YOUR participation seems very necessary to further understanding.

Regarding the anecdote of a scientific failure, you may already be familiar with the well-documented story of a young schoolboy in County Cork, Ireland, in the year 1937, taking a shortcut home after school. As is wont with such boys, he bent over to pick up a stone to throw at some nearby birds. He discovered that the stone he had intended to pick up was somewhat larger than he had realized, being mostly buried. He dug it up and found that it was too large to throw at the birds, but he also discovered that one side of the stone was rather smooth, and it seemed to have some sort of writing on it!

The boy immediately thought these were writings from the Devil, and so he dropped the rock and ran as fast as he could to the home of his schoolteacher. That Teacher was the smartest person he knew, and he was sure that the Teacher could explain to him what the stone was. The Teacher laughed at the story and assured the boy that they would both go out the next day to look at the stone.

The next morning, the Teacher looked at the stone and told the boy that it had laid there for a very long time, but that he did not know what language the words were written in. So the Teacher took the stone to a nearby University to let scholars look at it.

An "expert" at the University examined the stone for two months and he concluded that the writing was in ancient Hebrew and it was a warning of an invasion by sea. Another such "expert" at the University concluded that it was in an early Nordic dialect and that it described a shipwreck on a nearby coast and then an unsuccessful fight with local tribesmen. Other so-called "experts" described a variety of other interpretations.

The stone was not considered to have any great importance, and so it was later returned to the boy and then left in the school classroom. One day, a child happened to look at the stone as it was being illuminated at an extreme angle by the soon setting Sun, and he called his Teacher over to look. It was then clear and obvious what was written on the stone! It was NOT in Hebrew or Norse, but in English! The clear message was "June, 1788. Am very drunk again this day."

My point here in describing this anecdote is that scientists who SHOULD be extremely careful and logical, often are not! That individuals seem to sometimes see some tiny clue and immediately make many assumptions which are then used to try to support a personal opinion. Such things are clearly NOT "science", but instead are simply individuals who develop their own speculative idea and then insist on trying to defend that viewpoint. Even without any actual facts!

I can add a personal observation that is related to this matter. I have not been within the Chemistry community for a couple decades, but around 1990, I was aware that roughly 90% of research chemistry experiments result in what might be called failures. The reality is that they are NOT failures, but instead are experiences that rule out pursuing specific approaches. It is well known that Thomas Edison tried thousands of different experiments to produce an incandescent light bulb, before finding one that worked. Were all those "failures"? Everyone in this room knows they were not, as we have all gone through such experiments which did not proceed as we might have expected.

These comments are presented for two reasons here. First, SHOULD any of you choose to initiate scientific investigations related to things you might see and experience in the next few days, I want you all to know that my standards for quality science are quite strict. THAT is actually why I had selected each of you to visit our island, because I know you each share that attitude with me

Second, is that I also expect anyone associated with this effort to resist jumping to conclusions regarding speculating about scientifically unsupported assumptions. Again, each of your reputations in science has established that you are unlikely to fall prey to such errors.

In my opinion, Edison had it easy! He had a rather narrow focus of his efforts, and so there was a high likelihood that he would eventually succeed at creating an incandescent light bulb.

On the other hand, WE scientists on this island, as well as any of you guests who might choose to later participate, might easily have a project which is too great for our intellect and skills to fully understand! For THIS reason, I have made a point to invite TWO of you world-respected scholars in each Discipline, where you might then be able to discuss ideas which no humans have ever had to confront before. So there are TWO of you Chemists, and two Psychologists, and two Physiologists, and two Zoologists, and two Physicists, and two Veterinarians, and two Neurologists, and two General Practice Doctors, and two Electronic Sensor Technicians, and two Language Translation Specialists, and two Mechanical Engineers, and even you two highly-respected Kindergarten Teachers! My desire in inviting this collection of experts is that we might each have easy access to communicating with each other to learn of important details which happen to be in a different Discipline, in our pursuit of greater understanding.


Getting back to our specific situation and the history of how and why you have all been invited here:

The artifact which I had borrowed from that Museum might not have seemed very noteworthy to most Museum staff. It had not even been stored in any special place, but was instead included in a somewhat random collection of "small rocks" which had been collected many years earlier by a Research trip. The specific artifact did not even contain the modern precise data regarding exact position and orientation which we all expect today, as it was found quite long ago. In fact, we later tried to send out teams to see if we might find additional artifacts like it, but having such poor knowledge of exactly where it had been found, around 50 years ago, caused our efforts to have all been dismally unsuccessful.

In any case, the specific artifact was slightly smaller than a standard pea, and generally grayish in color. It would have been easy for me to have passed it right by, except that I found its roundness, sphericity, to have seemed too good to have occurred naturally. At the time, I had no idea what that might mean, only that it seemed to require closer examination, which I could not do in a musty Museum back room!

