Diet Which Is Scientifically Proper

There are certainly thousands of 'experts' who sell you books and videos and exercise routines to allegedly announce to you what they believe is the 'best' diet.

It has always mystified me how there could be so many 'experts' without some one of them eventually establishing that it actually IS the best! Some writer goes on TV shows promoting a 'carbohydrate diet' (and sells a million books and gets rich!) But the next author promotes a 'protein diet' and does the same. And then another author promotes a 'fat diet' and also gets rich, although those authors seem to sell slightly fewer books, probably because of the reference to 'fat'!

The fact that none of their approaches has taken over the diet or weight loss field seems to suggest to me that maybe none of them actually know much about the science behind what they claim!

If you have read the several web-pages in this Domain on Weight Loss and Dieting, such as Bodyfat, Weight Loss, the Physics of Body Weight Control, then you may have found my scientifically-based conclusions. Essentially: (1) an adult man eats and drinks enough food during a 24-hour day to supply about 2,200 Calories of food energy for his body; (2) That amount of food contains about 189 grams of carbon atoms in it; (3) and he breathes, exhales, around 17,000 times every day; (4) that total amount of exhaled breaths contains about 189 grams of carbon atoms in the carbon dioxide he exhales.

By standard Laws of Science, including Conservation of Mass and Conservation of Energy, this then provides the 2,200 Calories of chemical energy that his Basal Metabolism needs each day, along with the energy he needs to walk and run, while also accounting for every atom of carbon that enters and leaves his body, thereby not gaining or losing any weight that day.

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What I see here is that the science does not insist on any specific source of that dietary food energy, only the total amount during the day (including sugar and other chemicals in the juices, sodas, coffee and tea consumed).

It seems to me that, at least for a limited time, maybe a week or two, it should not really matter which kind of dietary food a person ate, only the total amount of it!

This seems to imply that a person might eat a diet entirely of ice cream sundaes and nothing else, as long as he or she calculated the quantity of such sundaes contained the necessary amount of energy to power the body's Metabolism! Or a diet of entirely tomatoes or of bread or of hamburgers!

There is a down-side to such bizarre diets! Your Metabolism requires a variety of 'trace elements' such as Phosphorous, Calcium, etc, to create new bones and muscles and many other molecules that the body needs to stay healthy. My point here is exclusively to suggest that even if such a peculiar diet was used for a while, the person's weight and bodyfat would apparently not change!

I know that all those authors love being able to make millions of dollars in selling their books. But I hate it when the public is deceived regarding companies trying to sell their products or services, and this web-page is merely to note that there might be a solid scientific reason why none of those authors or their diet books have ever 'taken over'. My conclusion seems to be that none of those authors has really truly understood the science involved in whatever they claim.

I especially believe this now that I have discovered that none of them have ever had any clue regarding how centrally important the process of exhaling carbon dioxide is! In other words, they never even realized that the carbon atoms in the food you eat and drink every day have to go somewhere, and ditto regarding the carbon atoms in the massive amounts of bodyfat that they claim you will lose! Until and unless they ever learn that the human body essentially only can dispose of carbon atoms by exhaling them as carbon dioxide, it seems hard to imagine how they could ever understand even basic facts about Bodyfat or weight gain or weight loss!

This presentation was first placed on the Internet in January 2014.

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C Johnson, Theoretical Physicist, Physics Degree from Univ of Chicago