Solar Heating Fee Arrangement

We are a very unusual company! You may have noticed that we have chosen to GIVE AWAY the entire technology for our sub-system that is able to provide Free Air-Conditioning for nearly any home or building. In the first four years that that page has been on the Internet, it is our understanding that more than 6,000 people have installed such systems. If each are now saving $1,000 each summer, that would mean that collectively, they are saving six million dollars each summer, and they will forever! And without paying us a dime!

This is said in preparation for the following:

This is how the $10K fee would be paid to us:
Initially, a $2,000 Cashier's Check would be made to us. This amount would be non-refundable. To a great extent, it would show "actual serious interest" on your part. We have been approached by many, many thousands of people who have tried to learn how to do the system themselves, and so they tend to send endless numbers of e-mails, only to eventually admit that they have no interest and no capability of even building a stick-built house. They became interested only because they saw the possibility of eliminating their heating bills (which everyone would like to do) and so they seem to think that, if they can only get (free) information from us, they could figure out how to do it themselves. That would be wonderful, if it were possible, but it isn't! If someone does not fully understand the many Engineering issues involved, there is no realistic way they could design or build a system that worked even close to what we have designed into this.

The situation is, that our system SEEMS really simple and obvious, once you know some basic facts about it, and so there are a lot of people who will (incorrectly) assume that they would know how to design and make one themselves. But there are a number of major blunders they could do which would make the system not work very well, and potentially even be very dangerous! So we are VERY concerned regarding anyone trying to "improvise" and design such a system themselves. So the initial $2,000 is to try to ensure that the customer actually intends to proceed, properly, and he/she will not be planning to use duct tape and bubble gum in improvising things they do not fully understand!

Once we receive the $2,000, we will disclose and discuss each of the central aspects of the system, such that a homeowner or Architect fully understands the aspects and implications of each part of the design. No actual calculations regarding a specific house in a specific climate will yet be started.

At this point, the customer will fully be able to understand the system and to be able to decide whether to proceed. If, for some reason, the customer felt that the few restrictive aspects of the system were unacceptable, the worst situation is that he/she would be out $2,000.

Assuming the customer chose to proceed, a second check of $8,000 would be sent to us. At this point, it would also be of value to describe the location (latitude), climate, altitude, proposed house size, soil type, family size, etc, etc, such that we would be able to start serious calculations. Most of the interaction from this point on would be with the Architect, as he is the one who would have the specific questions regarding any freedoms or limitations to do certain things, and he is also the one who would need the several drawings we would provide him, for inclusion in blueprints.

We would provide all the necessary input to the Architect, and we would carefully review all blueprints, both preliminary and final, to make sure that all of the aspects of the system work efficiently and effectively. Obviously, in order to accomplish this, we will need to teach the Architect whatever he/she needs to learn regarding the aspects of this system.

The above arrangement is for a single application. Any Contractor or Architect or Sub-Contractor involved with the design and construction of the resulting house/building is NOT allowed or authorized to use the system for any other house or building or application.

If such a business intends or expects to use our technology for additional applications, a formal contract for such use would be negotiated, with suitable fees involved. We would then do the appropriate Engineering, in order to make sure the other applications are safe and fully functional.

Regarding these business usages of our technology, the comments above should suggest that we are a very fair company and would never over-charge anyone. The modern world forces us to have to try to protect our interests in these ways. We have invested massive time, effort and expense in designing and developing the technologies, and it is only fair that we receive compensation for usage of them, with the exception of the technologies which we choose to offer for free.

We think this explanation is fairly clear, but if there are further questions or comments, our e-mail address is below.

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