Once I got it back to my lab, I found that it was round with a diameter that was constant to within around one micron. I was excited since I was unaware of any natural process which could produce such a precisely round object. When I did an analysis with a Mass Spectrometer, I found the chemical composition of this artifact to be very different from any known rock, even including a tiny amount of Lutetium, an element that you Chemists know is extremely rare on Earth. For the record, it was NOT the isotope of Lutetium that has the 30 billion year half-life which we use to determine the date of meteorite formation, and so we did not have that tool to try to determine the age of the artifact.

This finding caused me to start to wonder if the artifact might have been a meteorite, an object which originated from somewhere else in space and only then arrived on Earth relatively recently.

Over following weeks, I came to realize that the surface of the artifact was composed of very special compounds, which both are extremely heat-resistant and which also insulated the interior of the object from severe heat. By now, I still had no idea what this tiny artifact was, but I was totally intrigued by it!

It now seemed that this MIGHT have been an ARTIFICIAL meteorite, which was able to withstand the severe heating which occurs when a meteor or meteorite encounters an atmosphere such as the Earth has. But better than that, the fact that its surface also seemed to have been designed to protect whatever was inside the artifact from that heat, suggested to me that it MIGHT contain something which might have been important.

Note that there was nothing really noteworthy about the tiny artifact! If I had not had fascination with what seemed to be "unusual roundness", it would likely still be sitting in a bowl on a shelf in that Museum backroom!

I have later come to believe that the subtlety of this single clue was intentional, where the "stone" would likely forever have been ignored by virtually anyone who might have found it or ever encountered it. I have long wished that I would have been able to ask the members of the Team which had found it 50 years ago as to WHY they decided to include it in their collection. Was it due to some impression of unusual roundness? Or was it simply because it happened to be among other small stones that were being collected? I guess we may never know that answer.

I received permission from that Museum to cut the tiny artifact open. Since they considered it to be an irrelevant object, they quickly agreed to let me do that. My Team cut the artifact open in a "Clean Room" where we could not contaminate anything within it and also it could not release any pathogens to us.

I was actually originally hoping to find something like a "compact computer hard-drive" which might have contained historical and scientific records of some distant and ancient civilization. So I was actually quite disappointed when we finally got the shell of it cut apart!

There was nothing within it which suggested any digital data device.

In fact, there seemed to be rather little inside it at all!

I began to wonder if this entire pursuit might have been a frivolous effort. But it STILL had that amazing sphericity and it STILL had a shell which was of very unusual elements and molecules.

But for a few weeks, we were essentially at a dead end. I was dry of ideas, and we left the Lab to pursue other projects.

Eventually, it occurred to me that we might not have examined the contents of the device thoroughly enough, that it MIGHT contain something a lot SMALLER than I had expected to find. So I bought some additional equipment to do a microscopic and even sub-microscopic examination of the contents.

The findings were startling! They seemed to greatly resemble what we call chromosomes. These strings seemed to be composed of the SAME four chemical molecules that we know Genes to be made of (which we commonly call A, C, G, and T).

I still had no real idea what this all meant, but I now realized that I had blundered onto an amazingly important artifact!

At this point, I decided that further investigation required an isolated environment, and so I bought this island, and built the best Labs I could afford, meaning that I then had EVERY piece of modern scientific equipment available. I assembled a Team of eight Researchers who each were required to live on the island and to never divulge anything about what we might be trying to do. As a result, I had the Village built for them, where they could live and send their children to school and the rest, which was all several miles away from the very secure Laboratory location at the opposite end of the island.

Our Team soon made clones of the DNA strings, around two dozen as I recall. We optimistically thought we had enough technology to enable whatever organic beings might come from that DNA to develop. We were quite wrong about that.

We created additional clone strings of the DNA, time after time after time, and we kept failing in ever causing any cell development or reproduction. I felt a lot closer to Edison during these experiments! We experienced several hundred such failures. Each new try would involve us changing the nearby chemicals, or the presence or absence of electrical or magnetic fields, or of sunlight or not, or of each other variable that we could think of. These failures continued for more than two years, where we started having several different experiments proceeding at the same time.

We eventually had what we considered a breakthrough, where we actually had a single cell division. We had finally narrowed down the possible approaches, and we had a cake and a nice party to celebrate!

In the weeks after that, we progressed rapidly. We started having cells which were dividing and multiplying much like cells do within a standard egg of an Earth vertebrate animal.

But even with these successes, we rarely had any of the experiments proceed significantly toward any being to be born, which we found took slightly over 11 months to occur, but then each of those experiments did not survive the gestation process, or even get close to a birth process.

I will not here describe the events after that, but will only mention that slightly more than seven years ago, we had 23 living beings that were born. With such little knowledge, we made many errors, and several of those soon died, with two more dying later, but I am hereby informing you all that, on THIS very island, there are now 13 living beings as a result of our efforts. They are therefore exact clones of each other, and they are now slightly over seven years old. They are all living in a Compound at the other end of this island.

They appear to be "fully grown", where they are each now around seven feet tall, although we do now know whether they are yet biologically mature or not, or educationally or emotionally mature, assuming that such subjects even apply to them. Some of these issues were why I invited each of you to my islands.

