Solar Heating Simulations - NorthWarm Solar Version 2

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We put enormous effort in engineering our Solar System, and bought a hill near South Bend, Indiana, to construct it. We did a LOT of computer simulations in refining it. We obtained ALL the US Weather Station records ever kept at the South Bend International Airport! They only started recording there after World War II, so our simulations start then.

In 1948-49, the Winter sky had only about 23% clearness. Some whole Januarys and Februarys had less than 10% clearness! In 1961-62, a January stretch of 10 days without ANY sun combined with temperatures below zero on 13 days! In December 1967, there were 12 consecutive days without any Sun! In every case, the normal solar heating system performed disappointingly, while our system EASILY would have kept the entire large house at the constant 70°F! Check it out!!

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