Ukraine and Putin, Crimea

In early 2014, Vladimir Putin of Russia decided to 'annex' Crimea from a neighboring country, Ukraine. In the early 1990s, Russia tried to do the same to Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, but it didn't work then. Putin clearly still has Soviet thinking where massive military power would let him do anything he might wish,

Nearly everyone seems to cite Putin's comment that the breakup of the Soviet Union was the greatest disaster of the 20th century. So a nearly universally view is that Putin intends to re-annex most or all of the now free countries that used to be parts of it. His recent invasion of Crimea is seen as merely the first of many such moves.

I believe I see a rather obvious response to Putin and Crimea!

Given what Putin seems to intend to do, his 'annexation' of Crimea provided him about 10,000 square miles of land. But he has created enormous fear in the remainder of Ukraine, as well as in Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania and the rest. Those countries have 'lusted' toward closer involvement with Europe, for a variety of business and social reasons, and nearly all have been waiting for the European Union to consider their separate requests to become members of the EU.

What I see is that the EU should meet and IMMEDIATELY act on Ukraine's request. It really only involves getting 27 signatures of the existing EU member states, and a suitable document could be composed, and signed, in just a day or two (before the end of March 2014).

The IMPACT of that action on Putin would be crushing! True, he DID 'annex' 10,000 square miles of Crimea. But that (illegal) action would then have INSPIRED the EU to 'fast-track' the EU application of the Ukraine, which would PUSH the remaining 223,000 square miles of the Ukraine TOWARD Europe and AWAY from Russia, PERMANENTLY!

I would want Putin to have to think about the VALUE of using intimidation and force to GET 10,000 square miles, but where the direct effect would be to LOSE the far larger 223,000 square miles of the Ukraine in the process. I would want Putin to have to go to sleep every night thinking about whether that was really such a good idea!

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Putin's intimidation has certainly worked on the 27 EU member states, where they are now terrified at what Putin might decide to do next. Will he invade Moldova? Or Latvia? Or eastern Ukraine? They would all be ready to jump on signing this EU membership application for Ukraine, for two enormous reasons. (1) It seems unimaginable that even the arrogant Putin would invade eastern Ukraine ONCE IT HAS OFFICIALLY BECOME PART OF THE EU. And (2) this response would be like spitting in Putin's eye about 'annexing' Crimea.

AFTER such a response to Putin's bullying actions, would Putin even dare in the future to try to 'annex' Moldova or Latvia or any of the other neighbor countries? I think he might hesitate, as he would see that the ENTIRE EUROPEAN UNION would likely react!

I composed a letter about these matters and mailed it to about 30 important people, including Senator McCain, Senator Durbin, President Obama and a number of top people in the European Union, which I e-mailed to each within a couple days of Putin's 'kangaroo court' 'election' in the Crimea. I hope that some of them read it, but I see no evidence in the News that anything along that line is being done. If a DELAYED RESPONSE would occur, much of the POWER of this action on Putin himself would be lost. The action of welcoming the Ukraine into the EU needs to be IMMEDIATE to most powerfully impress Putin that he is dealing with a very powerful adversary.

This presentation was first placed on the Internet in April 2014.

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Carl W. Johnson, Theoretical Physicist, Physics Degree from Univ of Chicago