They seem to have a level of intellect that seems far beyond ours. They seem to immediately grasp any situation or even a desire on our part, and they also seem to be exquisitely logical. They seem to communicate with each other very rapidly and thoroughly, and we think they have no secrets from each other. They do not speak, but seem to be very aware of OUR thoughts and they seem to have the interesting ability to insert a concept or image or thought into OUR brain as they wish. We have no idea how they do that, and some of you Guests might have interest in trying to understand those matters.

We believe they can somehow absorb solar energy directly, so they do not seem to need food as we know it. We think that they may also be able to absorb energy from a magnetic or electric field.

I can warn you all that it can be quite unsettling to be trying to formulate a question regarding an apple, when one of them causes your brain to nearly instantly produce what I describe as a Daydream image of an apple, in three-dimensions, and only within your mind (where no actual apple is present). We have discovered that this is also true regarding items that the beings have never actually encountered (such as an apple), so we believe they are able to FIND a memory in your mind of the image of an apple, which they can then somehow re-construct in your mind.

You certainly CAN ask verbal questions of any of them, but you will likely discover an image in your mind that provides an answer, far before you can even fully verbalize your question. We also do not believe that they have anything that could act as ears. We believe that they are "reading your mind" regarding any question you might wish to formulate. If the being you are interacting with chooses to respond, it is nearly always as a mental image or even seemingly verbal words, but only inside your own mind.

So it can be quite unsettling to realize that THEY are as much inside your mind as you are, and apparently even more so!

While you are interacting with any of the beings, they rarely actually move, although they do have eyelids which blink occasionally. If you THINK of asking the being to turn toward the right, within a fraction of a second, the being (usually) turns. They DO seem to get bored with what might seem stupid questions, or repeated questions, and so there can be times when they simply stop all responses.

Notice something else from this. If YOU happen to know the first twenty numbers in the Fibonacci Series, then so does the being in front of you. If YOU happen to know the first hundred decimals for the value of Pi, so does the being. We look forward to a future experiment where the human has an ERROR in the 87th digit, to see if the Being would then present the CORRECT value or the erroneous value. We want to try to learn whether they are USING the contents of our (flawed) brains or whether they mathematically do the calculus to calculate the true value of somethine like Pi.

There seem to be some types of questions that they will not or can not respond to. If you start wondering whether the beings consider humans to be attractive or ugly, we have never noticed any response in either direction. They do NOT seem to be aware of wherever the civilization was which had sent their DNA out, or whether Earth was specifically chosen as a target.

If you happen to think about whether they understand what 1,2,3 means or what A,B,C means, the being might turn and move away from you. As I noted before, they seem to have limited tolerance of dumb questions.

Again, one of the reasons why I invited YOU guests to our island is that it is my hope that each of your separate intellects might add to the education of the beings. Since they seem to be aware of the complete contents of the mind of each visitor, you can probably conclude that they DO know about the "latest secret research" you have been doing. In fact, it is my hope that they might be able to AID many of you in advancing your own personal Research! I look forward to hearing from any of you if you feel that is the case. I would not need to know the specifics of any of your research in this regard, so it could all remain totally secret for you. I would mostly be interested in learning whether you "achieved new insights" while you are visiting any of the beings.

Now, I realize that THIS might encourage some of you to pass on this opportunity to interact with our beings. Some of you might feel that you have either personal or professional secrets that you do not want to share. If so, simply let me or any of the Staff know that you prefer to "simply have a vacation on our island" and our Staff will then do their best to provide you with everything you might wish toward that end.

We have no idea what the life span is for the beings, but we intend, mostly for their safety and sake, that they spend their entire lives on this island. So we are confident that any of the personal secrets that they might learn from any of you, can and will never leave this island. There is a common joke about "Whatever happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas". The remoteness of our island hopefully ensures that is even far truer regarding both you and the beings!

I intend to give each of you a day or two, tomorrow and possibly the day after, to contemplate whether you will want to participate in these coming planned activities. At whatever time when you make such a decision, your Guide will provide you with the NDA document for you to sign, and then you would be able to have your Guide schedule your first fifteen-minute visit with one of our thirteen beings on the other end of this island.

In the meantime, I plan to provide some more sumptuous meals for you tomorrow, where I will provide two more discussions, one about the future of humanity on Earth and the other about the history of life on Earth.

Have a pleasant evening. I ask that you hold off on the many questions you now are entertaining, until you have had at least one visit with one of our beings here, possibly the day after tomorrow.

We intent to permit unlimited additional visits for each of you, although we have some concerns regarding how our beings will withstand massive amounts of social interaction, which they have never had to deal with before. If we sense that any of them start feeling any fatigue, or if any let us know that they just do not want to participate in our activities, we may schedule rest periods for one or more of our beings.

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This book outline was first composed in summer 1989. These portions were first placed on the Internet in February 2014, in the hopes of finding an interested author who might want to join forces to 'flesh out' the entire story (around 25 Chapters). I have filed for Copyright Ownership of this concept and this story, along with six other variants of the story, so no usage of any of the contained text or ideas may be used unless a written Contract is first signed by the true author, me, Carl Johnson.

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