Underground A/C Alternate Arrangements

There are an assortment of variations that can be used in this system.

The water soaker polyethylene pipes are a good one, partly because it is so inexpensive to do, and pretty easy to place.

In some localities, large diameter (15") PVC sewer main pipes and fittings are available, but are generally pretty expensive. This would allow one large air path going from the building to the tubes, instead of the bundle of separate tubes. The necessary saddle connections to join the 4" tubes with the large diameter sewer can also be hard to find and expensive.

The two holes through the concrete basement wall need to be pretty large, at least 13" square, so that the bundle of the 9 tubes can pass through, OR bigger still so the 15" sewer main could pass through. Once they are all in place, and the backfill mostly in place, new concrete can be poured to fill in the spaces between the tubes where it goes through the concrete wall. Once inside the basement, the nine tubes can go into a "plenum chamber" (air box) where they all join together to become one large standard rectangular duct. In our example, each 4" tube has a cross sectional area of around 13 square inches, so nine of them have a total area of around 117 square inches. This would then make sense to become an 8" by 16" rectangular duct (or larger) for connection to the house air ducts.

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