UFO - DNA Story - Chapter 7 - Regarding the Future of Mankind

Third Lecture to the Guests

And here again is our host, Professor Wilbur Newton.


Please keep in mind that we have been studying and thinking about these matters for around thirteen years now. We feel that we may have found some insights regarding just what the importance of mankind and the Earth are, regarding the Universe.

I note that until 500 years ago, mankind believed that the Earth was the Center of the Universe, then we grew to realize that the tiny Earth revolves around the Sun, while also spinning on its own axis at over 1000 mph. Then a hundred years ago, we realized that the Sun was only a tiny component of our enormous Milky Way Galaxy, and later we came to learn that even our Galaxy is only a tiny part of the whole Universe that we are capable of seeing.

I am not sure that we have yet psychologically adjusted to our less and less importance within the realm of everything! We still seem to insist that only we are smart enough to figure things out, that not even the countless creatures we share the Earth with can do that. We might be wrong on nearly all those counts!

I note that the twenty-four of you are each regarded as being the smartest of the smartest among humans, yet I have already informed you that at the other end of this island, there are beings which seem to us to be so smart as to leave us in the dust!

This particular discussion will briefly consider how they have come to share our Earth with us. We do not believe they know where they came from or who might have sent them, or also whether they were specifically sent to Earth. When we first started considering these issues, we quickly came to realize that they were certainly not sent to Earth just to interact with us humans! We feel that the logic is unassailable.

Say that they had been sent (as DNA Chromosomes in protective tiny pellets) from some planet on a nearby star, say 1000 light years away from us. It would not make logical sense to launch them out at anywhere near the speed of light, as they would certainly burn up and disintegrate at such a speed on encountering an atmosphere. So we felt that a logical speed that might have been used might have been comparable with that of the two interstellar Voyager spacecraft the United States had launched in 1977. These were the two fastest rockets mankind has yet launched into space. I note that we enjoy photos of the planet Uranus created by Voyager in 1986, and those of Neptune made in 1989.

The Voyager spacecraft only traveled about 3 billion miles during the first twelve years of their flights. At that rate, each will have only gotten to one light year from Earth in around 24,000 years!

If such a powerful spacecraft had launched the artifact I had found 15 years ago, from a planet just 1000 light years away, that means that the transit time was likely around 24 million years!

If some advanced civilization on that planet had looked for a good destination to receive their DNA packet, they would have had to have made that decision at least 24 million years ago, which was LONG before any humans or any other moderately intelligent beings had yet inhabited the Earth.

So there could have been no chance that some advanced civilization had intentionally targeted Earth with our treasure!

We feel that the logical behavior of such an advanced society would have been different from that. Assuming that they had mastered DNA analysis and gene-splicing, talents that we humans have pretty well mastered in the past two decades, we think they would have approached the subject with a far more scientific perspective. We think they would have accepted volunteer DNA samples from each of a billion different sentient beings on their planet. Using procedures that we already consider rather mundane, they would extract one complete set of the chromosomes from each sample, and then encapsulate each of them into extremely tiny packet. Each cell's set of human DNA could be stretched out to be around seven feet long. Note that around 10,000 complete human cells could fit on the head of a pin, so compacting the DNA chromosomes to easily fit inside a protective capsule of a diameter of one-one-thousandth of a millimeter is already practical for even us to do.

Are you ahead of me on this? Now imagine collecting a billion such separate micro-capsules, each into a volume which is about the size of a grain of sand, around one millimeter! Notice that we already have the technology to make such capsules millions of times smaller! It might not be necessary to be that economical on size, as a softball-sized chamber could contain a hundred trillion really small capsule packets. See the political value of this? every human on Earth, could each provide ten thousand sets of DNA for this project. So if a specific capsule ever got to some distant planet to prosper there, you might be effectively Adam or Eve!

The rest of this reasoning is pretty simple. Have NASA or the ESA launch another Voyager-like interstellar spacecraft. Once it has traveled past the planets and the Oort Cloud, a small compressed air tank would burst the outer container. From that point on, each individual DNA capsule would travel outward at slightly unique angles, like the spray of droplets from a lawn sprinkler.

The only downside to this is the time required! But after 25 million years of traveling outward, some of the capsules would be passing stars which are 1000 light years from us. In around two billion years, our countless microscopic DNA capsules would likely have passed each of the 100 billion stars in our Milky Way Galaxy!

Now, the vast majority of the capsules would be gravitationally pulled into stars, and burned up. That is actually why we suggest sending out billions or trillions of separate DNA packets. Some of the packets would avoid hitting stars, and so some of them would encounter planets instead. If such planets happened to have atmospheres which contained oxygen, and happened to have oceans of water, then the conditions might be right for a true human society might arise on such a planet!

Or on a thousand such planets, spread around our Galaxy!

There are some additional complicating factors that we will discuss in another hour after Lunch, but maybe you see the broader value to mankind for NASA or the ESA to launch another such Voyager-like spacecraft.

Enjoy your meal!

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This book outline was first composed in summer 1989. These portions were first placed on the Internet in February 2014, in the hopes of finding an interested author who might want to join forces to 'flesh out' the entire story (around 25 Chapters). I have filed for Copyright Ownership of this concept and this story, along with six other variants of the story, so no usage of any of the contained text or ideas may be used unless a written Contract is first signed by the true author, me, Carl Johnson.

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